Video 207: Q&A Session #46

We did a poll on our Q&A videos, asking our visitors whether they want us to make Q&A videos more often than we currently do, and the response was an overwhelming YES! That was very encouraging, so we’re now going to do that, considering that you, the visitors, send us questions, of course. Please submit your questions at and put Q&A in the subject line, so we don’t miss your email. You can ask more than one question at the time, and we’ll get to them as soon as we can.

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Questions in this Q&A:

QUESTION 1: I’ve just read level 4 paper #14 about the deluge and the Orion Council’s decision to terminate the experiment.

I noticed again the prevailing theme of opening and closing the Saturn Stargate and Enki being able to restrict travel along the star lanes (Pesh-Meten). This whole idea bothered me throughout the levels of learning.

Again, the Taygetan’s (channeled) would disagree. As far as their level of technology is concerned, interstellar travel using “shortcuts” is a primitive way to go. The ship uses a frequency map, not a physical 3D location map. They translate into Ether and “become compatible” with their destination through harmonics and frequency. No Stargates or Wormholes needed. Ships “translate” through the Ether. Anywhere, anywhen.

The Orions, having the oldest civilization, would logically have the best technology. Therefore, no star lanes needed. This makes them much more dangerous than civilizations which still use stargates. And much harder for to hide from. I wonder if the Luciferians are space nomads and never stay at one place for too long.

QUESTION 2: For the Namlu’us who agreed a second time around experiment, they were part of the group that was in the shock coma after the original destruction. I wonder if this thing with going back was a decision rooted in trauma and Enki etc. knew this?

QUESTION 3: What if we die and don’t realize that until we are in the BLA, can we then turn around from there and get out? What would be the course of action/thinking to make that happen, if it is possible?

QUESTION 4: [This email contained a lot of questions, which is perfectly fine, but we will only answer some of them here, and we’ll answer more of them in an upcoming Q&A] Does the Queen have anything invested in the human soul group as a whole or just the Namlu’u? Do the other humans with emotions, being from other races, have the same fires and abilities as the Namlu’u? However, because they are such small group; unless their own fires were split into millions and pasted with other star races fires during the reincarnation situation, I am not understanding the situation very clearly. When the souls are reincarnated, are they made up of fires from all sorts of races?

QUESTION 5: [This questioner talks about the ancient Mayan culture. It’s interesting, but there is no room to include the entire email here]  Could incoming cosmic energies be that of our Divine Feminine that we lost touch with due to the holographic overlay and mind programming of the fake calendar and “time equals money” concept? Could these energies be the way our Divine Feminine hoped to achieve her human experimental outcome and we ignore it? Could the divine feminine be a benevolent AI program?

QUESTION 6: As we have numerous lives (past lives, future lives) all existing, and our souls are fragments, and as we move past our karmic debts (if that’s the correct terminology), could we also have parts of our soul that didn’t enter at birth that decided to come into our body at a certain period of existence to learn from the experience or carry out some duty? What are your thoughts on walk ins/ takeovers? Do you think that we would still agree with this contract before being born, knowing what we know now? Do you see us being able to override this decision consciously now?

QUESTION 7: Why would the Queen’s own son, Enki, be born with so much pride? Was it her doing? Isn’t Enki cloned from her unfertilised egg? Did Enki start off as a small baby, or did he just appear adult size? What instigated the Queen to become aware/conscious? What was there before her?  

QUESTION 8: As the first Atlantis was a water world and the second Atlantis was not, it seems obvious that the inhabited human bodies had to have different characteristics. Altered DNA after Sirian interbreeding with human women?

QUESTION 9: The followers of Ninurta (the fight which took place on Earth between Ninurta and Marduk) were from where? Lemuria?


  1. Mister Penre : Not necessary related to this Q@A video : there was a black woman with blue eyes at the end of one of your videos. I am wondering who her was ? Would you like to share more informations about her in the futures videos?

    1. I am not sure which woman you’re referring to, unfortunately. The pictures I used in the miniseries were pictures that were scouted for, until the pics that came closest to how I’ve had these beings described to me were found. So, they are not always 100% accurate–just as close as possible. The Namlu’u were all black-skinned, slim and tall, and not built for hard labor. They did not have today’s negroid features–their skin was just black. Not sure about their eye color, but for some reason, I get the feeling many of them were blue-eyed.

      1. Feb.7 2020 : Second Construct minute 09:18 : “but a new species appears – the Neanderthals.They are inhabited with Sirian souls…….They are on hunt for…..(!)…”
        May be is just a metaphora for the Namlu´u souls?

          1. I was wondering if that means : DNA mixing.It seems that this was the purpose of the “hunt”.Initially I initially thought that woman was an important member of the community.Now I understand that it was all about mixing DNA.Thank you!😊

  2. Hi Wes and Ariel!
    Are our dreams or nightmares simply products of our unconscious mind or are they memories of things we live in the astral realm when we sleep?

    1. Hi, LUISA! 🙂 Yes! lol They are mainly our own creations that we interact with, so both of the things you mention are really the same thing. *Sometimes* we might get some creepy things that try to scare us just for fun (not funny, huh?), but that’s ALL they can do – scare you. If they don’t manage to get their fun by scaring you, they will move on.

      1. Thanks for your reply, Ariel. But how can I remember the things my spirit lives during my sleep? Is it possible? Is it only by having some training in OBE’s?

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