Video 213: Who’s Who Among the Gods and Goddesses Part 2-7 “Khan En.lil”

The ancient texts are invaluable when it comes to figuring out our true history, but they can also be very confusing to read because there are so many names and titles. In the Wes Penre Papers, I broke down many of the names and titles of the gods and goddesses, showing the readers that they are all the same deities under different titles or names.

However, because there are so many names and titles mentioned, Ariel and I decided to make a seven-parts video series on the subject, so people can go back to these videos, or to the transcripts, to find out who is who.

The astute reader or viewer will notice, as the series continues, that the same name or title will be listed for more than one deity. This is not a mistake—these beings take over each other’s titles when they take over each other’s roles…

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    1. Jesus of Nazareth was originally an insertion of the Divine Feminine principle which was co-opted (as all things are) and made male. ALL attributes of the Divine Feminine Spirit have been changed into male perspectives, here. So, the origin of this story has its roots in the Divine Mother, but was then changed to the male character to tell the story. Did he really live? Yes, by some indications there was a man who lived that believed he was the incarnation of God, his father. When comparing who this man might have been, he seems to be no different than any other chosen “son” of God, such as Noah. In this comparison, we would have to say that there is a host of incarnations that uses to insert his Spiritual teachings to humanity, but Jesus was just one of many. This is the best of my understanding of the topic, so far.

      Consider that EVERYTHING is an inversion, here (and I have yet to discover anything that disproves this, so far). If this is true, then did Jesus incarnate to save humanity or does humanity incarnate to redeem Look at everything that is being promoted for the salvation of humankind and flip it around. Who is needing forgiveness and salvation in this situation? Humans or What if…humanity’s experiment in growing their compassion, fire, and empathy is REALLY about being able to redeem, not the sins of humans but the sins of the Father? If everyting is an inversion, then isn’t that what is at stake, here? Humans are not working to be forgiven for their sins, but rather “God” is working (through humanity) to be forgiven for his. Not saying this is what is going on, but it’s just a thought I’m mulling over at the moment…

        1. I’m not sure if forgiveness is appropriate here, but it may be. Redemption, if I understand it correctly, isn’t the exact same thing as forgiveness.

          Here’s the thing (and this is NOT going to be a popular idea, I’m sure)…So much of what we discuss here is with the goal in mind of *my* freedom – *I* want to be free, *I* want to graduate, *I* want to get out of here, and I include myself in this way of thinking. What if the *I* part is totally selfish and contradicts the compassion we are all supposed to develop? What if the compassion we should all try to achieve is not an *I* perspective, but a *you* perspective? Would people still do it? What if I must go through this process so that *you* can be free, with no strings attached and no promise of freedom for me?

          You see, there should be no requirement or obligation for my freedom attached to yours, otherwise, it’s just a self-serving act on my part. What if the ultimate act of compassion is to release the one we perceive to be our nemesis in order that he may regain his freedom – with no strings attached? How many people would be willing to offer redemption to a perceived enemy? Most are not even willing to endure hardship for another human, let alone a being who is perceived to be responsible for our imprisonment. If I am in jail and the building catches fire, will I make sure my jailor gets out of the burning building even if it means I do not? Who is really trapped here – us or him? Whose freedom depends on the compassion of the other? When I turn everything around, it *seems* as if it isn’t our freedom at stake, but his.

          This would turn everything around, and it then changes from “God, forgive the trespasses of humans”, to “Humans, forgive the trespasses of God.” This has been a test of my own ability to feel compassion and caused me to REALLY look deep inside myself and what compassion means to me. I have really been thinking about this a lot, lately. People would likely recoil at the suggestion that deserves compassion and redemption, but if we take emotional reactions out of it, it is fair to consider this a possibility.

          I have soooo many questions, still. If I’m wrong about this, then I’m wrong. I’m okay with that, and I’m also okay with NONE of this situation actually being about me.

          edit to add – In fact, when I have this perspective about the whole thing not being about me, it’s a relief. It feels like a much lighter load to carry and easier. One could even say it might feel a bit like freedom. Hmmmm…

          1. Yes!!!! That shit is fucked up. Once he proves his way works better then he will be redeemed in orions eyes oncev the lulus go home.
            Supercool idea

          2. Thank you,Ariel!It may be so,at least,that’s may opinion!You expressed it SO beautiful in your reply!Thank you Ariel&Wes!

