Q&A Session #3, January 2023

By Wes Penre, January 24, 2023

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First of all, a huge thank-you to those who have written reviews on Amazon.com on The ORION Book, https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0BRLXB8Y3. This helps A LOT when it comes to promoting the book, as it climbs up the list of books in the same genre; and more people can get hold of the information. So, you who read the book, please leave a review—it contributes a lot to distributing it!

Second, thank you also for the questions you’re sending in to Q&As! Please continue that trend, too, and send them to wespenre2@gmail.com, and put Q&A in the subject line.

QUESTION 1: Alex Collier discussed the Orion group as a negative group.  Perhaps there are multiple, good and bad Orions?

Your teachings say to go to the Queen in the Orion group.  Can you clarify this for me?

Also, Elena Dannan has said she has met Enki.  She says Enki is a good guy(?) Has anything changed with Enki, or just another manifestation or illusion, delusion?

Lastly, Gigi Young is a very good esoteric teacher.  She suggests that we Humans are here from millions of years of evolution of our souls.  No ET manipulation has occurred per se.  Take a look at here Mars mystery series.

COMMENT: There is a huge misunderstanding when it comes to the so-called “Orion Group.” I clear up this misunderstanding in depth in the first chapter of my new “The ORION Book.” If you go to Amazon.com, you can read a preview of the book by clicking on the cover. Almost the entire chapter regarding the Orion Group is included in the preview, so there you can read a lot about it and where it comes from. Just browse to: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0BRLXB8Y3. In short, the Overlords, aka the Sirians, En.ki, and all the rest of the Invaders, come from Orion because Orion is merely another name for the Universe, so of course they come from Orion. And the “Orion Group” is just another term for these renegade criminals. Understandably, people confuse Orion with the Orion Group.

So, in summary, I disagree with these people you mentioned. If they believe in what they say, that is their experience that they are entitled to.

QUESTION 2: I have been reading and viewing your library of videos and Q&As, and I have a question about the Orion Queen.

It was my understanding that the Orion Queen was not the Mother of the universe and that the Mother of the universe (Sophia) comes from Sirius. The Orion Queen, I was told, was a dark energy and setting herself up as the benevolent goddess was an inverse and a manipulation of the truth to fool and ensnare us to her and the hive mind she controls.

Would you please comment on this.

Also, the email address you listed on your Q&A Session #2 was written with a typo.

COMMENT: There are much mis- and disinformation out there, and information based on people’s best guesses. I consider myself having provided enough evidence in my research for that Sophia is the Mother of the Universe (see the Wes Penre Papers at wespenre.com, wespenrevideos.com, and various books I’ve published at amazon.com). For those who want all this information compressed and expanded upon in one place, please read “The Orion Book.”

So no, she is not coming from Sirius. Is she dark energy? In a way, but dark energy is not evil energy. It’s the Spirit Universe. In this Matrix, everything is reversed to prevent us from finding the truth. Here En.ki is the self-proclaimed God, when in fact, he is an imposter (see Yaldabaoth, Yehovah, Allah, and all other masculine Gods in different religion I write about in the Wes Penre Papers and elsewhere. Unwittingly, they are all worshipping the same imposter).

Sophia is Spirit, who created the Universe (Orion). Then she manifested Herself into Her own Creation and became the Mother Goddess, the Orion Queen, the Queen of the Stars, Ninhursag, Queen Nin, etc. She goes under many different titles.

Thanks for pointing out the misspelling! My typing is not always the best. I am fast but not very accurate in my typing.

QUESTION 3: I was reading the Orion book and came across the Lacerta interview. I read it and also believe that it is genuine and true. However, it made me feel very odd and strange. The fact that these beings call us a “simple mind” is hurtful to say the least. I understand their point of view and respect them, but I do wonder if they’re ignorant just like us, maybe not as much, but still ignorant. They seem to worship the Serpent, which is En.ki’s symbol, isn’t it? And their account on the Titan war (the dinosaur extinction) seems to be misleading. Why did the woman, Lacerta, say that the humanoid aliens came to mine us? I thought that she meant the Queen’s Helpers, the Orions? And she also spoke about an upcoming war which they’ll play a part in. Should we be worried? Also, why are these beings always so hostile towards us? They call us names, especially when they seem to say that we’re weak, and also other ones, and always seem to prefer the logical mind over the heart. Is it a lack of Spirit? They also seem not to understand, or know, about the death trap and amnesia that we get, or even that the “hostile aliens”, as she calls them, use us for our Spirit energy. Or is it my human selfishness thinking that way and feeling hurt?

