Video 235: Q&A Session #61

by Wes Penre and Ariel Glad, November 8, 2020

Question in this Session:

QUESTION 1: What are your thoughts on the Bavarian Illuminati? Do you still believe that benevolent secret societies exist? How much influence do they have on society and in terms of being a force that goes against the 13 family bloodlines? 

QUESTION 2: I heard that the Orion Group and the Orion Empire are not the same. Maybe I even read it in one of your papers, I can’t remember. If they are not the same, who are the Orion Group and where are they located? In Sophia’s universe or one of the Aeons’ heavens?

QUESTION 3: Did the animals Namlu’u lived with as guardians of the living library on their first planet have spirit?  If they did, is it possible the animals perhaps also agreed to accompany us to Enki/Yaldabaoth’s experiment?  Alternatively, could Sophia have put a small amount of spirit into the animals Yaldabaoth made to help us in some way?  If animals do not have spirit, why would they also be used for energy harvest by Enki or Archons in sacrifices and rituals as it seems they do?  Is fear as an emotion only tied to earthly soul and not spirit?  Do you know the nature of the souls of animals here and more about where their souls go on body death?  I recall you mentioned in a previous Q&A that they go into a cloud.  Have you learned more information on this?

QUESTION 4: I don’t want to get into the why’s and wherefores of what is happening in this dystopian world. It is clear to me that the ‘plandomic’ is a diversion from the real agenda. That of ushering in a New World Totalitarian order. What concerns me is that if we are forcibly injected with gene altering voxxines and are the unwilling victims of the  covertly created weaponised planet, will we actually have the free will or strength to say thanks but no thanks and exit this underworld? I can think of nothing worse than being trapped in this Hell for eons with these misanthropic, insane megalomaniacs.

QUESTION 5: What is the symbology represent on your video? The snake like creature with the sun/star/crown on its head and the half moon and the sun/star beside its body?

Some near future publications we are currently planning are articles on subjects such as “The Divine Mind,” “Hyperborea and the Underground Dwellers,” and “More on the Grid.” So stay tuned!


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    1. As we all know, many people call the Global Elite the Illuminati–I used to do that, too, calling my first website “Illuminati News.” This is somewhat misleading, however, because the EL-ite never call themselves the Illuminati. The Illuminati ARE the Bavarian Illuminati, where Illuminati stands for the “Enlightened Ones.” They are supposedly opposed to the EL-ite, but have methods and some rules that I personally dislike. That’s just me…Anyway, the Illuminati goes all the way back to the old Greek Philosophers and mathematicians. If I remember correctly, it was Pythagoras who created the Order to begin with, and Weishaupt just picked it up again. They also call themselves the Order of Reason. They embrace science.

      EDIT: I should also add that there is a spiritual element to the Illuminati, as well. Their goal is to merge science with religion. The members of the Bavarians were the big German thinkers of the 1700s–many of them scientists and philosophers. They were considered among the “top minds” of that era.

        1. I don’t think Icke belongs to any secret society, contrary to what some not-so-well-meaning people are claiming on the Internet. I have checked some of these people out, and they are outright lying and are deceiving their audience with false pictures and documents. There are always smear campaigns against those who try their best to bring out some truths.

      1. Yeah the big thing with me is the belief to take children from their parents and raise them by caregivers?? Agreed parents today are a bunch of s***, but that’s what needs to change – people need to grow up before they have kids. Not the kids takien away from biological loving parents. That sounds very Aldous Huxley and New world orderish. The so-called illuminated ones are far from illuminated in my mind! And by the way the New world order has won. America is now officially in the New world order since Biden illegitimately took office. As is the rest of the world. Sophia help us.

          1. Yes sir thanks Wes, Stewart Swerdlow, whose uncle was one of the first presidents of Russia, think I got that right, has done a lot to expose the true Illuminati. Not sure what he’s up to these days. But was a wealth of Truth when I first started my research.

        1. The sad story of mankind is that there are people who are building groups and secret societies, having certain motives and goals that they don’t want the public to know. More often than not, these founders believe that what they are doing is for the best of humanity, even when it involves murder, genocide, and complete control. I don’t subscribe to any of it.

          1. Very well said Wes, largely secret societies were started on Light occult and dark occult has infiltrated most if not all of them. Look at the layout of Washington DC the Freemasons originally laid out with satanic symbolism. Just look at some Mark Passio’s work I mean some of that Freemasonry that was started is very beautiful until they corrupted it. And most are based on the Goddess which in my mind has always been Sophia.

      2. System is set the way where we have personal affairs and corporation of us. Driving licence, bank accounts, taxes, use of vehicles, passports are for our “corporation of us”, but we do not know it and take responsibility of everything our “corporation” is doing. We are like in movie matrix, ttansmitting utility between both parties……learn what is what.

