Orion Q&A Session #19

By Wes Penre, June 20, 2023

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Spanish and Germans translations by Adela Kaufmann
Russian translation by “Dimslav”

Welcome to Q&A Session #19! Thanks for the questions this week, and please send more at wespenre2@gmail.com, and put Q&A in the subject line. If you haven’t already read The ORION Book, upon which these questions are based, you can pick it up at Amazon.com: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0BRLXB8Y3. Now to the questions:

Question 1: Are there many queens in the empire?

Comment: There is only one original Queen, which is the manifestation of the Aeon, Sophia. But after the war with the Khan Kings from Sirius, and as a part of the peace agreement between Orion and Sirius, the Queen put one of her daughters in each of the worlds in the Sirius System. They would be princesses, as we might look at it, but in Sirius they are queens.

Question 2: I have a question about our memories. The entities in the astral use our memories as sustenance and put us back in life with amnesia. When we die and manage to escape this construct, our memories return… how is that so? Have they not consumed our memories? How can they be returned?

Comment: The memories don’t disappear—they are only hidden from us. Everything that happens in the Universe is “recorded.” Normally, after we die, we go to the Between Lives Area (BLA), and while in the astral we get a “memory wipe,” which only means we don’t remember our previous life anymore. If we want to use an analogy, think about your life in this lifetime from when you were born until today. You will remember many things, but there are also many other things you don’t remember, regardless of how hard you try. This doesn’t mean the memories are gone. They can be retrieved with regression therapy or hypnosis, for example. We forget because of trauma and density.

Our souls are split in the BLA with technology, but even though they create a new avatar for us that has a “clean slate,” that avatar is not the real person. The real person is the soul-mind-spirit body (the 3-UC) who invests their consciousness in the Matrix, similar to the Matrix movies. The 3-UC is who is having the true experience on a higher level—what we used to call Oversoul. It’s the 3-UC who invests its consciousness in an astral body (avatar) and further into a sapiens body, where the fires connect with the human blood cells.

Question 3: So often, I’ll see people referencing the Christian religion and claiming God brought them a miracle. For example, I saw this woman talking about how she earned 6 figures from her online business in a month and that she owes much of her success to her relationship with God. She claims she asked him for a blessing, and he delivered. Is it true that God/En.ki can grant blessings to those who worship him, or is this just an illusion, and are we actually tapping into Source when these “miracles” happen?

Comment: It’s always interesting to see and hear how people set intentions and get things done, but they don’t take credit for their own creations. Instead, they give credit to God, or whomever they believe in. I’m sure En.ki is grateful for the soul energy he can feed from this. People tend to give their power away, thinking they themselves are powerless.

En.ki doesn’t give people blessings like that. It doesn’t mean he doesn’t help people sometimes, but only if it aligns with his own agenda. He doesn’t randomly bless or reward people. To be blunt, he couldn’t care less about a woman who makes 6 figures.

Question 4: Will The Book of Orion be translated into other languages​​? German? Bosnian?

Comment: I am working with a translator, whose name is Adela Kaufmann, on a regular basis, so it is possible that The ORION Book volume 2 will be available in Spanish and German, and possibly Russian by another translator. But nothing is set in stone yet. These three languages will most likely be the first.

Question 5: This may be a long and odd question, but I always wanted to ask this, and it took me a long time to formulate it. When I was a child, about 4 years old, I went to take a walk with my beloved and late grandmother near the lake of our town. It was a clear day, and in the sky, in the left direction, I saw a round object about the size of a small plate used for cakes. It was brown, appeared rusted and its round center was also brown but darker in color. In all my research, I’ve never seen a UFO like this; it didn’t look like one, but it just stayed there. You all might think that I imagined this as a child. But I swear that I didn’t. I even pointed at it for my grandmother to see. In all honesty, it looked like a rock, but rocks don’t stay glued to the sky. So, what could it have been? It wasn’t an airplane either. Which leads me to another question.

This event set me on a journey of discovery and led me to your research. It’s hard for me to formulate this question, but I guess it’s something like this: It can’t be a coincidence that we all ended up with your research and the truth while others never find your material and get stuck in the new age teachings of “Anunnaki”, “spirit guides” and other things, can it? But how come this is allowed in this matrix of a controlling narcissist?  Ever since I saw that thing in the sky and became obsessed with the ancient world, especially Babylon at 9 and later on, conspiracy theories, I have searched for the truth but always sensed deceit in all the other research. I too once believed in the Anunnaki, then thought that En.ki was the good guy and En.lil the evil one, but then one day, somehow, I found your papers and it was like a light of freedom had descended on me. This sounds weird but it’s true. But how did it happen in this closed-off matrix? I apologize for the long question, but it wanted to be written for a long time now.

Comment: I must say I have no idea what it was you saw in the sky that day. Whatever it was, it had an immense impact on you, which is understandable. It could have been something that was bleeding through from another dimension or density. I don’t believe in coincidences; one thing always leads to another. In your case, it led to the WPP.

Because it was your personal experience, I should probably not even attempt a guess, but I will, and I want to emphasize it’s just a guess. This is what I think happened: You saw something, whatever it was, and that led to that you started investigating, trying to find an answer. You started in one end, but what you found there did not resonate, so you continued until you found my papers. Then you had discovered something that resonated with you. We are always drawn toward what is within our own frequency range, and obviously, you vibrated, and vibrate, with the information in the papers. That’s where you found answers to things.

There could be another reason you saw the rock in the sky, but to me, the above seems most likely, following the philosophy of Occam’s Razor, and the fact that energy follows the path of the least resistance.

The Overlords allow this to happen because they don’t care about individuals, in general—only the soul group as a whole. They might be bothered if what we’re doing is directly interfering with their agenda.

Question 6: This may seem like a strange question, but I need to ask it.  I may not be going out all over town, nor am I the most social butterfly, but in the places I frequent, I rarely, if at all, see pregnant women anymore.  It made me realize once and for all…we are indeed in the beginnings of the Singularity.  What are your thoughts, Wes?

Comment: Fewer women have children today than before, and that is for different reasons. It’s been discussed even in mainstream media that both women and men have become less fertile the last few years. I would strongly argue that this has to do with nanotechnology spread through the air, put in medicine, and in food, to name a few places. And because of the plandemonic event recently, we also got them from injections, which also alter people’s DNA. There is an agenda to make people infertile. The next generation or so will not be able to procreate, and all children will be created in laboratories—this has already started. These babies will be cyborgs, just like I, and others, have discussed for years is going to happen. Now it’s happening. These cyborg babies are then going to be hosted by human 3-UCs (soul-mind-spirit body), and thus become “immortal,” as Dr. Ray Kurzweil from Silicon valley talked about already 20 years ago.

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