Video 206: Are Channeled Entities, UFOs, and Aliens just Programs?

More and more people—even within mainstream science—are now considering that we might be living in a simulation or a coded virtual reality program of sorts. Still, this is nothing new—alternative researchers, including ourselves, have suspected this for quite a long time, and the more we research, the stronger the suspicion that this is the case.

If the above is true, wouldn’t it be a piece of cake for somebody who is controlling this coded reality to insert virtually anything they want into the program, considering they possess the technology to do so? This video will expand on this to see where it will lead us.

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  1. Thank you Wes and Ariel, another informative video. I used to listen to a number of channelers and in the beginning their explanations were wonderful and enlightening. They do fill a lot of the information gaps and always so giving and open about everything including “God”. But I became suspicious when they always stop or bypass the questions on our genetic engineering, especially who the scientists are. I found a video where the channeler was able to channel one of the first engineered humans (one of the mummies from South America)…it was a very simple lifeform and willing to share info about its life…but it stopped when asked who the scientists are. This was when I realized that I was going into the wrong rabbit holes. Your continuous advise to use our own discernment is beautiful. Thank you again.

  2. Morning Wes,

    I have a question. The source is beyond time and matter and created all this for experience. Would it be true to say that the Source is no longer Unknown since it’s getting to know itself i.e. through us?

    Or if we decide to no longer experience and go back to the source, we are bringing all the experiences along to the source. Therefore, we are changing the source from unknown to known.

    What are your thoughts on this? Thank you.

    1. Yes, you could say that, in a sense. Source is there, so She’s known, but She is learning about Herself from all potentials via the souls of the Universe. So, She knows Herself more and more. But to us, She is incomprehensible because She has always been there. There is no time outside the Universe, so we can’t even think about Her in the context of time. She is both unknowing and knowing at the same “time,” but as soon as we think about Her, we are creating a distortion because She is also beyond thought. If we give Her a thought, we are already altering in our mind who She is…

  3. Hi, Ariel and Wes! I hope you’re doing fine.
    Please, tell me at what point Enki lost his power of a creator god.
    I can’t understand how he created this construct if he had already been taken that power.

    Another doubt, did he create this entire solar system?
    I’d really appreciate your response on these matters

    1. Hi Luisa! The power was stripped of and the other Invaders after the Flood, when decided to create his own experiment, which is the experiment of amnesia, trauma, manipulation, and death.

      The Queen created the solar system long before the human soul group was put here–before Tiamaat was populated and “terraformed.”

  4. Perhaps the ability to nano-travel plays in to the “fact” that we are creating our individual and collective reality, artificial as it may be. This creating (from inner zero-point source) of our personal reality (from the inside out) via “perception, experience, thought, intent and free will” enables us to really guide our creations.

    Try affirming “I am Creator Being” for a few days, see what happens? Seems like reality starts to conform and daily manifested activities all fall into place creating your own experience.

    I like the words above “perception elasticity” like neuro-plasticity, enables us to expand awareness via imagination, raising frequency, vibration, “high thoughts” attract higher ideas, greater awareness. This is why we enjoy Wes and Ariel’s work.

    Lastly, on the other forum, I brought up the Cosmic Agency channel on Ytube. It was somewhat discounted as another matrix ploy…

    I have found that they “the taygetan pleadians” admit they are in a matrix too, they communicate via type written chat to the few people including Dale Harder, and others.

    I feel it’s worthy of mention as a way to expand thinking and awareness. Recent videos discuss time travel, changing the past, stellar navigation, the one on Karma is quite good too… (Karma only exists in this game, like monopoly money). Worth a bit of investigation by us like minded thinkers and experiencers.

    1. I really like this: “Try affirming “I am Creator Being” for a few days, see what happens? Seems like reality starts to conform and daily manifested activities all fall into place creating your own experience.”

