Q&A Session #2, August 2023

By Wes Penre, August 22, 2023

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Here is a new Q&A. Thank you for your questions and send more to wespenre2@gmail.com and put Q&A in the subject line, so I won’t miss your email.

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Now to this week’s questions:

Question #1: I’ve been thinking lately, with the incredible speed of AI and the coming AGI, large language models etc., you say we live in a kind of a hologram, simulation. One thing that always freaks me out is gematria, random events in the world that can be decoded back to certain non-random numbers. I somehow think that we’re living in a mathematical construct, a program, and that there is no purpose to anything. Unless  we somehow escape the program. No one knows the purpose of anything, The Theory of Everything, and I think some advanced AGI model, quantum computer might, through its self-reflective AI mind, come up with a good enough reason. I just wonder who the programmer is, it must just be a program as well. Singularity is closer than we think, especially if you listen to Ray Kurzweil. I don’t know how it’s gonna play out for us “real people”. Maybe a repeat of the destruction of Atlantis, if that was even true. I believe most of what we believe, even what you and I believe, must just be programs inserted into some computer.

Comment: Yes, there are many of us alternative researchers who have discussed the holographic universe for years, and that the Matrix is a simulation. Back then, science laughed at us, but now a great many scientists also say we live in a simulation, so now it’s become science, too. We do live in a mathematical construct (the Matrix). The entire restricted reality we are boxed into is based on mathematics. Thus, math may work for scientists who want to prove something within the Matrix, but it does rarely apply to the Greater Universe (Orion) outside the Matrix. Orion is an ocean of pure Spirit and usually doesn’t follow Matrix laws and mathematical formulae. The programmer of the Matrix we live in goes under many names and titles, such as En.ki in the Sumerian texts, Vishnu in the Vedas, EA in Babylon, Yaldabaoth/the Demiurge in the Gnostic texts, and in some cases, Lucifer. He is also Odin in Norse mythology. His names and titles are mentioned all over the world. To understand more about who he is, and that he is (together with a band of cosmic rebels), keeping us incarcerated here on Earth through manipulation and amnesia, please check out wespenre.com and wespenrevideos.com. Also very important, check out my books that I mentioned in the beginning of this Q&A. There, I go into deep details about how this Matrix is constructed, and what is beyond. And more importantly, how we can get out of the Matrix. I agree that most of what we humans believe are programs we adapt to or create ourselves. For whatever it is worth, particularly one source I had while writing the Wes Penre Papers (wespenre.com) was from outside our Matrix. This has shown itself to be a game changer for me and many other people.

Question #2: I just heard a little sound bite from Carl Sagan, the astronomer and scientist, talking about how our 3D world is run from a 4D perspective. It’s like if you shine a light on a 3D object in a room, it’s shadow will be projected on a 2D wall so you can project these holograms from a higher dimension into a lower dimension, What he was saying, does that make sense to you? It kind of clarifies a lot for me, as a projection from Saturn from 4D to our 3D holographic reality here.

Comment: Yes, that resonates with me. There are many opinions about what 4D is. In science, 4D is usually time, but in metaphysics, it’s often referred to as the astral, which is normally how I see it. With that in mind, without being a scientist myself, but a metaphysical wayfarer and philosophically minded, I respect Sagan’s explanation.

Question #3: For those that don’t produce offspring that don’t end up escaping the matrix, what lineage would they reincarnate into? What factors in this lifetime would affect where they end up reincarnating to, surely, it’s not random?

Comment: It is true, for what I learned during the WPP years, that we humans reincarnate in our own bloodline, i.e., if a person dies and has produced an offspring, this person will reincarnate into his or her grandchild or great-grandchild and continue down the same seed line. But if a person doesn’t have children, such as myself, I obviously can’t reincarnate into my own direct seed line. What happens to such a person is unknown, but if I were to hypothesize, I would say that such a person does not reincarnate again but is used for something else, not necessarily for something more comfortable. Sorry I can’t be of more help on this subject.

Question #4: Is Archangel Michael now benevolent?  I remembered a while back you stated he was part of the Enki/Marduk dynamic.  He then turned over a new leaf, was forgiven by Sophia, and is now a divine archangel.  Now you seem to contradict those claims.  Please set the record straight for me.

