Gnostic Musings #11: The Divine Mind (Part 3)

by Wes Penre, November 15, 2020

Quite recently, I was discussing the Divine Mind with a friend of mine, who recommended a book to read on this subject called “God Among Us,” written by Caroline Cory. I have yet to read it, but he gave me some excerpts that I think neatly summarizes much of the Divine Mind. Thus, I am going to post a few excerpts from the book and discuss them briefly after each quote (all quotes are from Caroline Corey, except where indicated).

“…The divine mind will perceive and experience the human emotion of fear, simply as a temporary warning sign of an upcoming physical danger of some sort, but it will not become subject to its limitation. For example, the fear of illness, the fear of financial insecurity or the fear of loneliness are irrelevant to the divine mind.”

As discussed in previous articles in this series, the Divine Mind works on a sliding scale. How functional our mind is, in relation to operating in certain chosen environments, depends on the understand or knowledge of the given environment. In the solid construct in which we live as human beings today, we are only using a small part of our Divine Mind because we are dwelling in an environment of deep Ignorance and Darkness. However, whether we are here on Earth, working on our Gnosis, or somewhere else in the Universe, we are likely to automatically be able to use a greater volume of our Divine Mind because the environment will not be as solid, and we will quicker learn about the space in which we dwell.

So long as we are in Sophia’s material universe/the Kenoma, there will always be some degree of Ignorance and Darkness, and there will be real or imagined threats and dangers. When we are in a higher state of mind, where we can better override the subconscious mind/the Archontic attachments, because we are more connected to Spirit, we can also better control emotions, such as fear. The closer we move toward a highest state of Mind, the better we can distinguish between a real threat and an imagined one.

Achieving Gnosis is to gain Knowledge of what we call the spiritual and non-spiritual realms, and to increase our awareness.

This is further expanded upon in Ms. Cory’s book:

“When you say ‘divine’, you are asking about the nature of a mind, which is different from a human mind. It is indeed different in the sense that it does not require attachment to human emotions in order to function, or that emotions are unable to cloud its functionality. That does not imply a feeling-less mind or that you should become an emotionless being. It does imply that your mind is no longer subject and restricted to the human emotions as commonly experienced on earth. As such, the typical human emotions such as anger, fear, frustration, worry – or even positive emotions – are no longer valid for the divine mind in terms of perceiving reality. In other words, these emotions, which can restrict your perception of the truth, are simply experienced for what they are, without impacting your physical reality.  

As a divine being, you may experience anger at the sight of evil, for example. However this anger will not be part of the decision or action that you will choose to take regarding your experience. The divine mind, while experiencing human emotions, transcends them spontaneously in order to perceive truth and will take action and function within that truth.”

For those who have read our Gnostic Series, these Gnostic Musings, and perhaps also parts of the original Gnostic text, I would like to direct your attention to an exercise Caroline Cory conveys to her readers:

“As you go about your day, observe that which you do, that which you speak, that which you see and that which you think. Notice whether your experience is aligned with your human or your divine mind.”

In other words, be an Observer, as Ariel and I have talked about many times. Ms. Cory’s practice is great when it comes to distinguishing between the Divine Mind and the subconscious entrained patterns we humans are unwittingly following. Ultimately, the two minds—the Divine and the subconscious–are one and the same, but so long as we are still in the Kenoma, the two are perceived as being divided or split. We can tell by our thoughts and actions to what degree we are connected to the Divine Mind and to what degree we are not by doing the above exercise now and then.

Let’s continue with the next quote:

“The next step to achieve is to realize that the divine mind can only create in accordance with higher good. Once you have conquered the human mind and consciously merged, totally and completely, with your spirit self, you can only create your outer reality through your divine thoughts. You will then have access to higher knowledge, higher vibrations or spontaneous healing instantly. You will attract that which you desire in a matter of seconds for yourself, and in a matter of days when your desire involves others. You will perceive your physicality from the perspective of your spirit self, and you will begin a timeless experience within the time/space reality. The divine mind is not only free of the restrictive human psyche, but it is also free of the terms of your physicality. It defies time and space, and manages to integrate effortlessly and gracefully the unseen worlds within the material ones.”

I don’t know of any human who has achieved this yet—now or in the past, which doesn’t mean no one has, of course. But I included this quote just to show what is possible and how powerful the Divine Mind, operating in the physical universe, can be or become. It gives us at least a hint of what we are capable of with a pure Divine Mind, operating in the Pleroma.

However, as Ms. Cory points out,

“…it is a difficult task to control our thoughts as instead, we are dragged into others’ negative or subjective viewpoint…”

The challenge we always have as humans is to protect our own Inner Universe. I would dare say that without exception, we are all guilty of letting other people’s negative or positive opinions color our own mind’s way of thinking. Every time we subconsciously do this, we become a little less ourselves. There is nothing wrong with listening to other people’s viewpoints and analyzing them, without letting them influence us without scrutiny. Keep other’s thoughts at an arm’s length distance, until you have had the chance to analyze them. Then, you can decide whether to corporate them into your own universe or not. We have talked about this many times before, and we call it boundaries.

Your own inner universe is sacred. No one can intrude or corrupt it without our consent and freewill. We all need practice in this regard because we let our guard down and step back on our boundaries. When we perceive other people’s opinion being more powerful than ours, we sometimes give in and adopt it. In reality, when we casually adopt other people’s opinions because they seem powerful, we adopt something we don’t understand. That’s the reason we think they are more powerful than our own. If we understood the other person’s opinion better in relation to our own, it wouldn’t matter how forcefully and convincing the other person would be—we would feel completely confident to make up our own minds, based on the information given.

When we master this, and when we regain control over our own Inner Universe/Divine Mind, we have come much closer to the pure Spiritual Realm. We get to know ourselves and others to a degree that we can create freely whatever we wish with our own, unique mind, without being influenced by other’s thoughts and opinions. When we master this, we have truly become the powerful creator gods we all ultimately are.

I will end this part of the Divine Mind Series with a quick quote from the friend I mentioned in the beginning of this article:

“’Why does God allow all this to happen?’ This is a typical example of a ‘human mind.’ From a ‘Divine Mind’s’ [perspective], it is only an experience, without judgment.”


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  1. Beautiful explained.Thank you Wes and Thank you Sahib(I really deeply enjoy his written thinking😊).
    This essay was meant to instantly calm me.It is my Sunday gift.

  2. What if our minds could overcome the mind control that cons us into believing that TV stands as the authority on everything above we the people? Would anyone wear a mask? Would anyone pay taxes? Would anyone pay fraudulent interest on mortgages? Would everyone say: “Screw you” every time a politician spoke? Would anyone be stupd enough to choose (D) or (R)?
    What if everyone ignored the naysayers and chose paradise on Earth? Would a divine mind choose “Screw you” every time a democrat, republican, banker, lawyer, TV newscritter or controlled opposition government liar spoke?

    1. Yes, I understand what you mean. Unfortunately, as we both have noticed, this isn’t happening in people–at least not in enough numbers. But besides that, even IF it would happen the way you’re hoping for, there will still not be a Paradise–not on Earth.

      It’s like a world that is entirely built of ice and snow–there is nothing else than that, and so it has been for ages. People living there are always freezing cold. One day, they get tired of the cold, and they start warming up from inside instead. When everybody has warmed up inside, the ice and snow around them is melting. But because the entire world is made only of ice and snow, there is now nothing left.

