Q&A Session #3, August 2023

By Wes Penre, August 29, 2023

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(Both translations by Adela Kaufmann)

Here is a new Q&A. Thank you for these very good questions. Send more to wespenre2@gmail.com and put Q&A in the subject line, so I won’t miss your email. If you are interested in checking out any of my books, please go to https://amazon.com and type Wes Penre into the amazon search engine at the top of their page.

Now to this week’s questions:

Question #1: When we exit this matrix and enter Orion, will we be given something similar to a “life review” like here in this current system? And for the sake of extremity – what would happen to psychopathic murderers if they somehow found themselves outside the grid and within the space of Orion. What type of judgment could such a soul be given?  

Comment: There will be no life review necessary—we don’t need it. It’s because amnesia is related to the Matrix, not to Orion. When you exit through the Grid and have done your work by detaching from everything in the Matrix, you literally withdraw all the energy you have invested in the Matrix. You will regain all the memories from all incarnations because everything that’s happened to you is still embedded in your true Avatar and spirit body, from which you projected your energy to operate in the Matrix.  So, everything you’ve experienced here will be stored as memories and experienced in your true being—the 3-UC (soul-mind-spirit body). But your main personality will be the personality you exit with. Still, it will probably change to some degree because of the new memories you regain, plus the memories you have since before the Matrix—even as a Namlu’u on Tiamat.

Humans who exit as psychopaths or with severe mental and emotional disorders will be isolated—at least to begin with. They will not be allowed in Orion. Then, I would presume, it is up to the individuals whether they choose to change. When it comes to exiting the Matrix, the likelihood of exiting successfully depends on your intentions and your ability to focus your thoughts. Also, it has to do with vibrations to some degree, too. Although I think it is not overly important how you vibrate in order to leave, it does have an impact when you enter Orion. Depending on your awareness level, you experience Orion according to how stuck you are in beliefs and belief systems from the Matrix, which are almost all false. If you, for example, believe in everything NASA told us, that’s all you will experience. This is why “vibration” is important. You need to be aware enough to understand that you must let go of everything in the Matrix—any and all attachments—and have an open mind when you leave.

Question #2: I read the exit plan, but the thing is – In my opinion, unless we are not aware of our separate self from this body, it is doubtful that we will be aware in astral to see the holes in the grid and try to escape. Like how we forget things in the dream state. I think we will try to be more and more aware in our dreams so that we can be fully aware when we die. The key is – awareness. Surprised to learn about chakras and how they are controlled by the parasites. Can you throw some light on how to activate our Kundalini in a genuine sense and not to feed off the parasites on that energy?

Comment: Your comparison with the dream state and the forgetfulness that follows upon most dreams is valid and makes a good comparison to the exit process. When we die and find ourselves in the astral, it is important to exit the Matrix through a hole in the Grid as soon as possible and not linger in the astral, or we might forget what we were supposed to do. The forgetfulness does not come into play immediately after death, so we do have some time, but memories of our previous life fades fairly quickly, only to be retrieved again once we’re out of the Grid.

It can be helpful to some degree, perhaps, to work on remembering our dreams that, all of them, occur in the astral. But it’s not necessary for exit purposes. Even if you manage to get a better dream memory, the memory of your recent life, after you die, will still fade the same. It has to do with the astral body. Also, we enter another dimension when we go to the astral, and it does not vibrate on the same frequency as the Earth construct, which makes memories fade. This is also why dreams fade shortly after we wake up in our sapiens bodies.

Regarding kundalini, I am not purposely working on that, so I am unfortunately not the right person to ask.

Question #3: Many people are angry with Orion; these people believe or are convinced that Orion’s main concern is to get their own power there. Earth, and people, are completely irrelevant to them. In German: save your own ass! These people are not entirely wrong because if Orion really is that powerful, why please aren’t they able to “liberate” a tiny little world like earth? And one more thing: These people, if battle really does come, will not hesitate to fight Orion out of anger, hate, disappointment. Mr. Penre, what do you say to these people?

Comment: I have answered these questions many times, on this blog, in the two ORION books (go to Amazon.com and type in Wes Penre in the amazon search engine), and in the Wes Penre Papers (WPP) at wespenre.com. To cut it short, people who believe Orion is “bad” don’t understand what Orion is. Saying Orion is bad or evil is to say the entire Universe is bad and evil because Orion is the entire Universe. An analogy would be to say, for instance, that the entire Great Britain is bad and evil. That is of course not the case. There are evil and good people in Great Britain like there are everywhere else.

