Q&A Session #1, January 2023

By Wes Penre, January 5, 2023

Happy New Year! I hope you are having a great holiday season! Please send more questions to wespenre2@gmail.com and put Q&A in the subject line.

If any of the following question or answers are elaborated upon in the upcoming book, “The Orion Book,” that will probably be released within a week and will be found at Amazon.com, I will include that in the text. Release date will be announced on all my platforms.

Question 1: As you mentioned, the universe is feminine in nature, so it is good to have a matriarchal society on Earth. What should be our role as a masculine on Earth?

Comment: We had a matriarchal society on Earth before Noah’s Flood, and it worked fairly well under the circumstances, until the end of that era, when En.ki started tinkering with genetics, which led to the Deluge. If we had a matriarchal society today, in this Matrix, I am not so sure it would make such a big difference; both the masculine and feminine are toxic. To have a matriarchal society that works, we must leave the Matrix and return to Orion. The reason patriarchy or matriarchy don’t work in this construct is that we humans were originally androgynous. We had the masculine and feminine being in balance within ourselves. There were no males and females. It was En.ki who divided us into two genders, completely confusing us, and upon that giving us amnesia. There is a reason why there has been such a “gender war” over the last 10 millennia; we are not supposed to be two genders. Upon that, En.ki and his Minions are pulling the strings on us, regardless of whether we have a patriarchal of matriarchal societal structure.

Here on Earth, humans are so traumatized in general that a matriarchal structure would not work. The Matrix is based on a lie—all of it. There are no truths inside the Matrix—literally. Like Bob Dylan said, “There are no truths outside the Gates of Eden.” Here, everything is inverted. Therefore, I wouldn’t be too concerned whether we have a masculine or feminine structure of society—both would be controlled by the Archons/Overlords anyway. (This subject is included in the Orion Book).

But at the core, it’s not a matter of patriarchy or matriarchy. It’s a matter of introversion and extraversion. The inner part of us is the feminine—the creative part, where imagination and creativity comes from. Then, the masculine part of us executes what the feminine part is creating. This is one of the major reasons the Universe is feminine. It came first. It was created inside Sophia’s (the Queen’s) mind, which is feminine, and then she manifested it, which is the masculine.

Question 2: Does Free Will come from the Mind or Soul (Higher Self)?  Is this given to us by Sophia?

Comment: It is given to us by Sophia. When she created this universe (Orion), she set the rules for it, and what she wanted to achieve. This universe is an experiment in freewill. Other universes have other properties. The soul is a vehicle (like a car, you could say), so you can move around in this universe. It comprises trillions of tiny nano-fires, lit by the mind (the driver). So, the answer to your question is that it is the mind that has freewill. The mind and the soul create the Avatar.

Question 3: Have you heard of Duane the great writer? There’s a video I want you to see. You can watch the whole thing or just start at the 20 minute mark cuz that’s what I really want you to hear.  It’s about the Queen of Orion and the phantom zone.   Can I get your thoughts on this?

Comment: I know of Duane. I checked the website, but there are lots of videos there, and I don’t know which one you are referring to. But it doesn’t matter. When I first encountered their website a few years ago, I thought it was a parody on conspiracy theories. I even laughed because I found it very funny and well done, until I realized they were serious.

The entire Duane the Great Writer is a psy op. And not even a good one. I personally don’t take anything they say on their website seriously.

Question 4: The toxic side of female nature is being exposed here on “Earth” right now. Do you think this is more likely a ploy to turn men against women after seeing how toxic they can be?

Comment: This entire new movement with genders and the conflicts related to it, including pronounces and other complete nonsense is obviously a Global EL-ite program, which people unfortunately get involved in.

