Video 65: What is a Simulation?

We have been noticing, not only in our comment sections, but also in other discussion groups that people no longer want to participate in “this” simulation or “any” simulation of any kind. This way of thinking has us quite stumped and confused. We’d like to encourage those of you who have this desire to offer your perspectives in the comments section of this video for discussion. All of us are certainly welcome and encouraged to have our own opinions and desires for what we would like to experience once we find our way out of this particular mess, but we have come against a concept that we do not understand and we’d like for those of you who are willing to help us understand this concept with more clarity.

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  1. This is a five-year-old video, Wes, so I may be late to the party with my response. I think the problem lies in the fact that you believe your present identity is the totality of who you are. Just as, if you, Wes, stopped being a musician, you would not stop being Wes; if you stopped being Wes – at death, for example – your awareness would not cease. It expands. Many people think: “God is there; I’m here.” Distance. Separation. Lack. But those are all qualities of the physical universe. Here and There are reductions and limitations of awareness needed to have a game (or war).If we play a game of chess, we don’t swipe our hand across the board and grab the other player’s pieces in order to win. We think things through. We rise to challenges. We postulate the possibility of utter loss. No matter what happens, at some point we walk away from the game…and we still exist. Someone shot in a game of paintball doesn’t die. On a greater – much greater – scale, in all the multi-layered games played in all universes, we don’t ultimately die either. In a word, we’re the only game in town.

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