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By Wes Penre, April 5, 2021

Hello Everybody,

Now, when the move is completed and I’m at the new place, I’m starting up here again to go back to normal. I had planned to create a video by Wednesday, Apr. 7, but I need a new microphone, and I ordered one online that should be very good for my purpose. It doesn’t arrive until Saturday, though, so that means the video will probably not be finished and published until Sunday, Apr. 11

In the meantime, I’m back on the forum and will respond to comments here on the blog. 

Thanks everybody,


  1. I asume that you are out for a while to write and making the Video for us to read and see. I understand through my reading you been commision by Enki to write and to do the Video, I was been following your work that why I am familliar to your work from the biginning about Anunnaki.Thank you for your maticulos worklI understand you also mention that Marduk is back and taking over the Planet Earth.

    1. You’re welcome, Elena. Just one clarification: I have not been commissioned by to do anything. is the main problem in the material universe, one could say, and not someone I endorse :).

      1. I remember at your early early articke I think that how I read? so sorry I did not mean to say you been commession by Enkie?.I just remember the article I read bout it! but now we know who is Enki do you have knowledege about Mardul? I just also recently read article about him?article mention he is taking over the planet I also forget where I read it?.was Anunnaki article?is their another website writing about Anunnaki family?.

        1. Hi Elena. Definitely no offense taken. I just wanted to clarify. I know you didn’t mean it in a bad way. Regarding Marduk–yes, there are rumors and indications that he is here, incarnated in one form or another. We often think of the “Anunnaki” being incarnated in the same fashion we are, but that’s not necessarily the case. They are, from our standpoint, metaphysical entities, and they can sometimes use our human bodies to attach themselves in a smaller or greater degree–taking control of the human vessel, so to speak.

          Marduk is mentioned and discussed in almost all my writing, and he is present in all of the Wes Penre Papers, levels of learning. I have also discussed him frequently in the video on this blog.

  2. Hi. I have just recently learned about everything you write about. Is the Galactic Federation real? Are there White Hats, Alliances etc. who are fighting for humanity? Are people like Charlie Ward and Simon Parkes the real deal? It seems like suicide is the only way to escape singularity. Thank you for replying. I have been lying on the couch crying for three months since learning the truth.

    1. Hi Lori, and thanks for reaching out. It’s always a shock when we realize that most things we’ve learned in life are not true. I understand your emotional outbreak! However, that will pass–we, who are on this path, all have had our share of it in one way or another.

      Although there is a Galactic Federation, it’s not a benevolent one. Those who fairly openly say they have come from such and such star system to help humanity are fake. They have an agenda to present that is not in our favor, although their information is a mix between truth, half-truths, and lies.

      I know it’s going to be a big chore, but I suggest you read the Wes Penre Papers, Level 1-6 at . Read them in portions, and if there are sections you feel don’t interest you, skip them–at least for now. The questions you have in your comment are all discussed in the papers.

      About Ward and Parkes. I don’t know anything about Ward, but Parkes is a mixed bag. It’s very difficult for people to distinguish what is true or not in his teachings. I’m not even sure whether he is deliberately deceiving or if he is trying his best. I don’t want to promote my papers as the ultimate truth because they aren’t, but I think you may have some great insights if you read them–many people have.


      1. Good stuff Wes, now is the time more than ever that people are listening and are very open to the Gnostic tradition. This knowledge has been a cap to my research for many many years, it ties everything together all through our history these freaks have been in control, no matter what historic event that has happened they have been behind it in some way, forever guiding our Consciousness to this very day and what they are perpetrating, and planning for the end game. But this is never set in stone, we can change the course in a snap of the finger. People please wake up and spread this news, folks are listening but you have to have the Knowledge behind you to be able to talk it, speak it! And Know that the Knowledge Wes presents is from a heart-based, well researched perspective. Wes you’re work, as well as Ours, it’s so important now! Thanks! It’s never too little too late!

    1. @Manjit The short movie series will not be continued–at least not at this moment. The next “season” was meant to be about our current 3D Construct, and with everything else I am busy with right now, I don’t have the time to do proper timeline research for that, unfortunately. Sorry about that.

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