Gnostic Musings #8: The Milky Way Galaxy

by Wes Penre, September 27, 2020

What is a Universe?

All of us know the basics about what stars and galaxies are, and some have perhaps even heard that galaxies come in clusters. But what are galaxies exactly, besides a collection of billions of stars, nebulae, and planets, etc.?

Scientists claim that galaxies come in clusters, and our galaxy, The Milky Way, belongs to a cluster of 30 galaxies called the Local Group, according to our astronomers. How many galaxies there are in each group, however, is highly debatable because we humans can only perceive of 4% of what is out there. The rest we perceive to be dark matter and dark energy, although in reality, it’s anything but dark. Therefore, the clusters might have certain structures to them—in fact, they might come in clusters of 12. The universe we live in is originally Sophia’s Creation, and her sacred number is 12, with herself as number 13. Yaldabaoth’s sacred number, however, is 7.

It seems to be true that galaxies come in clusters, though, so what does this remind us of?

Those who have read the Wes Penre Papers[3] and remember The Second Level of Learning will recall that universes come in clusters of 12, and I metaphorically compared each universe with a pond.

What if each galaxy is one pond and they come in clusters of 12? This would mean that the Milky Way Galaxy, in which we live, is one universe, and all other galaxies, such as the Andromeda Galaxy, for instance, are their own universes, respectively.

Let’s play around with this theory.

If we take the Wes Penre Papers (WPP) and the Gnostic texts into consideration, we will notice that the entire human story is played out in one galaxy only—the Milky Way. Yaldabaoth/ and his Archons/the Alien Invader Force (AIF) and the human soul group have nothing to do with any other galaxy in Sophia’s Omniverse. As mentioned in the WPP, Sophia (the Queen of Orion) has created many different universes—not only the one universe we live in. Moreover, we cannot jump from one universe to another because each universe has completely different laws, rules and characteristics. Our universe is more than likely the Milky Way Galaxy. Thus, instead of calling all the galaxies we can and can’t see the Universe would no longer be applicable, so I will use the term Omniverse when I discuss the entirety of galaxies.

Orion versus the Kenoma

If we recap what has been conveyed in the WPP, various ancient texts, and the Gnostic gospels, we will notice that they all describe the same thing. Below is a diagram Ariel and I have used multiple times, but it’s worth studying again.

This diagram shows Earth at the bottom with the celestial bodies above us. Ariel and I, based on our research, have also placed a Sun and a Moon inside our atmosphere in our current construct, but otherwise, this diagram resonates fairly well with our own conclusions.

The different celestial bodies represent the 7 Heavens, respectively, which are also the equivalent to our solar system, although Uranus and Neptune are missing. There could be a good reason for the two “missing planets,” but that is for another time.

The planet representing the 7th Heaven is Saturn, according to the diagram. In the WPP, I mentioned that this used to be a stargate into Orion, but after the Archontic Invasion, which was discussed in the papers, Yaldabaoth closed the stargate to keep the Orion forces out of the solar system.

With this in mind, look at the above diagram again. What is depicted above Saturn? Stars and star constellations! According to the Gnostic texts, Sophia created the stars and the constellations to shine over Earth. In other words, everything that is outside our solar system is Orion—the Orion Empire.

Thus, the Archons are only “in charge” of our own solar system—this is where they mainly reside, and the inorganic planets and their moons are their abodes. Yaldabaoth and his Archons are controlling the solar system (the 7 Heavens).

Ariel and I have written that we humans now reside in a density of Earth that resonates with the Underworld, i.e. the 5 Heavens beneath the 7 Heavens. These 5 Heavens, in which a reflection of the Sun and the Moon are represented, are 5 layers of the Earth’s atmosphere. Thus, the Grid we’ve been discussing so many times is located around the Earth, above the 5 Lower Heavens (the atmosphere). Humans are not allowed to leave the Earth’s atmosphere while in physical form because then we enter the archontic domains, and they won’t allow it. There are some humans who have been transported to some of the inorganic planets and moons, but only through invitation or hijacking.

But wait! Are the Archons and Yaldabaoth actually imprisoned here in this tiny solar system with no way of exiting? If so, this seems like quite a small and insignificant space, compared to what is outside the solar system.

Years ago, I discussed the Archons’ whereabouts[1] with one of my reliable sources, and I was told that they do have some access to the KHAA outside the solar system, although the access is limited. First, the solar system is not as small and limited as we might think—it’s so much more than what we see in our telescopes and what is shown by NASA. The astral planes are also part of the solar system, and the astral could be considered almost unlimited in size. The astral consists of its own different densities and dimensions, as well, where time is irrelevant.

Aside from that, the Archons do have access to parts of Orion (the galaxy outside the solar system). There were many wars and conflicts in Orion before Sophia threw Yaldabaoth out of the 8th and 9th Heavens, and before he was “defeated” and cast out by Archangel Michael (Ninurta/Sabaoth), Yaldabaoth/ and his cohorts managed to conquer some of the star systems and constellations in Orion, as described in the WPP, The Fourth Level of Learning.[2] This subject is not discussed in any details in the Gnostic texts, from what I know, but I think the reason for this is because in order to achieve Gnosis, this information is not crucial.