What they want is for us to be so confused and conflicted regarding genders and who is at fault for what that people no longer want to have relationships (which is already the case). In the future, there will be no gender, no sex, no relationships, and no children. This is the definition of the Singularity and the extension of Mark Zuckerberg’s Metaverse. They want us to be cyborgs, stuck in virtual reality (Metaverse). The Matrix movies are very accurate. And babies will be brought up in laboratories, being born as cyborgs. We are just one or two generations away from that. This is mainstream science and nothing I’m making up. I will discuss this in great detail in the Orion Book.

Question 5: Hello, I’ve been reading your work for quite some time now but haven’t grown a backbone to write to you. Until now. From you, I’ve heard about the remote viewing group Farsight and watched some of their videos on YouTube. My question is this, can they be trusted? Recently, they started talking to an “alien” and telling the entities words to the viewers. However, a lot of YouTube comments are skeptical. Can they truly be talking to an alien? Also, they made some videos about reptilians who have conquered us, but I’m afraid they might be misinformed. They even claim that they are part of the Orion group, even though the Orions are supposedly on our side, and also, they say that there are galactic federations who need us to let them help us, we just need to tell them through our actions. Are the reptilians archons, then? One of the remote viewing women started speaking in this video about a certain “her” that reptilians worship- https://youtu.be/6PC86sydbeE and commentators said that it’s Sophia- the ruler of the AI. But from what I’ve heard, The Queen is not on the archons’ side at all. I’m so confused by this. I have autism and things like that overwhelm me. Thank you so much for all that you do.

Comment: These are excellent questions. I take Farsight with a grain of salt. I think that more often that not, the remote viewers remote view Courtney Brown’s mind rather than the target because from what I understand, Courtney is both the task master and the analyzer of the results. This goes against remote viewing policy and doesn’t give accurate data. They remote view Courtney’s interpretation of the target that he himself came up with.

They are right about the Orion Group, however. All aliens come from Orion because Orion is the name of the entire Universe, not only the Orion nebula or constellation. The Orion Group is a renegade group of ETs from different star systems in Orion, and they are in control over humankind and are the ones who created the Matrix we live in. This does not mean Orion is bad just because a few beings have a criminal mind. More about this in the Orion Book.

The rest is nonsense. The Queen is the Creatrix of the entire Universe—she is our Mother. She gave us the soul, mind, and Spirit. We are literally her, but in small units of soul-mind-spirit body. So, if the Queen is evil or bad, we are, too, because we are her.

Yes, they can potentially talk to aliens telepathically. It may very well be that the Farsight remote viewers have been in contact with aliens, but much of the information they come back with is not accurate.

Regarding the Galactic Federation: That’s a loaded term because usually when we hear that term, we are talking about the Galactic Federation of Light, which is the renegade Orion Group, i.e., our opponents. If Farsight is talking about another Galactic Federation, it could be the Queen’s Council in Orion, but just using Galactic Federation as a term creates confusion.

There is also a lot of talk about “reptilians.” Who are they? Well, in Orion, beings (aliens) are not physical like we are in our solid meat bodies. They are soul/mind (Avatars) that can shapeshift into anything they want. They can be reptilians, mantises, humans, frogs… whatever they like.

Much more about all this in the upcoming Orion Book.

Question 6: Do you have any idea where the Grid “ends”? I have trouble understanding the scope of it. For example, are the planets and sun within it or outside?

Comment: The Grid surrounds Earth (see picture above). But the solar system is also under the domain of the Invaders but is outside the Grid. The sun and the moon are apparently inside the atmosphere, which is much more expansive than we have been taught. The planets are not.

Look at a full moon over the treetops. It’s huge, and we can tell it’s quite close. How can it be 384,400 km away? Same thing applies to the sun. This will also be covered in The Orion Book.

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  1. Hey Wes, I have been trying to contact you on Patreon through messages. Do you check your messages anymore? Its Leo if you don’t remember me. Can you please reply back?

  2. Hey Wes, I have been trying to contact you on Patreon through messages. Do you check your messages anymore? Its Leo if you don’t remember me. Can you please reply back?

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