I Signed Up on Rumble Instead…

By Wes Penre, May 7, 2022 @ 12:10 CET

I got a second strike on YouTube, so I am not allowed to post there now. Not that I planned to anyway.

Instead, many people on Facebook suggested Rumble, so I uploaded the Metaverse videos there instead. Here is my channel:


I will use Rumble as another outlet for videos, so please subscribe if you’re interested when you go to my channel.


  1. Yesterday ..I’m posting on YouTube.
    Today .. I didn’t plan to post on YouTube anyway.

    What is Truth?

      1. Fuckin RUMBLE has shut down my account for inappropriate content……meanin pictures and photos of NATO WAR CRIMES and many other exposin the SATANIC ELIT rulin this prison planet….

        1. Sorry to hear that! It’s going to be the same everywhere, so my idea is to just use the outlets available, whether they are mainstream or not, until they shut me down. At least, I get the chance to reach a few more people in the process. Then I just have to trust the alternative video channels and blogs.

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