      The way I see it, it’s not that we humans can’t live on a paradise planet in the future, but it will not be the Earth we are living on now–it will in that case be one in a much higher dimension and density, and the inhabitants must have overcome their reactive mindset and their apathy. We can’t build something in a higher dimension (such as Orion) if our minds are still on the level of this dimension/density.

      1. OK, so Lucifer/Yaldabaoth is known as the father of lies, the best liar on Earth, more skilled than every lawyer and TV newscaster combined. How many people were literate way back when the Gnostics were around? Who chose them to be taught to read and write? Who owns the publishing houses that translated that stuff into English and allowed it to be published on the internet? Who owns the internet and can pull the plug on it in an instant? Who is served by anyone believing that we immortal beings are not more powerful than this lying alien? I’ll use one of Lucifer’s maxims “Cui Bono?”. Who benefits by us believing anything presented to us by the aliens who trapped us in these bodies? Who does it serve if we believe we’re in a matrix, a hologram or some other contruct from which there is no escape? Can we immortal beings unite to defeat a deranged immortal being who wants us to believe we can’t win? Can we all say: “Screw you. aliens.”? Were we all created equally as parts of Source? If so, then why don’t we treat abusers as equals instead of as powerful above us?

        1. This is not a physical war–it’s spiritual, as the old saying goes. Over the years, I have tried to tell people that those guys are not more powerful than us–it’s the other way around. The only way for them to have the upper hand is to manipulate us. They have a soul, just like we do, but lack Spirit, which means they actually can’t manifest in a human body.

          Anyway, what would be a “good” way to manipulate us? That would be to incapsulate us in a physical human body, somewhat of their design. In these bodies, our perceptions decrease significantly, and one could say we get tunnel vision. We know this from having OBE’s, in which our perspective is much higher.

          So long as we are under the impression of being trapped in these bodies, they can manipulate things from a higher perspective–without physical bodies. They can see/perceive us, but we can’t see/perceive them (usually). So, they feed from OUR power that we are giving to THEM in ignorance because these bodies also give us almost complete amnesia. They use us to create their reality–technology included. That’s the way they have coped with their situation. They know we are immortal, but they are not. They also know that our immortality will lead to their complete death if we are not under their control, because that’s what we’re here for–to let Spirit light up these lower realms. That’ll be their demise.

          They are not more powerful, but they have set this up so they can control the situation from the shadow–literally. They need a mass agreement from us in order to make this reality stick and keep Spirit in check. But as we can see, people ARE waking up anyway, but not fast enough, from what it seems. But for the Archons, it’s like holding down a balloon at the bottom of a pool–as soon as they let go, the balloon quickly rises to the surface.

          Humanity was taught to read and write long before the Gnostics, and they were taught to do so by the Archons (Thoth in particular). It benefitted them if we would be literate. But the Gnostic Message was not immediately written down–it was verbally received and written down afterward. The writing was mostly done to preserve the information for future generations and then they hid it from their antagonists. But the message was orally spread until the Gnostics were killed off and suppressed and silenced by the “authorities.”

          The original GT were of course not in English, and there have been many people who have compared all the different translations with the original. Yes, there are flaws that have probably both been done intentionally and not, but the message is still there. At the end of the day, we need to feel in our hearts (the spiritual heart) what is real and what is not. This is something we can only do on an individual basis.

          On the flipside, what I’ve published over the years is just my own journey and conclusions, which I have openly shared with others. It doesn’t make me correct or incorrect–it’s my interpretations, conclusions, and intuition, based on dot connecting. It’s definitely a journey, and as such, perspectives change or get updated and upgraded. I have still kept the “old” info online most of the time without deleting it, because my purpose is to share MY journey for other to consider or not, hoping there is something in what I have concluded that might be helpful for others. But each person needs to find their own truth in all this and not blindly follow. I am glad you’re questioning things.

          1. “People will have to realize that they must now prepare themselves to make a connection again with the world of the spirit, so that they may bring into the kingdom of this world a kingdom which is not of this world but is present everywhere in the kingdom of this world. Only then will salvation come for a social sphere where chaos now reigns.”

            From lecture 6 written in 1917 by Rudolf Steiner and to understand it well, here the whole book.

          2. Man it’s like poetry when you talk Wes. Anyways I was thinking about all this in terms of how they want to get us into the machine with these vaccines and everything. That will cut us off from everything Spiritual say goodbye to any possibility of the Divine mind folks. We will become the archons. But one thing I know as well too, is they are afraid of us Waking up and we are Awakening Big time right now, the Lion is starting to ROAR! So many people are open to listening now. Please help do the Great Work and Wake others up. Maybe a little bit too late but I know I’ve got to try. I’ll go down trying because I know I’m not going into any machine! True Freedom is more important than life itself.

      2. If citizens of Orion would spend some time on Earth, their vibration would drop quickly and they would react as well.
        The opposite is true to Earthlings. If they would spend some time on a higher vibrational world where there’s nothing to react too, Earthlings would observe.

      3. @wes penre .. then i guess we have not the same view in how i percieve planet earth.. earth is a paradise for me, saying we cant have paradise on earth is also saying you hate to be humans.. i am human and i live on earth.. this is where i choose to experience things. What you said is what i always heard from religion. .( a rapture).. a form of escapism and not taking the responsiblity for being HUMAN.. there is no place we need to go.. i am taking the responsibilities of being human along with all earth inhabitants.. the only reason we are now living hell on earth because we allow those egomaniac entity to rule us.. sorry wes bu im staying here with my mother EARTH and help her to have freedom..

        I am one with earth for she is my host.

        1. the deeper we fell ,the grosser our bodies and minds became…our vibration got lower…there is no fault with the WORLD.LIFE… it is not against us,it is neutral-it is what it is…but our hijacked mind-ego makes us suffer. the mind in this actual body, is their mind, of the controllers of this realm…this is their home,where they can still be rulers-archons… as long as we live in this 3d density earth,we will be prone to their influence. but how many can control their minds? almost none…experiencing our daemons is the name of the game…so we will never have only good(20%) or bad experiences(65%)-(15 neutral)?.the best place for this is where we are now-hell-.after ,who knows?
          it is a beautiful world,but how we experience it is … well,not so nice!

          1. Well articulated, esnskrs. Yes, this is only one version of Earth–a very low frequency version of it. It’s equivalent to digging deep into our own subconscious mind. Once we can distinguish darkness correctly from light and vice versa, and start acting from the Light/Knowledge perspective as a group, darkness will incrementally dissolve. This version of Earth will be no more.

            There are beautiful aspects even of this harsh version, but it’s still just a mirror of our own Divine Mind, so to speak. The “real thing,” where we can create freely from our own unique perspectives, without all this darkness, is where many of us want to be. Still, while being “here,” we can experience and enjoy the part of this reality that fills us with joy and enthusiasm. I believe it’s important that we do because one thing leads to another. If we start enjoying some of our physical life, that enjoyment will expand, and so will our minds, until we conquer darkness.

