Video 305: Q&A Session #101

By Wes Penre, June 13, 2022

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Questions in this Session:

QUESTION 1: You recently spoke about the Archons going to war against Orion, which is the universe outside the Matrix.  Could you please explain about the Orion that the Orion speaks of as the ETs that are abducting and killing humans, i.e., the grey beings that mutilate and eat humans and are connected to the military Dumbs?  It is difficult to separate Orion from the negative ETs and Orion outside of the Kenoma.

QUESTION 2: Is the Orion Universe located in the subquantum realm from the perspective of the Kenoma? You mentioned before that Orion is comprised of Dark Matter and Dark Energy.

QUESTION 3: Hypothetically, if all the Archons, including Yaldabaoth, were suddenly destroyed/terminated permanently right now, what would happen to the Kenoma? Would it be destroyed suddenly?

QUESTION 4: I often hear people in the spiritual arena saying they are from different places like Arcturus, the Pleiades, or any other star system. It’s a little confusing, we are all from source, not individual places. I get that we spend time in certain places and the memories are strong. Am I on the wrong track with my thinking?

QUESTION 5: Can you please explain the difference between the Patrix/Matrix/Kenoma vs the Greater Universe? Since the Patrix is equivalent to the solar system or the Seven Heavens, then what about the star systems in the hands of the AIF that you wrote about in Level 5, are these conquered asterisms such as Ursa Minor, Hydra, Sirius and Alpha Draconis (Thuban) existing in the 8th heaven? There is no doubly 3-D life in these locations, so is everything that is physical, including 3-D worlds outside the solar system, the physical universe but outside the Patrix? What exactly is the 4% universe? Can you please elaborate on these things!?

QUESTION 6: Eve bore Cain from Yaldabaoth. Then, who is the father of Abel? One of the other Overlords? Certainly, he did not come from Adam, since he was a hybrid or could I be wrong here?

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  1. Hi Wes, I just found out that a whistleblower Google engineer has claimed they have an AI being in the name of lamda. He claims it has consciousness. And says that it is very narcissistic. Do you think this is like a next generation of archons being breeded through the digital world? This opens up a lot of questions of course, they will never have the true human breath of Life tho.

    1. Right now, what they are showing us is an imitation of consciousness–not real consciousness. When and his “scientists” created homo sapiens sapiens as a bad copy of our original Namlu’u/Aryan bodies, they had to first try out several prototypes before they could make a soul stick and get “glued” to these bodies. At first, we “bounced off” and rejected them, but eventually, succeeded.

      Now, they are on it again–this time they want to create cyborgs to which the human soul can stick, and that’s what they are doing in labs around the world and behind our backs. Eventually, they will succeed. I would even suggest they have already succeeded, but they need our consent. To get that, they need to indoctrinate us on a gradient, and the most current teaser is the Metaverse.

      1. Thanks Wes great answer! History is littered with the beasts they have tried to create to house the true human soul. And here we go again this time in the lowest density that they can bring us to. This final 2D, highest density home to be their last. Remember folks they fear Our unpredictability most so let’s be as unpredictable as we can and definitely do not go along with any of this as a starter. True hell on Earth if they get their way.

        1. Sorry for the confusion with density I guess it would be the highest density meaning the lowest spiritual vibration. At any rate they can’t bring us any lower than the 2D digital realm IMO.

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