The Singularity: From the Horse’s Mouth

Posted by Wes Penre, July 8, 2022

This is exactly what I have been talking about in the WPP, in my Singularity book, in articles, and in videos:


  1. I think we have to determine if the mask wearers are brain dead or mind dead to speculate about this.

  2. This, to my mind, sounds totally insane. More so when you look around and see the smothering of the heart and mind. Why would a sane person desire this facsimile of life??

    1. Sadly to say there are many that who do not believe in afterlife let alone one that is spiritually connected to a higher love. I believe that’s what the ancient gnostics wanted to try to teach as well and a lot of us got it but I don’t think the majority did over time. So an afterlife where they think they can go on living is quite appealing to them when it’s just a big trap! I believe that’s why we’re here at this time is to help educate and raise consciousness.

      1. What I noted in many who believe death is the end, is that they are extremely afraid of death and will do just about anything to stave it off. Many are also major cowards. Thus, all this technology appeals to this segment. If they are assured of forever life they will do as they are bid. They sell their souls.

  3. My narcissistic husband and alike 11 y o son all into learning about AI and techs and actually fully support the idea of merging to obtain an eternal life.

  4. This is just like the series “Altered Carbon” – the exact same idea, absolutely horrifying!!

  5. Could you summarize why this development is evil?

    Technology is meant to enhance life. What makes the singularity wrong when it seems like the best thing that’ll happened to humans

    1. @Zee The Singularity (nano technololgy) is the ultimate trap for humanity. Once it’s established, humankind is in deep trouble. Please read my book on this subject. I am not trying to toot my own horn–this book is mainly using resources from the “horse’s mouth,” showing in what direction this is going.

      I don’t know how much you have read of my research, but if you are fairly new, I also suggest you read the Wes Penre Papers at But please read this book first (it’s very important): .

  6. Hi Wes,
    why do you think the giant trees on earth have been cut down? Is it because these giant trees had to make way for a dome over the earth? and I think if these trees hadn’t been felled they could be seen from every corner of the earth and everybody would know that the earth is flat?
    Daniel:4:11 The tree grew large and strong and its top touched the sky; it was visible to the end of the earth.”

    1. I can’t say for sure, but my take on it is that they were cut down when “separated the upper and lower waters with a firmament” (paraphrased from Genesis 1). They were too tall for Earth, which is much smaller than Tiamat was that the Invaders blew up. Earth is most likely just a chunk of Tiamat, with which (EA) created EArth. These trees could apparently be several miles high, and the beings on Tiamat, including the human Aryans, were probably in proportion to that. Here, everything is “shrunk.” There was no need for these giant trees here–they are just in the way. And when Tiamat was destroyed, everything was petrified, so these trees were most likely petrified already when created this lesser world.

  7. Yes if you read the butlerian jihad series before Dune written by Brian Herbert, Frank Herberts son, they get into what it would be like in an AI war. the humans have some worlds where there was no computing at all and some where a non networked computing was allowed minimally. It delves into human mind versus metal mind as well. But if you read any of Neil Stephenson stuff as well, shows how a nanoworld would run. None of it to my liking!

  8. “Seriously scary?” lol

    It’s already taken over. It’s already happened, and you don’t even realize it. While you are waiting for humanity to be transformed into cyborgs, while being told exactly what that’s going to look like, we have already been transformed and you have already been captured.

    An artificial realm/dimension was created to trap the consciousness of humanity and this internet exists as the gateway/portal into it. You can’t live without it. While you are waiting for the signs and thinking that the Singularity will “look” like something you are being told it will be, the inverse has happened. Instead of humans being implanted with artificial technology that cuts them off from their Divine origins, YOU have been implanted INTO the technology. Your mind is already trapped within the Singularity of the digital dimension and for many, it is already too late to exit this dimension. They have become completely dependent on living through the avatar they have created in this artificial dimension of the world wide web and they are happier existing as this artificially created avatar than they are in the “real world”. You keep preaching and warning that the consciousness of humanity will be uploaded into a cloud and it’s already been done. It was already done before you wrote about it.

    Stop being afraid of what you think is going to happen in the future and instead wake up and be aware of what has already taken control of you. While they tell you to “Look at the future!”, they lured everyone into a different looking trap completely unaware. You know how that works. They distracted you with a future while the trap was in the present moment. At one time, the internet was considered something to be wary of and cautious about, but we are more embedded than ever. What happened? Traumatized and emotionally damaged/wounded people will seek escape from their pain and the easiest path out (escape) of it that is offered. Simple.

    Everyone here knows that once something is created it cannot be uncreated. This transformation of humans has been utterly and completely done in complete compliance with free will. You are choosing this artificial dimension in place of the one you were supposed to, designed to, inhabit – this Earthly, physical plane. While you are dreaming of escaping into some cosmic Eden, your consciousness has been lured by all the fancy things this new dimension has to offer – videos, shopping, income, “connectedness”, INFORMATION, basically anything and everything people want is available inside this new dimension. We don’t need “Metaverse” to lure people into a false reality. People are already participating in it – and creating it – every single second that they engage with it.