          3. Wow Ariel, never occurred to me that god needs to be forgiven. Have just been pissed at him for so long. And now that the agenda is becoming so obvious I’m just livid most of the time. Of course it changes nothing so am working on letting go and enjoying the time I have left. Thank you for all you and Wes do.

      1. Hey zues aint lying. He so wants to save Humanity Souls so he can re-use them over and over and over again

      2. The following are excerpts from “Seth Speaks”.

        pages 370-371

        “The historical Jesus knew who He was, but He also knew that He was
        one of three personalities composing one entity. To a large extent He
        shared in the memory of the other two.

        The third personality, mentioned many times by me, has not in your
        terms yet appeared, although his existence has been prophesied as the
        “Second Coming”. Now, these prophecies were given in terms of the
        current culture at that time, and therefore, while the stage has been
        set, the distortions are deplorable, for this Christ will not come at
        the end of your world as the prophecies have been maintaining.

        He will not come to reward the righteous and send evildoers to eternal
        doom. He will, however, begin a new religious drama. A certain
        historical continuity will be maintained. As happened once before,
        however, He will not be generally known for who He is. There will be
        no glorious proclamation to which the whole world will bow. He will
        return to straighten out Christianity, which will be in a shambles at
        the time of His arrival, and to set up a new system of thought when
        the world is sorely in need of one.

        page 372

        There were three men whose lives became confused in history and
        merged, and whose composite history became known as the life of
        Christ….Each was highly gifted psychically, knew of his role, and
        accepted it willingly. The three men were a part of one entity,
        gaining physical existence in one time. They were not born on the same
        date, however. There are reasons why the entity did not return as one
        person. For one thing, the full consciousness of an entity would be
        too strong for one physical vehicle. For another, the entity wanted a
        more diversified environment that could otherwise be provided.

        The entity was born once as John the “Baptist, and then He was born in
        two other forms. One of these contained the personality that most
        stories of Christ refer to….

        page 373

        The third historical personage, already born in your terms, and a
        portion of the entire Christ personality, took upon himself the role
        of a zealot.

        This person had superior energy and power and great organizing
        abilities, but it was the errors that he made unwittingly that
        perpetuated some dangerous distortions. The records of that historical
        period are scattered and contradictory.

        The man, historically now, was Paul or Saul. It was given to him to
        set up a framework. But it was to be a framework of ideas, not of
        regulations; of men, not of groups. Here he fell down, and he will
        return as the third personality, just mentioned, in your future.

        page 374

        When the third personality reemerges historically, however, He will
        not be called the old Paul, but will carry within Him the
        characteristics of all the three personalities.

        page 376

        I would like to make certain points clear. The “new” religion
        following the Second Coming will not be Christian in your terms,
        although the third personality of Christ will initiate it.

        page 377

        This personality will refer to the historical Christ, will recognize
        His relationship with that personality; but within him the three
        personality groupings will form a new psychic entity, a different
        psychological gestalt. As this metamorphosis takes place, it will
        initiate a metamorphosis on a human level also, as man’s inner
        abilities are accepted and developed.

        The results will be a different kind of existence. Many of your
        problems now result from spiritual ignorance. No man will look down
        upon an individual from another race when he himself recognizes that
        his own existence includes such membership also.”

  1. 🌹💙 There is no love lost over this character from me! IMO, he has been as responsible for our circumstances here—especially regarding solutions—and is as much the problem as Enki and Marduk have been in all this! Idk why anyone would want to worship this entity or even include him in their pantheon over the ages. I wish our Queen could appear on “Divorce Court” and divorce this dude! 😆 Just my two cent for what it’s worth! 🌞🙏

    1. Your queen isnt married to khan enlil. She’s married to herself as all being are her. One might say the divine feminine is the biggest narcissist in all of narnia. Thats why the queen and khan have a platonic relationship otherwise it would be considered masturbation.

