Orion Q&A Session #2

By Wes Penre, February 7, 2023

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Thanks again for the questions you’ve sent in! Here is the second Q&A session on The ORION Book. For those who read this and have not read the book, you can order it on Amazon.com by following this link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0BRLXB8Y3. As of this writing, I am out of questions, so please send in more at wespenre2@gmail.com.

Question 1: Although under the risk that I am wrong, it seems to me that you are quite fascinated with Orion and its queen (which, by now, I really despise- excuse me for this). Is there any possibility that the Orion’s queen chose you, Wes, to expose the way to exit this “matrix” to the few sincere and determined ones, because this is demanded by universal laws, and you are doing so because you are, in the end of the day, just one of them? [Please, I prefer that you laugh of this question than feel offended because, even if so, you still seem to be a honest Soul, it doesn’t matter your choices].

Comment: No offense taken. As I’ve mentioned earlier (but it is well-worth repeating), when I talk about Orion, I am not talking about the constellation Orion or the Orion nebula. Orion (or ARY.AN) is the name of the entire Universe, which was created by the Queen (Sophia in the Gnostic texts). She is a Spirit Being—a Creator Goddess—who created the entire Universe.

The Queen, or anyone else, did not choose me for any specific reason. It was no one’s intention to contact me, but “circumstances” made that happen, and here we are… There is no universal law I know of that says that someone should be contacted. And yes, I am “one of them” because we are all one of them. After all, it was the Queen who created us, so we can’t be anything else.

Question 2: Due to the fact that I know, as a matter of fact, based in my own experiences and experiences of some specific people, that my personal origin (as a very Soul that I am, and you would call it “spirit”) is from really far away and beyond Orion, or any other constellation or area related to “Milky Way” and to the closer galaxies, can you tell us if under your view point and prism, you really think that each and every one of us Souls (or spirits, like you call, having these painful experiences on earth) are ALL originated in Orion? Why and how? I’m sorry if I’m making questions that I am supposed to know just by reading your material. I have downloaded and read them systematically, but some things can pass unnoticed sometimes.

Comment: If you originate somewhere else—even outside the Milky Way—you are still from Orion. To get a more in-depth explanation to what I mean, please go to Amazon.com and click on my book cover, which will take you to the “Look Inside” option. Then read the FOREWORDS section, and you will have it all explained: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0BRLXB8Y3.

Question 3: The Singularity genuinely started to scare me, more so than a few years ago when I read the WPP.  Their plan seems to become very obvious and ready to be implemented anytime now. Since I’m a very young person, only 20, I took the “shots” because of obligations, and now I’m wondering if I am a cyborg already? I won’t be able to leave the matrix anymore? How do young people like me survive the 2040’s when the singularity is planned to function? How does one know what kind of techniques from the El-lites will finally trap a person? Could it be brain chips?

Comment: You won’t be a cyborg for taking the shots only. There is nanotechnology and DNA altering micro-substances in the vaxx; I think we can safely say that; but that won’t make you a cyborg. From all I’ve studied regarding the v-ruse and the shots, it’s all a part of the plan to prepare our bodies to becoming cyborgs enough to be able to fully access Metaverse (the Singularity). Then the shots seem to have different effects on different people (DNA). Some people can get very sick, and worse, while they don’t affect others that much—at least not instantly. I don’t know if you’ve taken any boosters, but if you can avoid it, I highly recommend you do—more so for the sake of your physical health. These shots were never meant to help against a nebulous v-ruse, which in turn was always just an excuse for being able to give people the shots. One of the next steps will be EL-on Musk’s brain implants. Eventually, we won’t need computers or smartphone anymore. It will be all in our heads, and we won’t be able to distinguish between this world and Metaverse. It’s not me saying that; it comes from spokespeople at Silicon Valley and is mainstream knowledge these days.

So, my strong advice is to not take any more shots and definitely don’t accept the brain implant!

There will come a day when people must make a choice to either follow the path the Overlords and the Global EL-ite have destined us for, or we go our own ways and don’t commit. The first choice leads to the Singularity through Metaverse, and further to a merge with the Overlords’ minds before they take us over and invade Orion. The second choice leads to a life completely away from any mainstream society, where there will be no place for us anymore. If we don’t have the chip and won’t enter Metaverse, we become isolated.

