Q&A Session #1, July 2022

By Wes Penre, July 7, 2022

Bitchute: https://www.bitchute.com/video/6bU1XOXOkiLe/

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Questions in this Video:

Question 1: Can lucid dreaming be used as a tool to help your awakening/gnosis and/or how does it fit into the picture of all the research you’ve done? Perhaps using it as a way to do shadow work and working on letting go of attachments? For example, some lucid dreamers would ask scary/dark dream figures what they represent, or “ask the subconscious” directly about certain things. Are there any risks with using lucid dreaming as a tool?

Question 2: I’ve heard someone talk about the malevolent powers that be as that guy in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory—the evil one who wants the secret recipe—but in the end, the bad guy was actually in cahoots with Willy, so I think that’s such an interesting idea to think about. Do you think that is how our whole world is set up? And ultimately the evil and good are on the same team and the evil weeds out the people who have less integrity and such? Because ultimately, we are all One, right? It’s so fun to think about.

Question 3: Are there beings on Gaia that are using Orion Technology in some capacity? I know that beings there are very close to Nature. I would love to visit Gaia in its entirety once I leave the Kenoma.

Question 4: If flat earth is real, how come nobody sees a flat plane or a firmament when they astral project or when remote viewing?

Question 5: I have my doubts that the moon is even a solid spherical object, instead just a projection of sorts from the rays of the black sun, reflecting off the firmament and making a light-based projection which would be the moon.

With that in mind, how exactly would it have been possible for Robert Monroe to have seen beings living on the moon, if the moon is not a solid or inhabitable land mass to begin with? Do you think Robert is controlled opposition? Or is it maybe that there is a level of subjectivity to remote viewing that keeps one from seeing things like a flat earth or a firmament dome.

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