Article #3: WARNING! AI Is Not What People Think It Is!

by Wes Penre, December 17, 2018

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When most people think about Artificial Intelligence, they think about talking and interacting robots, intelligent companions, self-driving vehicles, sex dolls, garage ports that open when using your voice, Alexa, and all other kind of devices and artificially intelligent human-like beings that can interact with us on a daily basis. They believe that all these things will enhance their lives and make it more fun and interesting. Those who are a little bit more in-the-know are aware of that scientists are now working on making humanity immortal through artificial bodies, as well. There is a huge enthusiastic movement of people who can’t wait until all this becomes a reality. However, the truth about AI is so much more sinister, and many people who are researching this in the alternative community often don’t have a clue, either, of what is transpiring. Hopefully, this article will make some people think deeper on the subject.

Devices as Interfaces

In my previous research, I explained that the soul consists of trillions of small, nano-sized bioelectrical fires with which we can form a body, whether it’s an etheric body or the characteristics of a physical body. In what we perceive as our physical body, these fires can be said to reside within the trillions of cells that make up our body. Each of these fires contain the whole of the trillions of fires that makes YOU—the soul. With proper training, we can consciously send out these fires over long distances and out in the cosmos to explore. This is how remote viewing works, by the way. Star beings in the KHAA (the Greater Universe) do this all the time, but we humans do it, too, without being aware of it. A great example of how we send out our fires is when we interact with our devices, such as computers, smartphones, Alexa-type devices, and iPads, etc. When we are on the Internet, for example, we put almost all our focus on what we are watching or typing on the screen. We “disappear” into the technological device we are using. Technically, we are sending our soul energy (fire) right into the computer. This energy is then picked up by AI and gets stored in what they call a Cloud—a storage device for human consciousness. Because each fire we send into the device contains the entire you, including memories, dreams, thoughts, passions, weaknesses, strengths–in other words, our entire personality–a copy of our consciousness is being stored for later use. The more we interact on the Internet, the more we give away of ourselves and how we act and react in relation to each other; and every time we go online, we “update” the memory storage in the Cloud. Therefore, I dare say that all of us right now have a copy of ourselves stored in the Cloud. This means that even if we died today, a copy of our personality is still available to the Elite and the Alien Invader Force (AIF), who controls this Matrix (I also call them Overlords).

The devices we use are only interfaces between our consciousness and the Cloud. By using these devices, we give our consent for the Overlords to store our information. None of us can say they didn’t warn us. They repeatedly tell us, in one way or another, that there is no privacy on the Internet. Companies, who gather our personal information, ensure us that it stays private between us and the Company. It might be true that they don’t intentionally share it, but the overlooking body has access to this information, as well, and can use it. We live in a universe of freewill, and people have no idea what they are giving their consent to. Very few people listen to their warnings, and the Overlods know it. From their perspective, they have their backs covered. As if this wasn’t enough, we no longer need to be connected to any device in order to give our soul energy away to the Overlords. Wi-Fi is all around us, even though we can’t see it with our eyes, and now 5G is coming. This means that wherever you are, 5G will pick up on your soul energy, and they will hijack it. Thus, we are no longer safe, even if we throw out all our devices. What people don’t understand is that Wi-Fi and 5G areArtificial Intelligence—it’s everywhere in the airways.

Physical Implications

As mentioned above, our souls consist of fires, residing within our cells—this is how soul and body interact through the mind. Then, when we die, the fires leave the physical body and go into the astral. The body now becomes an empty shell that will decay. However, when the Singularity is in place, this will no longer happen, and physical death will be more or less obsolete. The plan is to replace all the blood cells and all the organs in our bodies with nanobots. We could look at those as artificial cells. With this kind of technology, the new, nanobot based body will no longer decay and die. Instead, if a body part stops functioning, it is simply replaced with another nanobot based organ. Much of this is already being done.Now, let’s see what this entails. Can our fire/soul still reside within an artificial body based on nano-technology? Yes, they can, and the Elite has made sure it can. The difference is that once the soul is attached to a nanobot based body, it will be locked in, unable to escape. The soul will be forever trapped within this artificial body.To summarize it thus far, they have a copy of our soul in storage, and they have the technology to replace our biological body parts with nanobots. These new human bodies will look like they are biological, just like our current ones, but they are not. The new bodies will become immortal and our soul will be locked inside. Man and machine become one! As those who have followed my work know, the Overlords can only mimic—they have no creative abilities on their own. They take something that is already in existence and distort it. This is exactly what they are doing with our biological bodies, as well.