            1. Gratitude to you, my Father-Brother! finding you, is one of my pointers on my path…I see you shine the aspects of Great Mother! you have been and still are one of my great strength giving aspects of All That Is!
              Thank you,Wes! and Thank Ariel! it makes my heart cry of joy when I see ,that You see! ;))

  3. If you listen to Kim Clement and the trump prophecies he was in contact with a being he called God that would guide and work through Trump and claims God told him this man named Trump would bring down the wicked and would win two terms. I have heard some psychics claim that this being is possible Peiadian . If you listen to Q TRUMP CARD 2020 & A.I. ARCHON KINGDOM ~Claire Edwards, Steven Whybrow, Eril Kaya [Age Of Truth TV] the man Eril Kaya claims as he knows for a fact that this being that comes through Trump is a demon and goes by the name quasqutoo feathered serpent god. If you listen to David Oates Reverse Speech on Trump he picks up from time to time this entity and it shows metaphor “the one” which refers to the divine spirit or holy spirit, whatever name you want to call it – RS calls it The One – Now, if Eril Kaya claims as he knows is a Demon, I have not heard any indication through RS that it is a demon but more of a divine being or maybe we are all being fooled. Anyone that can add to this feel free to do so. I would recommend everyone see the video above. What I get from all of this is a fooling of the people to except an outside savior for an agenda to enslave humanity into the artificial A.I control. If you can get the masses to trust you and show a savior that does all great things as if they are saving the world they will follow and except and the trap is set. I would also would recommend people look at Remote viewing the Great Reset by cryptoviewing as well. It looks like we in the future will have another control grid that enslaves the last of a few humans left on earth.

  4. the last quote reminds me of my time in the New Age… I don‘t agree with it!
    i hope i will never be in the mindset to think that the horrible things that happen on this earth ArE jUsT eN eXPeRiEnCe and ThErE iS nO rIgHt AnD wRoNg
    can‘t believe you promote this shit now
    soo disappointed

    1. @Delia I think people misunderstand the quote a little bit–maybe…Before we looked into the Gnostic texts, we and many other researchers were talking about a Higher Self that was NOT the soul; the soul being the one who is experiencing this reality from a very limited 3D perspective. We all share that.

      The Higher Self, after having studied the GT, can be equated to Higher Mind and Spirit. Dr. Tom Campbell once used a metaphor. He said to the effect that the Higher Self is the person who sits at the computer, and the combination of the human soul/mind/bodies are all the different avatars in the game.

      So, the Higher Self in the living room sits and plays a video game, where we are the avatars. The player doesn’t directly experience the pain like we, the avatars do, and the avatars die and get wounded in the game. Part of the player is invested in the game, but parts of him are also removed from the game.

      If the avatar is sentient (we humans), it suffers (that would be us), but the player in the living room doesn’t. He knows what the game is all about, and he wants his avatars to succeed, but the particular game the player plays here has a rule–freewill of the avatars. So he can assist the avatar to a certain degree if the avatars connects with him, but otherwise the avatars are on his/her own. This particular game is created to resolve a problem with a previous version of the game that can’t be completed otherwise (Sophia’s creation of the Kenoma).

      If we think of the Monad as the Highest Mind, for argument’s sake, It separated attributes and traits of Its Mind and created the Aeons, who “separately” were allowed to create with the attributes they’d been given. Why did the Monad do this? Maybe to explore and learn more about Itself? Sophia’s Universe/the Kenoma is a universe of duality. Here, we have complete freewill, and we learn from choices, mistakes, pain, and suffering. It wasn’t necessarily meant to be that way, or this hard, but that’s the thing with the ability of “free creation” that the Aeons have–you never know what will happen. It’s the “Unknown” that makes the Monad (and us individually) learn more about It/ourselves.

      I still don’t know if I am explaining this very well…

  5. “According to the Gnostic warning, the Jews, who follow the agenda of racial supremacy, and domination of the goyim (non-jews), are proxies of the Archons.”
    – John Lash

    John Lash points out the lies about the Germans and Nazi ideologues having had a “master race” ideology and plan, and how that idea originates in the Talmud and further back in early Judaism and Abrahamic monotheism, in the form of the idea of “God’s chosen people”. The German language doesn’t even have a term for the idea of a “master race”, Lash says.

    Lash isn’t afraid to laugh at the absurdity of the Holohoax tale, suggesting everyone watch the Eichmann trial videos.

    “Everything I thought about the Holocaust came from Hollywood movies. And so the mind-programming potential of this simulation technology, of photography and films, was a tremendous breakthrough of the “Archons” into the Human Mind. And, it is that that has wiped out our continuity, and it’s even wiped out people’s interest [in the foundational myths of the European nations”. -John Lash

    Lash points out the Jewish nature of communism (or at least of the leaders of communism), and how Hitler was one of the few national leaders who stood up to the advance of the Judeo-Bolsheviks that took over Russia after Jewish bankers hijacked the original February 1917 revolution against the excesses of the Tsar.

    “According to Lash, one of the reasons the Gnostics were attacked and eliminated is because they came out 2,000 years ago “claiming that the god of the Jews — Jehova, or Jahweh — is actually a demented alien, and a very dangerous character.”

    “They watched the Jewish religion develop since its origin in the time of Abraham (about 1,800 BC), “and they knew — because they were seers, with parapsychological powers to observe the unknown worlds and to observe psychically the alien influences upon humanity — they knew that this alien intrusion that had taken place, but up until a certain moment it was relatively contained.” Why? Because the Jewish religion doesn’t evangelize — “it’s a closed club.”

    “The infection of the Abrahamic religion, which they believed was an archontic mind parasite, went pandemic with St. Paul and Christianity. Only then did the Gnostics become truly concerned, which is why they attempted to warn humanity of this extraterrestrial influence. The name, or one of the names, the Gnostics gave to the Jews demented pretender extraterrestrial “god” is Yaldabaoth (the demiurge). The humans whose belief systems are programmed to worship this external authoritarian deity (lower creator god) “are actually hostile to the human species”, the Gnostics warned.”

    John Lash talks of how the jewish race is being used by the Archons, and the extraterrestrial races connected to these ‘Archons’… or powerful sentient artificial intelligence’s – as I think of them. It is no coincidence that it is the elite jewish supremacists who are strongly pushing artificial intelligence and trans-humanism.

    Icke also uses the information about the Archons that came from the ancient Gnostic Nag Hammadi texts… but really he is just using John Lash’s work. John Lash painstakingly studied and interpreted the texts. But John Lash says more than Icke tells us, and says that:

    “According to the Gnostic warning, the Jews, who follow the agenda of racial supremacy, and domination of the goyim (non-jews), are proxies of the Archons.”

    – John Lash

    But David Icke won’t tell you this part – as this is who David Icke ultimately works for – he is working toward the jewish New World Order. And yes, it is absolutely a jewish agenda, Icke won’t emphasise this. This New World Order agenda all comes from the jewish doctrines and scriptures (the Talmud, the Zohar, the Kaballah, the Protocols of the Elders of Zion)… it’s all there in them… no escaping from it, this is where it originates from… not difficult to work it out really…

    John Lash, unlike David Icke, will talk of the how Adolf Hitler, National Socialism and the Holocaust have been incessantly lied about by the jewish owned media – Lash certainly does not push this false evil ‘Nazi’ rhetoric that Icke does.

    John Lash, the Nag Hammadi and Gnostics are telling you that these archontic forces and the ETs connected to them are working through judaism and the jewish race – this is what John Lash says in his article and videos – and it is his interpretations of the Nag Hammadi texts.