Once upon a time, before Lucifer’s Rebellion, the Archons probably had full access to Orion (the Milky Way Galaxy), but after they were cast out, Sophia created a veil between the 8th and the 7th Heaven, i.e. between our solar system and the rest of our universe/Orion. However, the Archons probably still have access to at least the star constellations mentioned in the WPP (see footnote #3 below).

The Galactic Center

If we review the picture in the beginning of this article, we see that the galactic center is heavily lit up. Interestingly, the core of the galaxy is also called The Womb of the Mother (Goddess) or The Eye of the Mother. This also seems to be the place from which stars were originally born and “cast away” by Sophia. In the WPP, I called this the outbreath of the Dragon. This is possibly the main reason why the Orion Queen/Sophia is compared to a dragon—she “breathes” fire, aka soul energy, aka star fire. The core of the galaxy is indeed the Womb of the Mother—this is from where life in Orion originated. In this universe, even we humans are star beings to begin with.

In our writings, Ariel and I have sometimes discussed the Central Fire in the center of the Universe, from where souls get their energy. From my understanding, The Central Fire can’t be anything else than the core of the galaxy. Each star system and constellation relate to all the other star systems and constellations via a spiderweb-like construct—a highway, if you will, on which energy flows. All these highways emanate from the energy in the center of the galaxy, i.e. Sophia’s “outbreath.”

People have asked if the galactic core is the Pleroma, but I would say no. The Pleroma is the Spiritual Realm, and it is not visible for us humans or anybody else in the Kenoma. If correct, astronomers have discovered a gigantic black hole in the middle of the galactic center, which could be a portal of sorts—perhaps the portal between the 9th Heaven and the Pleroma. The Gnostic texts talk about how human Spirits will eventually reenter the Pleroma, and this is metaphorically explained to us like a kind of “portal” between the 9th Heaven and the Pleroma. Thus, perhaps the Galactic Center is the 9th Heaven.

Extraterrestrial Civilizations

Everything in our universe (the Milky Way) could be considered the Kenoma—even Orion. When this universe was created in Sophia’s Mind, and she “cast it away,” all of it became her Universe. Yaldabaoth, which can be perceived of as the embodiment Sophia’s “dark side” or Sophia’s “Ignorance,” roamed freely in the entire Universe, before Sophia separated Orion from the 7 Heavens (our solar system).

In our solar system, there are no aliens besides the Archons. This is an inorganic solar system, except for planet Earth/Gaia, in which a part of Sophia’s Spirit is embedded. However, Orion outside of our solar system seems to be teeming with life. The WPP talks about innumerous star races and star systems, where star races and star beings evolve to eventually become creator gods. We humans, however, are already creator gods, as we have mentioned many times before, so those of us humans who want to become creator gods in Orion don’t need to start all over and “evolve.” We already have the full capacity as creator gods once we’ve gotten rid of our archontic attachments and the attachments from this world.  

We hope this article has given you something more to think about…

[1] I called them the AIF or the Overlords in the WPP.



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  1. Christ came to the Earth 2020 year ago to begin the Era of Piscis, now we are entering in the age of Aquarius. They say that on December 21, 2020 the “Great Conjunction” of Jupiter and Saturn will happened. The fact that it’s happening in the first degree of Aquarius, and on the heels of the Winter Solstice, really gets attention. On the other hand, same says that Mayan calendar date of December 21, 2012 is an important point in time when our solar system aligns in a special way with the Milky Way galaxy. In Ethiopian Orthodox Calendar now is 2012
    December 21, 2020, during the great conjunction when Jupiter and Saturn come within 0.1 degrees of one another and create the brightest star in the skies since the star of Bethlehem, great changes are coming.
    What are your thoughts on this date?

    1. @Reprobus ~ Yes, I have heard and read a lot on this topic and there are a lot of indications that could make us conclude that the feared/anticipated 2012 is actually 2020. There is a lot of whispering about a paradigm shift, but no one really knows for certain. The only certainty is that change is *always* happening. Whether this year will be any more earth-shaking and ground-breaking than usual, no one knows – at least, no one that I know.

      I understand that people *want* this to be some kind of prophetic doomsday or “ascension” so they look for evidence that it is happening, but I think that has more to do with our own unhappiness about life. Based on my own personal experience, the more depressed and hopeless I was about my own life, the more I looked for signs or prophecies that would make me feel like I wouldn’t have to do it for much longer. The happier I became and content with my life, the less I fixated and searched for signs that the end of it was near. I have a feeling I am not the only one who does this.

      I would say do whatever you need to do within yourself and around yourself to achieve a state of being in which it doesn’t matter and your happiness does not depend on whether or not the world ends or transforms. Instead, work on transforming yourself to be whatever it is that you feel you want to be. No need to wait for a countdown clock to make those changes and *internal* paradigm shifts. 😉 Our external reality is just a projection of our internal state of being, so ironically if everyone actually created a paradigm shift from within, they would indeed wake up one morning to see that their world had suddenly changed and transformed.