How Humankind is Tricked into the Trap

With this AI Cloud being established; when we die, a copy of us is stored within the Cloud, which makes an energetic connection between the discarnate soul and the copy. This is what keeps the copy active. Because the person who just died is now in the astral and still within the Matrix, this soul has many attachments to this world—the soul copy being only one of them. The discarnate soul is willing to incarnate again and continue uploading data/soul energy to the Cloud.Closer to the Singularity, when the new nano-bodies are in place, and a person who still inhabited a biological body dies, they go to the Between Lives Area (BLA), as usual, to be reincarnated. Normally, this soul would have incarnated into a biological body, but this time, they incarnate into a nano-body. Because everything is now in place, the soul gets trapped in the new body via the nanobot system. The copy of the soul in storage will either integrate with the reincarnated soul or will stay in the Cloud as a backup copy. I am still uncertain of which option will be applied, but I would suggest the latter.

When all humans in biological bodies have died and all reincarnated souls will inhabit nanobot based bodies, there is no longer any need for a BLA—the Cloud becomes both the new BLA and the new Grid. The Cloud, held in place by a “Super-Computer,” will be the new human mass consciousness. The difference will be that those connected to the Cloud can now get access to everybody else’s knowledge and experiences, like a Super-Internet where everybody is connected to everybody else and have access to each other’s data in an instance. Not only that; everybody will be connected with everything else, such as the fridge, the car, the city they live in, and in fact, the entire planet. The entire new Earth will become a huge hive-mind. This is promoted by Silicon Valley as something very impressive and positive because humankind will increase their IQ a billion times and will be immortal—no more death! Although this might be true, they are not telling us everything. Nowhere are we told that this hive-mind can also be easily controlled by the outside force—the AIF. We might have access to all information that has ever been gathered by the human soul group, but the Overlords can also manipulate this information as they please. They no longer need to manipulate individuals, small groups, or one society at the time. All they need to do is to manipulate the information in the Cloudonce, and everybody will adapt instantly. Welcome to the Nightmare!

Two Factions of the AIF

As my partner, Ariel Glad, and I have suggested in our videos[1], “The Orion Family Feud Part 1-3,” (Videos 99, 100, and 103) there are two main factions of the AIF. One faction is led by, whose purpose is to encourage our awakening in order for us to accept him as God of this Universe, when in fact, he hijacked humanity many thousands of years ago and placed himself here as God. The Grid that surrounds us now, containing the mass consciousness of the human soul group, can also be looked at as our artificial Oversoul. Our real Oversoul is the Queen of Orion, partly manifested in Gaia/Earth, and as the Overlords have always done, created the Grid as an artificial Oversoul for humankind. He hijacked our consciousness and has been in control of it ever since. It is Ariel’s and my impression that does not want the Singularity—it’s Marduk’s work. Marduk and his cohorts are the other faction of the AIF.Marduk wants the Singularity in order to win over humanity on his side via manipulation. Therefore, the Cloud is his invention, and he is now hoping to gather the human soul group into a new Oversoul, which he can control. This Oversoul is the Cloud.Channeled entities often talk about densities rather than dimension. We believe there is a reason for this. Densities replaces dimensions within this Matrix—another mimic. Via channeled entities, we learn that we will ascend to higher densities as we evolve. However, like everything else, even this seems to be inverted. A “higher density” indicates more solidity—not the opposite. Therefore, the “higher” we move in densities, the more solid we become. A good example of this is the RA Material. These beings are of the 6th Density, which is “higher” than our 3rd Density. Still, these beings are Artificial Intelligence and a hive-mind—they are also totally humorless and very robotic in their comments and responses. They say that one day, we will be like them. Is this what we want? No, thank-you!

So, What is the Soulution?