    Note: These are some quotes from an article from ‘’, (link below) which provides some commentary on some of Johns Lash’s YouTube interviews, but I do not fully endorse this persons article I quoted from, as the writer has referenced two ‘channeling’ psyops in this article – namely Bashar and Adronis, comparing this information to John Lash’s. Fellow truthers have analysed the info of these two so-called ‘channelers’ (Bashar and Adronis) a while back, and they are providing disinfo – pacifying and distracting disinfo… they are psyops, controlled opposition agents. I have just selected certain pieces of commentary from this referenced article, that provide overviews of some of John Lash’s information.

    Read full here:

    John Lash – White Genocide & The Archontic Infection

    1. Does John Lash point out that WW II was about baanking and that Hitler had defeated the fake Jewish banksters before the English, fake Jew banksters ordered the US into the war? How about the fact that fake Jew banksters started Israel which I think is a trap to round up real Jews in one place so the fake Jews can wipe them out? Rational people will conclude that The Protocols were dictated to fake Jew banksters in 1773 by Lucifer? Since they are primarily about controlling all of humanity for fake Jew banksters, not for any real Jews, one might suppose that the junk about Jews and Goyim was added in much later than 1773 when the banksters decided to leak them through Russia.
      Who rh hell is John Lash and why should anyone listen to him?

      1. John Lamb Lash is the only person to investigate these very old Nag Hammadi Gnostic texts, he is recognized as an expert on these texts. He teaches the critique of belief systems, his book ‘Not in His Image’ and on his website he presents a radical revision of Gnosticism with original commentaries on the Nag Hammadi codices. He also presents the only complete restoration by any scholar of the Sophia myth, of the pagan mysteries, the sacred story of Gaia, Sophia, recounting the origin of the earth and the human species from the galactic core.

        A reason I listen to John Lash is that he also doesn’t buy into all the pacifying ‘New Age’ rhetoric.

        John Lash, in other articles, refers to the Archons as ‘cyborgs’ as well as ‘psycho spiritual parasites.’

        If you are someone who has seriously researched Ufology you would have come across John Lash, he is pretty well known. Most personalities in Ufology are Controlled Opposition, but the fact John Lash understands that the New World Order agenda is actually mainly a jewish agenda and stems from judaism’s doctrines (the Talmud, the Zohar, the Kaballah, Protocols of the Elders of Zions, etc) suggests that he is not controlled and is attempting to do his best for humanity. Most Ufology personalities try to distract you from Zionism and the jewish talmudic supremacist agenda, but not John Lash.

        1. The ‘powers that be’, the most influential people on our planet are jewish, the bankers that enslave us with Usury and Debt Slavery…. they are jewish. If you do your research if you are knowledgeable what John Lash says makes perfect sense.

          John Lash commentary on the jews and the archons:

          John Lash, the Nag Hammadi and Gnostics are telling you that these archontic forces and the ETs connected to them are working through judaism and the jewish race.

          It is clearly stated in the jewish doctrines and scriptures that the jews wish to rule over the goyim, who they see as cattle and less than them. Judaism’s doctrines like the Talmud, the Zohar and the Torah, all talk of this agenda and say terrible things about non-jews… and of course there is the jewish ‘Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion’ – which actually describe how they are going to achieve total domination and rulership.

          “Lash observes that the taboos about pointing out Jewish power and vast Jewish over-representation in media, Hollywood, government, banking, etc, is finally breaking down, and that the reason this has happened is obviously not because the Jews are “smarter” than everyone else, like they like to think, but rather “because they represent the split in the human species where it turns against itself”.

          Lash thinks of the Jews (i.e. the Jewish mindset) as embodying the archontic parasite/virus, which targets primarily the White race because it has the highest degree of “excellence” (philosophy, organization, technological innovation, etc). Lash recognizes the Human race as the only one race, with the White race being really a sub-race or ethnic group, which is undergoing genocide.

          The ancient Jews, a cohesive ethnocentric group of people with similar mindsets of superiority — specifically the Zadokite cult of the Jews — Lash proposes, made a pact with the “Archons”. Thus there is a “supernatural factor” behind the Jewish agenda. Simplifying, he puts it this way:

          “According to the Gnostic warning, the Jews, who follow the agenda of racial supremacy, and domination of the goyim, are proxies of the Archons.” – John Lash

          John Lash on WW2, Hitler and National Socialism

          John Lash also talks of how Hitler and National Socialism has been lied about, and that there is a big agenda, stemming from International Jewry, to eliminate the White race… White genocide.

          In John Lash’s Red Ice interview (Red Ice are controlled opposition by the way) – he talks about the false idea that White people are the race that has done the most harm. Jewish people were the slavers and ran the Transatlantic Slave Trade – and the amount of White people who had slaves was actually minute. The jewish owned media has been behind the demonization of White people.

          “Lash points out the lies about the Germans and ‘Nazi’ ideologues having had a “master race” ideology and plan, and how that idea originates in the Talmud and further back in early Judaism and Abrahamic monotheism, in the form of the idea of “God’s chosen people”. The German language doesn’t even have a term for the idea of a “master race”, Lash says.

          “Lash points out the Jewish nature of communism, and how Hitler was one of the few national leaders who stood up to the advance of the Judeo-Bolsheviks that took over Russia….”

          John Lash talks of the absurdity of the Holohoax tale, and suggests everyone watch the Eichmann trial videos.

          “Everything I thought about the Holocaust came from Hollywood movies. And so the mind-programming potential of this simulation technology, of photography and films, was a tremendous breakthrough of the “Archons” into the Human mind. And, it is that that has wiped out our continuity, and it’s even wiped out people’s interest [in the foundational myths of the European nations] — John Lash

          Information taken from here:

        2. “My comments don’t get automatically posted, I remove some texts every time”

          John Lash on WW2, Hitler and National Socialism

          John Lash also talks of how Hitler and National Socialism has been lied about, and that there is a big agenda, stemming from International Jewry, to eliminate the White race… White genocide.

          In John Lash’s Red Ice interview (Red Ice are controlled opposition by the way) – he talks about the false idea that White people are the race that has done the most harm. Jewish people were the slavers and ran the Transatlantic Slave Trade – and the amount of White people who had slaves was actually minute. The jewish owned media has been behind the demonization of White people.

          “Lash points out the lies about the Germans and ‘Nazi’ ideologues having had a “master race” ideology and plan, and how that idea originates in the Talmud and further back in early Judaism and Abrahamic monotheism, in the form of the idea of “God’s chosen people”. The German language doesn’t even have a term for the idea of a “master race”, Lash says.

          “Lash points out the Jewish nature of communism, and how Hitler was one of the few national leaders who stood up to the advance of the Judeo-Bolsheviks that took over Russia….”

          John Lash talks of the absurdity of the Holohoax tale, and suggests everyone watch the Eichmann trial videos.

          “Everything I thought about the Holocaust came from Hollywood movies. And so the mind-programming potential of this simulation technology, of photography and films, was a tremendous breakthrough of the “Archons” into the Human mind. And, it is that that has wiped out our continuity, and it’s even wiped out people’s interest [in the foundational myths of the European nations] — John Lash

            1. @Saturn Trap ~ “Last website link is where I took information from, I couldn’t post too much text.”

              That’s okay. Just give a summary of what people can find if they go to that link and then leave it to them to read for themselves. You don’t need to feel obligated to post the entire article in your comment.

