Video 51: Inside Out—Left Brain vs. Right Brain/Intelligence vs. Intuition

Brain infographics in two hemispheres with different thoughts

Published on July 27, 2018

In this society, we normally need to be left-brained to have our ideas accepted and incorporated by others. We need to show physical or mathematical evidence to be fully believed. If we can’t provide this and just share our “inner knowing,” people often won’t take us seriously. This is very unfortunate and dangerous because a child is very intuitive to begin with, but is forced to accept society’s norm. This ability to think with his or her “right brain” will usually diminish or almost fully vanish as the child grows older. Instead, left-brain thinking is encouraged, although creative, constructive and innovative thinking comes from the right brain. Learned and inherited thinking comes from the left part of the brain. By invalidating us from childhood for our intuitive thinking, we create adults with limited thinking capacities, even if the child becomes a science professor. How can a science professor think outside the box (the Matrix,) if he or she refuses or can’t use the right brain?

Transcript to the video


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