  2. Thank you Wes for these videos. They’re very interesting. This one got me thinking though “What’s the message here”? Then I read this opinion article by Kathryn Stewart in The NY Times . Now my question is: Is it possible the ultra right is trying to force Jesus (read Marduk or someone) to materialize as the second coming of Jesus to satisfy their religious predictions and empower their claim to power in the world? And is it possible that enough loosh could be transmitted that “he” would be tempted to play along? What are your thoughts. It seems to me that the AIF’s agenda must have some room for real world events to influence there plans and actions.

    1. This must be a personal answer because I have no way of knowing the Overlords’ plan, step by step, but take it for what it’s worth…Ariel wrote a reply to another post in this section regarding “Jesus,” and “he” will also be mentioned in an upcoming video in this series.

      Anyway, I think there WILL be a second coming. Yes, it’s in the Overlords’ prophecies (meaning it is or was a part of their plan), but I have also followed particularly ONE excellent remote viewer, whose accuracy has been nearly 100% thus far, and he has seen it coming and that it will be soon. If he is correct, we’re close to such an event…

      1. Wes and Ariel, with Easter coming and this seemingly worldwide lockdown taking place do you think the Overlords are planning on using this time to introduce the “Aquarius” Messiah or second coming? They don’t want anyone to miss it apparently. Captive audience.

        1. It’s hard to say. If the Overlords’ plans pan out, I think we’re going to have the prophecies fulfilled–or as many of them the Overlords consider important. I also think we’re going to see an “anti-christ” (Marduk) who will clean up the mess so everybody will think he’s fantastic. I don’t think it will happen yet, though. In a few years, maybe. Trump is most likely in his position to oversee the bankruptcy of America–businessman as he is–and usher in the New World Order/One World Government of A.I. dominated structure. Parallel with this, they are fine-polishing the Singularity agenda.

  3. I’ve contemplated Jesus being patterned after Julius Caesar who had reached “God” status by the people of Rome. Many similarities including his initials “JC” also Caesar was killed by Brutus who betrayed him similar to Judas who betrayed Jesus before he was crucified. Also, The ides of March 3/15 is close to Easter though impossible because the Spring Equinox is 3/21 and Easter can’t be before that. Same month though…and 44BC is just about the right amount of time to come up with a convincing story and make it spread through the empire…also good timing to change the calendar from BC (Before Caesar?) to AD.

    I thought I read Caesar or his son were born Caesarian style which was considered a miracle birth. But then I found out they only did that on women who died while giving birth and Cleopatra didn’t die. They would cut the baby out of the dead mother by law “Lex Caesarea”. Is it possible Jesus was based on Astro Theology? Three wise men=3 Stars on Orion’s Belt. Santos Bonacci gave a very good explanation of it I’m sure you two have seen. He gives really in depth lectures on you tube I try to use discernment but he’s pretty convincing. .

    1. I’ve been watching your videos for 3 years, the disagreement I have is that you recommend escaping the grid, to flee from tranny sets the soul up for a more harsh situation somewhere else in the 3d universe. We are here at this junction in time to remedy our circumstances. My feelings.

  4. Hi, just a couple of things. First from the previous video, likening Queen Orion to Yahweh/Jehovah was unexpected for me. Since also in the WPP he is portryed as Enki but who used Enlil as a way to blame all his wrongdoing. How can he also be the queen?
    Second, regrards Ariels comments, Jesus and other comments, WPP mentioned the end times battles between the Enki and Marduk factions, though they both enslave humanity in different ways… is this the old Luciferian cults vs Trump/Q/Christianity etc. ? Also in one article Wes said that Enki doesn’t want the singularity but Marduk does… so could Trumps cult actually be worse than the alternative?

    1. President Trump was chosen to lead the United States through the shift or transition into a new system/new paradigm (which we see playing out right now), from what we understand. What is being represented here is the Old way dying out and the New way coming on board. (Old World Order vs New World Order)

      Before religion took the concept of “God” and changed it to a male perspective, She was Feminine. Mother was changed to Father. co-opted the position of his Mother, as the Source of all Creation. The “God” figure that is represented in the Bible is a combination of several different personalities all wrapped up in one deity. This was done quite a lot, from what we have discovered, when the Bible was created. Several events/personalities were combined into one event or one personality to tell the story.