      1. the 5 Heavens beneath the 7 Heavens. These 5 Heavens, in which a reflection of the Sun and the Moon are represented,does it mean the moon and sun we watch everyday are just mimics of the moon and sun of the seventh heavens?. May you clarify this

        1. @Anonymous ~ “the 5 Heavens beneath the 7 Heavens. These 5 Heavens, in which a reflection of the Sun and the Moon are represented,does it mean the moon and sun we watch everyday are just mimics of the moon and sun of the seventh heavens?. May you clarify this”

          We don’t know because there are aspects to all of these things that are not perceivable by our Earthly, five-senses perspective. There is much. much more to all of these things than can be illustrated on a piece of paper. We would need to be able to add in a LOT more dimensions and levels of densities. I don’t know how to “show” someone what that “looks” like.

          1. @ariel.. after our body expires do human souls allowed to bypass tge entire kenoma and directly go to pleroma? I surely has trust issues and its because of our experience here on earth.. its hard to trust anybody though i am open to learn things from other people…

            Thanks for this informarive article..

      2. Ariel I always find your words to be so constructive and soothing. I just said to my wife after listening to a speaker who said that the U.S. could start vaccinations In January that wouldn’t it be ironic if the consummation happened on December 25. It could take place within each individual. Funny!!!

        1. Inner transformation takes time. Though most of us here have more understanding and had much inner work done than the rest of the world but it’ll take more time not to be affected by the vaccine.

          “Human 2.0”? A Wake-Up Call To The World by Dr. Carrie Madej

            1. Yes and no. I still want to have a choice if I want to be vaccinated or not. I did not have that with the mask.

  2. The fact that we are already creator gods, is amazing. In other universes, beings have to evolve over time to become creator gods.
    Its like we started out with full power and then were were reduced in power over time through manipulation.

    One of the most interesting books I read was Barbara marcinaks book bringers of the dawn. They describe it as a fall in frequency.

    Maybe the reason why so many incarnate here over and over again is because human attachments are very strong, you may miss a loved one for example or want to experience something on earth you missed out on in a particular lifetime. Its very important to work on yourself during this lifetime, and get rid of any archontic attachments.

    What happened to Uranus and Neptune on the diagram?

    Its interesting that some humans were transported to the other planets. Why are some invited?

    I read that even buzz Aldrin and other astronauts were\are high ranking 33rd degree freemasons. NASA was actually a creation from Nazi scientists that we brought to America after world war 2. I think it was called operation paperclip. They keep sending out satellites trying to find other life but never finding it, because it is humans that are trapped here. Outside of the trap, in other universes there are many universes and many different civilizations and beings.
    There is alot to ponder and think about here. Is there a way to make a diagram showing earth with the sun stars and planets, and then the grid? Also the diagram could also show the astral plane and Orion and other universes surrounding earth?

    Thank you Wes and Ariel for all this great research.

  3. The sun and the moon are not in our atmosphere , we could’ve went to them if they were. You cand find a bit about Uranus and Neptune here :

    Jump at 24:30 , but I suggest you to watch the whole video, it’s pretty short. He make a connection between Neptune (Poseidon) and Venus and we all know who he is.

  4. @ Ariel & Wes. I appreciate this article.

    I remember listening to the episode “Where is the Centre of the Universe” by Astronomy Cast. It was their 77th episode, in 2008, and it’s still playing on their website, ( The episode is interesting and only 30 min long.

    They discuss how our universe is expanding (Wes also mentioned the red/blue shift in one of his recent articles). Because of this constant expansion, scientists concluded there’s no centre of the universe. They’re using some basic cosmological principles to back up this theory—the argument starting at mark 15:58.

    At mark 24, they’re talking about the number of galaxies in the Local Group:

    “Q: How many galaxies are in the Local Group?

    A: That depends on how you count, because there are all these hundreds and hundreds of baby galaxies. In our Local Group, the primary members are the Andromeda Galaxy and us. There’s also the Triangulum galaxy that looks kind of cool. Those are really the big ones you’ll be looking at.

    There are also the Leo I, and Leo II, smaller galaxies, the Tucana Dwarf, Sexton’s A and B, NGC3109; they’re all out there waiting to be looked at. Then we have the Pegasus dwarf, the Aquarius dwarf, and the Ursa Minor dwarf. Bazillions of dwarf galaxies. You can’t count all of the dwarf galaxies. We don’t have the technology to see all of them in great detail yet.”

    My thoughts & questions (If they are too many questions, I can e-mail them for your next Q&A).

    I realize that our science knows little, and much of what they know is not being disclosed. Based on your article and from the Astronomy Cast episode, I’m trying to put today’s science into the Kenoma and Pleroma framework.

    In this article, do you mean that the Local Group is one of the 12 clusters that Sophia created?

    Q 2.
    “The universe we live in is originally Sophia’s Creation, and her sacred number is 12, with herself as number 13. However, Yaldabaoth’s sacred number is 7.” Are these numbers have anything to do with the repeating numbers we see?

