Done Editing the Orion Book!

by Wes Penre, December 30, 2022

I completed editing the Orion Book earlier this morning and sent it to a beta reader who will read it a last time and check for errors. The book is over 400 pages, so it’s impossible to catch all errors without professional editors and proof readers, but I think it’ll be okay. I will most likely be able to publish it in a week or two.

The book will be available at, and I will inform you here on the blog when the book is published.

Thanks for your interest!

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  1. Such good news thanks Wes; willl be an excellent read again.
    Happy New Year – even though some say it will not start before March 21….

    1. In some culture, for example Persian, New Year comes March 21 which is the 1st day of spring. Which ofcourse makes the most sense 😜. This is solar calendar.

  2. Looking forward 😍💫🏹🙏🏻
    Thank u for your research 🥰
    What about „they“ coming from Antares and Venus instead of Arcturus 😉

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