It is a good idea for young people, especially, to gather in groups and create their own communities, perhaps based on barter and to plant their own food and go back to Nature again. It will be awkward at first, but it’s not necessarily a bad thing. It’s doable—at least to live out this lifetime, and then leave through the Grid. In whatever way it’s being done, and what actions will be taken, it will be outside society’s norms. “Necessity is the Mother of Invention,” as the saying goes. That is quite true; people will be very innovative when it comes down to pure survival.

Watch out for the brain chip because it connects you with EL-on’s satellites, and then you will be prepared for Metaverse; and when they turn on the “switch,” everybody with the chip will be connected through consciousness. It’s true that consciousness is not in our brain, but the mind, soul, and spirit as a unit is within the sapiens body—at least as we perceive it. The chip will redirect our collective thoughts and energy into Metaverse, which will then be a reality where we no longer need computers and phones—we can communicate telepathically. Then we are true Borgs—a hive-mind.

Question 4: I am halfway through your book “Orion,” and I have a couple of questions for you. 

I listen to Barbara Marciniak’s Pleiadians, and this collective frequently refers to Anu. Who is Anu and how does he fit into this?

Also, Elena Danaan has stated the seeders of humanity are waiting in their spaceships behind Saturn in excitement for humans to graduate. Do you have any insights into this?

Comment: Anu (or AN.U) is an Orion term, which basically only means “Heaven” or more literally, “One Heaven,” which refers to Orion. But Anu has been personified in old texts and popularized by Zecharia Sitchin and the Pleiadians, among many others. Although this being has been distorted and misinterpreted in literature and elsewhere, he corresponds with Khan En.lil in the Wes Penre Papers (WPP). He is the Queen’s consort.

I’m not sure whether the Orions are waiting in excitement behind Saturn, but I know they are waiting in excitement for those who will exit through the Grid. They want us out of here. No one in this Matrix will “graduate,” because this is not the real original Experiment—this is the experiment of the Demiurge, aka Yaldabaoth/En.ki. Earth is a prison planet and a holographic simulation, run by a band of cosmic fugitives, who basically hold us hostage. Instead of graduating as a complete soul group, we are now bound to exit one by one as we come to insights, and return to Orion, where we came from.

Question 5: Why is the Elite so caring about the environment these days? Not long ago they spread chemtrail everywhere.

Comment: They don’t, and never did care about our environment the way we tend to. The chemtrails are not so much to pollute the environment as they are to spread nanobots, block out the sun, and spray other kinds of nanotechnology through the atmosphere so it can land on Earth. According to Dr. Ray Kurzweil of Silicon Valley, nature will also be nanobotted and cyborgic. The EL-ite only cares about the environment so long as it contributes to their goal—the Singularity.

Question 6: Of course, I want to exit through the holes in the Grid, but I hate the idea of not seeing my kids again. How would one be able to reconnect with loved ones?

And again, thanx for sharing your info. I received your book Orion three days ago and I can’t put it down.

Comment: This is a tough subject. I discuss it in The ORION Book, as well as in other places, but the bottom line is that we all, so long as we stay in the Matrix, basically only have one lifetime with a certain personality. You build your personality as you go along in life, and when you die, you get a memory wipe and get recycled again, having to start all over from scratch. In the next life you’ll become a completely new person, very different from who you are now. The same with your children. And what about the children you had in your previous life? Or the life before that? Of course, we only have memories of our current children, so they are the ones we want to save, but that’s the only reason we choose them before the other children we’ve had across the lines of time.

But to give a more direct comment to your question: once you leave the Matrix, you won’t be able to contact them. You can try when they sleep, perhaps, when they are not in their bodies, but there is no guarantee that will work. The best is to try to educate the children and tell them what to do before you die. They may or may not listen, but that is their choice, even though it grieves us, of course, if they don’t. Another problem is that even if you would choose to reincarnate again just to try to “save them,” you won’t find them. You will get amnesia, and so will they. Thus, all of you will be trapped. There is really no other option than to exit through the Grid, unless we want to be born again here.

When you are back in Orion, you will soon regain your memories from your lifetimes on Earth, and they will appear to you as experiences rather than traumas, but they will all shape your new personality in Orion because now you have access to it all. If you think about it, this will of course change you and your personality, although you will still be you, if that makes sense.