    Q 3.
    Each galaxy has a central black hole. Should we look at them as their Womb of the Mother (Goddess) or The Eye of the Mother” their centre fire? Let’s say, Andromeda Galaxy has its own Womb of the Mother?

    Q 4.
    Does that mean that star beings living in the Andromeda Galaxy receive their soul energy from Andromeda’s central black hole? Is Andromeda’s black hole also, Sophia?

    Q 5.
    One of the earlier articles discussed that Archons created star races, and depending on their thoughts, the star race they created either became malevolent or benevolent. Are the Andromedas, Pleiadians Sophia’s creation or Archontic creation?

    Q 6.
    I’ve noticed Pluto is missing from the diagram. It looks like this is an older image most likely drawn before Pluto was demoted or even discovered in 1930. If the latter, that is why Pluto is not in the diagram? However, Pluto has much influence in our Astrological chart, at least until we receive Gnostic. What happened to Pluto?

    Q 7.
    “Orion outside of our solar system seems to be teeming with life. The WPP talks about innumerous star races and star systems, where star races and star beings evolve to become creator gods eventually.”
    Are these star races in communication with us, or they mind their own business and not interfering with the Archontic realms? Why the Andromedans and Pleiadians, probably more races, are in regular contact with us? Are they friend or foe?

    Thank You

    1. @Margareta ~ Such good questions! I’ll let Wes decide what he wants to do about them since most of them pertain to this article he wrote. However…

      Q7 “Are these star races in communication with us or they mind their own business and not interfering with the Archontic realms? Why the Andromedans and Pleiadians, probably more races, are in regular contact with us? Are they friend or foe?”

      It doesn’t work that way, from what I understand. I think a lot of people have a misunderstanding that other “life” in the Universe is structured in a similar way we experience life on this planet. On this planet, we can travel across land and seas to another part of the globe and visit the people who are living in this area. There are many different types of beings all living together on this planet and yet separated by distance. I feel like many people think in these terms of “visiting” other life in the Universe. They seem to think that life inhabits the Universe in the same way we experience life inhabiting this planet, with relative distance and locations very similar to our own ways of traveling. From what I understand, it isn’t that way at all. So, to even describe a “group” of beings as Pleiadians or Andromedans isn’t quite an accurate description, but we have to use words, right? So, it works and people use these terms, but it isn’t the same as “Europeans” or “Canadians”. We have to take into consideration the dimensions and densities, and that the population of the Universe exists within these dimensions and densities. Not all of those “locations” are somewhere(?) we have access to, depending on our own level of vibrating frequency and soul/mind. You can go where you want, but only within your own band of frequency, for lack of a better way to describe it. Whether or not they (population) are “friend or foe” would be determined by which density they inhabit and which social-memory construct they embody.

      No, from what I understand they are not in contact with us because they do not inhabit this particular density. On very rare and special occasions, and ONLY through some type of conduit which forms a bridge (for lack of a better word), communication MIGHT take place. It could be a channel, but can also be a computer, or something else that I am unaware of. This is very, very, very rare.

      1. Thank you, Ariel. Yes, existing on different levels of densities would be a barrier to physical contact. Obviously, no one would want to lower their vibration to fall to the bottom. I wondered if those in the higher realms even care what’s going on down here, and if they do, they provide any insight to certain individuals. So the answer is pretty much no. Makes sense.

        I have to remind myself to think in terms of different social-memory constructs.

        The reason I brought up the Pleiadians because that group is one of the most known. I am aware that they have several factions due to their unique galactic history and their choices along the way.

        The most I know of the Andromeda group is from Alex Collier as he claims to be a contactee and having Andromedan soul origin. When Alex described his visitation to the Andromedan space ship, he said it took him time to adapt to a different density. Until his eyes adjusted and fully “saw” his surroundings, he had a constant companion to keep him safe.

        The A group he is in contact with must be in a higher frequency. One of the things Alex also said that when he returned, his heart was fully open, and he felt emotionally vulnerable for days. I suppose it is normal when you live with a telepathic race. So, upon returning to Earth, he hid for a few days until he re-adjusted to our environment. Time was also flowing at a different rate. He experienced a few days, but on Earth, months went by. The Andromedas found it curious that Alex was sleeping so much. He didn’t only what his human body needed. Sleeping seems to be unique to our present human avatar.

        Thanks for your reply

    2. A 1: The “Local Group” is a term scientists have coined based on how many galaxies they consider being in a group setting. They count them to 30, but that doesn’t negate that Sophia created universes in clusters of 12. First, scientists can only see 4% of what’s out there, so if they could see 100% they would probably count the groups differently. Sophia didn’t create 12 clusters, she created an almost infinite number of clusters of 12.

      A 2: No, I don’t think so.

      A 3: Yes, almost all galaxies (if not all) have a central core, which is the womb of the mother/eye of the mother.

      A 4: Yes, that’s also Sophia. Sophia is in the middle of all universes (galaxies, if my theory is correct). We don’t know what is in the Andromeda galaxy or any other galaxies. There doesn’t have to be souls in other universes just because there are souls in the Milky Way. We simply don’t know. We only know that the rule-sets and laws are different in different universes.