When it comes to the SOULution, we have once again come full circle. In the Wes Penre Papers (WPP) and in my article, “The Death Trap and How to Avoid It,” I wrote about that the only way out of this Matrix is through the holes in the existing Grid that surrounds our planet (see  The Death Trap and How to Avoid It  for more information). Regardless of how far and wide I’ve been researching this, I have not found any other reasonable way to exit the Matrix.With all the information in this article taken into consideration, what will happen when we exit through the Grid? As mentioned above, the soul copy the Overlords keep in storage needs energy from the main soul in order to be kept energized. However, when we leave the Matrix behind, we leave this entire Construct, we are no longer part of it, and our focus is no longer on it. This is why it’s so important to get rid of attachments when we exit. This is also why it’s important to understand the information in this article because the soul copy is also an attachment. We simply need to let go of that, as well, which is not as difficult as it might sound—it only takes an honest decision to do so.The good news for those who are young today and worried about what will happen when the Singularity fully kicks in is that you are still in your biological body. Therefore, you are not trapped and will be able to leave. It is, as I see it, of no consequence whether you die in 2045 or in 2075, so long as you are still in your biological body. Just make sure you are not replacing your body parts with nanobot based organs! Then, when it’s time for you to die, just exit the Grid, as I wrote in the linked article above.




  1. Hi Wes, Not sure I fully comprehend your paper. But if I may, I want to ask, how is it possible to transfer the essence of my being from one body to another, like what the aliens can do, when they travel round the dimensions. I recall from an episode of Star Trek, that it was possible using technology. But wonder how its all tied into the Overself. Its very confusing when I try to grasp these ideas, being more visual than verbal. Perhaps if you could do a schematic it would assist people like me, who are interested in the subject. The bottom line is that I am rather skeptical, about the idea of being uploaded to a hard drive, as all it would do is create a simulacra as far as I’m aware, while the true essence of being remains distinct and unique. I think Its all a metaphysical and philosophical question concerning, Soul Essence, Identity, transfer mechanism and vehicle. Oh if you have all ready covered these questions, please point me in the right direction. Thanks

  2. can you say… Cyberman??!!! Good ol Doctor Who brings it once again with the truth disguised as scifi…

  3. Hi, interesting perspective on the nature of AI, thank you. There is a lot to say about the soul(consciousness) take-over/copy but i leave that for another time.
    When i read about the idea to replace bloodcells and organs i can not stop thinking about the very strange case of MH17, the airplain crash in Ukraine on 17 July 2014. I have seen 2 different videoclips on youtube, supposedly taken at the crashsite within the first hour after the crash showing a pile of very strange humanlike bodies, blown up, almost no blood but al lot of green colored liquids on and around the bodies.
    Offcourse this can be a hoax, a false perspective of what really happened, but it sure fits in with the awareness towards large scale secret experiments on humanbodies, dead or alive.
    Not sure what this info is worth, except to add some track of time and possible future events 🙂

  4. Wow. This is a great article, thank you! It reminds me of the Nexus book series, its EXACTLY this. They say the controllers tell us what they are doing in books, media as their way of consent. The guy who wrote Nexus was an old time Microsoft employee and worked alongside Gates. Sherry Turkle who did great work exposing the AIF and their agenda talks about that the protagonist in Nexus is actually Gates. His soul is already in the cloud and the person we see today is just a fake. And that an insider shared this with her. Anyway, thanks for the share.

  5. Gates soul isalready in the cloud and the gates we see is a copy? Crazy stuff. I don’t doubt it. Thank for the nexus reference. Props!!

  6. English translator magyar nyelven a 2 leckét olvasom.

    Köszönet a munkáért és a feltevésért!

    Gizella(Giza) Hungary, Budapest.

  7. What I find so fascinating in our complex historical saga is to rediscover each time how simple it is finally. The same erratic template transmitted to successors and descendants because no one deigned to admit that we have sunk into more and more disconnected fractals from the source. We never resolved the real issues.They destroyed the feminine world and Tiamaat to replace it with a patriarcal one under the Sirius commanders. Honestly, Terra is not in a good shape either It was not an issue of gender in the beginning but one of power. Women , males , androgynous people and also AI can all hardly cope with the tempting traps of power… Good article and reminder on the Soulution. Few politicians around here could benefit from your writtings. I agree, as above so below

  8. If you set the intention to be delivered to God/Source after death and write on paper that this is your wish into perpetuity regardless of what you may do at the point of crossover, will this be honored if you happen to enter a trap anyway?

    1. No, it’s up to you whether you’re going to be successful or not. The only “traps” we can fall into are the distractions. Just focus and go, and you don’t need to worry about “papers” and whether your request will be honored.

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