Video 210: Two types of spirituality

There are two main types of spirituality, as we see it. There are those who almost entirely concentrate on feeling good and elevated most of the time, in attempts to raise their vibration. Then, there are the truth-seekers, who are ready to see reality the way it is, regardless of how dark it might appear. Which one do you belong to?

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  1. 🌹💙 For me, it is a balance, but not in the way maybe one might think! I’m a truth seeker and a person loyal to “what is fair.” Thus, sometimes, what is fair is not looked upon as being good! 🤔. For there is just as much evil in “the light” as there is in the darkness! The balance I mentioned at the beginning is this: I am the truth-seeker who sees reality the way it is, the real truth—no matter how ugly—I can work with that! Seeing the reality—the darkness as it truly is—actually raises my vibration! 🤔. This elevates me because seeing my reality the way it REALLY is makes me feel better, because now—I KNOW; and when I know, I don’t need to hide behind rose colored glasses! Knowing the ugliness, I can then do something positive, progressive for myself, especially regarding what’s next for me in all this! This is my balance: to adequately and equally grow, one must know the darkness AND the light. There cannot be fruit produced unless there’s an immersion into both! This balance produces my higher vibration, a higher frequency, it gifts me Wisdom! Bright Blessings! 🌞🙏.

      1. My aunt and I discuss this topic a lot, she astray travels and her guide has her convinced she is here to help the human herd huddle into husbandry. she desperately intends to reincarnate so she can help people with her knowledge. Mostly though she just spends my uncle’s money and eats, she is happy-go-lucky and never explores anything negative because that’s bad and scary. What a wonderful world it is when you are not responsible for anything because your husband, spirit guide, parent, god or whatever will always sort you out in the end.

        I see through the lies of the Jedi, I do not fear the darkside as obiwan does!!! 😂 😂 😂 😂

        I’ll pass on meeting with the queen too. Gonna go play basketball with some lyrans.

  2. As the Buddhist’s say, “follow the middle path”, and the rest will evolve from there.

  3. It’s balance. To me, it took much more effort to keep my emotions steady until I got to the point when I concluded that the “only logical option” is to leave. I think we all feel at least uncomfortable when confronted series of dark truths. As a result, our personal and business life falls apart, and that is challenging.

    During the process, I came across with different healing modalities that have been working for me. The quantum breathing from this website is one of them. I practice other things as well, and when I don’t, I feel a drop in my vibration and creativity.

    I learned that many people hold a piece of a puzzle, so I’m not particularly eager to dismiss anyone. As long as their knowledge further deepens my understanding and adds to my healing/self-helping toolbox, I stick around. The information always found me when I needed it. After some time, I abandoned some because they couldn’t deliver anything new. But there are still many that I find useful at certain times.

    I’m still here:), after six years. The WP papers and research so far the only framework I can put all of my puzzles into and holds true. In the end, knowing the reality is liberating and that’s the only way to grow.

    Getting more in touch with my intuition has also been an essential part of the process. It has been an ongoing journey and most likely be a never-ending one—all the way keeping the emotional and mental equilibrium.

    1. That’s because you’re a good person and have a soul that knows there is spiritual wickedness in high places (Epstein Island wickedness) that no one is doing anything about. You want to help but you realize you’re just a lone wolf. So you have to settle for being a Twitter truther and fight the good fight using your social media handle where you can be anonymous (sort of) and vent your frustrations with the powers that be.

      Turning a blind eye feels like not reporting a crime. All it takes for evil to succeed is for good men to stand by and do nothing. However, like someone who has a conscience but is locked up in prison you find trying to protect the less fortunate from being bullied has in turn made you yourself a target. The approach we take in getting our point across determines how it will be received. Humor is usually the best way-if you can find a way to make someone laugh about the absurdity of reality. Just trying to beat someone over the head with truth bombs like a bible thumping preacher usually turns people off. Well from my experience at least.
      Raising your vibration or being a beacon of light is hard to do when one focuses on the darkness of evil too much. I’ve always admired people who, although aware of all that is evil in the world, choose to have positive thoughts and be an encourager not a discourager. Nothing is more of a turnoff than a narcissistic truther drunk with limited knowledge pretending to “know it all”.I like the line from Avatar where the wife “Shaman” of the tribe says your cup is need to empty your cup Jake Sully. That’s so true.

