Video 303: Q&A Session #100

By Wes Penre, May 27, 2022

Questions in this Session:

QUESTION 1: I still believe the Wes Penre Papers [WPP] are the closest to the truth my heart has ever felt; so, thank you for all your work.

If someone is not vaccinated and forced to have a blood transfusion for their health, assuming the blood had vaccination, does that mean my spirit is doomed and now I can be controlled by the archons and unwillingly stuck in the singularity. I have been so sad since being given the transfusion; I told the doctors I preferred death. My family and the doctors told me to get the transfusion. I feel so betrayed, and can I still go through the grid into Orion upon the end of my life span, with someone else’s blood flowing inside me?

QUESTION 2: I recently saw a very gifted healer, at least I felt something powerful during my session, which has lingered in a positive way for me. She was aware of the false light at death and agreed it’s a reincarnation trap. I told her about your work and going through the grid to Orion at death. She said meditate on going to the void and or go to the void in meditation while here in this 3D world and when we die, we will automatically go there and once there we will be creator gods. She also said, which others have said, that Orion is where the bad guys Enki and Marduk, who are Reptilians, are from, and Orion is basically the bad guy place filled with bad Reptilians. So, I am asking, why do so many people say this about Orion being the home of bad Reptilians? She is very close in her thinking to what you talk about, but not on the part of going to Orion,. but definitely not going into the light 100%.

QUESTION 3: Some people think there is something up with Elon Musk, and one person even went so far as to say that Elon Musk is Enki in his most current incarnation. I don’t think this is the case, but I do believe Elon Musk has Enki’s blood flowing through his veins. So, what do you think? It is being said that Elon is a covert narcissist and extremely egotistical. I know you mentioned in the WPP that there are a number of assailants claiming that they can house the soul/spirit/mind of Enki/Yaldabaoth and Ereshkigal respectively, so what do you think about his incarnation in current times?

QUESTION 4: Doing research or as a researcher, you are bound to come across “The Dulce Wars.” Are there any solutions, plans or efforts to rescue these poor men women and children being held captive at Dulce Base to this very day? I have a memory swipe, but I have this feeling that this has all happened before on Tiamat/Earth 13,000 years ago and further back. It’s as if history is repeating itself. Can this be chocked up as a very sad situation in which nothing can be done?

QUESTION 5: According to one of your emails with Jarl Vidar in the first level of learning, Jarl claimed that Tolkien was granted access to visit the inner earth. Do you still think this is true?

After all, it is interesting that Tolkien named his world “Middle Earth.”

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  1. I believe DULCE BATTLE happened….the base exists for many decades now…Dr Scneider wasn’t the only storyteller….There are martyries from a captain of US army who combat alien with his team….i have stuff of this somewhere which i can find if someone wants to….

    1. It might very well be true what Schneider experienced with the “aliens,” but if he also was MK ULTRA (which might or might not be true), I become suspicious. I am open for both alternatives until something is proven. There are many species living underground, being terrestrials, not extraterrestrials, from earlier “experiments,” and some of them are remnants from the Tiamat war.

  2. I owe Wes a lot and think he is genuine, but I think he is being misslead concrning Orion. I allso wonder why he is always emphasizing on going to Orioñ, wheras it would definitly work faaaar more better saying automatically wil we be going to the right is wrong to mention the name of any destination, cuz its biasing.

    1. Yes, I can certainly see your point, Anonymous. But many people think of Orion as the Orion Constellation we see in the sky. It’s not the same thing. Orion is the “Greater Universe,” i.e., the real Universe outside the Matrix. So, we have two choices; we can stay here in the Matrix, or we can go to Orion, aka the Universe outside the Matrix, which is the only Universe we have access to.

      We can of course think ourselves to the “right place,” but as a soul, you can’t leave the Kenoma/Matrix without first exiting through the Grid because this is a closed system.

      1. We can leave the Matrix to the real universe through our heart. The Heart of the SPIRITED humans is the direct gatway . This is the point in being spirited. However, you have the choice to experience the journey through the Patrix, as you correctly call it, like many unwillingly deseased young spirits do, since they didn’t finish their work here on earth choose to combat on the fourth dimension to help.

  3. I have a question, being intimate with the vaccinated, have you said to avoid this? Or, are you uncertain about it?

    These vaccinated people are making our food, making our products etc. It seems unavoidable being in contact with them. I treat it as the aids virus and it’s not advised to have blood to blood transfer. This can happen during sex, not all the time though.

    Vaccinated, donated blood now would be contaminated. And vaxxed, or unvaxxed, you never know who has mixed blood. Very trying times here, especially if you want a partner.

    My heart says to show the vaxxed respect and not treat them as lepers. I don’t believe in shedding, like I said, I treat this as aids and being friends with them and hugging them is fine. Just no blood to blood transfer, I think.

    Any of your thoughts on this Wes, I’m interested in.

    1. I haven’t said not to be intimate with someone who is vaxxed, but I do think it’s plausible that it would not be a good thing.

      I am against coming down on vaxxers, too. We humans are just very deceived, and many people have not woken to that yet, and with that in mind, it makes sense for them to take the vacc.

      Definitely no blood transfusions! I agree!

      1. Thanks Wes!

        We’ll be Christ-like. We have to love these people too. But from a healthy distance. This really is a war on love, it seems.

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