The World of Spirit and Spirits (an entirely new slant on spirituality)

by Adriaan de Rijk

Update November 16, 2023

Adriaan de Rijk’s e-book has had a major update. I have read it, and I couldn’t put it down! It is amazing how well and intriguing he has concluded very complicated spiritual questions we all have and managed to convey them to us, the readers, in a very comprehensible form. It’s brilliant, and I have not words enough to tell you how important this book is for a person on a spiritual path. Enjoy, my friends, and start reading. You will certainly not regret it. Here is the link where you can download the PDF for free:
Wes Penre

I wrote the following comment to his first edition, which was very different from the new update, in which he has expanded his philosophy exponentially. Note that I am saying that, keeping in mind that even the first version was good.

This e-book is written by a dear friend of mine, who is also an inspiring philosopher, Patron, and forum member, enriching our community with his profound thoughts and discussions. I am proud to present his latest e-book here on my blog. In this book, he discusses, among other things, the term “Spirit” and what it might entail. Of course, when it comes to subjects like this, there are no definitive answers, but I think you agree with me that when you are reading this 76-page book, you will be greatly inspired and start pondering this subject; perhaps in ways you have never done before. Adriaan de Rijk also touches on other subjects, related to the main topic, and it all connects. I suggest everybody reads this book to expand their consciousness and awareness. It’s something in it for all free-thinkers, I believe…
— Wes Penre, September 12, 2022

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