    You can say, “It’s okay to use it as long as we use it for good,” or “I only watch music videos on Youtube and it’s the lesser of the social media evils so it’s okay,” or “It’s okay to use it to earn money as long as the messages I am putting out are valuable and benefit humanity,” but these are excuses and justifications to keep doing it. Meanwhile, not only can you not quit it, but you are leading others into it. We all do, every time we share something or tell someone to watch a video, or doom scroll, or spend hours after hours mindlessly “downloading” information from the internet into our brain.

    It’s already happened. And while everyone is focused on what comes after this life, they neglected to pay attention to the life they are living and what was happening to them. You were made to be afraid of “something wicked this way comes” when it actually already arrived and we let that Trojan horse into our lives with glad acceptance and awe and what it could give us and the ways it could enhance our lives. The golem never lures children into its lair with shit, it offers candy.

    Don’t believe me? Try to leave it alone. Try to ignore it. Try to stop using it. Challenge yourself and the boundaries of your own prison that you have created for yourself. That’s the capture of the soul.

    Want to have a lot of friends and be desirable? You can have that on the internet. Want to be a creator, author, artist, musician? You can have that on the internet. Unhappy with your life and want to pretend that you are someone different or have a different life? You can do that on the internet. Want to believe you are a Pleiadean Princess or an annunaki warrior or get advice from an Archangel? You can do that on the internet. You can invent, do, believe, and become whatever you desire. It’s a false Heaven, a mimic or copy of the dimensional heaven that we have previously interacted with, and we don’t have to worry about getting trapped in it after we die or wait until they figure out how to trap our consciousness in it – we are already doing it to ourselves. You are already interacting with a realm in which you are being given the keys to the kingdom of your own making and Master of your own Universe. No need to wait to get to “Orion” for that.

    What will you do when the dream vision you have created on/in the internet is presented to you after your physical death? How will you know that it is “real”? What IS real? How confident are you that you haven’t just created a very attractive trap for yourself and your own consciousness? Yes, there is a “hole in the grid” option that exists because it has been created by those who are helping to create it and develop it in the consciousness of other humans. But where does it go? Does it really go anywhere or does it just go to something else we have created in our own minds? How do you know? If our cosmic experience is based on thoughts, then we can only go where our thoughts will take us. We can be given any experience (and it will feel real and be experienced as real) and still be inside the boundaries of our matrix. You could experience some very elaborate scenario where you will be chased by guards with flaming swords and the hounds of hell while you narrowly escape out through a black hole by the skin of your spiritual teeth, but that was all created by your own thoughts! So, where are you really going? Does any of this actually exist separate from you or if everything is done with thought, is everything we experience within what we call the mind? If that’s true, then I am not trapped within anything except my own mind and a prison of my own making? So, who are the archons and overlords? Beings that exist outside of me that I have no power over or they exist within my mind and I, alone, give them power over me?

    What has been presented as such a simple solution is really a lot more complex and doesn’t seem to be the end of the line, if what we think is true – that we create with our thoughts. Some of these conclusions and solutions given to people such as on this site and in these videos stop prematurely before they can be expanded with the information being used as the foundation for some of this and that we are fairly confident about. After all, some of the greatest philosophers and thinkers that have ever lived barely scratched the surface of the human condition on Earth and the underlying “why’s” and “how’s” of it all, with the exception of a very few enlightened souls who left their mark in the consciousness of humanity, and people are still trying to interpret what they had to say.

    Get off the internet. Stop using it and being dependent on it. If this thought creates fear within you, to be without it, then you are already trapped. Keep it superficial. Watch your music videos or see the latest trends and read the latest celebrity gossip, but if quitting the internet causes you to panic and ask, “Yeah, but how will I LIVE?”, then you are already caught.

    Got your video taken down? Got your channel deleted? Can’t see the latest David Icke interview or “what’s in the vaccine” news because of the dreaded “Censorship”? WHO CARES!? What does that matter to the development of your soul? This current censorship dangling carrot is an emotional suck-hole that is designed to get you all riled up and emotionally invested in something that you shouldn’t care about, emotionally, AT ALL! Videos?! Social media accounts?!! Really?? Wake up! It doesn’t matter!!! Will your life become so depleted and damaged, will you suffer if you can’t see a video or post a video on social media, for crying out loud? Has it all become so MEANINGFUL to you all? What happened?!

    Come back to yourselves. Bring yourself back.

    For those who operate outside of “time”, to give humanity a warning of a future that actually occurred in the past or is happening at the current moment (because that is really all that exists) is not impossible. You think that your overlords are “riding the avatar” of humans in some future battle for conquered cosmic territory, but who is to say it isn’t happening now? If whatever it is that you call Divine exists within us as part of us, then what is really being conquered? Is it something separated from us or is it US? Do we contain the Divine? What are we allowing to invade us? It just depends on how you interpret that information. We are already being used. The question to ask oneself is what part are we playing in this battle? Whose side are we really helping? Are we even sure of the side we have chosen or is there more to the story? Do we even know what is really happening and what it all means?

    It never looks like what they tell you it will look like. Otherwise, how can they hide?

    1. Wow. You gave us some clear, common sense truths there, ugly to face and hard to swallow, yet quite insightful. Again, WOW!

  9. This beautiful, brilliant, and creative genius of a man – HE knew.

    “There’s a war going on with battlefields in the mind and the prize is the soul.” ~ Prince

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