Orion Q&A Session #1

By Wes Penre, February 1, 2023

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Thank you all for your ORION questions! It was a pleasure to write this Q&A. Please send more questions at wespenre2@gmail.com. There were a couple of questions I received I didn’t include here because of space, but they will most likely be answered next time. But please continue sending, so we can get another full article that I can post!

Question 1
: I’m about 1/3 through the Orion book.  I read some of the WPP material in the past, but there is lots in the new book that is new to me.  Great stuff.  Thanks for writing it!

Here’s my question: 

You talk in the book about how the Matrix system on Earth has its own spiritual evolution pathway, which is a false path created by Enki to keep souls in his system.  Do you think some of the channeled material comes from soul groups that evolved within this false system?  I’m thinking of the Pleiadians, RA, the Seth material and others like that. 

Comment: Depending on what material we’re discussing; the answer could be different. Yes, I think most of the channeled material comes from within the Matrix—the Seth Material being a prime example. Seth was/is a discarnate human, channeled through Jane Roberts. The same thing applies to RA, which I think is a collective from an earlier hive-mind experiment by En.ki. I am less certain about Barbara Marciniak’s Pleiadians. As I mentioned in The ORION Book, The “P’s” could very well be the Global Elite in the future, coming back into our Wheel of Time[1] to change our direction and thus avoid an invasion of cyborg humans attacking the Pleiades in the “future.” But the future they are talking about is also the “past” because it’s highly likely that Metaverse and the Singularity has happened at least once before, in what we consider the past, but is just another turning of the wheel in one of the time loops in the Matrix. Again, to understand cyclic time (wheels within wheels) much better, please read The Orion Book, Chapter 7: “Father Time.”

So, do the P’s actually come from the Pleiades? Well, the Pleiades is largely under the Overlords’ control, and it’s one of En.ki’s strongholds (or was). Because the invasion of the Pleiades, allegedly done by us humans in the “future,” being cyborgs, was done in the Nanoverse (nano-world), which is Orion, I believe we actually did do this in the future. This might sound like a strange word choice, or choice of tenses, but Chapter 7 will explain better because it is too much to get into here. But basically, our attack on the Pleiades must have happened in Metaverse, according to my own logic.

Question 2: Does Orion know what is happening here daily in every detail?

Comment: Orion knows what is happening on Earth, but I do not think they know in every detail. It is my understanding that Orion has certain Messengers here who report back to the Queen and other relevant sources. So, they know enough to understand what is going on in the Matrix.

Question 3: I am at the moment on page 274 in the Orion book, which I am finding hard to put down; it is soo fantastic! Thank you so much for writing it. On this particular page, you have stated that En.ki and his programmers, when they want to introduce difficulties to complete the game, they insert a channel to selected players in that said game e.g., Jesus talking to them. Before the players think about giving up because it’s getting too hard, these channeled entities then in turn give those players hope and promise a better future if we choose to follow their guidelines and instructions. How can I be sure you are not an inserted avatar changing my life (which you have, immensely)?

I am hoping you are a glitch for the betterment of us trying to get out.

Comment: I am glad you liked the book! This is, of course, a very good question to ask yourself. It’s impossible for me to in any way “prove” to you either way because if I tell you I’m serious and genuine, they are only my words that you can choose to believe or not.

I think the absolute best way to determine if something is true is to see how it holds up over time. The Wes Penre Papers (WPP) were written between 2010-2015, and it is now 2023. Are they holding up, or are they hopelessly dated? Could you still read them, and the information I have released since then, and then say that it still holds true? Or has the information been debunked and disproven? If the former, I would say there is a great chance the information is true. No one here on Earth has the full truth, of course, but I’m talking about the narrative and the concept of the papers, and now The Orion Book.

Question 4: Thank you for all that you do! The WPP made an enormous impact (lol understatement) on me early in my quest for answers. I could go on…

My question about the book is this:

Understanding that En.ki’s plan is to invade the KHAA, after harvesting our soul energy and consciousness, En.ki and his cohorts are going to ride out these soul avatars through the Grid. Once they are there, they can attack us in the KHAA. Can you clarify exactly how this would be possible? Would the Overlords have to start hinting at information among the general populace about Ascension through the Grid? It would seem like the Metaverse, being its own construct, getting out through the grid would be even harder, especially if people are being hooked up to the “Borg”/one consciousness. And it also requires a free will decision, seems like that would also be difficult if we were hooked up to a universal symbiote. I am also curious as to what EXACTLY the benefit is of En.ki invading the KHAA. Is he going to take the Orion Queen hostage and make her give him his creation powers and 3 S-B-S status back?

Comment: These are all great questions. I will give you my own understanding of the Overlords’ plan in a nutshell. I don’t have all the details, of course, which would be impossible—I can only go on the conclusions I’ve made, based on my research and the WPP years:

Once the Overlords have lured the majority of the population into Metaverse, which is the equivalent to the Singularity, they will have gathered the human mass consciousness inside a “new Grid,” which is the Cloud, which I called the Supercomputer in my 2016 book, “Synthetic Super Intelligence and the Transmutation of Humankind : A Roadmap to the Singularity and Beyond.” There, they can create a hive-mind. Humankind will have access to all the information available to us in this Matrix, but not by looking it up on the Internet because the Internet will be inside our heads. Elon Musk’s satellites are crucial to the Overlords’ Agenda. We will get brain implants that will connect us directly to Metaverse via his satellites. We will need no computers or devices, and we won’t be able to distinguish between this world and Metaverse[2]. Everything will happen in Metaverse, and our current world will be obsolete with time.