  4. I have my intention in place to leave after this life, not out of fear or a feeling of being trapped or “I’ve got to escape!” yet it’s more of a thought out conclusion, a decision – an intention – of “it’s time to leave.”

  5. I am a Truth Seeker @WesPenre and @ArielGlad! I prefer to know the truth no matter how hard the truth is! I prefer it this way period! My husband will stay asleep, and no matter how many times I try to give him the Red Pill of Awakening, he literally tells me he does not believe it and does not want to be bothered. Is frustrating at times but I do love him and understand he is set in his ways.

    1. I completely understand how difficult a situation like yours can be. We so much want our loved ones to follow, and it can feel heartbreaking. We can only do so much, then it’s up to the individual. If it’s of any comfort, you will have another perspective on this once you’re outside the Grid. Not that you won’t care–you will–but I believe we will look more at the human soul group as a whole once we’ve left, rather than concentrate on a certain person we held dear. It’s going to be a change of perspective, in a sense. I am of the mindset to go talk to the Queen (which we are all entitled to do on a one-on-one basis) and tell the story of Earth from MY perspective. I hope others are willing to do this, too. We DO have a great say in all this because we’re the once who experience it. Together with the Queen, we might find a solution for those who stay behind. At least, I will do my best to contribute to that…

      1. tell the story of Earth from MY perspective. I hope others are willing to do this, too. I will also do the same and whatever it takes to end the suffering of earth life. it is a must to do so.

  6. Like everyone else here I’m a truth seeker too. It must be very stagnating intellectually to not be interested in this, who we are, what we are, why we are… I see the world as it is, how it is ruled by people who has not grown up mentally, they’re all children in their minds. If they want something, force is the answer. I see no end to the madness in the world and according to Robert Monroe, humanity will reach maturity in the 35:th century… Wow, another 1500 years of stupid people ruling this world.

    Life is easy if everyone applies the same mindset, be to others as you want them to be to you.

    For me, this period will end in a permanent exit. We were meant to be here one time only, just for the experience of it… and here we are, bouncing back eternally. Whatever “reason” I had for myself to return, I think I can leave this place without regret as I’ve probably been here countless times. I wonder though, have I ever come up to this point before and screwed it up, ending up here again, as I am now? Or is this the first episode where I’ve investigated things to such a degree that I can end the reincarnation when this period it’s over?

    1. Excellent post, Peter! Yes, we have all screwed up this life cycle many times and returned to do it all over. However, this is the FIRST and only time we will have the chance to leave because my anonymous source has never inserted himself among us before. This is the first and only time that will happen, so it has the potential to break our long cycle of incarnations. These reincarnation cycles, I’m sure, will end soon. I doubt very much that anyone who chooses not to exit will be recycled into the Singularity next time–there will be a reset very soon… So, from my perspective, it’s now or never.

      1. Thank you Mister Penre😊From my bottom of my heart.Simply and deeply : Thank you!
        And Thank you All participants!
        Thank you Ariel💜

        1. I mean that our current 3D reality is unsustainable and is intentionally transmuting into something completely new, which is the Singularity. The Overlords’ intention is to reset our reality to become the continuation of Atlantis before the Flood, when technology was quickly developing. They were trying to implement the Singularity already then but were interrupted by the Deluge and had to start over.

  7. Thank you for making this video.I don’t like what’s happening on this planet, but can do my best to inform others and not pretend all is ok when obviously it’s not.When you know you have a way out of the mess you become empowered and look forward to making the best choice we’ve had in aeons.Thank you Wes, don’t know where we would be without you.LOL

    1. You’re so welcome! I’ve been very “lucky.” I had someone who really knew what he was talking about (not from here) that I could discuss many things with. Much of the information in the Wes Penre Papers cannot be found anywhere else.