Comment: Yes, Michael is pro-human, so to speak, and wants us to be free. He is the Queen’s and Khan En.lil’s right hand, so to speak. Michael in Orion is not a name but a title, and it’s used both by Prince En.lil (Ninurta) and Khan En.lil. The title En.lil is also used by both. Some call Khan En.lil ANU, which is misleading, but it points toward the same being. The narrative that Michael, called Sabaoth in the Gnostic texts, was on En.ki’s side, and portrayed as En.ki’s “son” is also misleading—something I realized after I had dug into the Gnostic texts. It is my understanding that Prince En.lil never left Sophia’s side and was and is loyal to her. I notice that sometimes, when I start looking into a school of learning that is similar to the WPP, but still differs, it more often than not makes me spot a deception in it, and I’m always returning to basics again, which is the WPP. That’s just how it works. To me, the WPP is solid—I can’t deny that.

Question #5: If you write a letter to someone, say for forgiveness or express one’s feelings, but never mail it (like so many suggest or advise one to do for healing) does it really influence that person on the subconscious level?

Comment: It depends. We are all psychic, whether we realize it or not. Here on Earth, we usually communicate verbally or in writing, but it’s always in words. This is a very slow and unsatisfactory way of communication, when our original way of communication is by thought, i.e., telepathy. Therefore, if you write a letter to someone and don’t send it, there is at least a small chance the other person will pick up on it, without realizing it, because you are thinking about the person while you’re writing, and the thought may get through if the other person is perceptive enough. But the reason, as I see it, why it could be beneficial to write a forgiveness letter is that you get the issue out of your system, and it may be easier to forgive yourself.

Question #6: Can you clarify the following:  It is said that we have a Higher Self that does not reincarnate. Down here our avatars are only about 30% of our full essence the resides on the astral (or somewhere else). So my question is: How can a person leave the matrix if the higher self always remains there? In other words, only a part of ourselves can leave. I wouldn’t think we can override our Higher self! I would love your opinion. Thank you, Wes.

Comment: The “Higher Self” people in general are talking about, but perhaps don’t understand, is not a higher aspect of the soul, but the spirit body. A human comprises a soul (fires) and a mind that together form an Avatar we use to travel the Universe with. Also, in the Construct, we have a false soul/avatar, which is the astral body, created by En.ki in the beginning of the Matrix. In addition, we humans also have a spirit body, which is also referred to as the Namlu’u body in the WPP. This is our Higher Self, in combination with our true soul and mind. All that is “outside” the Matrix, figuratively speaking. Think of it as a computer game, metaphorically speaking. You, (the spirit body, soul and mind—the true Avatar) are the player, and you have a false avatar in the game. When you play, you are very focused on the game and what the game avatar is doing. You invest a lot of your spirit energy into the game and “forget” about your true environment outside the computer. Then, let’s say there is someone (En.ki) who can suddenly trap and manipulate you into thinking the video game avatar is you, and he closes the trap. You are now in the Matrix, thinking you are the false avatar (astral body and sapiens body). But the real you is still outside the game, but you don’t realize it until you wake up from your trance. Even if you have invested energy in several avatars in the game, but one avatar is waking up and withdraws the energy from the game (exits the Grid), the person outside the game automatically withdraws all energy invested in the computer game. Isn’t that how it works when you play a video game? You decide you’ve had enough, stop playing, withdraw all your energy from the game, and turn off the computer? I think this is a valid metaphor, and I hope it makes sense.

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  1. Hi Wes, so in WPP paper number 6, where you and Ariel interpret the Gnostic texts, or maybe it was just her interpretations. Tell the story of Saboath being an archon, from En.ki, who seen through the veil and basically woke up and Sophia noticed that and elevated him and gave him Spirit? As I understood it. Now you say that is not the case. I always found great hope in this scenario to say it doesn’t matter who you are but if you wake up you can be noticed by Sophia, 2-UC, 3-UC, NPC, doesn’t matter. I just can’t see how a story like this is interpreted as being this elaborate. I can understand being fooled by the patriarchal twist to it all but this just seems too elaborate. Is this why the split with Ariel? Thanks.

    1. At the time, it was both our interpretations. I wrote some of the articles, and she wrote some. But it was not because of the Gnostic texts (GT) we stopped collaborating and went separate ways.

      I continued studying the GT after we separated, too, but after having pondered them deeper, also in relation to the WPP (although there are similarities), I suddenly understood that the GT are not to be trusted as a source of truth, although there is truth in them. But they are twisted to fit the patriarchy, and therefore, they are very deceptive in the way they are written. I give them very little attention these days.

      1. Thanks Wes for your reply. Oh the tangled web they wove! It almost does take a whole lifetime of study to really untangle it enough to know enough of the truth. Like David Icke says, for the scriptures just to show up in Nag Hammadi in 1947 thinking they were pure and unmolested is just folly.

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