Regarding liberating us, it’s not as easy as it sounds. We live in a universe of freewill, and therefore, it is important that the human soul group’s freewill is granted, or it could potentially affect the rest of the Universe negatively. What would happen if Orion told humankind that they are coming to liberate us and take us from our homes, and even take us away from Earth to go to a completely different place in the Universe? How would humans respond? The majority would most likely join together with their governments and go to war against Orion to defend their homes, their physical lives (which they would need to let go of), and their planet. There would be a cosmic war, where most humans would die.

Question #4: Is it possible to meet someone and possibly connect if someone has a matching soul fire?  I remember you stated that,  if you did meet someone with your soul fire, the likelihood of them recognizing it would be next to nil.  What are your thoughts?

Comment: The chances you would be able to are slim to say the least. I learned about splitting the soul during my WPP years, but also through the remote viewers of Brett Stuart’s team. The results of their remote viewing sessions on the recycling center were presented in a video they called “Moksha.” I have researched this some more lately, and I think there is a misunderstanding about this whole concept. The soul fires that “shouldn’t be there” are fires that connect with the Overlords, who connect to our own soul fires after birth, when we possess our physical bodies. It’s then we unite with our ancestral bloodlines, all created by the Overlords. Therefore, their fires are connected to whatever bloodline you incarnate in. Their “blood”/soul fires are present within our ancestral seed line, and that’s where the concept of “they added something to us that shouldn’t be there” comes from. Carlos Castaneda, in his Don Juan series, also states that “they [the gods] gave us their minds.” Same thing.

Because we incarnate into the same bloodline each time, we have lived before across the lines of time in that same ancestral line, so our soul fires linger in the incarnations we have had within our own bloodline. Remember, the soul’s energy is in the blood. That’s how souls attach to the physical, holographic/simulated physical body. When you are born, you also energize your entire bloodline from the day it was created and up to the present, and the opposite is true, as well: the ancestral bloodline energizes you. Because of amnesia, this is not a good thing because it confuses us. We experience things subconsciously that we don’t know what it is. In addition to our own experiences in this lifetime, we also subconsciously experience trauma and happenings from our entire ancestral line. This may very well be what the subconscious mind actually is.

So, to answer your question, each individual who comprises your soul fires develops, or developed, their own personality, based on their experiences. They have nothing in common with you anymore.

Question #5: As I understand, we create infinite potential in every present moment. So, we jump from one reality to another every nano second so to speak depending on our frequency/vibration. Everything we “see”, or encounter shifts continuously on that basis, from our personality to the consciousness of the collective. E.g., if we truly vibrate to knowing that the oceans are getting cleaned up, we could instantly move to a reality where the collective is on board with that, and it is actually happening. At the same moment our previous reality is still being played out as a parallel reality. The condition is not wanting something but having truly accepted it as a reality that is. Now that I am reading your materials, it looks like that principle is still at play only within a very limiting framework. Is the dominant play of the archons and their vision of reality a fact of life whereby we have very limiting creating abilities to change anything in our reality?

Comment: We change reality every time we make a choice. And every choice includes at least two options. While considering both options, we energize them both, although only one is continuous. So, we can imagine how many timelines there are, and with this in mind, we can also better understand that everyone has his or her unique perspectives that are never exactly the same as someone else’s. The star constellations we are born under, i.e., astrology, to a large degree determine a person’s destiny. Then, there is an overall destiny for the entire soul group. However, this is not set in stone. We can change our destiny at any time by making conscious choices in life. However, most people are not aware of this, and they tend to follow their destiny, unbeknownst to them, and they make very few choices that are not predetermined. Only through Knowledge can we change our destiny. So, it’s certainly possible to do, but it’s not always easy because most of the time we make a conscious choice that is not in line with our destiny, we clash—not only with our own destiny but also with that of the collective consciousness of the human soul group. This is one reason it’s not an easy task to “wake up” and go against the current.  

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  1. Wes, what do you think today of Dr. Newton’s book Journey of Souls? You supported his findings back in 2011 but today in 2023?

    1. I consider them true, in the sense that people experience some of that between lives, but souls are heavily manipulated, and these realms souls visit are illusions of the mind. In the end, they all got recycled, obviously, so none of it was helpful. The afterlife is a dimension of smoke and mirrors. There is only one way out, unless we want to return here, and that is through a hole in the Grid.

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