  8. The message in this video is a very important one to me Wes, thank you for sharing it. I’ve always pictured a little caricature of myself in my little inner room that’s shaped like an igloo. The walls/ceiling are all covered with little mirrors. From where I sit in the center I can look around through the floor and see “My world”. This is where everything is as I want to it be. Or I can look in the mirrors and see myself. I have two choices. The problem with looking at the mirrors is that I have to see the truth about Me and many times its not so pretty. In fact sometimes its downright scary. But I’ve found that if I overcome the scariness of the monster in the window and look through into the Reality beyond, the reflection disappears and a little bit more of the real me shines through. Not only do I see things more clearly but the additional insight allows me to see things more fully. The false positive approach can never bring this same result. Thanks again.

  9. Hi Wes and fellow viewers,

    The above may not fit to the Video but i did not know where i would share.

    Today I woke up questioning, worried and doubting about the Queen. Please don´t jump into conclusions, I have not changed my mind😉

    So, did the Namlu´us exist before Tiamaat? Probably not. The Queen only created them because she wanted to experience/learn LOVE, COMPASSION and EMPATHY. So she decided to split herself in small pieces and sent so many to the planet Tiamaat. For this reason, I can only conclude that she did so, because Orion and in general KHAA was full of SUFFERING. But, how could she have thought that Tiamaat would be safe for the Namlu´us to stay there? Tiamaat was also part of KHAA right? I mean, just like earth? From where did the Queen of the Stars learn about the existence of those 3 feelings? And, would it benefit herself or also the Namlu´us and how? This is complicating. In my understanding, this would mean that at KHAA/ORION there are constantly WARS. So, where is the difference between livings on earth or before as Namlu´us? Where there is war there is PAIN, right? Where there is PEACE there is HARMONY, right? As Ntombi who has had enough of this earth´s suffering and wants to go back to KHAA/ORION, I want peace. But how? Every Namlu´u who will leave this planet and go back to KHAA have some traces of en-ki´s virus. Why do those Star races who did not experience this earth´s life don´t want us back to Orion/KHAA? Because we have become monsters and they are scared of us, right? What about the Queen, does she still has trust in us? Will we not be a danger to the rest of those who have remained at KHAA? Will we still be useful to her and how? We have been RECYCLED so many times, our souls have been tortured and tormented. Will we get any therapy at the other side to heal our wounds? And who will be able to heal us? Those ones who will leave the earth and have faced the same pain? Or those who have never left Orion/KHAA and have no clue about how we have lived on this planet? What will exactly happen to me/us? I doubt anyone knows. I have volunteered to continue with the EXPERIMENT but, who would benefit out of it? It was already a FAILURE when Tiamaat was attacked and when the flood wiped out a lot of the Namlu´us, why did I want to continue with it? Now I have an impression that I am in JAIL, circulated by big walls with no eco, windows and light. My NAIVETY has put me in this hole. I have AMNESIA and Orion has distanced itself. What should I do? Wait until my last breath, find a hole through the GRID and get out as quickly as possible back to Orion for briefing or simple to KHAA. What awaits me at the other side? Well…wait and see. All is a stipulation. All I know is that I don´t want to continue living here in this MESS, but I also don´t want to go somewhere where I will have to face again pain. ENOUGH SHOULD BE ENOUGH.

    1. These are of course good questions, and I’ll answer them to the best of my knowledge. Yes, there are wars in the KHAA, too…more so on the 3D levels, while souls are still evolving on planets and stars–it’s sometimes part of their evolution. For some star races, that’s the solution to problems they have within the soul group. Then, once they mature and graduate, they can leave their constructs and become non-physical creator gods, if they like, and like I said…if they are mature enough.