      3. When David Icke and Jordan Maxwell and many others said the Illuminati are the powers that should not be were they spreading disinformation or misinformation? I have noticed that Icka calls “them” the Cult now. He’s changed his word for them a few times. Same with Alex Jones, he used to call them the Illuminati now the Globalists.

        The Illuminati was a trendy thing to discuss 8 or 9 years ago, (which I thought was breaking the mainstream and really weird, had to be a psyop) people even profiting from it. Maybe they were used as a scapegoat. ‘The Illuminati secret society network’ I often heard them being called. Did the Illuminati still infiltrate Freemasonry, or was it a different secret society like the Priesthood of Amen? I was told they are the same. So many different names, that cause confusion.

        Not long ago I heard that there’s a good sect within Freemasonry that’s against the NWO. Is this a likely case? I guess duality is within these groups. I guess the common name now for “them” (the powers that should not be) is the Cabal. I do think that without names of people and certain organizations being called out they can obviously hide within these secret societies, so it becomes hard to call them out. In the public arena, it’s only ever small time people being called out. Scapegoats.

        One last question, do you think it’s the Greek New World Order VS. the Egyptian Old World Order in politics? Left/right paradigm. Two main factions fighting over the world.

        I call them all the powers that should not be, though you could say they’re just doing what they’re doing and we should be impartial to them and focus on the inner. I’ve adapted this with certain family and difficult people. I let go of them and shift my focus. A lot easier now too, because of your guidance Wes.

        1. Wow that’s a mouthful but I would say the Illuminati and all these societies and all that are just the archon expressions now. I think the New world order UN is assuming control now. I think it’s always been from the Rothschild, Rockefeller bloodlines. I could be wrong.
          Icke lays out a good argument for the sabbatian frankist who have infiltrated by claiming to be for your cause and then taking over internally. I don’t know but it really doesn’t matter because evil /demiurge is flexing its wings. Taking flight right before our eyes. And I’d like to say if you bring up Gnostic teachings or God forbid, that the true God is feminine in nature. You get ridiculed by so-called freedom loving people. That’s why I love to come here, I can let my freak flag fly haha.

        2. @Rhyme and Reason … Secret societies, as we know them is a Yaldabaoth/ creation. A very long time ago, he selected a human Elite to educate in a secret society called the Brotherhood of the Snake or the Brotherhood of the Serpent. However, there was another society before that, which was the Sisterhood of the Serpent, who believed in the Divine Feminine. just copied that and made it secret. The Serpent is often looked upon as, but what does Serpent stand for? Wisdom, right? Who is Wisdom? Sophia/The Queen.

          This is a realm of duality, so the “bad guys” are playing both sides. Thus, we have Thoth and Marduk, for example. Everything here has its opposite. Therefore, there are always factions of the same original group who fight each other–“good” against “evil.” What probably is confusing to people is that some of these secret societies seem benevolent and FOR humanity. But it’s still the same basic group that is split.

  1. Ariel & Wes,

    Thank you for answering two of my questions. If you could add my time bubble question next time, I’d appreciate it. I can re-send it to you for your next Q&A.

    Your answer to question 4.

    I see your point, but it didn’t work with the mask-wearing. I did not actually imagine a world where people are maskless, but I didn’t focus on wearing masks either.

    When we are facing powerful forces like the events of this year, if we are setting our intention individually, we may be successful for ourselves and perhaps loved ones. But still, it would take regular practice, whatever that may be.

    Q1: Would you agree?

    But when it comes to a collective consciousness, several people are needed to set the same intention. The group doesn’t have to be a large one but the more, the merrier. There are studies about the success of group meditations.

    On his November 7 Election update, Simon Parks asked their community members to partake in a group meditation with a certain outcome. Simon once said that there are certain forces that you don’t want to ‘mess with.’ Instead, you need to approach your issue from a different angle. For example, for his Nov. 8th meditation, the participants didn’t send “love and light” to Trump. What S. asked instead was to meditate on raising the vibration/consciousness level of humanity.

    Q2: How to know when and how to set an intention for a particular outcome without being psychically attacked and be successful?

    Farsight Institute started a live group meditation on November 8. Farsight Institute has seen something for December that is important, in their opinion. They teach people to meditate, basically calm their minds, and learn to sit in a present moment for 20 min. I suppose a few weeks of daily practice evening and morning would teach people to shut down the monkey chatter and tune into their heart space or higher self or whatever we call it.

    Q3: When to know the difference between being aware and not to focus is enough and when to do extra work to be successful with the particular subject?

    Thank you.