              1. Hi, thank you Ariel. I wasn’t going to post the whole article, I just had to put the link so I don’t take credit for it, and anyone who have read will know the source of infos. Thank you for letting me post here 🙂 I appreciate your kindness.

      2. Some call these Jewish Supremacist Zionists ‘Ashkenazi Jews’ or ‘Fake Jews’ or ‘Khazar Jews’ or ‘Khazarian Mafia’ – but those names are a deflection or distraction. I don’t use the word ‘jew’ too often as this can be emotive (triggering) for people… as I know how brainwashed people are… it is however pretty accurate to say that it is the ‘elite’ Jewish supremacists (International Jewry) and Zionists that are causing the majority of the problems in the world…

        (Veterans Today are Controlled Opposition. And I am not sure about the whole ‘Most, or all, the bad Jews are Khazars’ rhetoric or just the Khazar rhetoric in general – I think it might be dis-info or at the very least an exaggeration of sorts. Jews have been causing problems throughout history… for a long time – They have been expelled from countries at least 109 times! And they were not war like, in that they are not known to be warriors – but rather they are historically notorious for their parasitism, usury, manipulations from behind the scenes to create the wars, and some other very unpleasant activities. International Jewry, and jews in general, have been causing problems for many, many centuries. I think they are trying to distract from the fact that all these dark satanic practices go back a lot longer than the Khazars… there is also a much longer history of ritual sacrifice… these holy books such as the Talmud – which say terrible things about non-jews – are a lot older… I think the Khazar rhetoric is a deflection and distraction)

        A link to an Article about some of the falseness in the Khazar Theory:

          1. It is often said that the Jewish Agenda for World Domination is the only real problem facing the world, all other problems are symptoms of this…

            I am sure there is some sort of malicious ET race above these Zionist Jews – but we need to concentrate on what we can see and understand and affect, and be practical – and we need to combat the Zionist Jews and their agendas.

            Much programming has been done to attempt to get people to not criticize jewish people, they can do this as they own pretty much all the media.

            It is important to recognize that International Jewry have written and published most of our history books (If your book does not fit into their story and rhetoric then it will be hard to get it published), that Jewry pretty much own all the media – they own Hollywood, nearly all the Banks, the Television Networks, the Large Corporations, the Music Industry, they own Google, Facebook, YouTube, Amazon etc etc – and have agents (hasbara) infiltrated into the alternative media, ufology and spiritual groups.

            The shill Benjamin Fulford is the one they assigned to support this Khazar rhetoric, and you know he is a dis-info agent. And Fulford wont tell that all these terror events are fake – he might say some are false flags but that stills perpetuate the myth that people were killed and it perpetuates the fear they create. They are usually drills passed off as real using paid crisis actors – and sometimes they even use CGI in them. Fulford will not tell you that these so called terror events were set up by the Freemasons and Zionists to further their agendas. Benjamin Fulford is obvious Controlled Opposition – a limited hangout operation.

            The New Age movement is essentially run by the Zionists – by their controlled opposition agents and it actually promotes a lot of Luciferian modes of thinking – and modes of thinking that pacify people so that this Zionist Satanic New World Order can be brought about. There are networks of controlled opposition agents that are supporting each other and backing each other up. These shills have directives – they don’t care which shill / agent you get hooked on, or which group of ‘whistleblowers’ you believe in, just as long as you do.

            Some obvious Controlled Opposition within, or related to, the UFO field of research is: David Wilcock, Corey Goode, Cobra (the portal), Benjamin Fulford, Simon Parkes (Parkes fairly recently appeared on mainstream TV here in England, this should send up red flags for you, you don’t appear on mainstream TV if you are not controlled) etc etc – and there are blogs that promote many of these people that are also Controlled Opposition.

            ‘Stillness in the Storm’ is an example of one of these Controlled Opposition blogs which vigorously promotes and defends Wilcock and Goode, as well posting about Fulford and Cobra. And there is also ‘Discerning the Mystery’, which has been obviously set up just to promote Corey Goode, Cobra, and David Wilcock etc. It is very interesting that as soon as the ‘Discerning the Mystery’ website was set up ‘Stillness in the Storm’ started posting ‘Discerning the Mystery’ articles on his blog, promoting him – just as he did with Jordan Sather. As soon as Jordan Sather’s youtube channel was up it was promoted immediately by ‘Stillness in the Storm’, and who does Jordan Sather work with now? Corey Goode! There is a network of Controlled Opposition here people all backing each other. (If you research a great deal and have an excellent memory – you see unusual things in the alternative media and you see networks of controlled opposition) And when Corey Goode started working with Bridget Nielsen ‘Stillness in the Storm’ started posting about her as well. This is the woman who says she has had sex with reptilians and it was great! Seriously, how does that help humanity – articles about this? Again, a network of Controlled Opposition promoting each other.

            Their main aim is to pacify people – so that people don’t actuality try to bring down the satanic Zionist system that controls us – and this slave systems power-base is the debt based slavery financial system, which is run by the Jewish Zionists (verifiable facts) – whoever controls the money controls the world. They want to grab hold of people (their attention) who are just awakening and hold onto them – and then feed them with metaphysical disinfo and totally pacify them. They do this not only buy false metaphysical and spiritual teachings but also through lots of saviour programming – thinking that these Zionist Controlled ‘Researchers’ or ‘Insiders’ or these ‘ET groups’ or various other made up groups are going to ‘sort it all out’ – when they are not.

            1. Some quotes from a variety of sources:

              “The meaning of the history of the last century is that today 300 Jewish financiers, all Masters of (Masonic) Lodges, rule the world.” – Jean Izoulet, prominent member of Jewish Alliance Israelite Universelle, 1931

              “At the head of all those secret societies, which form provisional governments, men of the Jewish race are to be found.” – Benjamin Disraeli, Jewish, Prime Minister of England

              “Every time we do something you tell me Americans will do this and will do that. I want to tell you something very clear, don’t worry about American pressure on Israel. We, the Jewish people, control America, and the Americans know it.” – Ariel Sharon, Former Israeli Prime Minister

              “It is a marvel that the American people do not rise up and drive every JEW out of this country…. We Jews have put issue upon issue to the American people. Then we promote both sides of the issue as confusion reigns. With their eye’s fixed on the issues, they fail to see who is behind every scene. We Jews toy with the American public as a cat toys with a mouse…. We control every media of expression including newspapers, magazines, radio and television. Even your music! We censor the songs released for publication long before they reach the publishers. Before long we will have complete control of your thinking.” – The Harold Wallace Rosenthal Interview 1976, The Hidden Tyranny. (They killed him 30 days after his confessions)

              “The role of the president of the United States is to support the decisions that are made by the people of Israel. It is not up to us to pick and choose from among the political parties.” – Ann Lewis, Senior Advisor to Hillary Clinton

              “The Bolshevik Revolution in Russia was the work of Jewish planning and Jewish dissatisfaction. Our Plan is to have a New World Order. What worked so wonderfully in Russia, is going to become Reality for the whole world.” – (The American Hebrew Magazine, New York, Sep. 10, 1920)

              “Most Jews do not like to admit it, but our god is Lucifer…and we are his chosen people…” – Harold Wallace Rosenthal – a Jewish whistleblower

              “Freemasonry is a Jewish establishment, whose history, grades, official appointments, passwords, and explanations are Jewish from beginning to end.” – Rabbi Isaac Wise

              “Freemasonry is born out of Israel.” – The Jewish Guardian, 12 April 1922

              1. They want all nations, races and cultures to merge and interbreed to create one homogeneous race that they can control. They particularly like to flood Europe with refugees and immigrants, as they want to eradicate the White races – research ‘The Kalergi Plan’. The Zionists create all the immigration on purpose. They are hugely threatened by patriotic and nationalistic countries who want independence from the Zionist Bankers. Hence why Gaddafi and Hitler were taken out and so many lies have been spread about them, even though they were looking after the people in their country – and to do this they were breaking away from the Freemasonic Zionist Jewish Bankers.