      The problem, from the Queen’s perspective, is that the souls that become creator gods, although friendly, lack a high level of compassion and empathy–something the Queen (and we, as parts of her) inhabit. So, the Queen wanted to create the Tiamaat Experiment, where she inserted parts of herself into the Experiment (which is us). She wanted to test herself, via us, to see if we could increase our compassion and empathy by experiencing a relatively harsh environment.

      After the Invasion, she decided to continue the experiment because we still had her soul essence, and she believed in us. Even under’s “leadership,” we were doing quite well (before the Flood). Then, after the Flood, some Namlu’u souls wanted to continue and prove that they can graduate and become the best version of themselves. Again, we had the Queen’s essence, and she believed in us. However, no one had taken into consideration that would hijack the Experiment completely and remodel it by giving us amnesia and recycle souls into time loops. created his OWN experiment within the experiment.

      The souls out in the KHAA don’t have the Queen’s essence, so they don’t have our range of emotions, compassion, and empathy. If we would succeed enough for the Experiment to be considered successful, the Queen’s intention was to implement this Experiment elsewhere with other soul groups, thus creating a more “evolved” universe. At this point, we don’t know what the Queen is going to do about this or afterwards. We WILL become creator gods–at least those who exit (if we want to–we have freewill).

      So, her plan was to, from hereon, when creating new star races and when putting them in their 3D evolutionary environment, these star races would also carry the Queen’s soul essence. So, we’ll see how it goes…we will find out after we’ve left.

      Keep in mind, though, that we do NOT need to mingle with warlike star races. We will not be stuck and trapped like we are here. We will be able to travel freely across the dimensions and choose not to collaborate with violent star races.

      Hope this makes sense…

      1. I get what you mean Wes but, I am not happy with the decisions made by the Queen. She should have been more careful with her plans. has blown a big Planet full of people, he has manipulated not only us, but his mother too and who knows what else he has done without us knowing about it. Probably there is a lot worse going on. Does the Queen take all this as normal? Is she aware of what exactly is happening with us and also our wish to leave here? Where would she get the information from? She has no contact with anyone. Oh, probably with If that is the case, I would not be surprised. Probably he is telling her how stupid we are and that we still need more time to learn. This has been the case since we are here right? Why do we not have any communication with Orion? I mean, it does not need necessarily to be a verbal conversation. I do ask for the Queen to get in touch with me, to at least hear me but, until now I have not had a sensation that I got somewhere. In which way can I reach her? By the way, I am not a shaman. What about you Wes, do you communicate with her and how? What about your anonymous sources, did they ever had any contact with her? Maybe things have changed at Orion. I would like to believe that I will be a creator god, but with fragmentation through all what I am facing here, I really have no idea how I will be called when I will go back to Orion. In my way of understanding, a warrior is a winner and not a runaway. When my body will expire, I will have to search for the hole through the grid and escape through it. How can I receive a creator god tittle after running away from a failed experiment? It makes no sense to me. Besides, what would anyone that has lived here and faced wars, hate, hunger, you can name it all would create? Do you really think that we have learned to love, empathize and to be compassionate? Was it enough? What guarantee do we have? We don´t even know how we behaved before we came here, I mean at Orion. Probably we were much better. Look at us now, especially right at this moment. Where are we heading Wes? People are getting confused and crazy. The shops are getting empty, people are buying all what is possible. You see in the busses, when someone starts coughing, people run away. The experiment has failed big time. Probably I don´t grasp it because of my low frequency. I mean, who would blame me? How can I raise my vibration under all this? This is a war zone and will escape those who can. All I want now is for the Queen to open her eyes and react to reach unto me/us. She must stop listening to

        Do you still remember what happened at Saigon during the Vietnam war (1975)? The rescue team (Operation Frequent Wind) risked their lives to evacuate almost all the American civilian and military. They did not forget their own people. In our case, we must check the hole through the grid to run away. Is this normal?