Thus, everybody will be connected to everybody else in a giant network. We already are connected through the current Grid, but Metaverse will be so much more sophisticated, and the current Grid and the BLA will eventually be obsolete because we will be “immortal” in Metaverse. There, our consciousness will be trapped in Metaverse avatars that we ourselves create in the digital virtual reality world. So, Metaverse is another deep dive from one Matrix into another. In Metaverse, the Overlords will be able to completely control our minds on a mass conscious level and can insert themselves and take over our minds, and humans will not even notice. We will start thinking exactly like them. To a large degree, humankind as a whole already does, but Metaverse will hammer in the last nail. Metaverse will be a copy of a copy, and over time, it will be more or less identical with the world we now live in, but it helps the Overlords return to the Nanoverse, aka Orion.

When our minds are completely compromised, the Overlords can ride us out of the Cloud and into Orion. Our spirit bodies are already within us, so our Spirit will come along for the ride. They need our spirit bodies, or they would not be able to get into Orion, the Spirit Universe. Not all humans will be literally occupied by the Overlords—the Invaders are much fewer in numbers than we are—so they will send the unoccupied humans first as cannon fodder and foot soldiers, and the Overlords will hide in the Avatars in the back of the legion of perhaps a few billion human Avatars to safeguard themselves. In that war, the Generals ride last.

As I learned over the years, those who control the nano-world control the Universe. I do not know exactly what they will do with the Queen, Khan En.lil, and Prince En.lil, in case they actually manage to take over, which I doubt, to be honest, but we have no guarantees. Remember, the Queen is our Cosmic Mother, and She is not different from mothers here on Earth: She loves her children (us). The evil plan is to have the Queen’s own children attack their own mother. What would you guys do if you had a bunch of children, and you know they were about to attack you and kill you? Not an easy decision…

Another sobering thought is this: when the Overlords take over our souls, minds, and spirit bodies, who do they then become? They become us. They become human, but with their minds. The definition of a human is someone who has soul-mind-spirit body. They become powerful creator gods, but with their mindset, they will not create for the good of all but in order to gain further control because they are narcissists and psychopath—clinically so. Their end goal, as I see it, is to completely take over the Universe, making humans evil by inserting their own minds into our human composite. Can MIKH-MAKH, the Queen, and all the rest really fight that? After all, we might be talking about a couple of billion human creator gods.

When it comes to manipulate our minds, the book and movie, “Enders Game” also comes to mind. Ender did not know what he was doing.

A concept image of a woman experiencing astral projection illustrating the “silver cord” that keeps the body and spirit safely connected while the spirit travels.

Question 5: Is it possible that some people don’t have a silver cord, and if so, what would that mean?

Comment: If a person has no silver cord, it simply means they have died, and you are looking at a dead body. No one who is alive in their sapiens body can live without a silver cord because this cord connects the soul-mind-spirit with the counterfeit spirit, which is our sapiens bodies.

Question 6: Is it possible that people we meet today is another soul splinter of me?

Comment: It is unlikely, I think, but not impossible. However, that soul splinter has had a completely other kind of upbringing than you have, and they have adapted to their environment, which created their personality. You have had a different life. Therefore, if you met your own soul splinter, you would probably not recognize them. Maybe you would think there is some vague similarity to you, but there are many people who have some kind of similarity to ourselves because we are all humans, so it wouldn’t be a reliable indicator, in my opinion.

Question 7: If Isis is alive and repentant, then do you think she would be accepted back to the Orion inner court? Would she be able to do this even if she now resides in perhaps 6 different beings on the planet here with different intentions to the one that wants to return back home?

Comment: It seems like many people who read the WPP got a soft spot for Isis, and I think it’s because at times, I portrayed her in an emotional way, which made people connect to her. That was my innate passion to write fiction that spilled over, LOL.

But to answer your question, if Isis seriously repents, I think she can be redeemed. Ereshkigal and other soul splinters of hers have different mindsets than Isis does, so I am not sure what would happen to Ereshkigal and others if Isis were redeemed. One thing to remember, too, is that Isis and the other “gods” and “goddesses” who are operating within the Matrix, or have been, are not human. They are not spirited, so their redemption may be different from ours. Perhaps only Isis would be redeemed, but not Ereshkigal because the two don’t have a shared spirit body like our human soul splinters do. Isis and Ereshkigal don’t have spirit bodies at all.

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[1] For a cyclic concept of time, rather than linear, see The ORION Book, Chapter 7: “Father Time.”

[2] Not my idea. This is discussed by mainstream science on the Internet. We won’t be able to distinguish between the “realities.”


  1. Yeah I don’t think they’re lure into the metaverse is going very well for them so today they announced that you will be able to talk to dead relatives there! And you know they can do it through access to akashic record which is just technology and probably Crystal powered. People run as far as you can from this stuff We got to start making Right Action decisions. And then manifest them just like they do on a minute by minute basis now.

  2. Hi Wes,
    how did Saturn become a planet if it was a star (our then Sun) during the time of Tiamat?
    And was our current Sun even then in our solar system?
    I read WPP few years ago and now I’m refreshing my memory by reading the Orion Book – it
    is perfect!

    1. Everything is multidimensional. In the little tiny bit of the electromagnetic spectrum you and I can perceive, we look at Saturn as a planet. In another part of the spectrum, it could still be a star (thus, “stargate”), It has become my understanding that our current Sun is artificial. It is a hub–a relay station. Our power source is Sirius A, which became our sun after the Invasion. So, our sun energy originates in Sirius but travels through our sun and via technology, the Overlords can adjust the “hub” (the Sun) accordingly. They can create solar storms, solar maximums and minimums, etc.

  3. I just found the answer to the above question in the Orion Book. Reading is slow for me because I don’t always have time for it. So I’d rather read the book to the end and then ask questions if necessary.

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