      A 5: The archons create/created offspring of their own, which can best be described as thought-forms. I would think there are an almost countless number of archontic offspring, although the original Archons (with a capital A) were twelve in number, just like the Aeons in the Pleroma.

      A 6: Not only Pluto is missing; Uranus and Neptune are missing, too. These celestial bodies do not belong in the 7 Heavens. Although we have been taught that they are part of our solar system, it’s doubtful that they are. Saturn is the planet farthest away in the quarantined solar system (7 Heavens). The other planets, I would suggest, are located outside the quarantine, together with the star constellations. It’s also interesting that the Gnostic texts say that Christ (Khan En.lil) created the first Earth between the 7th and 8th Heavens. And Uranus is Khan En.lil’s planet.

      Ariel says she just answered question 7.

      Hope this helps.

      1. @wes.. sometimes i do thinking.. is really the original wes penre still around? And if not i thank to him for what he did to humanity especially to those who want to know the truth.. either there is a fake wes and false wes i still think WES PENRE did a good job by giving us a valuable information and from hereon its up to us how we are going to identify the trap… the info is there and you need to do the rest…

        Thanks to wes penre…

        Now i know i am FREE SOUL AND SOVEREIGN.. no need for submission to any god/queen/prince… it is YOU.. just identify the pure attribute of the divine within..

      2. Yes, thank you Wes, your answers clarified my questions. I didn’t want to bring up Uranus and Neptune because they were mentioned in your article and in the comment section, and you also said they’ll be covered in a next article.

        Sometimes I have to stretch my mind to think in terms of different densities, vibrations, the 4% Universe and the rest. Especially when it comes to celestial bodies. Which ones that I see are in the 4% and which ones that are outside. In time, it’ll all fall into place. Thanks for the great article.

      3. “Not only Pluto is missing; Uranus and Neptune are missing, too. These celestial bodies do not belong in the 7 Heavens. Although we have been taught that they are part of our solar system, it’s doubtful that they are. Saturn is the planet farthest away in the quarantined solar system (7 Heavens). The other planets, I would suggest, are located outside the quarantine, together with the star constellations. It’s also interesting that the Gnostic texts say that Christ (Khan En.lil) created the first Earth between the 7th and 8th Heavens. And Uranus is Khan En.lil’s planet.”

        In Tetrabiblos it doesn’t say a thing about Uranus, Neptune or Pluto :
        , but if Santos is right that Uranus means H-EA-ven (8th Heaven) and Neptune is also Poseidon(Crystalline Sea)/Venus/Enki/Lucifer (9th Heaven) who/which is above the Firmament/Quarantine, as he says, will means that he’s still part of the 8th and 9th Heavens because he is still spirited or he still have access to those?
        Also Pluto (10th Heaven) = Primum Mobile could be the Monad as HE started moving outward ?

        jump at 1:00:00 (1 hour)

        1. The 7 Heavens are within our solar system and are represented by different celestial bodies, as depicted in ancient diagrams and described in the Gnostic gospels. The 8th and 9th Heavens are outside the Heaven of Saturn (7th Heaven). I would place both Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto in the 8th Heaven. This is what astronomers do, too, except they never talk about different heavens, but they place the planets in that same order. The 10th-12th Heavens are the Pleroma, which is the pure Spiritual Realm, where no stars and planets are located. It’s pure Spirit, and embracing all this is the Monad, which most people in the metaphysical community call Source, First Source, or All That Is. This is according to my research (the Wes Penre Papers) and the Gnostic texts.

          No human has returned to the Pleroma and then come back here again. Once we reenter the Pleroma (our original home), we don’t come back.

          Yaldabaoth/ and the Archons do have access to some parts of Orion, i.e. the 8th Heaven (not the 9th) in the Gnostic texts, as discussed in the WPP, Level 5, .

  5. I guess I’m still a little confused although it’s making Heart sense. Since all is Mind, why the great distances out there that have already been proven with probes sent out, views through telescopes, applied math, etc. Also if the milky way galaxy is our universe how can we see the others like Andromeda so on, will those not be veiled to us? The holographic universe does make sense since everything is related through mathematics and physics in an ordered sense. But good stuff so far!

    1. What we see in our telescopes and with our naked eyes is about 4% of the 3D creations, i.e. the material realms. I would say that the galaxies we see (referring to the theory of a galaxy = a universe) are all of the 3D Realm. Sophia is creating material universes–not only ONE universe.

      Because of our human limited perspective, we think that all the galaxies we see makes creation HUGE, but it’s only 4% of the creation, even if we can see trillions of galaxies/universes. These are just “drops in the ocean” compared to what is REALLY “out there.” What about the “galaxies” we CAN’T see? What about other things we can’t see that might consist of something we have never encountered before?

