Q&A Session #1, September 2023

By Wes Penre, September 5, 2023

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Now to this week’s questions:

Question #1: Your current position on the tenets of the book Journey of the Souls by Michael Newton has changed from your position back in 2011, right? In re-reading [The Wes Penre Papers] Level One, I encountered a different point of view from today. Am I wrong?

What are your thoughts on the Guardians at the holes in the Grid preventing and even following those who manage to escape through them? There are many who agree and confirm your findings, which is great, but don’t remember you mentioning this particular point.

Thank you for all the work that goes into sharing these truths!

Comment: Dr. Newton’s work is a mixed bag. I truly believe he was serious about his work, but the astral can be a tricky place with lots of deceptions. It’s not that it is all false, IMO, but what really bugged me was that the space was filled with astral beings and/or spirit guides while the sessions were ongoing. These guys could easily transport mental image pictures into the subjects (Newton’s clients) that were not real to protect the darker secrets about the afterlife the Overlords don’t want us to know about. It is true that not everybody gets recycled right away after death. Some souls feel they need a break—a rest—and it appears those souls go to a “resting station,” which, like everything else in the astral, is a projection and not real (see Robert Monroe’s work, for instance). When we die, there are three different major things that may happen if we don’t exit through the Grid: 1) We go through the tunnel of light and get recycled, 2) If we feel too exhausted to go back into a new incarnation, we can get a break before we get recycled again, or 3) The “astral workers,” who manipulate us into being recycled, might decide it is time to ascend to another level of the Matrix, or these souls may be appointed as spirit guides, or “teachers,” i.e., a channeler for humans on Earth.

I have reasons to believe, in the light of the upcoming Singularity, that En.ki’s ascension program has been cancelled.

Whether or not there are any Guardians anymore, I don’t know, but I know there are so many holes in the Grid right now, including major tears, that it is impossible for the Guardians to guard them.

Question #2: My son had to undergo a full blood transfusion at 5 days old. How would this make effect … or, would it at all, considering he had those 5 days with his original blood?

Comment: It is quite common knowledge now that the soul, aka soul-fires, are in the blood cells. That’s where the soul attaches to the body—each cell being a soul-fire. If your son got a full transfusion, it is true that the blood he received comprised mixed soul-fires from different humans who donated blood. This means your son may have gotten the personality and experience of these people embedded into his new blood to some degree, but that is secondary. Primary is his own soul that is attached to his current body. That is the main personality from which he grows.

Question #3: About Enki and Enlil: I’m hearing mixed stories about those 2. Some say that Enki is benevolent, and Enlil is malevolent, or Enki is malevolent, and Enlil is benevolent. Enlil is also sometimes compared to Yahweh (or is Yahweh) and Enki is the person trying to save us humans or has a soft spot. What do you think of this? (I’m just beginning to read your First Leveling of Learning, so I might not be well informed yet).

Comment: I understand the confusion. It took me to about the middle of The Wes Penre Papers (WPP) until I realized we’ve been tricked. Our history is often dictated by the gods, aka the Overlords, and they had human scribes writing it down on stone tablets and papyrus, etc. It’s the gods’/the Overlords’ story, not necessarily ours. Because En.lil was not even on Earth when the records were written, it was En.ki who dictated it, and he wanted to put himself in a good light. En.ki, En.lil, and Yahweh are just titles, not names. If you work with wood, you might be a carpenter, which is a title. Then you switch jobs and become a blacksmith, and someone else takes over as the carpenter. That’s how it works. Yahweh, for example, was not one being, and that’s why he acts so schizophrenic. Yahweh was to begin with a title for the Queen of Orion and was then hijacked by En.ki and Marduk. At one brief moment, the title was also held by En.lil. But you are correct. You have not yet come to the point in the WPP where you can read about this in great detail. It starts in The Second Level of Learning and continues from there throughout the entire collection of papers.

Question #4: How does one go about being rid of the fear of death? It’s one thing to affirm it but to truly believe it in your heart of hearts is a whole different story.

Comment: This is something almost everybody has problems with. I think I can say this with certainty. First, it’s the fear of the unknown, and second, it’s the “death implant” we have inside us, put there by the Overlords. You can read more about this in Kerry Cassidy’s interview with James Mahu of the WingMakers. It’s not that we haven’t died before, so on a subconscious level, we know death, and what happens, but amnesia prevents access to that information, and we remain afraid.

The depth of the fear is fluctuating between individuals, of course, but even those who say they are fearless of death, I believe are not. To be brave, you must know fear, and it’s a matter of overriding the fear. That means a brave person is still fearful, but they override it to accomplish a courageous act. I don’t think we can completely overcome the fear of death, but we can learn to override it. The best way to do it is to educate ourselves, realizing that this physical body is a death trap, and death is actually life. It’s all inverted: Life is death, and death is life. The soul lives on—always. Our fears and our weaknesses are just illusions. It might sound too casual, but if you play a computer game, you control at least one avatar in the game. If you want to stop playing, you stop controlling the avatar (it dies, so to speak), and you, the player, withdraw your attention from the avatar and continue your daily life, and the hardships you were experiencing through the avatar is now just an experience and a memory within you, the player. It’s not more complicated than that.

Question #5: I’ve heard of “astral worlds” where supposedly many discarnate souls are trapped and tormented by the AIF [aka the Overlords]. Do you think this might be real? And if it is – isn’t the astral responsive to intention, you’d think that these supposedly trapped souls could wish or project themselves out of harm’s way?

Comment: There are evidently people who have had Near Death Experiences (NDEs) who report that they have seen souls being tormented. Robert Monroe, who was a pioneer in Out of Body Experiences and tried to map the astral plane, also said he saw souls engage in the most absurd activities in the astral, such as trying to have group sex, but they couldn’t because they did not have physical bodies. Still, they didn’t give up and continued trying, endlessly.

The reason I bring this up is because the astral plane is thought responsive, and if a person has an immense fear of something, or a very strong obsession they won’t let go of even in death (such as with sex for some), that’s what they will experience in the afterlife. And if they are sure they will go to Hell and be tormented, that’s what will happen, until they “wake up” and realize that they are the ones projecting it. Others think they will go to Heaven, so they will. Not the real Heaven, but a projection of their beliefs. They will eventually realize it is all fake and that they live in a loop. This, as well, was detailed in Robert Monroe’s work.

So yes, these trapped souls can easily break their nightmare if they just realize that it is a nightmare, and they are projecting it and living it. These souls will not go to the recycling center until they have managed to break the “spell” they put upon themselves.

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