Video 293: Q&A Session #93

By Wes Penre, February 19, 2022


QUESTION 1: With all these changes coming to our world with the Metaverse and Elon Musk’s “Neuralink” – are these things that “we” (meaning our community) shouldn’t fear since it is part of our learning process for going back home. Is the answer as simple as being sovereign, moving to the mountains, and not being involved in the new way of life which will lead to human robots?

QUESTION 2: Have you any significant success at manifesting or creating your free will?  I have not after trying many times. This gives me more rational support for your conclusion of futile resistance.

QUESTION 3: If I leave the Kenoma, is it advisable to stay in Gaia?

QUESTION 4: While you keep repeating in your presentations that after we die and leave this dimension, we’ll retain our personalities (egos), the Eastern philosophies of non-duality stress the importance of killing the ego while we’re still alive as the prerequisite for achieving the unity with the Divine Consciousness (the Oneness). But we know that this is almost an impossible task for most people who are not into deep meditative practices that involve self-inquiry, so why, do you think, such a push now for this very disputable approach among some spiritual teachers?

QUESTION 5: I am curious about the subject of reincarnation. You say we repeat the same lives over and over which I agree with. But you’ve also mentioned that when we die and IF we go through the tunnel of light, our soul gets split into millions of different pieces and then patched together with other souls. Is it this soul destruction process that causes the amnesia? How are we able to continuously repeat the same life if our souls are being destroyed every time, we go through the BLA, the Between Lives Area?

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  1. Why do we should evolve…. so long we are divine beings throught Aeon Sophia and we were trapped in this hole of hell 3 d?! Lots of appreciation and thanks for your informations…..

    1. Correct! We are already evolved, but we have forgotten about it. The dense 3D world we live in significantly inhibits us from reaching our full potential. Now, we “only” have to get to a point where we are confident enough to leave this Matrix and return to our Home Universe.

      1. Hi, Wes!
        And what kind of practice would be better to engage in order to get that confidence?
        Repetition, visualization, or meditation?

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