                They see the White race as their biggest threat and put a great deal of effort into trying to oppress them… and they wish to eventually eradicate White people… mainly via forced immigration / miscegenation, control of their nations via Zionist puppet politicians and their incessant media propaganda.

                They promote Marxism in our schools and universities to subvert our Nations.

                They want to keep us in fear and they want more and more control over us… they have so many more tactics and agendas.

                As well as all this, understanding the lies told to us about the Second World War, Hitler and Germany is hugely important.

                There is a huge agenda in Ufology to push the anti-National Socialist propaganda. Ufology is run by zionist / jewish agents. It is one massive controlled opposition limited hangout.

                And, everybody should learn about the ‘Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion’ – It explains what these Jewish Zionists are doing – and it will help you make sense of why the world is like it is. This document will really help you understand many of their tactics and agendas.


                A note on censorship:

                Fellow truthers have been posting on the internet for a long time, on various platforms and websites, about many different controversial and fringe subjects, and I will tell you the subjects you’ll got censored for:

                – Exposing the nefarious Jewish Supremacist and Zionist activities and agendas.
                – Exposing what really terrible things Judaism’s ‘religious’ books say about Non-Jews (Goyim).
                – Exposing all the phony fake hoax terrorism set up by the Jewish Zionists and Freemasons.
                – Telling the real Truth about WW2, exposing the Holohoax, and how Hitler was right, and how the Zionist controlled allies were the instigators and aggressors.
                – Exposing the Zionist controlled Allied Forces war crimes against the German people (e.g the Rhine Meadows Death Camps and the Dresden Firebombings)
                – Exposing Israel’s numerous crimes and agendas.

                We have people being censored left right and center on all of Social Media. People exposing fake terrorism, zionist / jewish power, that israel did 9/11, revisionist Truth about Hitler / WW2… people having their channels terminated and videos taken down.. Hasbara Trolls will often repeatedly report and flag these videos, bringing them to the attention of the YouTube censorship team and therefore helping to get them censored. Some people are getting strikes left right and centre – some have to create backup channels or start new channels.

                There was a community of people on YouTube brilliantly exposing all the fake terror events – suddenly Jewish owned and controlled YouTube seemed to decide that too many people were working out that these terror events were fake – so within the space of about a month about 15 people who I was following had their channels terminated.

                The greatest level of censorship I have seen occur – and still occurs – is when people expose the fake hoax terrorism events, all the crisis actors, CGI, illogical logistics… etc – If you prove it was a hoax, then nine times out of ten they are going to take that video down and give you a strike. These events are of course set up by the Jewish supremacists / Zionists / Freemasons – their gematria is coded into it. And many of the crisis actors will be Sayanim.

                Why is ET stories not having any censorship, when the ET reality is one of, if not the most, closely guarded subject… if they did not want this info out there he would have been censored heavily. But ET / Ufology stories have no effect on the New World Order agenda.

                The powers that be are not worried about this. Nobody is censored for sharing ET information, never… The channels I see getting censored on Youtube are ones that expose fake terrorism , expose jewish / zionist power, exposing Israel’s crimes, and for posting revisionist WW2 Truth… that’s what you get censored for.)

              2. Israel is owned by Rothschild, as is the USA. When idiots blame Israel, it keeps Rothschild’s name out of it. Rothschild likes that.

                1. This is what the shills David Icke is selling to people.

                  He tells you about the banking system, but it’s just the Rothschild’s with Icke… he always uses the phrase ‘Rothschild Zionism’, not the jews or International jewry. It is not just one Jewish family, the whole New World Order agenda stems from the jewish doctrines:

                  “The meaning of the history of the last century is that today 300 Jewish financiers, all Masters of (Masonic) Lodges, rule the world.” – Jean Izoulet, prominent member of Jewish Alliance Israelite Universelle, 1931

                  “At the head of all those secret societies, which form provisional governments, men of the Jewish race are to be found.” – Benjamin Disraeli, Jewish, Prime Minister of England

                  And he doesn’t tell you that nothing will change if we don’t have National and State owned banks to end Debt Slavery – and he doesn’t talk about all the countries and leaders throughout history who ended or attempted to end Jewish Usury and what happened to them – i.e Adolf Hitler, Napoleon, Caesar, tsar Nicholas the 2nd, Japan in WW2 era, JFK, Abraham Lincoln and James Garfield et al – assassinations or wars brought against them)

                  The New World Order agenda stems from jewish doctrines and scriptures, such as The Talmud – The Torah – The Zohar, and The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

                  The New World Order / One World Government agenda stems from the Jewish supremacists / International Jewry.

                  They – ‘The Jewish Supremacists’ – have everyone on the wrong subject while they move forward towards world domination.

                  And we all know this term ‘anti-semitism’ is just a term that they have created that means nothing really – firstly the jews aren’t really the semites, and secondly it is just a defensive and deflecting term, that jewish people throw around whenever some actually exposes their nefarious activities, agendas and lies.

                  1. I don’t listen to David Icke. You’re the disinfo guy here bashing Israel and helping Rothschild keep his name out of it.

                    1. You don’t listen to David Icke but you use his terms? The Rothschild zionists (David Icke’s term)

                      Some of my comments are not getting posted, do you want to chat a little on reddit?

                    2. I could do similar videos every day about all of the shills and never come close to covering all of them.

                    3. Exactly, nearly all of them are shills, gatekeepers. Any one who perpetuates lots of New Age nonsense like Icke does – pacifying New Age nonsense is to be cautious about. This is one of the (((powers that be))) main aims: To Pacify People.

                      I sent you a link in a comment on your video.

            2. I find some valuable information on Stillness in the Storm. They publish articles about the election, for instance, that you’re not going to find in the mainstream. I look at everything and then make my mind up after fact checking the best I can, but that is pretty hard to do considering the mainstream is lies and deception and I have a life and a business that needs attention and a home and family that needs attention, etc.. The normal person only has so much time to look into this garbage. If I didn’t look at Stillness in the Storm, I probably wouldn’t be aware of certain things. Which outlets would you suggest? What do you feel is correct? I agree with the Cobra stuff. I knew that was BS. I listened to an interview with him and he totally exposed himself in my opinion. I have left several comments on that web-site that were critical of the information there and they were deleted. That is a sure sign of a disinfo agent. If you cannot debate the issues of your argument and just delete criticism, it’s obvious your position is garbage and you cannot defend it.