    1. @Margareta ~

      Your answer to question 4.

      I see your point, but it didn’t work with the mask-wearing. I did not actually imagine a world where people are maskless, but I didn’t focus on wearing masks either.

      ***Most people in the world are not neutral. They usually hold an opinion whether they consciously express that belief or not. If you want to wear a mask, then wear one. If you don’t, then don’t. What other people are doing in the world should not matter. The point is that there are people in this world who believe that illness exists because they have experienced illness in their own lives. Trying to force an intention to not mask-up is futile and goes against *their* freewill to protect themselves. In my opinion, it is wrong to try and make myself feel better and more secure by directing and controlling the behavior of others. This is an external solution to an internal problem (which is my own fear).

      Q1: Would you agree?

      But when it comes to a collective consciousness, several people are needed to set the same intention. The group doesn’t have to be a large one but the more, the merrier. There are studies about the success of group meditations.

      ***In a situation like this, the correct intention would be to direct the vibration toward health and well-being rather than “do” or “not do”. The doing part is an individual’s choice and we have no claim to another’s right to choose. We can, however, seek to help offer an attitude and environment of health so that people who are afraid of being sick will become less and less afraid and therefore manifest this in their reality less and less. Ultimately, the vibration of FEAR is what creates the vulnerability which brings on illness. Help people become less afraid. Meditation is not required to do this. We can do this with each and every person we encounter by spreading an attitude of encouragement rather than one of fear and suspicion.

      Q2: How to know when and how to set an intention for a particular outcome without being psychically attacked and be successful?

      ***No such thing as a psychic attack, in my opinion. What most people feel and experience as a psychic attack are their own anxieties and fears. Adrenaline does some very bad feeling things to the body when in excess and in a system that suffers from adrenal fatigue and the overproduction of cortisol. The rest can be attributed to psychosomatic symptoms that we have a tendency to create by believing we are doing something we shouldn’t and we will be attacked for it. Stop believing that these attacks exist and that people (or otherwise) have that type of control over you and they will disappear. I speak from experience. When I no longer believed that psychic attacks were real and that it was really my own anxiety I was feeling, the “attacks” stopped. The mind is a very, very powerful instrument of creation but also persuasion.

      You can only set an intention for yourself. “How to know…” is the VERY thing that keeps that intention from manifesting. “How to know…” = doubt. That means you truly do not believe that whatever it is you are powerless to create. Erase the doubt and you won’t ever have to ask “How to know” ever again. 🙂 Pay attention – what we ask for doesn’t always come in the way we think it will or expect. In fact, it VERY often doesn’t.

      Q3: When to know the difference between being aware and not to focus is enough and when to do extra work to be successful with the particular subject?

      ***Only you know the answer to that. You know yourself and what is right for you better than anyone. You should never give someone so much influence in your own life to ask them where they think you should focus. Take back control over your own ability to give or not give your energy away (focus).


      1. Thank you Ariel.

        I learned that I cannot change people’s minds only assist them if they are willing. Now I just remain silent and walk away before I get too frustrated.

        Maks. I understand the subconscious grooming. Coming from a socialist country, it was a given. It was so obvious here in Canada. Step by step.

        People are wearing the masks for their own reasons indeed. For many it is frear, for others compliance with conformity and for introverts, mask is a relief to not to avoid socializing. I have neighbours like that.

        As for me, I can’t buy groceries or get on the bus if I don’t put on the mask. In my building, people are looking at me with evil eye because I don’t wear the mask despite that every wall and door has an official sign to do it. Cameras everywhere. Only a few people out of the 120 residents who are like me.

        My family and friends are aware of what’s going on. They wearing the mask for the same reason, be able to buy food and to avoid a high fine that they can’t afford. Here in Canada and in Hungary as well.

        I also know that the majority of people live in fear and fear is seeded into humanity from day one. Whatever the fear is; loss of a loved one, loss of a job or a business, fear of living on the street, (many now do), decline of health, fear of death etc. Most people still fear death. I have some of my own I’m working on them as they resurface.

        I agree that mess or individual meditation (or intention) has to be redirected to a natural process. And that’s what Simon did too with his group the other day. Raising people’s consciousness rather than wishing Trump love and light.

        Psychic attack: well some can be pretty bad regardless if the person brings it on himself consciously or unconsciously. We are living in a convoluted universe inhabited with different beings and creatures. Many feed upon us until we know what to do.

        I had my own experiences, most of them while I was sleeping. I learned how to come out of them and how to set intention to avoid them. A practice similar to what Wes suggested about the golden cord and have a bubble around you or just setting an intention.

        I didn’t even know about it until a few years ago.

        I appreciate your detailed answer it always gives a lot to think about and to improve further.

