ANNOUNCEMENT! Revision Made to “Gnosis 10!” Please Review!

by Wes Penre, June 4, 2020

People have asked us why we need to go back to Earth again after having exited the Grid and gone to Orion (8th or 9th Heaven). I did now explain this very well in the original article, so I added a revision at the end of the article (start reading at “Revision.” The rest of the article has not been revised. Please also re-download the PDF file, which includes the new revision, and toss the one you might have downloaded already.

Sorry for the confusion! If you have further questions about this article, please address them in the comment section below “Gnosis 10.”

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Wes Penre


  1. I was reading from the site and from what I am reading, Is that Orion is a terrible place to go. We go through the grid into Orion. Orion is a big place I assume that there are places of peaceful and safe good beings. I dont want anything to do with any of these dark beings nor be enslaved again. I guess I fear of being tricked by one of these beings and I wish I knew exactly where to go once in Orion. Not knowing anyone there in its self seems like a real challenge.

    Dark to Light #GotSpaceForce??? #SpaceForce #TheOrionLines The DEEP STATE has been trading Human Beings as food and drug, #ADRENOCHROME for technology with aliens from ORION. #AskQ #OrionGate My name is Ryushin Sean Malone and I have solved The Nazca Lines and renamed them The Orion Lines. The Orion Lines are The Orion Groups territory markings. I have also connected The Nazca Alien Mummies to King Akhenaten.

    1. There is a lot of disinformation out there–what you are quoting here from others is one such site. Sometimes, I don’t know where they get things from…

      Orion is the safest place you can go to. There are no wars and conflict, and there is balance. There you can become a creator god, if you wish. Your true home is the Pleroma (Spiritual Universe). You don’t need to worry about not knowing anybody in Orion–you will fit in just fine, as you will see. We all have our human worries right now, but once you’re out of here, you won’t have them anymore.

  2. You did well enough!Even to answer people’s questions is revealing the humanity within you! Thank YOU!

  3. I don’t know yet if I have any questions but I find it important to share this: The pressure had to be strong to create another paradise after the destruction of Tiamat. We know that the Monad never wanted us to leave its creation.Sophia, Enlil, The Monad, Enki, the Queen …. experience a sense of responsibility and attachment for the worlds they created. The Monad already said he never agreed that few Aeons join the less ethereal’s worlds.There were limits to the creative power of each of them. You are right humans created in their image won’t merge with the Aeons. It’s another game with different rules. Everyones protect their gardens. If we don’t admit this simple fact, ego’s fights will further separate us

  4. Hi Wes and Ariel. Great stuff, in light of this new information, are we still to avoid any light or tunnel after death and still look for holes in the grid or do we let fate take us to the fifth heaven or wherever True Guidance is given, not the archontic guides. And how would we know the difference? Thanks.

    1. Don’t go toward any light-tunnel, or you’ll end up in the Archons’ recycling center. Where souls go, unless they are completely dedicated to matter is described in Gnosis 10. IOW, it depends on the soul and her advancement.

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