Video 44: What is Truth?

Published: July 15, 2018

With metaphysical concepts, people will experience something and form a version of truth based on how they interpret the information they receive. Therefore, one person can have a different version of the truth than another person. One person in a relationship may feel like they have everything they want, while the other person feels devalued and isolated. The only truth that exists in situations like these, and many others, is in the individual’s interpretation of the experience. We must be careful of our tendency to judge someone else’s experience because everyone’s interpretation is valid, and everyone has a piece of the puzzle of the Ultimate truth. You may love your job, but your coworker, who is doing the exact same tasks as you, absolutely hates his job. Both things are true and both things are valid even though they seem to be the same experience for both people and contradict to each other.

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