New YouTube Attempt in a Week

by Wes Penre, Sunday May 8, 2022, 11:30 CET

I posted the following in the comment section to my YT video, “Outroduction” this morning:

“I have gone back and forth on whether to continue posting on YouTube after the strikes. The advantage of being here is that the information reaches a lot of people, which spreads my message better than perhaps anywhere else. Therefore, I will give it another try.

I just need to be more careful about how I’m expressing myself so I can stay here and not be terminated. Because I’ve posted 300 videos at, lots of important information may eventually be “lost” in the wealth of information. Therefore, I will start by posting certain videos from my archives here on YouTube to remind people of certain information from the past. For some here, it will probably be the first time you hear it.

Because of the strikes (two happening at the same time), I can’t post any new videos in a week from now, but after that, I will resume my project…

So, I’ll make another attempt, and we’ll see how it goes. Thank you for your patience!”

So, please subscribe to my YT channel if you wish. I will start by reposting some stuff people might have forgotten about or missed…


  1. Hey Wes, it’s usually conspiracies that they censor. When it is about deeper subjects it’s usually allowed. Ankaraman has made a lot of videos where he reads out entire articles from you, and didn’t get censored.

    1. Yes, in my recent case, it was me mentioning the virus and vaccination. The videos were about the Metaverse, but I forgot I mentioned these terms in the videos. For now, material like mine, in general, is probably fairly safe–as long as that lasts, of course… So, I just need to be careful how I word things.

    2. Yes, I think I know what to avoid mentioning in the videos I post on YT, and what is at least currently accepted. But rules change, of course, and YT’s rules are vague to begin with, leaving them a lot of room for interpretation. This makes it possible for them to change the rules without changing their Terms of Use. But I will give YT a new try, and we’ll see how it goes. It does reach more people…

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