Video 180: Alpha and Omega from a New Perspective

We have learned that this Construct/Patrix is built and held together by polarity, and it’s dualistic in nature. In this realm, has positioned himself as both God and Satan ( versus Marduk), and instead of thinking of and Marduk as two completely separate entities, let’s look at them as the same entity (, who has split himself in two, in order to represent both polarity and duality. is ultimately the plus pole and Marduk is ultimately the minus pole; and likewise, is ultimately the representation of good (God) and Marduk is ultimately the representation of evil (Satan). and Marduk are also representing everything in between.

Transcript to the video


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  1. Same like alpha and omega.. Krishna also said I am the beginning and i am the end.. Which confirms krishna/vishnu is Enki

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