  2. Wes,

    I’ve enjoyed your work out the years. Appreciative to your ability in showing truths.

    Being a Merovingian and Kentish Princess by blood would place me in an upper Elite group.

    I am descendant from a long line of prophets. Joseph Smith, Jesus Christ, Moses, Noah, from the House of David.

    Have had visions, dreams and an all around ‘knowing’ my entire Life.

    Question- Do you know of the ‘Magikal Childe’?

    Recent pandemic has only separated peoples into categories dependent on our actions, or lack of [ no face mask wearing here!]. Culling the herd?

    Fear is the most abundant energy today. Fear of contact. Fear of sunlight. Fear is a sickness.

    I have fought in this Life. Fought to Live every few years, it seems.

    Personal experience in being drugged and sold for sex. I’ve been conditioned to accept the wrongs as normalcy. Born and given to a family of abuse. One where I would not make waves.

    Each past Life I had only been allowed to reach between 18-20 years of age. Once I learnt to much, I was stamped out.

    Misappropriation of a Natural Resource.

    Now, being raised into adversity and brought up to be submissive, NOW I am opposite.

    Now I stand tall in the faces of those trying to cage me.

    This Life I needed a different perspective to aspire to instill this needed change. A Life of dredging in mud. Not a care free Princess in a castle…

    Question- Is there interest in my story? Also I am a writer and would very much enjoy in collaboration with you. Much to discuss!

    Thank you for your time,

    Leilani L. O’Donnell

  3. Hi Wes, Just checking in about this totally weird election. I have read of a Hammer Scorecard intel software that the DNC owns that can change the votes at will along with a Clinton linked Dominion software that is used in the voting sites that is causing the voter fraud as it only effects 3% of the votes. I just saw a video of Biden in which his eyes switch to reptilian momentarily when he blinked and a bloody eye lately. Is Biden really Marduk you think? Who else would stay in his basement just like the reps do? I would not want to be in his cabinet! This is progressing where we may be taken over by a controlling evil group. That is why it is being said if we don’t stop it, there will never be another republican president voted in again! Just a weird feeling that all is not well here on this planet.

  4. Dear Wes and Ariel, I just realized you already answered my question here. I didn’t realize how fast you posted! :o) I really appreciate your thoughts. It helps me greatly as do all your articles and Q&As. I thank you deeply for introducing me to the Gnostic texts. I can’t believe how this information is changing me. I just wish I could stop myself from getting upset about the mask people and the whole lock down situation and the fear everywhere. My State, Washington, has a very evil Governor and he just locked us all down hard again. This is truly the hardest thing for me right now and my family is divided over it to some extent because I refuse to be fearful, believe the scam or wear a mask. Love, Julia

    1. Hi Julia. I can totally understand your mask frustration. I try to see this from a certain perspective: what is happening now, however bad it might seem and inconvenient, evil, and all that, it’s a progress in humanity’s journey. According to the Gnostic texts and other material (also the WPP), we are here to face the darkness around us in order to spread light here. On a global level, how do we do that?

      Well, if people in general are living in darkness/”ignorance,” the mask situation has apparently made many people look into things. They start researching and stumble upon the “Illuminati,” the Global Elite, corrupted politicians, media hypes, and everything else connected to it. Many go up from apathy to anger, which is an improvement. You can see this in comments on the mainstream media sites, for example–people are waking up.

      So, those who are waking up to the Global Elite agenda, which is the dark side of the human mind, have quite a rollercoaster ride in front of them–same ride we have had, and to some degree still have. It might take quite a while for people to wake up enough to make a real spiritual change, who knows, but getting angry and frustrated is the first step. Then, if people are consistent and willing to learn more, the spiritual part will come later. The question is how long time we have at our convenience. It seems like each stage/eon of our development is time limited, which is where Father Time/Kronos/Saturn comes into the picture.

      There is so to say about this, but when there is a lockdown, people get more time at their convenience, and they start looking into things, which is a good start, IMO…

      1. Hi Wes, Yes, these things you write are all so true. I have to say, the one thing I have been able to shed, is fear. Oddly, I have no fear. Now, if I was confronted with a Sasquatch, perhaps I would have an adrenaline rush and some fear, but I have no fear of death, nor anything related to the you know what virus or what have you. It actually has me a little shocked, but it’s so freeing. Now, to lose the anger and frustration over the madness around me that upsets me on occasion. I do feel I am getting better at this day by day as I continue to read the Gnostic texts and do some deep thinking. Your comment above is so helpful to this end as well. I feel I can always come onto your site and read and get a kind response from you, Ariel or another person posting here that is on the same journey. :o) Thank you! Julia

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