COMMENT: Well, these are good observations. Of course, I can’t swear by that the Lacerta files are true. I have found most interviews and narratives like that being fake, but these files resonate with me, and also correspond to a large degree with my own research. If they are real, this reptilian woman is one of the so-called Reptoid I wrote about in the Wes Penre Papers. They are one of En.ki’s early experiments before he decided for homo sapiens. Once En.ki chose homo sapiens to represent the body type of choice, the Reptoids were forced underground. This happened many thousands and thousands of years before this particular Matrix was created, around 9.600 years ago, after Noah’s Flood. Since they were discarded, the Reptoids have held grudges both toward their God (En.ki) and to us because they consider themselves being the firstborns, and therefore should inhabit the surface—not humans. They are not dangerous to us, but they don’t like us very much, either. People have sometimes spotted them on the surface, coming up from caves and underground tunnels, and reported on it.

The Reptoids are at least as ignorant as we are. They probably inhabit human souls and spirit, just like we do, but they are also restricted by amnesia and from having been manipulated, having their own belief systems. They most likely have spirit bodies, too, like we do, because they are possibly part of the human soul group but in different bodies. They are just disconnected from their spirit bodies, like most humans are.

There will most likely be a war of great proportions in the future, but if and how the Reptoids will take part, I don’t know.

The serpent is said to be En.ki’s symbols (that of the Devil)—particularly in Christian religion, but originally the Serpent is the symbol of Wisdom, and who represents wisdom? Sophia means Wisdom. Like so many other things, the serpent was inverted and came to represent evil.

QUESTION 4: What is your take on Soulmates?  Is that another New Age hocus pocus?  Are Soulmates part of a soul frequency of like attracts like?

COMMENT: To understand soulmates better, I think we need to address quantum mechanics. There, quantum entanglement is discussed. In short, and in layman’s terms, it’s when we wish for something very intensively. Let’s say you want a partner with certain soul-mind qualities, but you have not found that person. So, you start thinking about a person like that very vividly, and your thoughts start vibrating on that frequency. Sooner or later, the Universe will give you what you wish for, and “magically” you pull in a person on that frequency.

Here is a scientific video on the subject, but it’s fairly easy to understand: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ICYtA8f6bIs&t=655s.

Twin Flames could theoretically be explained similarly, but the term Twin Flames is so New Agey and distorted that I do not want to use that term to explain anything. The different ways Twin Flames are discussed, it’s a trap and is more like trauma bonding.

QUESTION 5: Is the esoteric Ring Pass Not the same as the Grid you talk about, or is it something else?

I have read that to get past the Ring Pass Not, one needs a certain level of vibration and enlightenment which sounds a bit similar to how to you describe exiting the Grid.

More clarification on this please.

COMMENT: The “Ring Pass Not” is a concept brought forth by the Theosophical Society, and particularly by Mme. Blavatsky, as the barrier between Ignorance and Gnosis, or better yet, between Matter and Spirit. Blavatsky was still talking about ascension within the Matrix (En.ki’s “Heavens”), but regardless, she was correct: The Ring Pass Not should be the same as the Grid I’m writing and talking about. For more information about the Ring Pass Not, see the Theosophists own Wikipedia entry: https://theosophy.wiki/en/Ring_Pass-Not.

QUESTION 6: Quantum physicists say that we live in a holographic universe (and I also think so). We decode electromagnetic waves (in a part of our brain), and project them out as our physical reality.

So, when the photons are observed, then they become physical fragments; when they are not (observed), they remain as waves.

How then, when we sleep and don’t observe, the bed is still under us and if we walk with closed eyes in the room, we’ll also crash in the solid subjects and the wall? Even a blind person from birth touches all solidity around him or her.

Is that because we (all people here) decode this waves in the same reality or what?

COMMENT: This is very good thinking! Very few people seem to have asked themselves this question. I don’t claim to have the optimal answer to this, but here is at least how I see it, and if someone who reads this knows better, please let us know in the comment section:

We have an individual mind that is unique to ourselves, with which we create our own reality. Then, there is the collective mind, which by some is called the Unconscious Mind. This is, in my research, called the mass consciousness, or the human soul group’s collective mind. If you close your eyes and start walking, you will bump into things because they are already created in this density. We obviously don’t need to personally observe objects with our eyes in order to bump into them. However, if you look straight forward, you might know there is a table behind you, although you can’t see it. It is still there, but when you don’t focus your energy on it, it produces much less energy—it’s an object at rest. If you turn around, you see it, and it accumulates energy and starts vibrating within the spectrum of visible light that you can perceive in the Matrix. Perhaps the objects that are not observed only exist mirrored in the astral, of which our dense 3D is just a more solid projection. It’s like dark and light energy. You light something up, and it becomes visible in the spectrum of visible light, which is what energizes this Matrix. But when no one has attention on the object, it remains at rest and becomes dark energy.