              1. He is definitely some type of Controlled Opposition – A Limited Hangout. Much of his so ‘intel’ contains disinfo to confuse, slow people down and dis-empower people – with some ‘saviour programming’ in there as well…

                Cobra talks about Ashtar Command and Galactic Federation etc etc – pacifying and disempowering – these are psyops. Cobra has also promoted this book by Ishtar Antares called Aurora 2012, which I have read – that also made some predictions that didn’t come true, and which also contained other disinfo regarding the psyop that is Ashtar Command. And Cobra also promoted this guy Drake in 2012, who was a psyop, who also predicted changes in 2012, as did Wilcock who aligned himself with Drake – why do people forget about all these things? Unfortunately, we have to sort all this insanity on this planet out ourselves. People need to realise that Cobra has been saying the same things over and over again for years. And of course Cobra does joint interviews with the obvious psyop Corey Goode – which should send up red flags for you.

                This ‘The Event Is Coming Soon’ rhetoric put forward by Cobra and others is a huge psyop and so pacifying and disempowering. He has been saying it for many years, and keeps making up stories about why it keeps getting put off. This is an obvious Zionist Controlled Opposition tactic to pacify people. When you are knowledgeable, and know how these Freemasons and Zionists work, you know their tactics and see through their psyops more easily. This so called ‘Event’ is not coming soon my friends, please don’t sit back and wait for this ‘Event’. This ‘Event’ is a made up thing to pacify – the whole ‘solar flash’, ‘spontaneous ascension’ – these terms, are of course, also pacifying psyops.

                He also promotes this idea of a ‘Resistance Movement’ – of people living under or inside the Earth, who are working toward the liberation this planet, when there is no evidence of this at all. It seems to be a way to stop people taking action and using their initiative to make changes.

                Cobra also says that Osama Bin Laden was killed in the raid on his compound in 2011. Everyone who is truly knowledgeable about the global conspiracy knows that this whole event was a huge psyop and that Bin Laden was not killed in this raid. So convenient that they give him such a very swift burial at sea, wasn’t it.

                Cobra’s information on the Archons is also more than suspect. John Lash who deciphered these texts describes them as ‘inorganic beings’ and ‘cyborgs’… essentially sentient artificial intelligence. John Lash also describes who they are working through – Judaism and International Jewry, he describes how these ancient texts say this. These Gnostic Nag Hammadi texts did not say anything about a great deal of what Cobra says about the Archons, and also contradicts much of Cobra’s information.

                Cobra also gave disinfo on Putin. Cobra said the Putin had a spiritual experience with the ‘pleaidians’ and is ‘working for the light’, working to free humanity. (What a lot of nonsense). Putin is not going to save us all – Putin is Controlled Opposition with a history of Jewish Zionist connections, he is ex KGB. He does huge tech and trade deals with Israel. He has been profiteering via the war in Syria. He has also made it illegal to question the Holocaust (Holohoax) in Russia! He glorifies the ‘Soviet Union’ and the ‘Red Army’. He does not come out and condemn Netenyahu and Israel… and evidence shows that his mother was jewish — I could go on… It is obvious to me, and many others, that Putin is a Zionist puppet or ally, and is just playing a role – wanting a piece of the empire – he is not humanity’s saviour. They want you to believe he is some type of saviour – so that you will sit back and rely on him – it is just a tactic to pacify people. Putin, just like Trump, has very strong connections to Chabad Lubavitch.

                I could go on and on about all the disinfo in Cobra’s information…

                It’s all just pacifying and distracting commentary, and information with so many holes in it… if you are knowledgeable about all areas on the global conspiracy it is actually quite embarrassing looking at his ‘intel’.


                You have people like David Wilcock, Cobra, Corey Goode, Benjamin Fulford etc, all saying this or that is going to happen soon, for example the Inner Earth civilizations are coming to the surface at the beginning of this year, or this disclosure will occur then etc etc – then it doesn’t happen and nobody says ‘hang on, you were wrong’ – ‘you’ve been wrong lots Mr David Wilcock!’ Around 2012 your prophecies and predictions surrounding this guy called Drake were wrong (Cobra was also affiliated with the disinfo agent Drake) – and you were drastically wrong about the Boston Bombing which was a fake staged event, etc etc. Corey Goode said 2016 was going to be the year of great change – it wasn’t. David Wilcock has been saying for many years in each and every new article – the defeat of the Cabal is imminent. Cobra has been continually saying ‘the event’ will happen soon and all the ‘toplet bombs’ he talks about are nearly gone – and then low and behold, they have found some more. All this has been going on for many years now and all of them reference each other – are all of them controlled opposition? Are they getting us to feel like these people ‘in the know’ with contacts have got it all sorted – that we can relax – that change is imminent etc – are they there to disempower us, to get us feeling a false sense of security, to pacify us? Getting us to underestimate how manipulative the Jewish Supremacists / Zionists and Secret Societies (Freemasons) connected to them are? I would say, yes, absolutely.

                I can only conclude that this area of the alternative media is being used as a distraction, a limited hangout operation. And a distraction from many of the more important issues in the world, they are not saying things that the Real Truther communities know about and research. I recommend this article below to learn some of what Real Truther communities are talking about and find more about cobra and others: (Real Truthers know that the rabbit hole leads to the Zionists – Jews – Israel – The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion…)


                  1. @esnskrs ~ “soon=NEVER -it is in our subconscious programming-”

                    I agree 100%

                    “Soon” suggests “hope”. Hope encourages passiveness. Passiveness is…well, passive and non-interactive. It’s a state of being which is not participating. When my children were small and impatient or excited and would ask for something repeatedly, what would I tell them to extend their wait-time and pacify them until it was time? “Soon!” They would calm down for a while and be content to wait or extend their patience for a little longer.

                    As an adult, beware of anyone who is telling you “Soon!” If they are, they are putting you off and encouraging you to sit back down and be passive. This is rampant in conspiracy communities – When is the Second Coming? Soon. When is Planet X coming? Soon. When will the corrupt politicians be arrested? Soon.

                    In other words, sit back down but be sure to keep following the story. “Soon” buys the storyteller (or whoever) more time to keep you engaged and hanging on.

                    1. I was in that trap for a long time…I am …? you put it very beautifully in words…nice ,easy,wise ,kind…thank you for all!

              2. Stillness in the Storm is written by a gay guy who was part of the crew that promoted Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf and the OPPT crapola. Heather was sent to prison for her crimes against the banking industry (not that I agree with that). That scam claimed that everyone on Earth could somehow get $1 billion by filing forms. All of these people opposed firing our government to actually accomplish freedom from banksters.

  6. Is John Lash a member of the Ku Klux Klan? Is it the Klan that recognizes him as an expert?

    Lash is a controlled opposition liar. He pretends to be too stupid to be able to understand The Protocols. Or, maybe he truly does suffer from a diminished mental capacity. I don’t have time to dwell on his rhetoric.

    1. I don’t know. I am not a big “fan” of Lash. I have come to different conclusions than him. I also don’t know very much about his personal life, other than rumors that I haven’t followed up on. As with many others, there are a few things that caught my attention, but I’m not studying him.

  7. Wes “They have a soul, just like we do, but lack Spirit, which means they actually can’t manifest in a human body.”
    How did Yaldabaoth, Thoth and Marduk incarnate on Earth?

    1. The only ways the Archons can “incarnate” on Earth that I know of are, 1) by “possessing” a human soul that is already incarnated here and taking control of her thought process (easier for them to do with certain Elite bloodlines), 2) they use an A.I. body in stasis that is using particular technology. They might look human, but are not, or 3) they shapeshift into human form. When they do, it appears quite “solid.” You would be able to shake hands with them. But they can’t hold this form for very long–they can only stay for a while. It’s basically subquantum physics and nothing extraordinary. We humans can do it, too, with the right training.

