The Soul Net–The Grid in the Sky

Posted by Wes Penre, July 12, 2022

PDF (Russian)

There is a frequency grid, keeping us trapped within the 3D frequency of light–another word for the Matrix. Fortunately, there are also holes in the Grid, which I have discussed many times in the Wes Penre Papers ( and on my other video channel at Through there, we can, after death, escape the Matrix.

This video is not made by me but someone else, although my information about the Grid is included in this video. However, more and more people are now aware, and here are additional examples of people who are aware of its existence…

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  1. Thank you, Wes, for sharing this. I’d not seen this before. Further elaboration made things clearer or gave me different perceptions which I value. Regards.

  2. I can completely relate to this. I have commented on this before on Wes Penre blogs. As a small child I’m convinced I saw both this false reality and beyond it, I saw things within this grid that we all experience and within my own being, not my mind I could see and feel the expanding universe, the closest thing in this reality are pictures of nebula that NASA’s telescopes produce, difference was I was the nebula the very essence and source of creation. I had two bad head injuries after those so called visions when I was young, after this they were gone. I found them terrifying at the time, they were inexplicable. It left me with a profound sense of omnipotence and I have always regarded everything here as an illusion emanating from my existential self, what eastern philosophical explanations describe as the self, the embodiment of the soul and the ego. To me these are difficult for people to grasp or understand as they are very self adsorbed and are unable to relinquish their attachments, my wish is to leave this place through these holes in the grid. It will be difficult but as simple as I can make it. Wes has given so much advice on this subject. This illusion we dwell within holds us here because the paradox is we create it ourselves. It seems we do this to rescue these lower frequency’s from being separated, for want of a better word, from this whole universe, after all everything, no matter what is an expansion of origin.

  3. Thanks Wes. Proof in the puddin! So much truth is being revealed now, to combat the deception — please perpetuate these truths to all you can and keep love alive! Folks are asking true questions like never before!

  4. It is funny how they never really had plans to fix the grid because they didn’t think enough of us would wake up to point it out. just goes to show our unpredictability is our greatest asset at this point. I guess their egocentric satanic mindset never figured that! Keep up the great work folks!

  5. I feel like some of the beings from Inner Earth must have caught wind of the situation regarding the Grid surrounding the Matrix. They must have raised their vibrations high enough to pierce holes through the Grid.

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