Like Dr. Tom Campbell said, if everything would be energized all the time in this Matrix, it would waste a lot of useful energy. When En.ki created this construct, he did so with the help of mathematics and technology. He knew energy in a closed construct like this is limited. Thus, he needed to adhere to that.

QUESTION 7: How is Spirit attached to the soul? Is it also in every nano-fire of the soul, like is every nano-fire in the cells of the body? And if we have every life-time different soul, composed from the different splits of souls, can the Overlords attach our Spirit in any kind of soul they composed in BLA?

I’m just interested; in anyway I’ll leave this Matrix this lifetime.

COMMENT: Yes, Spirit is attached to the soul, or rather, I would say the other way around. We have a spirit body, which is the Namlu’u body we used in the KHAA when we lived on Tiamat. Tiamat was not a physical planet, but was created without technology in the KHAA/ether/the Spirit Universe without technology and with the Mind only. The Queen created us as a 3-Unit Composite (3-UC), i.e., soul-mind-spirit body. The soul consists of trillions of small fires that make up the mind, and the spirit body is pure spirit energy. Yes, even Spirit is energy—at least, in our Universe (Orion) it is energized. So, in order to be human, we need to have all these three components—we are the only soul group in the Universe who has a spirit body attached. Thus, we were creator gods from “birth.”

How, exactly, it is attached, I don’t know. That’s Orion stuff, which we humans probably can’t grasp in our current state. If you like, you can think of it as a round piece of clay, comprising soul, mind, and spirit embedded into one unit, and that makes up an Avatar, which can stay stationary on a planet or a star, but also nanotravel freely through the Universe with spirit body intact. What En.ki did, we could say, was to encapsulate soul/mind/spirit body “inside” a coverall, which would be our homo sapiens sapiens body. Now, humans think this is our real body, when it’s anything but.

So, because of amnesia and the thick density here on Earth, we are more of less disconnected from our Higher Self, which is our spirit body, and not an “Oversoul.” The term Oversoul, in my opinion, should be replaced with spirit body. There is Spirit in all human soul fires, so regardless of how many times they split us, Spirit is still attached. Thus, you can eventually retrieve all your soul splinters across the lines of times because they all belong to your spirit body, if they are all your soul splinters.

This is just a brief discussion. Please see The ORION Book for more details about this and much, much more…

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  1. Great question number 6 whoever posted that as well as answer Wes. It came to me from somewhere maybe Spirit that this might be connected to the double slit experiment where they proved light is a function of both wave and particle. Maybe that’s somehow interacts with our brain which is connected to the mind actually the brain in the mind as you put it, to alter the energy in observable physical objects in the 3D realm? Food for thought.
    But I like to say I got your Orion book Wes great job man it really clarifies a lot of things from over the years. I have one question about our spirit bodies though and connection to Spirit. I understand using things that are already existing here for example if you play the guitar and even learning other people’s songs like a paint by number deal. But when you create out of thin air like a new song or lyrics I believe that is what we connect to in spirit like you say so does that mean there’s other soul- mind complexs here that can never connect to that even as hard as they try? Thanks man and again good job this book needs to get to everybody!

  2. Wes, maybe you thought that unobserved objects,( if we look forward), remains at rest and become dark matter instead of dark energy. You wrote this right before you mentioned Dr. Tom Campbell; question 6. If I look forward and not pay attention to what is behind me, I still touch a solid chair, for example.

    And to Anon: yes, it has to do with the double slit experiment.
    Love & peace

  3. Yes thanks Shine, I can intuitively feel how it all works connected to the double slit but I just can’t grasp the whole thing at this point, definitely have something to do with the use of energy. But to maybe answer my own question about connection to Spirit with creativity, I believe true Love has to be involved in true creation maybe that’s what helps us really meet Spirit in this construct, of course that’s if you can connect to Spirit. It could be Agape love or Aeros love or philos love but love has to be involved.

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