      So what did all these “Anunnaki” do when the supposedly incarnated during Sumerian/Egyptian times? I would question it. I think most of these so-called Anunnaki were human but were in possession of, and/or in liaison with, the Archons (as mentioned above). Some might have been here in A.I. bodies, and some of it is allegorical. The humans of their time worshiped the traits/attributes of the Archon–the archetypes. Thus, we see human bodies with animal heads depicted in old Egypt and in Sumer.

  8. Thank you for the answer Wes.
    Why then would Enki create human bodies if he himself knew he could not incarnate? Or is it because our bodies are a copy of the original Adam and there was no way Enki could create a body in which the Archons could incarnate into? Does it then mean that only spirited beings can manifest a human body? What about the humans who lack spirit, how are this souls able to manifest a body on earth?

    1. On occasion we get these questions, or similar, and I always think they are good questions. It’s getting more and more difficult to discuss certain aspects of the Gnostic texts when we realize that almost all of it, or perhaps all of it, are metaphors and allegories. That doesn’t mean they are not correct–quite the opposite, IMO.

      Anyway, if we look at this from a human perspective and read the Gnostic texts (GT), it says that humans need to be spirited to be able to “move around.” If we take that literally, it implies that a human body must be spirited to be able to go around with their day and to even stand upright. Then, the question is–are all humans spirited or are there those who are not? According to the literal translation of the GT, we all are spirited, but sometimes we question that when we see how certain humans behave. It’s so disgusting that we can’t believe a spirited being would do something like that.

      Here is my personal current impression: all humans are spirited, but there are those who are in such a weak connection with Spirit that one could almost say they are non-spirited. They are completely reactive and live their lives just reacting to their environment and commit heavy crimes to be able to stay alive because they fail to problem-solve from a higher perspective. “Weak” souls that are very disconnected and only have as much Spirit to make the body function are easy prey for the Archontic forces, who can manifest in them and control them. We could say that the Global Elite belong to this category and perhaps certain types of narcissists, psychopaths and sociopaths.

      So, are these the so-called “background people?” Who can say for sure. Hypothetically, there could be human bodies inserted here to act like background people, but again, if we trace a “background person” to their infancy, were they born from a human mother? If so, they must be human, as I see it.

      Just my current take because those who are so-called “non-spirited” are still being born from a human woman, so there is nothing artificial with their physical bodies–they are as human as yours and mine.

      The rest of your post, I completely agree with and have nothing to add.

      1. This is very interesting. I had never heard of the concept of a soulless person before reading your information and have since found the concept in many people’s thinking. I have found some people who claim a third of the population lacks a soul up to one crazy researcher who claims 90% of the population is soulless. His claim is the human population on the planet was consistent for all of history until very recently. There are only so many souls. Therefore, all the rest of these people are soulless, which makes sense. Otherwise new Namlu’u (as you say) souls have been coming here, which isn’t really possible, and I doubt that many souls from the Universe have been tricked into coming here to inflate the numbers so much. It doesn’t seem logical. And when I say ‘soul’, I mean ‘spirit’ to go along with your research and presentation of your findings. I don’t think being in possession of a human body automatically makes one spirited. This is just a computer program and the bodies we are in are just computer simulations, so it would make sense that some humans are just computer programs and not spirited. You have said as much in numerous articles and I know you have been evolving your views, but I still agree with your previous thoughts. The more I see around me validates the idea that there are humans without spirit.

        That does not mean they are lesser or not human, just not Namlu’u like you say. They of course were born and have lives and families, etc.., but they are just surface people who have no connection to spirit and will not continue on after body death. I still feel that is correct. There is no reason why they cannot have some animating spark, but it would be no different than the spark insects and animals have to keep them functioning in this construct, but will not allow them to continue on as a spirit after death.

        I am very bad with names, but I am very good with faces. I can tell if I have met you before, but I may not remember your name. All my life I have seen people who look extremely familiar from afar, but I know I have never met them. Then I would see these people and they would seem to fit into groups that looked alike. I used to just chalk it up to there are not infinite faces and some people tend to look alike, but now I think differently. I feel these people are just computer programs. That’s why they look familiar and alike each other. The program is just plugging in extra people. Now they are people and I don’t advocate treating them any bad way or anything, but I wonder if I tried to talk to them they would tend to be shallow and not spirited.

        1. @Shawn ~ “I don’t think being in possession of a human body automatically makes one spirited.”

          Me, either. Recently, I read that the Sacred Marriage or Consummation of the “Bride” and “Bridegroom”, as written in the Gnostic texts and even the Bible, refers to the integration of the feminine aspect of being – SOUL with the male aspect of being – SPIRIT (Christ). When we manage to allow these two aspects of our being to come together and merge (marry/consummate) into one individuated unit, we are considered “whole”.

          If this is true, to my way of thinking, everything that lives is a soul. That soul has the *potential* to ignite the Spirit within in order to complete this process of integration. Do they? Some do a little, some do a lot, and some probably do not at all. It would depend on the person. So, in my opinion, it isn’t that we *come here* with Spirit, it’s more like we have to *catch* Spirit or *ignite* it so that it can move through us and work through us. As long as everyone has this potential, we can’t write them off but we also can’t force them to ignite that spark. That is something that happens quite spontaneously and involuntary, I think.

          NOW…are there people walking around here that are just some type of weird half-soul or damaged soul to the point of no longer being able to ignite that Spirit in this incarnation? I think so, yes.

  9. Thankyou Wes. Bright blessings.
    I am Kenyan by birth. Obama’s roots. He visited our Country while in office. We felt his presence (American might) in our country. Here, I feel like a lone ranger since everyone I know is not on my wavelenght.. I always wonder whether this truths were meant for a particular people. I came across your work back in 2013… Since then, no one I know or have spoken to understands, and they tell me internet has ruined me. It seems that not many spirited humans are fully awake. Am happy am awake, and I know we have alot to do. It gives me great satisfaction that All spirit will be withdrawn before the consumation of the age. Am proud to be part of the Queens Experiment, Little Aeon Sophia.
    A question though.., When this is all over and we go to Orion, then to the Pleroma, will we merge with Sophia the Aeon or will we be Individuated Sophia Aeon with our individuality? You mention in an article that we merge and become one with Sophia since we are Her… In another, we are Individuated aspects of the Monad through Sophia the Aeon..

  10. Hi Wes, I was wondering if you still correlate the KHAA, with the nanoworld? As access to it and such. Just seems with all this nanotech and stuff it’s connected. Also there is a great video by Celeste Solum on David Icke site, laying this whole thing out how they really do want to digitize this whole planet and everything in it. See it soon it may be taken down, she’s a Target.

  11. Hi Wes. Love this article as it resonated with me and finally found what I needed to find. When I read the divine mind article it’s everything I needed to hear. I go through the same emotions when it comes to ignorance/hate etc. I don’t like it and that’s where my energy goes into and it’s really intense feeling. But I feel uplifted now as I did receive a reading about my soul level purpose and what my goals are. I’m all team light and I’ll always be 😊. And why I’m I’m now led to seeing this article. Thank you for your work Wes.

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