Orion Q&A Session #3

By Wes Penre, February 15, 2023

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Thank you for your questions, and please send more to wespenre2@gmail.com, and put “Orion Q&A” in the subject line. For those who haven’t read The Orion Book yet, but want to, here is a link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0BRLXB8Y3.

Question 1: You’ve mentioned double-terminated crystals in past videos and Q&As.  It is even mentioned in “The Orion Book.”  What are the benefits of owning a double-terminated crystal?  I recently purchased one that comes from a mine in the Ouachita Mountains in Arkansas.  My crystal was hand-mined and I can literally feel its strong presence.  How does one effectively work with a double-terminated quartz crystal to get the full benefits?

Comment: I wish I could give you some solid education on this, but I don’t know how to work them, only that they work with the correct knowledge. It sounds like you have gotten yourself a good one! I know that crystals can be used for memory storage and as communication devices. With the right training, you should be able to communicate with the KHAA/Orion by using a double-terminated crystal. To learn how crystals work in general, energetically, try to find an expert online, who specifies in this, and I think they can actually teach you. You may perhaps also be able to research it yourself on line. Good luck!

Question 2: In a past Q&A you went extensively into the Singularity cloud hive mind.  If we are out of the Matrix and into the KHAA (96% universe) aren’t we essentially working with a cloud hive-mind too when we create?  How is that any different?  Is the Singularity one just a bad copy of the one from Orion?

Comment: The Singularity is a copy of our Matrix, which is a bad copy of what is out in Orion. What I am talking about here (and in The Orion Book) are all simulations. Let’s start with the Matrix (our 3D simulation). This is a bad copy of simulations out in the KHAA/Orion. Stars, planets, and other celestial bodies are often inhabited by star races, and less often, planetary races. In The Orion Book, I argued that all these stars and other “physical” bodies we see in telescopes and with our naked eyes, are reflections of worlds that were created by Orions with technology. They are “playgrounds” for newborn star races to evolve in before they eventually enter the KHAA. The physical worlds are mainly constructed with sound waves (vibration creates form) and light (carrying information). In these worlds (Matrices) different kinds of star races develop, respectively, to later have the option to become creator gods in the KHAA—something humans already are, and were, to begin with. So, other star systems and constellations are also simulations. The Real Universe is the KHAA/ether/Spirit Universe, in which creator gods create with their minds. For instance, Tiamat, our first planet, was created in the KHAA, without technology, and directly from the creator gods’ minds.

The difference between Orion star systems and our Matrix is that in Orion it’s strictly forbidden to interfere with evolving star races—they need to develop on their own, and the star system has “overseers,” preventing souls from entering and intervening. But our solar system was hijacked, and the Overlords are interfering constantly and manipulating the human soul group, which is highly forbidden, and thus, they commit a crime already there. The Singularity is being created so En.ki and his team  can connect all human minds, so we all become consciously connected to each other in a network where we exchange information instantly with each other. Then, the Overlords take over this new form of hive-mind, so we become them. Then it’s easy for them to ride our Avatars out of Metaverse and into Orion.

It is my understanding that all, or most stars inhabiting soul groups have a Grid around them. It’s a natural energy grid, creating a connection between the souls in the group, but still making them individuals; and there is no amnesia between lives—there is no BLA.

Question 3: I’m aware that it may be a silly question, but I do wonder-will we be able to meet Prince En.lil and the queen’s consort as well in Orion, or just the Queen? Sometimes I let my imagination take me to places and this odd desire arises to meet these entities who seem very close to my heart, even though I don’t remember them and probably haven’t ever even met them. In moments like these, I feel silly. Also, how does one truly know that she/he is a spirited soul? I have a huge imagination. I also have maladaptive daydreaming. But I get anxious once I get writer’s block or just a bad day when my imagination isn’t “working” that well, so that I’m not spirited after all.

Comment: Yes, I am quite certain we sooner or later will all meet Prince En.lil because he is invested in the human soul group and this solar system. He was given our solar system as a gift from the Queen, but unfortunately, it was invaded, so he lost his domain. A part of the conflict between him and En.ki is about the ownership of this domain—the solar system.

You describe your vivid imagination, and you are passionate about creating (you are a writer, for example). That alone will tell you that you are spirited.

Question 4A: Assuming there are NPC’s (Non-Player-Characters) amongst us, it seems like extrapolating that across the whole world makes me wonder what the possible ratio of NPC’s to spirited humans might be? Do you think there is a constant and limited number of spirited humans and the increase in population is that of NPCs, just to manipulate the human soul group? Like a role-playing video game simulation? This concept of NPC’s feels true to me- and would explain a lot going on.

