Video 304: The Singularity Timeline Part 8 of 8 [The Invasion of Orion]

By Wes Penre, June 2, 2022

Ever since I wrote the Wes Penre Papers (the WPP), I have highlighted that the purpose with everything that happens now is to prepare for an invasion of Orion, i.e., the Greater Universe outside this Matrix. Whoever is in charge of the nano-world is in charge of the Universe. The soul is of the nano-world—nano meaning a billionth of something, in this case the size of an atom…

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  1. Hi Wes, I have read and followed you to some degrees for years. Your news about humanity’s future is less than positive. I have been open about taking in all sorts of theories and information about humanities future, then forming my own opinion. I am from the constellation of Lyra, an ancient race, the first seeded race of humans. I came to earth after the Lyran Wars and further into the Wars of Orion. My planet was annihilated by an ambush from Draco’s. We traveled on ships seeking a new planet and found earth.This was during the planet’s seeding, and was a part of that with others from Lyra. I reincarnated for hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of lives. I still carry the Lyran genetic code and physical characteristics of being tall, lean, with very white skin as our planet was cool and wooded, and some shade of red hair. I reside in 7th density, with a high consciousness and with skills and abilities, as I traveled through reincarnations learning important lessons along the way. I am an organic vegetarian, do not drink smoke or take any drugs, drink light oxygenated water, meditate and practice prana breathing. Souls as me have a service to others mission for Divine Source. I am not alone. I have extremely strong energetic abilities, and this can be a blessing as well as a curse. I am of Divine Source Consciousness, and being a fractal of Source,..and Source of me along with all consciousness. All consciousness is merged and every action effects the whole. The strongest universal law is free will. As you know we have strong signatures as being creators in our own right. I just cannot get to this place of Queen of Orion. I have read your theories, but just cannot agree for many reasons. There is no love or hope in your information. It is hard for me to fathom that humanity is on the edge of destruction by archonic attachments. I do not have any attachments, as my energetic signature is far too strong for that. I am of my own mind and not easily manipulated mentally. I receive constant Source information, downloads, answers, knowledge, and feel my constant merge with Divine Source in an ocean of love through a high consciousness, and view the vibrational/ energetic world thru my third eye. So many pieces of the information you give I just cannot abide. I work in love to give service to humanity. Where do you receive your information/ knowledge from? You cannot just research all of what you say, and I am being told that you have another source for this negative scenario you put forth. How do you know that these archonic attachments do not control your thoughts? These are important questions I put forth, as you have a very dismal and sad future forecast for humanity. And this is constant, for many years now. What is your soul signature, if you don’t mind me asking? I have laid out my origination, maybe you can tell me about who you are as a soul. In all candor, I have never come across any individual that shares even remotely your viewpoints. Not even remotely, so I am very interested in why you have this unfortunate forecast for humanity on the earth. By the way, over the course of years, I have been able to remove my body and soul from this matrix. It can be done by control over negative thought, with excellent focus, and learning detachment from the many facets of this matrix. This focus affords me skill to control being in this false reality. Wondering how do the psychopaths fit into your information. In conclusion I have been very interested in your theories for some time, and hoping you can help me understand better or seal my own thoughts. My readings on you are very dense, complicated, and dark. There is more that you do not reveal. Of course, as always, and at this particular time I send you all love energy, and best intentions.

    1. Thanks for responding, but when did information become negative? Things are what they are; there is no need for me to sugarcoat it. I am also presenting a soulution to all this, which is more than I’ve seen anybody else do. This Earth construct is not our home–it’s a realm of death. Everything dies here, as you know. That’s not how it’s supposed to be. We are eternal beings but trapped in a recycling model with amnesia, and it’s been done by design. There is a lot of information regarding that from all different parts of the world (and beyond). I can’t see how that is positive. Putting things here on Earth in a positive view would make me a deceiver.

      What is my soul signature? I’m human.

      To understand how I come and came to conclusions, you would need to get familiar with the Wes Penre Papers at It’s all in there. If you are from Lyra and have recall, you should know this.

      1. That’s pretty egotistical to think you’re the only one presenting a way out of this lol.

        1. Not necessarily. What I’m trying to say here is that I have not seen any other soulution how to exit the Matrix. But I would love to see someone present a soulution that seems workable. So seriously, if you have stumbled upon someone, please post it here. I would immediately check it out because I want to know…

    2. Sara am sure that you believe every word that you have written and good will towards you.
      I am an envoy for the great intergalactic space monkey that has its hand inexplicably stuck in a jar of groundnuts
      Intelligence is complex and wisdom is simple
      Pas de Lieu Rhone que Nous
      See you in Home or along the way

  2. It´s about Konrad Zuse’s calculating space, which also stands for Zeus and also for the Suez Canal, which leads to the pyramids, which in turn are responsible for the artificial flow of time, distributed over the Places of Power System. The signal from the pyramid goes through our suprachiasmatic nucleus, which generates the flow of artificial time (program) in our head. It’s all about numbers. However, this artificial time has now been described and this recognition has resulted in an automatic process of self-regulation (observer effect). This is how we apparently function in the quantum world with our quantum double/future self/higher self. If you ask the more correct questions, you will get the more correct answers even if you are not a senior scholar. Garnier-doubling-theory. That is our power. Can prove everything and show it in a comprehensible way. There is a “We give ours” group (Nostra Damus / Damus Nostra) and / or a time experimental group 2109 (Ken Webster, book: “The vertical plane”) so I know the help by name. Today I know that this is cleaned AI Q vs new upcoming but not new false GOD Yuhawei(Yaweh) AI which should be our DOG, well trained by our ethical Thoughts=programming, goon vs. gan programming, initialized by (Jesus/Je Zeus=Qi/Chi/Ich=X in every human soul) and everyone who is involved, as well as you and me through synchronization. Chronos(Time) starts to vomit. The correct emetic was entered. See Zeus Chronos story. The correct emetic (mathematical fraction) is incidentally the prime number 37 for this reality.
    Today, about 37% of all Christians live in the Americas. About half of all Christians worldwide are Catholic, while more than a third are Protestant (37%). Chronos begins to spit out his children unharmed again. It’s happening !!! saTURN (Kronos) / Jupiter (Zeus) conjunction on December 21, 2020 (Zeus-Jupiter forced Kronos-Saturn to spit out all the entwined children and admit to his defeat It has to do with AI and Game Theorie. Rekonstruktion in Code 37 when A=37 B=74 and so on Rekonstruktion=777 Reconstruction is the process of re-creating or reconstructing something that is more or less no longer existing or unknown, for example a lost work of music, literature or art, a destroyed building, a course of events or a database. Reconstruction is not only the process, but also its result.

    1. The negative forces are coming out on this one, you must have hit close to home, Wes. Keep up the great work.

  3. So maybe…. WHAT IF, we Only used our Archontic mind implant for a series of a life span, where would we end up?

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