      If we compare the Wes Penre Papers and the Gnostic texts with the majority of metaphysical information (including the theories of aliens) that is out there in books and on the Internet, we notice that the WPP and the Gnostic texts are VERY different from mainstream science and even the alternative science and metaphysics. If we hold onto the consideration that much of the WPP and Gnosticism are correct, it also tells us how little we humans know about the universe around us. There is a huge difference between my and Ariel’s research and the great majority of the other research out there.

      We need to let go of the “3D attachment” when it comes to our beliefs what the universe is and how it looks like. It’s nothing like people think it is–not even remotely.

      Regarding science and math…it’s interesting how “evidence” and “proof” change and contradict itself over time. For example, let’s say we have a certain so-called physicist–a genius, who comes up with an equation that becomes universal law and will be considered self-explanatory and taught in schools as truth. Then, a few decades later–or maybe a century or two later at times–this “solid” equation shows to be completely wrong and substituted with a new completely different equation that is now considered universal law, and so it goes… I don’t give much credit to science, to be honest–at least not generally speaking. Not the way it’s applied by the “authorities.”

      “Space” is the distance between two or more particles and then we have the “time” it takes to travel between these particles as perceived in our solid third dimension. We perceive that there is a distance between Mars and Jupiter, for example, or between two stars, etc. But is the distance real, or is it an illusion, created by the mass consciousness, depending on our density, programming, and beliefs?

      Once you leave your solid, physical body, time becomes irrelevant. You won’t travel in spaceships–you travel in your mind (nano-travel, as discussed in the WPP). Imagine that the Universe only exists in Sophia’s Divine Mind (she’s an Aeon). Everything therein is inside Sophia’s Mind. Therefore, you and I are ALSO within Sophia’s Mind–her Creation. Our human minds, while operating in Sophia’s Universe, are smaller versions or Sophia’s Mind, including both darkness/Ignorance and light/Knowledge. We have Sophia’s Mind within us that we project outwards, then seeing the manifestation of Sophia’s Mind/Creation outside of our human bodies. This is difficult to put in words, so I hope this is not too confusing.

      So, once you’re out of your body, you travel with your intentions and your thoughts, and travel becomes instant. You don’t go anywhere (in regards to “distance”), except to another scenario in your mind, which take no-time. For instance, try to create a picture of the Eiffel Tower in your mind right now. See the picture? That’s in France. Now, create a picture of the Statue of Liberty in your mind. See it? Now you’re in New York. How long did it take to travel from Paris to New York in your mind? No time at all. That’s how it works…

      1. Thanks Wes- it really is an illusion for Us, the Royal Human bloodline – it’s yaldaboaths barbecue, were just ill treated guests. This barbecue about to blow though. Keep the faith y’all! Even David Ike in his new book “the answer” has a section on Gnosticism I think he’s been listening to you Wes. It’s always good when I see confirmation that I’m on the Right track. But the WPP and now Gnosticism capping it all has always rang True in my Heart. Thanks man.

            1. @el Gallinazo ~ I like Icke 🙂 I know a lot of people think he’s controlled opposition, but we can say that about a lot of people and I don’t have a problem with it. He does a lot to try and educate people about the systems of control and wake people up out of their coma.

              I didn’t really resonate with him so much when he was going on about the reptilian stuff, but when he switched to focusing on a more Gnostic perspective, then I found it relevant to my life. As I continue to expand my own understanding of the “archons”, though, I may find that I no longer resonate with him.

              My only problem with his approach is that his solution is presented as a collective one when I, personally, feel it is a very individual path and solution. I could be wrong about this (his solution) because I, admittedly, have never read even one of his books and have only heard him speak. I’ve also never heard him speak of stopping these individual cycles of reincarnation and escaping this simulation. I don’t know what his perspective on that is, but even if he doesn’t share the same view as me, it’s not important to my life. He speaks well and I enjoy listening to him on occasion. I’m not drawn to read his books, though. If you read them, you are welcome to share your thoughts about them.

              1. While a lot of people may think that Icke is “controlled opposition,” these people are for the most part ignorant of what the term really means. Controlled oppositions always operate as limited hangouts. That is they spout 80% truths and 20% lies. But the lies are the important part and the raison d’être of the hangout. The truths are just to suck in the gullible.

                I have found that these people tend to use as their primary argument, that if Icke were not controlled opposition, the Mossad or the CIA would have killed him long ago. Interesting argument.

                As Wes has pointed out in his “Levels,” multidimensional entities can present themselves as however they wish to most humans. For some reason, they do often present themselves as “Reptilians.” Currently living in Mexico for almost a decade, I am not oblivious to the importance of Quetzalcoatl, the feathered serpent. Icke has been researching for 30 years, and in his first decade he was flooded with these reports of reptilians by honest witnesses, not the least of whom was Princess Diana’s best friend, reported to Icke after her “accidental” death. In recent years Icke, like Wes through his 2 decade long Levels, has modified his positions somewhat as he has gained additional data and experience, and now reports the Archons as a malevolent, non-human force, totally lacking in love or empathy, as well as original creativity.