      Q seems to be part of a specific psychological profiling program to gather data on a group of people who would be classed as “Patriots” and part technology that is used to advance the Singularity, from what I have gathered.

      1. That was the significance of killing kobe bryant. Out with the old star usher in the new phenom. A kid named Zion. New zion?? New era 2020???

        1. He wore 24. It was 8 but after his re-birth (receiving light?) he changed to 24. X being 24th letter of the alphabet aka 6666. The timing of his life celebration at Staples Center was on 2/24 which coincided with the stock market beginning a 30% crash in 30 days. X is like an Illuminati trademark. X games, Planet X Nibiru Bloomberg called Coronavirus virus X. Most likely he was taken out…why or how these choose their sacrifice I don’t know. Usually they make an example of those who step out of line. As funny as Robin Williams was you could tell he was deeply troubled inside. I thought the same when first saw ZION play at Duke. It can’t be a coincidence to be that good and have a name like Zion without being destined for greatness in the NBA.

      2. Alright I have to go on a little rant here about Lucifer’s chosen people aka God’s chosen people. Times are changing fast and most people have no clue who their enemy is. After years and years I still don’t get it all but they are the Noah bloodline in the Bible and so it makes sense that the Zionist/fake Jews/Crypto/Ashkenazi/Synogogue of Satan Jews have been kicked out of 80+ countries the last 2,000 years for good reason. For ritual sacrifice and murder of women, children and gentiles of all ethnicities. They consider themselves god’s chosen people and he requires blood sacrifice. He started the secret societies and the higher initiates in these like Freemasonry and Shriners are predominantly Jewish. The red fez Shriners wear represents the sacrifice of 50,000 Christians in 980 AD in Fez, Morocco to Pagan Muslim god Allah. Yet they hate Muslims unless…they’re Muslim Masons?

        They are the ones starting all the wars then blaming everyone else for causing the conflicts. Including Covid 19 no doubt.
        Trump is pro Zionist and his son in law Kushner Is an extreme Zionist along with many members of his cabinet. What I don’t get is how Kushner’s father got sent to jail for tax evasion. I thought he’d be untouchable as a Super Jew. So apparently they don’t control everything. What are the other factions fighting the Jewish establishment in Congress? This is what I find more interesting than who the gods are or were although it’s that’s an important piece of the puzzle. Whether it’s Lucifer/Marduk in control now it’s the same result. They’re both blood thirsty.

        If the Queen of Orion is portrayed as loving and nurturing how could such an evil entity come from her? I spent a whole childhood raised Christian then became disinterested in religion only to find the answers I was looking for when learning about Freemasonry and secret societies only to realize I’m against those too. So here I am in limbo land spiritually numb. I must admit ignorance is bliss. When I had blind faith in the Jesus-Christianity story I was much happier mentally and a better person albeit naive. Like many struggling truthers who just want to live a peaceful happy life we can’t because the gods won’t let us. It’s not about us though is it?

        I tried to search for Jews, Zionism, Ashkenazi in search engine but no results- just wondering why? Does it have to do with the secret society you said you joined in 1985 as stated in your reptilian attack story in 1982. The large monster thing that pinned you down in bed and almost killed you?
        Jews play too big a role to be excluded.

        1. The secret society I was part of was Scientology–it fits the bill–it’s a secret society. Yes, a large majority of the Elite are Jews. Same in show business and the CEOs of many companies. Still, they are only being used. These guys will not likely go down first. I am glad I’m not them, for sure. They are soon just a memory. Those who are REALLY in control will see to that when they ring in the Aquarian Age. Out with the old and in with the new. You don’t even have to worry about any of those who have seemed to be in charge for so long. Their Era is over soon.