Comment: The number of spirited souls in the Matrix is constant. Those of us who are here have been here since the beginning because we were hijacked after the War of the Titans, when Tiamat was destroyed. However, our souls are being split in the Afterlife (BLA) by those who control that realm, and some of our splinter are put in other sapiens bodies across the wheels of time. I also suspect that animal soul/minds are actually splinters of human soul/minds, operating in a limited animal simulation (program/avatar) and therefore can’t evolve in the sense humans do.

It seems no one knows for sure what and who the NPCs are, but the Gnostic texts indicate they are soul- and spiritless. They are background people, who are potentially here to distract us. They are of the Matrix, just like in the Matrix movies. Many say they are A.I., which I’m sure they are, but so are our sapiens bodies—we are made with technology, with circuit boards and everything. It’s astral technology. So, there would be little difference between us and the NPCs in that sense. Do they have a soul/mind? One would assume so because they are able to think, talk, and interact, unless they are complete advanced A.I. that we do not understand yet. If so, En.ki must have found a way to animate bodies without a soul. On the other hand, before he used us to dig in the mines in the Second Construct, he used clones, which apparently were animated differently. So, the Overlords apparently have the technology to do this, although these old clones seem to have been quite unaware. The ratio between humans and NPCs, I cannot tell you. I have no idea because it’s hard to say who is an NPC and who is just a human who is still asleep and not the least connected to their spirit body yet.

Question 4B: I’ve been a member of the Crypto Viewing group for almost as long as I’ve been following your research in 2017.

I’m sure you’re familiar with their “special friend” conversations with a man named Michael. (I affectionately refer to him as “Michael in the shadows” haha).

Anyway, I remember a conversation where a founder on their site asked Michael a question about who the “administrators” of the planet currently are. The founder asked if it is En.ki. Michael was very short in his reply saying that En.ki is “no longer the administrator” and that his administration is no longer in charge of Earth.

I found Michael’s curt response almost aggressive and without any additional context in his answer- which raised my curiosity about him and his information. He has shared other information that seemed questionable to me as well- which also included that the “mother goddess doesn’t like humans”.

This feels like he is parroting masonic information to me. I have a friend who is a 33rd degree mason (he’s trying to distance himself from it now though) and seems to only engage in information freely that most masons will not, but only if I bring it up and he realizes I’ve found the information elsewhere (I’ve never pursued masonry- and never would). Naturally I’ve learned much of how was the universe is set up through you and many of the researchers I learned about in the WPP.

I wonder what your thoughts are about Michael, if any? Do you sense a similar level of deception in his information?

Comment: Let me answer it this way: I am also a member of the CryptoViewing Group, and yes, I am aware of Michael. Let’s say I think he has too much influence over that group. What I mean by that, I’ll leave to everybody’s imagination.

Question 4C: One more thing- my fiancée, Rosela, would like to join the Telegram group but she is not a Patreon. Is that the only way she can access the chats? If so I will sign her up as well, but thought I’d ask first.

Comment: It would be enough if one family member signs up on Patron, like you did. Tell Rosela to email me at wespenre2@gmail.com, and I’ll help setting her up. I won’t charge her for her participation.

Question 4D: And lastly- do you do live ‘consulting’ calls of any kind? Rosela and I have many discussions about the nature of our universe (she is studying and staring her business as a presence and mind set coach- she’s a great blend between discernment and empath haha). Was wondering if you do something like that and what the cost would be. That’s money well spent in my opinion!

Comment: Thanks for asking, but I do not do interviews or live chats for several reasons, except for the Sunday chats on Telegram, which is more like a membership gathering, where we can just be ourselves and discuss things that spontaneously come to mind.

Question 5: On page 255 of the Orion Book, reading out loud to my wife what a great experience. What an awesome source of information, not really a book more of a Key out of prison.

My question is in the Moksha video Brett said that upon death we exit the body like a bullet out of a gun and that it’s important for the body to be at the right angle to exit this trap. If this is right, we won’t have time to think about a hole in the grid. What’s your take on this, I’m sorry if you’ve talked about this before and I’ve missed it.

Comment: Yes, that’s the information Brett’s remote viewing team apparently got on that particular subject. This is not true, however, because we have numerous firsthand witnesses, who have had near death experiences (NDEs), telling a completely different story. They often hover over their dead body for a while, and others meet with spirit guides before they are lured into the tunnel… there are many different variants. You decide for yourself which experience you want and don’t leave it in their hands. You mind and your intentions are senior to those who try to manipulate you. Only if you let your guard down are you prone to manipulation.

In ancient Egypt, they buried the pharaohs in a 45-degree angle, so they could go to God. But if we think about it, how would that work? The pharaoh was already dead and had left his body. The body is not placed until after death. Also, if this were true, which God or Gods would he go to? En.ki and the Overlords.