                Icke does now emphasize the collective approach as we have entered this pre-planned “crisis,” designed to bring the entire human race into the status of genetically modified vegetables via mandatory injections of DNA tranforming chemicals, and into a techno-fascist neofeudalistic society that makes Orwell’s “boot on the face” sound like a walk in the park. However, he says in every extended interview that we are unlimited awareness having a human, physical experience, and the way to break out of our matrix conditioning is not to identify our awareness with our country, religion, race, class, appearance, etc., but rather with the Creator spirit within all of us.

                Wes in his Levels when analyzing various cults springing up from a central trance medium, refers to races of Grays from the future and maintains that this is what most if not all of humanity has turned into after our current lockdown over many millennia. However, there is also an alternative timeline I like to believe if we resist this tyranny successfully. Icke also states that we must resist non-violently but in great numbers. Our Overlords thrive on violent resistance.

                As you might gather by now, I am a fan of Icke. I think he is a genius in many respects, and I agree with most of what he has to say, though I might disagree on a few points. Just for example, I think Archons can incarnate directly into human bodies, while Icke maintains that they certainly can possess them, but not actually incarnate into biological human infants.

                I also agree strongly with his position that we must both free ourselves from Archonic mind control, but also resist their planned current coup d’état.

        1. @Anon ~ “Even David Ike in his new book “the answer” has a section on Gnosticism…”

          I haven’t read his new book. What is “the answer” he gives in the book? Do you mind posting it here? (or anyone else who may have read the book)

          1. Thanks Ariel yes I don’t know what his answer is yet haven’t got to the end. His Gnosticism section is about midbook, however he claims he is not Gnostic. But he quotes alot, and ties in that yaldabaoth and his archon minions (I was surprised to see him use these exact names) are really the true AI and what’s behind the transhumanism which we all know. I know David Ike well enough to know that the real answer is to work on ourselves and try to educate others with the True Knowledge AND to stop acquiescing to all this. He does mention that by the time we leave this realm our vibration at that time gets us to where we go afterwards.
            And he does mention that if we stay in low vibration we will be recycled right back here, no questions asked. Can’tt be any other way!

            1. “He does mention that by the time we leave this realm our vibration at that time gets us to where we go afterwards.” Yep. That’s about as simple as it gets. THANKS @ Anon! 🙂

            2. I suspect that Icke writes that he is not Gnostic simply because most people would regard it as a religion, and Icke does not want to be identified with **any** religion.

              1. @el Gallinazo ~ “I suspect that Icke writes that he is not Gnostic simply because most people would regard it as a religion, and Icke does not want to be identified with **any** religion.”

                Good idea, in my opinion.

          2. I haven’t read his new book yet because I live in Mexico and the Mexican mail sucks. Icke no longer publishes his books electronically because he foresaw the intention of Amazon and their ilk to throw them down the memory hole with a click of the mouse as gootube did recently to his decades long body of work. Of course he had everything backed up on external hard drives. In general, from his interviews, I would infer that his “answer” is for the people to refuse to comply with their agenda non-violently in great numbers. The Death Cult has all the advantages except numbers (which they lack in a ratio of hundreds of millions to one, and the truth.) The enormous rally in Berlin gives one grounds for hope in this area. And then we had that German doctor arrested by the Stasi in London for speaking out at the Trafalgar rally, referring to the perps of this hoax as an “organized crime syndicate.” I heard that there will be another rally in Berlin this weekend and it is expected to be substantially greater than the million people of the last. There are also other massive rallies around the world including even the ultra-orthodox Jews in Israel who are being beaten and arrested for holding their religious services. Who wuda thunk that the Germans would be the first to rise to the occasion in the greatest numbers? The iron fist has emerged from the velvet glove which may lead to more millions awakening to the dystopia that faces us if we do nothing.

  6. Wes & Ariel are the seventh heavens perfectly aligned as they’re illustrated in the diagram or are they randomly spread out? What I mean are they in the same rank position as in the diagram?

    1. @Anonymous ~ “Wes & Ariel are the seventh heavens perfectly aligned as they’re illustrated in the diagram or are they randomly spread out? What I mean are they in the same rank position as in the diagram?”

      No, they are nothing like this. The diagram is a two-dimensional illustration. The Universe is multi-dimensional and multi-layered. Because we need to have a frame of reference when we discuss topics like these, we can use illustrations like these, but that’s all they are and they are in no way meant to be taken as literal.

  7. As one trained in the physical sciences, I have suspected that RT’s science articles are edited by art history majors. However, I found the following article today interesting.

    These “experts” (hopefully not the CV-1984 experts like Fauci) concluded that 93.8% of mass-energy in the universe is composed of dark (i.e. imperceivable) energy and matter, which leaves 6.2% for the visible, which is not that much over your estimate of 4% and well within their “experiment error.”.

    1. Yes, science is now getting more and more aware of that dark matter and energy really matter (no pun intended). But they are still clueless as to what these things are. For them to be able to figure that one out, they have no other choice than to start looking deeply into metaphysics and the Divine nature of the Universe, which they are very reluctant to do, to say the least…

  8. @Wes, @Ariel. Sorry if i repeat muself. But what is “KHAA” ?
    What does this word refer to? And what is this word, from which language it came from?