  5. Sorry I took a break. Your narrative is vast and sometimes unbearable because beyond being made aware of “what is” but not having much in the way of solutions beyond “don’t go into the light”. I realize I’m condensing your solutions, but the problem as you describe it seems vastly inevitable ie Singularity, parallel and linear time, etc, etc. I missed you and Ariel. I may not always resonate with every detail of your message, but I love listening to it nonetheless. Perspective Elasticity is essential to experience the now beyond a programmed routine. As always, thank you and Ariel for your years of research, adapting to new information, shutting down old inaccurate narrative and expanding yours and our picture of THIS becomes more refined.


    1. He does offer more than that, he and Robert Stanley also, always emphasize doing the best you can with your part of life and the world.we can always control what we do and how we respond no matter the construct.I believe that counts for something and that’s what I do. #RockingTheConstruct lol cuz that’s what Aries do lol

  6. It feels to me as though the human collective has chosen, for some reason, to experience pain, suffering, control and darkness which can be perceived as victimhood or perpetrator… depending upon individual views. Aren’t we just living out our own projected personal ‘movie’ by the higher self? Whatever the bigger picture is, my human self is so done with this experience as I feel all played out at this moment in time.

    1. Yes agreed. It all looks so pointless, watching the wicked prosper endlessly and the prey continually abused by the predators. Everything looks dead to me on this planet, even “Mother Earth” looks defective and dead.

    2. I have to comment here about the thought of ‘choosing to expereince pain, suffering, control and drakness”.
      Who, in his right mind would “””choose””” all of that, over and over and over again, and again and again?
      Pain, suffering, control come from fears and shame. To experience that stuff once should be enough. Why would any human choose to be masochist and to live it hundreds, many thousands of time?
      Actually, the true humans (those very few with a spirited soul) do not choose to experience that stuff over and over again, thus re-living them again in several loop times. What have you learned from those painful experiences ? Nothing ?
      We are forced to forget those painful and dark experiences, So, please do not tell me humanity choose pain, siffering. It takes a non-human dark narcissist controler to erase the memory of humanity in pain.

      1. Arka:, That shit dont fly. You are hear by choice. Weather or not you’ve been duped along the way is the real question. That and how long are we going to keep blaming the boogie man? “Its their fault not mine, ” is not fine.

  7. Love this Wes, thanks! Have you ever talked with George Kavassilas? He gives an interesting big picture perspective. Cheers.

  8. 🌹💙 Wes or Ariel—Would you say that a person who experienced a “Black Eyed Kid” (BEK) encounter, was being subjected to an inserted simulation, or was this an encounter with a hybrid or actual spiritless being who has become trapped here in the patrix? And, as always, gratitude from here! Everyday is Precious! Bright Blessings!🌞🙏.

    1. I haven’t looked into that phenomenon enough to be able to confidently answer the question. But it definitely seems to be a “real” phenomenon that people have experienced–it’s not a hoax, IMO. From the very little knowledge I have on this (which is next to nothing), I would assume they are insertions to fill some kind of purpose. Blessings back to you!

      1. 🌹💙 Hi Fiery K—first, a big thank you for becoming a Patreon—every person who can commit to at least Tier One is immensely valuable. This material must get out to the world while there is time, reaching as many “spirited ones” as possible. Regarding, my name, I am creating my own practice of Traditional Witchcraft—A “Cosmic Witchcraft,” with using one’s mind in meditation and ritual—which will aid Our Queen. This practice is a blend of Traditional Witchcraft (not Wicca) and elements of Gnosticism: Barbelo (pronounced BAR’-be-low) known as the first expression from Source—the First Creator below The Divine Feminine. Mother Barbelo is not worshiped in my practice, but viewed as our spiritual parent, being aided with the regaining of Her Station, or a synonymous Station pre-EArth. Thank you for asking. Bright Blessings! 🌞🙏.

    1. If you mean whether their lives get better after channeling or not, I think it depends on the channel. A channeler can only channel within their own vibrational state. Although much channeling is probably just programs within the Matrix, we can still learn from it. But channelers who are wide open to everything that comes in from all directions often get burned out after a while and can even get sick.

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