Video 145: THE BIG PICTURE SERIES PART 10 Tiamaat, Other Star Races, and the Beginning of how this Construct was Set Up

When the Queen decided to explore the VOID, and after She’d created the universes, She was alone in the KHAA. Because creation was possible, She wanted to see how far She could take it, so after She’d created the stars, the galaxies, and everything else in the Universe, She created souls, who each consists of trillions of bioelectric fires. We sometimes call these souls “star beings” because the souls were created from the stars, which in their turn, via hubs, drew their energy from the Central Fire in the middle of the Universe. Just as stars, and everything else in the Universe are sentient, so were these souls. Each soul was their own being, and their Oversoul is thus the star from which they emerged. These souls were not spirited, as we humans are, but were created with a purpose of exploring the Universe that the Queen had just created.

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