      1. @Wes, @Ariel, but what does this word refer to? Does it mean a place or territory?
        Or it has multiple meanings at the same time?

        1. It’s an analogy. If we look at our own mythology, dragons breathe fire. The Queen/Sophia is sometimes referred to as a dragon. KHAA/outbreath means Sophia breathing life into her own universe/creation.

            1. Yes, the KHAA is Dark Matter and Dark Energy, which exists everywhere in the Universe. Dark matter and energy flow through our bodies right now, but we can’t perceive it. We are so limited in our human perceptions.

  9. Hi Wes and Ariel, thankyou so much for the work you’ve done over the years and especially more recently on your interpretations of the gnostic texts … fascinating and extremely dilligent.

    This is a bit off topic but was wondering what you think of this ladies, Kimberly Ann Goguen’s, HUGE claims in the video, basically she is saying:-

    Yaldaboath (she uses the names enki enlil and marduk) is no longer in control, the top of the chain has been cut off and as a result the ‘elites’ are continuing with a plan but with no new instructions from above.

    She holds the codes to the financial system, the codes that used to belong to yald and is slowly changing things but the dragon families, black sun lot and world leaders are proving ‘difficult to do buisness with.

    She says it’s all down to us as individuals to make the change … she’s no saviour.

    Seems very down to earth and realistic about how humanity can make the change. They (Life force watch) have a plan and ridicule somewhat the Qanon catchphrase of ‘Trust the plan’. (This is found in other videos found on YT channel Speak project).

    It resonates quite well with me but sounds way to good to be true after all the deception we’ve experienced, however people that are working with her who seem authentic and well meaning back up her claims and have seen her ‘power’ first hand, I would really value your opinions on this rather extraordinary new development.

    1. @domgra ~ This group is taking advantage of people’s emotions, from what I can tell. They claim to have a lot of power that they don’t have. It’s make-believe and they are capitalizing on people’s emotional need to feel like part of some kind of movement or rebellion group (that *they* are leading).

      She’s in contact with our President and speaks to him personally and advises him? Ummm…No. lol She’s larping. No, this is not genuine at all.

      1. Thanks for your reply Ariel, yes they are outrageous claims, I will keep an eye on it and see how/if anything develops.

        Some of things she has said should become evident or not over the coming months.

  10. I understand that the Gnostic perspective is only for OUR story. However I always had a question about other realms/worlds owned by yaldy and his minions, other humans like us controlled on different timelines – and if so can we ever communicate? And isn’t it funny how this whole mask wearing and vaccination agenda is to make us think that we’re sick and unhealthy or “fallen” now like they are. Just some of my own musings. Thanks.

  11. Wes, you say there are no aliens in our SS besides archons. But on Venus should be colonies of lyrans (Taal) and others, on Jupiter are 6D Allmahuluk aka Karistus, some insectoids are on the moons around etc. Why do u think we are alone here?
    And how about Ashtar Galactic Command (Taal colony on Ashtara) that are on a mothership stationed nearby Jupiter?

  12. I realize that I’m not as intellectually, philosophically and scientifically versed as some of the others here ( due to my totally contrasting life style up until a few years ago – drugs, alcohol, arrogance, ignorance, and what not ). But suddenly I got in touch with Gnostic books and scriptures, seemingly out of the blue, and a couple years back I found the WPP. So that’s for context to my question: Am I at all ‘redeemable’ in the sense that I still can make it through the grid, and through the last veil ? It may be wishful thinking, it may be an illusion or an imagined way to make up for what I did wrong all my life, but could it be possible that I actually feel a connection to something that’s not of this world ? Just being here rings so many bells at once. But I may just be too tainted. It also brought up a thought that I should perhaps choose to reincarnate again and thus redeem myself and then try again. But with all the memories erased it will probably be no different next time around. But perhaps the Archons planted that sense of ‘connection’ into me for whatever reason. A vicious game. Could I be soul-less, yet believe that I’m a ‘Fire’ ? Sorry as this may be a bit off-topic.

    1. @Romano. No worries. It’s not what they have done in the past that makes a person redeemable or not. It’s who they are in the present. We all have pasts where we’ve done things we are not proud of. It’s important that we forgive ourselves for that, and if we feel we need to make amends or apologize to someone, we can do that. Otherwise, just forgive yourself. You are your own judge. It’s one thing what we did when we still lived in “darkness” (ignorance), and a different thing after we’ve found our spiritual truth. If we continue the old ways even after we’ve had our aha-moments, we might make it difficult for ourselves. Not because someone will slap us in the face after death, but because we fail to raise our frequency. No one is going to be perfect when we exit–it’s no such thing, and particularly not here in the Matrix. Do the best you can to improve yourself and be kind, helpful, compassionate, and empathetic both to yourself and others as much as you can, and you will be fine.

      1. @Wes Then nothing can and will stop me now. I look forward to having a spiritual coffee with you – in the Khaa.

  13. The most inferior galaxy is the milky way. It’s like a fourth world country compared to everything else.

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