Question 7: In the Between Lives Area in the Astral plane, what happens to a human soul who refuses to reincarnate back on Earth?

Comment: The astral is different because it is a part of the KHAA, i.e., the Spirit Universe, or the non-physical universe. There, freewill reigns. Here on Earth and inside our bodies—these two together creating the simulation, the Matrix—we play by En.ki’s rules. This construct has its own ruleset, which does NOT include full freewill—only an illusion of freewill. In the astral it’s different. Therefore, they need to manipulate us very efficiently in the astral to keep us in the fold. They have the tunnel of love, leading to the light at the end, where a hologram of a relative, Jesus, or whomever, is greeting the diseased. People who don’t know better fall for this manipulation, obviously, but you don’t need to.

The safest and quickest way to leave the Matrix is to spot a hole in the Grid right away after death, of course, but in this hypothetical example, in case that fails, and you go to the BLA, then you can refuse to follow their instructions. They will manipulate you and push your buttons (and they know what these buttons are because they can read your DNA), but if you stand your ground, there is nothing they can do. You can then think yourself to the Grid again and leave. If you disagree with what the BLA workers tell you, they will most likely just leave you alone, and you can do what you want.

The trick is to withstand their manipulation in an environment with overwhelming love and light and convincing arguments. If you’ve ever been happily drunk or been on mind-altering drugs, you might have had the feeling of immense love, and everything is great! Take that and increase it a hundred times, and you get my point. It’s hard to resist their manipulation. Therefore, aim at leaving right away after death.

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  1. My name is Greg Mueller and I have read your WPPs info twice and Zechariah Sitchin’s, Earth Chronicles coming up on three times. I have also read the King James Bible twice, the Jewish Tenoch in Ashkenazi Hebrew and English twice, The History of the Jews by Flavius Josephus and all the books of Enoch. I was a Christian for 21 years and basically just read my way out of it. The bible is full of contradictions, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John don’t corroborate each, genealogies don’t match and geography is wrong. The very standards that determine righteousness were violated by Jehovah of the old testament and having recognized that, I decided I could not with a clear conscience consider my self a Christian anymore. Now that I’ve read all of your info, I can’t hardly wait to leave this matrix simulation. I’m almost through with your Orion Book and I just wanted to say that what you have done for all of us is priceless. I can’t thank you enough. Everyday, I think about leaving this prison planet, because it is so disgustingly evil. I think we are indeed running out of time. We love you like a best friend and a brother Wes.

    1. Yes I agree many many contradictions, they couldn’t even write a good story could they? But yes lot of gratitude to Wes for bringing this information to Light especially the section on narcissism, really ties in so much of an extent of it from one degree to another in everyone, so as a soul group we’re probably not getting out of here, nor should We We didn’t earn it, but one by one maybe we can leave or two by two, just spread the Wisdom. And Stop giving your loosh to these false gods!

      1. Gregery, I don’t mean to tell you to stop giving these false gods loosh, I meant that to everybody. I’m glad you did all that research into all the so-called religions which just bind the mind. And you seen firsthand with a crock it is. This also brings up the great band Black Sabbath everybody thought they were anti-God, but with lyrics like “Lord of this world evil possessor now”, they knew what a crock it was too, well at least the drummer did who wrote most of those lyrics. Everything gets clear folks!

    2. Thanks for sharing this, Gregery! And I’m glad my information has helped. Yes, this is a Realm of Death by design, and that is nothing anyone can do anything about because the Matrix has its set of rules that must be followed–full freewill is not one of them. Just an illusion of freewill. I completely agree with you–we need to exit. This would is NOT getting gentler, kinder, more compassionate, or more empathetic. On the contrary.

  2. Fuckin chemtrails are spread 40 years now…and they will till every single tree dies from them (i’ve lost many) at least in all western societies where fuckin NATO flies free……and every single human dies from them.. dementia cancer and many other fuckin diseases….plus the nanorobots Wes said….

  3. Thank you Wes for your videos , articles and books! Can’t have enough of it, catching up. It’s all resonates with me. Have a guestion about Rh negative , I’ll send it to you. Great work!

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