My YouTube Channel has been Terminated!

By Wes Penre, June 23, 2022

YouTube terminated my YouTube account this morning, after I posted the video about the different ET races within our Matrix. Interestingly enough, on that entire YT channel, I never once mentioned Covid and vaccines! The rope is tightening, folks!

Because of this, I also lost all my subscriptions to other people’s channels of interest, and the “watch later” list, etc. Now, I need to sign up to YouTube with a new account to be able to use their services or even watch YouTube.

We’re back to using this video blog and Bitchute from now on. I will repost here the newer videos I posted on YouTube the last month or so. I bet it’s just a matter of time before this blog is taken down, too. Oh well, then we have Bitchute left… They’re coming after us, and that’s not paranoia.

All I posted on the YouTube channel was from the Wes Penre Papers (WPP) info and an expansion of them (updates). This was apparently too much for YouTube to handle.

Please keep being subscribed to this blog and to Bitchute at .

Thank you for your support!

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    1. Yes please set up account on Telegram and than Pod bean ! You can download on podbean! Aloha and thank you!

      1. Hi Jeff. I used to have Telegram, but I found out that they, like the rest of the Elite Cult Enterprises, are going to instigate censorship against mis- and disinformation. That’s when I started my forum, which is very active and interesting, IMO. You can sign up for free, and still have access to more than half of all the topics: .

    1. Many can’t be reached anymore, because you can’t use Telegram without a smartphone, so people like me have no access to Telegram!

  1. Hey Wes,

    I’m not surprised… Rumble is a great platform as well and growing steadily, worth considering, lots of freedom there and the server is always up!

  2. “Deceptive practices”? Haha. They know people are awakening and they’re starting to panic.

  3. Obama personally removed all of my blogs from the internet in 2010. YouTube deleted 25 of my videos since the Coronahoax started. I was permanently banned from Twitter and am currently banned again from Facebook for speaking the truth about the Federal Reserve. Trump told us he supports taking away freedom of speech when he allowed Zuckerberg and Dorsey to stay alive after they showed themselves to be Domestic Enemies which gave Trump the option to execute them. He did nothing .
    We won’t have freedom of speech unless we unite and fire the whole damn government.

  4. I’m very sorry for this WES!!! Bitchute is the best platform for now for me…..

  5. I would definitely try Rumble, when YouTube started deleting all channels speaking truth, most moved there. They only censor anything that is not lawful. They are growing and from the looks of it could eventually overtake YouTube as people are tired of the constant censorship.

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