New Video Posted on Bitchute!

By Wes Penre, June 24, 2022

New Q&A video posted on Bitchute:

After YouTube terminated my account yesterday, I decided to make Bitchute my main outlet for videos. My default account is .

I will most likely also post the same videos on Odysee:

Please subscribe to one or both, and don’t forget to hit the notification bells.

This blog will mostly be for announcements, articles, and essays, while videos will be posted on the above two channels, unless I get back here with updates regarding this.

In general, I will not announce here anymore when I post new videos, so if you want to follow me, please do so on Bitchute and/or Odysee.

Thank you very much, and sorry for the inconvenience!

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  1. Hi Wes yes Odysee/lbry is a good place to post it is truly decentralized and true blockchain. When I post my stuff there I look at it as being the truth buried deep into the system where bits and pieces are everywhere, and only certain code can get it back. But even if you delete a video it’ll always be there so who knows maybe this is how we post Gnostic information in the modern day into the future wherever that may lead us.

  2. Hello. If you no longer post your videos here on this site, where do I get PDF transcript files from? Or will you have paid access to the transcript?

    1. @Migail The transcripts are/will still be available for free, but the will from now on be on my Discourse forum at All you need to do is to register there for free and you can download any and all transcripts you want, also for free. I will also make a blog post about this here on this blog.

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