        Wes, I would be glad if you could create a thread from your board to see what others think about this. I was not able to do so.

        Wes, Ariel and everyone take care of yourselves

        1. Hi Ntombi. It’s totally understandable that you have all these questions and thoughts. It’s also understandable if you feel angry about this entire situation. I don’t mean this in ANY condescending way at all, but many people who have now studied these matters usually go through phases. One of these phases is victim-hood, where we demand that the Queen (or someone) does something to save us from this situation. This is a natural reaction. However, once we realize that we ARE the Queen (separate units of consciousness from the Queen’s soul energy) and that we, who are here now (or most of us) decided to stay here after the Flood because we wanted to be the best version of ourselves when we go out in the KHAA and start creating. We wanted to graduate. The Queen had faith in us, as she has faith in herself, so she let the Experiment continue under’s supervision. No one knew that and his cohorts would create a new experiment within the Experiment, trapping us. We didn’t know it, and the Queen didn’t know it.

          Now things are what they are, and we have the tool to get out of here. So, that’s what we need to do. Because we ARE the Queen, the Queen has invested a lot of herself in us, and we have invested a lot in this Experiment. But, we were put into this experiment as separate beings with freewill, and with that comes a lot of responsibility. We are totally capable of getting out of here by ourselves. We are not the Queen’s children, in the sense that we should hold on to her skirts–that’s never what we or any other star beings were created to be. We are responsible for ourselves and our own decisions.

          When this is over, those who choose to meet with the Queen, one-on-one, which we can if we want to, can ask her questions and give her our opinions and views on our experiences, and we can be angry if we want to–it’s perfectly fine. Then we’ll see if better decisions could have been made in the past–both by us, the Queen, and the Orion Council. We, who are here, have a very limited understanding of how things work on a more multidimensional level.

          1. Thank you once again for having taken the time to read and respond to my worries. It is good to know that there is a way out but, at the same time, it is hard to know that we have been mislead.

            1. Oh yes, I understand, Ntombi. No need to repress any feelings you might have about this. Be in touch with how you feel and let it out as much as it’s possible. Perspectives do change, but it doesn’t automatically mean that you (and others) will come to the conclusion that what’s happened throughout time is all to our benefit. Just go with it, acknowledge and sit with your feelings and emotions, and see what will happen over time.

      2. Sounds like messing with these unemotional star beings is going to be a lot fun. I wonder if beings ever banned from certain asterism or system for bad behavior.

  10. That’s the point WES!”The road to freedom is tough, but we only have two main choices—we either walk
    the path, regardless of the fear we might feel inside until we figure things out, no
    matter how dark it might be, or we ignore the darkness and put on a false persona of
    love and light and go right into the trap because we only saw light where there was
    darkness, and the dark shadows engulfed the ignorant, when he or she thought they
    were heading towards their own salvation/ascension. It’s like not seeing the tiger in
    the living room because we choose not to see it, until the tiger puts its teeth in us”

  11. I think we need both. I think we have to confront and replace. This works for me. Provided you are willing to learn and accept change. The way out is when the positive side of yourself is greater than the negative to stop the pull towards the negative. It is also important where you surround yourself with and your activities.

    I do think if you have to choose, you can better choice option 1. When your vibration is high, things will not bother you. A huge thing they want is too disempower you.

    1. I certainly understand your reasoning, and it seems logical. The problem is that those who neglect the shadow side of things are in denial and resistance–it’s too scary to look into, and evidently, they are walking right into the trap (tunnel of light and the ascension process because of lack of knowledge and insights). They refuse to look at the whole picture out of fear. Even when they think they are holding a high vibration, they are actually not–it’s a false high. A balance is good, though, like you said in the beginning of your comment, IMO, but we fool ourselves if we completely jump into category 1.

      1. But only having one side is not good either. You yourself informed many people about leaving the matrix/patrix. You first made people aware, and than provided a solution. I think this is the way to learn. I know about 5G for example. But i know where to buy protection as well.