Question 6: I finished reading the Orion book two weeks ago, and I’m finding that my spirit yearns for a second book; the knowledge within the Orion book was such an uplifting experience that I’m going to reread it, it was one of the best books I have ever read, ‘twas as good as reading the whole of the WPP. By any chance, would there be an Orion book 2?

Comment: Thank you very much for your feedback! Yes, I’m sure there will be. I’m certainly not done writing yet. It might take a while before a new book will be published because I need to have done enough research and have enough relevant information for an entire book before I can write it.

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  1. Hi Wes I’m wondering what a nuclear blast would do to a soul- mind such as ours, I think you have talked about it before but I apologize if it’s old information. Thanks.

    1. I guess it’s hard to get an answer when you post to this site, however I sent many questions to your q&A and never get an answer from there but I think this question reaches us all, as do so many others. However in the past and currently it has been known that UFOs have turned off nuclear warheads so I wonder how damaging this is to the soul mind, are these good Orionites turning these things off trying to save us?

      1. I apologize for the delay in replies at times. I am often so busy that it’s hard to keep up, but I take your point.

        These nuclear warheads and similar weapons are very damaging to the physical universe, and they can create rifts in the space/time continuum, which is of course not a good thing. Strange things can come out of that. We can only imagine. Then, naturally, it’s lethal to human bodies and will traumatize the soul after death, but nuclear weapons don’t destroy souls. I know of no remedy except iodine. But others may have more info on that.

    2. I know people have confused nuclear weapons with the “death weapon” used in cosmic wars on rare occasions. The former kill the body, of course, and give us cancer, etc., while the latter can shred the soul to pieces, so we lose it for good. Nuclear blasts, I’m sure will traumatize the soul after the sapiens body is blown up, but it does not erase the soul.

  2. Great thank you so much Wes I think this question is on a lot of people’s mind, where the world is going right now. I was thinking also it depends on the range of the nuclear blast if you’re at ground 0 wow you know what I mean. But it’s good to know that we don’t lose our Soul so we have a chance to keep our destiny alive!

  3. But then I also think that the overlords don’t want to contaminate this planet too much so it may all be fear monitoring at this point but who knows when you have psychopaths involved!

    1. Either that, or if nuclear war happens, it might fill a certain purpose on the path toward the Singularity. This world (simulation) will eventually be obsolete, and a new simulation is awaiting–Metaverse or it’s successor.

      1. Yes I’ve heard they want to first start metaverse people off or everybody if they get their druthers, in these 15 minutes cities and coffin apartments but if you’re going to be stuck in the metaverse you’re not going to need much room. And then eventually they’ll move it to space and some sort of pods and they’ll seize full control of the Earth proper. Like David Icke says know the outcome and you’ll see the journey.

        1. But of course folks this is only one scenario it could be one of many and they can always change it. But the current trajectory they’re on kind of points to a scenario like that with the terraforming of the earth and everything.

          1. Yep, I think we need to be realistic. How many people are there on Earth? Well, that’s debatable, but I hope the reader gets my point. On this planet, we are all doing the best we can to survive–that’s the basic implant. The concept of surviving is obsolete–there is no death, only the illusion of that there is. Stay here and survive is the message in our programmed minds!

            They have our ignorance (amnesia) to their advantage, and even though we are in the majority, compared to the Controllers, they can push and pull as they wish. Some people wake up, others don’t. And when they see that the scale tips over, the Elite knows of measures to take. Therefore, I’m saying that each individual now has the responsibility to exit this Matrix of decay (spiritually and physically), and while educating ourselves, it DOES impact the mass consciousness positively, and more ppl wake up. One person might make more of a change than they think they do.

            But the EL-ite will always have the upper hand, so long as the population is ignorant. Fear is a strong weapon. It’ll keep the population within the fold, depending on a Savior… in this case, governments and authorities. On a Cosmic Scale, the Queen Mother.

        2. Agree. They want to make this current simulation (3D/Earth/the sapiens body) as scary as possible, so we can find comfort in Metaverse, where everything is cool (at first). We are like the toddlers, who need the comforters in our mouths to feel safe, because we do not feel safe ENOUGH with our parents. This might create some angry responses LOL.

  4. And I want to say one more thing about this I think their goal is probably 500 million in the metaverse cuz that’s what they had on the Georgia guidestones, that was demolished very strangely recently. So as Wes has said in many others they don’t need us all in there so question is what’s going to happen to the rest of us that’s the real question to us all!

    1. According to my own research/knowledge, you’re correct. There are only so many people (soul-mind-spirit=human) they can handle. The rest, to them, are obsolete, and of no concern to their grandiose minds.

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