          Ignorant CAN be bliss at times, until it kills us or worse…


          1. Thanks for the candid reply and I also hope what comes next is better not worse for the people. Chips and forced vaccinations seem like the next step though. As above so below the Saturn/Pluto conjunction is playing out it seems. We were tricked into thinking it was war with Iran when the conjunction happened 1/12/20. Politics and stock markets are intertwined with astrology I’ve found. Is that considered Cosmic Law? All the tariff talk is long gone now- we’ve moved on to what’s next with no explanation. We’re just supposed to be good sheep and not question why anything happens. Just react to the latest headlines and rumble rumble rumble with each other about what our TV/Radio heroes tell us to think about on social media.
            We’re fortunate to have guides through all this chaos and for your willingness to answer questions as you and Ariel do. Thanks 🙏 is not enough.
            Leah Remini coming out and talking about Scientology must be part of disclosure. Wouldn’t they find a way to silence her? Much like Trump supposedly being the savior many want him to be. The true powers behind the position would do the same to him as they did to JFK. Although the Simpsons cartoon episode does show him in a coffin..I don’t watch much TV anymore but the little I do surprises me. How much truth some silly cartoons have in them.

      3. Q is an AI bot, no doubt bout that . Do you think Trump can be trusted? I am sure he’s not on the side of the cabal but I just cant bring myself to believe what others aare.. he is pushing for 5G for one reason

        1. Here is my personal take on it: Trump is where he is in order to oversee the bankruptcy of America. After all, he’s a businessman. It’s a matter of dissolving the Old Paradigm in order to bring in the New, which is basically cryptocurrency, isolation, disconnection from the current world in favor of electronics, and soon enough–the Singularity, which we’re already partly in. And there we have the Age of Aquarius.

          1. he no doubt has no idea what hes being used for. he just knows that he is not old school evil, so he assumed he is good. as do so many others unfortunately

      4. I highly recommend watching this video of Ed Riordin who is an accomplished remote viewer. He was tasked with looking at Q and who/what are behind it. With Austin Steinbart claiming to be Q, AND claiming to being directed by his future self via a Quantum Internet”, the Starlink sats and more, Eds 2018 viewing sure seems to ring true. (Remote Viewing Qanon: Final Session! Artificial Intelligence)

    2. One of the reasons for this video series is so people can see that the same titles were and are being used by more than one god/goddess. YHVH is originally a title for the Queen. and Marduk then used that title here in the Matrix to introduce a masculine God instead of the original feminine Goddess. The reason YHVH/YeHoVaH in the Bible acts so schizophrenic is because there are two separate Overlords using the title, respectively– and Marduk.

      1. yeah I remember reading that in the WPP. makes sense. they also left relics of the old goddess/naturalistic philosophy in there to activate the memories of the namluu in people, to hook people in with figments of reality among the sea of BS

  5. I’m starting to see how sitchin made up his stories. Anu-khan enlil loses his cock while naked wrestling with king alalu. The penis is poison then alalu dies and is buried on mars. His tomb becomes the face on mars.
    Personally I thought this story of his concerning anu was just another take on the castration of enki only sitchin redid it.

  6. yes, tears indeed. my dad passed away last september. september 11th, in fact. the process of saying goodbye was the most ‘purifying’ experience, like I suddenly was able to see the world and all that held it together in a way that shone the brightest light into all the darkest corners, truth laid bare for no one else it seemed, but me. my brother had no words of compassion, my dad’s younger brother just completely ignored the fact that we were part of his family, and my mother and I, regardless of my dad’s life choices, were there beside him in his last hours. I was reminded of the greater meaning of mother-father relations that we as humans experience through our individual relationships during this time, and I felt that my experience in having the depth of compassion for my father and his life’s path was an essential element in understanding the greater meaning or dynamic that is foundational to the human experience in the patrix…my dad never knew how to be a dad, always had the weight of guilt laid on him for things I didn’t understand as a child and had to follow the paths he took as I grew up so I could see what was so compelling about the things he chose to do that kept him away from us. I never would have discovered anything of substance if his life was different, I found truth in the darkest places and freedom from the tyranny of current social construct of psychological imprisonment through seeing it all from an alternate perspective. There is great injustice here, great harm to the souls trapped here, deceit and self serving hopelessness, but then, how would we know that these are NOT what we would want if we hadn’t experienced it first hand?? Priceless lessons, well, very costly lessons actually, but worth it when we do make it out, I believe. And none of it possible without the ‘creator’ creating the opportunity for us to learn such things…
    Thanks for everything. this platform really is my sanity in this place. honestly without this group of people and the way to discuss these things, I would have trouble finding the hope, knowing my way and feeling empowered. Such a gift. you are all providing such a welcoming and reassuring space to return to for assurance in a future 🙂

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