Q&A Session #2, September 2023

by Wes Penre, September 12, 2023

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Translated by Adela Kaufmann in Spanish and German:
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Here is a new Q&A. Thank you for your questions! Please send more to wespenre2@gmail.com, and put Q&A in the subject line, so I won’t miss your email.

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Now to this week’s questions:

Question #1: Is Isis somewhere on earth? What role will it play in the future? If she becomes a leader, she ultimately also has ambitions for Orion’s throne, right? Or will she emerge as Queen of Earth without changing patriarchy? Thank you very much.

Comment: No one seems to know where Isis is, and many people are asking. It seems there are many who care about her whereabouts and if she’s safe. I couldn’t tell you. All I know is that the last I heard was that she is still on Earth, but have held a low profile for many centuries, apparently.

Isis does not have ambitions for the Throne of Orion, from what I understand. She is an aspect of the Mother Goddess, you could say, and in order to take the Throne of Orion as her own, she must overthrow Queen Sophia, which I doubt will happen in Isis’ case. But the Throne of Orion is also the Throne of Khan En.lil, and it’s that throne that is inherited—currently by Prince En.lil, aka Ninurta, if something happens to Khan En.lil.

Question #2: What do you think about Islam, Allah, Muhammad, and the Quran in general? Do you think Islam has a lot of “truths” in it?

Comment: Like all other world religions, it’s En.ki’s making. If we follow any of these religions, we follow the “god” En.ki, who does not have our best interests in mind. If we follow any religion or cult at all, it’s either En.ki’s group of people, or it’s Marduk’s. I know of no practiced religion or cult on Earth today that is not En.ki’s or Marduk’s work. Sometimes, they invented it, and other times humans did to praise their God, which tend to be the same “God” regardless of faith. Is there some truth in any of them? Yes. If there wasn’t any truth in them, no one would care to follow them. But the manipulation exceeds the grains of truth manyfold. Even the grains of truth are usually twisted to point toward En.ki and Marduk.  

Question #3: I am rereading the WPP. In level 4 you make a really strong argument that En.ki was disliked by the Queen’s Orion. And that he already had performed Lucifer’s rebellion, as well as the war in Sirius against KHAN EN.LIL, in trying to free his rebels that were in prison there. But then in Orion book volume 2, you state that he was here working on the living library when the Titan war was started with Marduk leading. I find it hard to believe that anybody would trust him to be anywhere near this solar system at that time. Can you please elaborate? Thanks.

Comment: I have reinvestigated Lucifer’s Rebellion again quite recently, and unfortunately, it is way too much to go into here in a Q&A. However, if you read both my “The ORION Book” volume 1 and 2, I go into this in detail, and I think I now have the timeline correct, and what was actually happening at the creation of Tiamat. Go to amazon.com and type Wes Penre into their search engine, and you’ll find the books there in hardcover, paperback, and on Kindle, as another reminder for everybody. It’s what is written in these books on the subject that I find most likely being correct. This means the Rebellion happened within the last 10,000 years, i.e., after En.ki/Lucifer created the Matrix. Thus, En.ki was still in good standing with Orion when the Queen created Tiamat.

Question #4: I would love your perspective on this one.  I know Michael Salla interviews Elena Danaan often. I honestly don’t know how I feel about her and the material. I find I have not been drawn to listen to her in-depth. […] But is Elana talking with Enki?

Comment: I went to the website to quickly check it out. I rarely have time to read articles or watch videos recommended by those who contribute to the Q&A, but if it’s a reasonably short endeavor, I might. However, when I checked out the link you gave me, I saw this headline: “VISITING PRINCE EA ON THE NIBIRU.” That was enough for me to stop reading because En.ki is not on “Nibiru,” he dwells in the ABZU, which is a “dimension,” if you will, that is lower than ours.

Also, trust your intuition. If something feels weird, or if you have a hard time keeping your interest, take that to heart. Is Elena lying? It is my experience that most people in her position are not consciously lying—they are just deceived by some astral entity portraying themselves as Jesus, En.ki, someone from Arcturus, or whomever. The astral is a very deceptive place.

Question #5: Since I stopped smoking marijuana, I had always thought it put a veil over my dreams because I could never remember them, but since I quit, I remember dreams vividly now. And one I have reoccurring that’s very real is I’m falling and falling either in a plane or an elevator or something, but I would always wake myself up before the final crash. And now I wonder if we die in our sleep, if that dream would continue and somehow, we’d end up in the astral. But the point is we will have to know that so we can react in the astral and know that we’re really dead and collect our thoughts in order to exit the Grid quickly. So, I think there will be a source of confusion we’re going to have to recover from quickly.

Comment: Unless our real physical death happens in a very unexpected way, the potential confusion should not last for long. We, who are aware of the astral, the recycling center, and the rest of it, should quickly be able to orient ourselves and focus on our task ASAP, which is to spot the Grid, think ourselves through a hole in the Grid, (e.g., “I am outside that hole in the Grid NOW!” or any command you see suit. Important is the NOW! at the end. That immediately sends you to your intended destination).

But even if we would be disoriented at first, and we end up in a place we don’t know where, it’s not a big deal. We just stop listening to anyone around you, or any telepathic communication in our mind. Then we re-focus and say something to the effect, “I am at a hole in the Grid NOW!” and we will move to there in a fraction of a second. Then we can execute the next command that I mentioned in the beginning of this comment.

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  1. My immediate sense, a good while ago, of Elena Danaan was that she’s a fraud, a fake, a deceiver and she’s a self-important actress. Sad to see Michael Salla so sucked into the phony theatre of Elena’s deception.

  2. Yes Isis is quite an enigma. She’s done a lot of bad but of course she was raped by En.ki. but she also has done a lot of good by stealing MEs ( Tablets of Destiny) and with them creating her own, what I would call, a pure bloodline, in honor of her father Archangel Michael. It seems to me that she disappeared after that, that would be a question to Wes as well. Maybe she is in redemption but I don’t think she wants to usurp the Queen of the Heavens. But who knows.

  3. In the beginning of the Orion book volume 2 Wes refers to Hermetic Law, these seven Principles refer to true Natural Law working throughout the universe. I would rather refer it this way rather than Hermes,/Thoth though, he may have brought it down to earth at some point. but It was the true initiates that found the Spiritual meaning and cast it before the general public (remember everything was stolen from the Queen). With CARE being the 8th principle which is the master key to all of them. Think about that. There’s a book called the Kybalion, this “little book” as the three initiates who wrote it refer to it as, is a masterpiece – I think I have seen it on Amazon actually but you could probably find a copy of it somewhere at this point. The goal being to finally de-occult this information and it’s Wisdom spread far and wide. It is worth truly a read and not only reading but to truly Understand it. It has helped me through my life after first reading it years ago. But I was glad to see it mentioned in volume two. Remember the overlords use these Principles against us so wouldn’t it be good to Know them?Then spread the In-Formation far and wide!

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