        You need both parts imo. And usually part 2 is missing. Imagine you know about 5g, but there is nothing you can do about it. It would be almost useless. This is why conspiracy websites are not really functional in solving the problems. There are more awake people than controllers currently. People don’t come together, don’t plan resistance, because this part is missing so much.

        People who are not into this and hear about this and say: “Now what?” have a point. First you need to face the problem and then solve it. -(I am currently building a platform regarding this called: sijada ( for those who find it interesting)-

        Also what do you mean by a false high? Do you mean a false high like taking drugs to escape your reality? Do you mean a false high like taking drugs to escape your reality? How can we see the difference?

        How can we see the difference between the light of Lucifer and the queen? I am incredibly curious of how you see this. I saw you can make a video about it for money, or do you have to be a patreon then? I would like to do this. Or maybe something for the Q&A.

        Thank you so much.

        1. The “false” light or the “false high” I’m talking about in the video is basically the denial, resistance, and rejection of the world we live in. People who are firmly on Path 1 have decided to tune out from everything “evil” that is happening in the world, and when doing so, they also deny their own true feelings and emotions. They decide, often unbeknownst to themselves, to take the easy way out, thinking they can “ascend” just by concentrating on the positive, pretending the negative does not exist. This leads to ignorance. I have yet to see any of the people on Path 1 who is not deceiving themselves and walking right into’s trap–no exceptions.

          Path 2 is not instantly rewarding in the sense that we become uplifted and elevated. It’s a tougher path to walk. High vibration does not mean to be uplifted all the time–it means being able to be flexible on the emotional ladder. You become sad, fearful, happy, and angry when it’s appropriate–you don’t fake or suppress certain emotions. People have a misunderstanding about high vibrations. Thus, we can be stuck in a state of joy, teaching ourselves not be allowed to feel any “negative” emotions. This goes against our soul essence and is just another trap.

  12. @Wes Penre, a few months back I stumbled on a spirit box app called Necrophonic. I didnt really think the app did anything till I started to record my sessions. What these spirits were saying were my dark side. The thoughts that I dont speak, my fears, my secrets! I know this sounds crazy but they know I am searching for true spirit. I thought I was doing a good job until I listen one day and they let me have it with my dark side. It was these spirits that open me up into searching about our shadow, dark side. Problem is these spirits are always negative, no matter what I do, they never try to encourage me with anything positive, only the negative. If you would be interested in hearing my recording I would send you the file. I really would like these spirit to go, but i have been unsuccessful in attempts to remove them. I believe some thoughts come from them. It also sucks knowing your thoughts are not a secret. That in another frequency the spirits hear all of your thought. One voice will say who turned out the light lol meaning I’m in the dark and not in the light. I have been listening to many books to try and find true enlightenment. I understand it’s about letting the past and future go! That the only truth is the eternal moment of the now but I yet to find my light.

    1. Thanks for sharing, Shaun! I’m not sure how what you describe REALLY works, but my immediate intuition tells me to stay away from it. I do appreciate your willingness to share, however.

      1. This app basically let’s you hear the attached entites in your aura field. From what I have read almost everyone has entities attached to them. Depending on your vibration. These entities dont respect our boundaries. They are said to be able to manipulate your thoughts, emotion, feeding on our loosh.

        Necrophonic is an ITC app used for spirit communication and EVP research.

        8 Sounds Banks:

        The audio has been mastered in a way to bring out various sound properties .
        Using Pro Tools I was able to enhance high, mid, and low range frequencies. I also applied
        other filters to create unique sound characteristics to help layer the audio and create an
        environment suitable for spirit communication.

        Thanks for your reply

  13. West thanks for this particular video. I’m always conceived as being negative and to have my focus on positive thoughts. Now I understand that I’m of the ones who peel the layer not to random fall into the holes on the ground but to know what’s on both sides. I needed to hear this thanks for showing me a truth seeker that I’m is not someone who just sees negative

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