Q&A Session #1, August 2023

By Wes Penre, August 17, 2023

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  Hello everybody! Last Q&A was also the last Q&A in the Orion Series. From now on, these articles will be on all topics, and will, of course, also include questions regarding the Orion Books. So, feel free to send questions related to any of my research to wespenre2@gmail.com, and put Q&A in the subject line. Now to the questions for this week.

I am a couple of days later than usual to post, but I’ve been very busy writing on the end sequence of my trilogy, Ismaril’s Journey, which most likely will be published before the end of this year. For those who are interested in checking out any of my books, including the Orion Book series, please visit Amazon.com and put “Wes Penre” into Amazon’s search engine.

Question 1: Is there a way to save someone we care about if they die normally and go through the normal processes? Or does it have to be their choice to leave otherwise your hands are tied?

Comment: It is always the other person’s choice. If that person does not want to leave, there is nothing we can or should do. We must grant that person their freewill. It’s of course nothing wrong with educating them on what you know, and about the Grid, etc., but that’s all you can do. If they take it to heart, that’s wonderful. If not, you must let it go, regardless of how heart-breaking that may be.

Question 2: My daughter has had OBE’s since she was a child but mostly just floating around in her bedroom.  She is unable to control when or if she has one.  She is at the point where she knows when it will occur, as she feels her body vibrate, and she hears noises around her, like distant voices, and she feels her spirit as a pulling sensation out the top of her head.  A few times she has gone further than her room, once into the astral, and the most recent time, from her bedroom window directly into another room, not even there in real life. 

In this OBE she saw a young man sitting by a window. He turned his face to her and she knew this man.  He reached out his arm and hand and she also reached to him and grasped his hand.  My daughter said she felt his hand as solid as if she was grabbing my hand in real time as she told me this.  In fact, she said his hand was ice cold and clammy.  She tried to open her eyes and of course woke up in her own body in bed.  So, my question is, if we are in our avatars in the astral and we have no senses, how is this possible?  I was under the impression we have just a light body/avatar and as such we have no sense of touch, temperature or smell?  Do you know?

Comment: We still have a lot to learn about life in the astral, and even more importantly, in Orion. In both cases, we lack physical bodies, in the sense we’re used to. But I also have it from a major source that in Orion we experience life being as physical as we do here, even though they lack solid, physical bodies. Whether we keep our five senses is up for debate, but I’ve been hinted to that we might at least have it in Orion. Your daughter was in the astral, for sure, from what you describe, but she was also not dead, and still connected to her physical body via the silver cord. Therefore, she should be able to feel things similar to what she does when in her sapiens body. Also, astral beings can produce sensations by just thinking them up—everything out there is thought responsive—and beings can also present themselves as they wish (shapeshifting).

Question 3: I was wondering how this information is going off publicly, is it a success or non-success? For example, is there a steady trend upwards and/or is it just flat? To me, just reaching one person is worth it. However. overall, are people getting it, or do we all have a lot more work to do.

Comment: There is always a lot more work to do, and always will be, but I see a shift in both directions. This Matrix is evidently getting heavier and heavier, meaning denser and denser, which I think is being done with Saturn technology, where sound frequencies and vibrations are emanated for this Construct. This means many people become more violent and narcissistic/psychopathic, because they did not do any “soul  searching” before this happened.

Others, who were already on a spiritual path when the frequency shifted to a lower vibrational field, often went in the other direction. But altogether, life is harder for us, too, because of the overall frequency drop. I hear a lot about fatigue and tiredness amongst truth-seekers, and sometimes even depression. This is something many people now must work against to continue their path to freedom.

But to answer your question more directly, I’ve noticed quite an increase in interest after I released the two Orion books. And it gladdens me that these two books sell well, and have spread quite widely, being promoted by other researchers and people in general online. So, I would say that despite the Elite’s attempt to lower people’s vibration, the WPP information and all that has developed from it, is on the rise and is reaching more and more people. It also seems we have broken some kind of barrier, meaning that it’s much harder to destroy the credibility of this information. People have had time to digest this body of information, and they see the accuracy all around them. This makes it very difficult to manipulate people away from the material, despite attempts, which is good news.

Question 4: I recently saw a video on YouTube that talked about how one dies determines if one will incarnate within 48 hours or at least a thousand years in the astral plane timeline.  Traumatic deaths such as murder, car accidents, and suicide are considered deaths where the body will take a long time to incarnate.  What if someone dies in a car accident or is murdered? Can they still exit the grid? 

Comment: From the information I have gathered over the years, the reason why it’s sometimes harder, and takes longer, to recycle certain discarnate souls is because they died under very traumatic circumstances and tend to stay around as ghosts in the near-Earth vicinity, where they can’t be mentally reached by the astral workers in the recycling center. These souls are too distracted and stay around because they are ignorant of what is awaiting them after death. They usually don’t have much spiritual knowledge. If you and I would die such a violent death, we would still know what to do, and we would not linger in the astral. So, the answer to your question is yes! If something like that happens to you, you can definitely still exit through the Grid. It wouldn’t make any difference because you have the knowledge.

Question 5: When reviewing all the information gathered so far, including the WPP and other sources, particularly the Pleiadians channeled by Marciniak (who, I agree with you, are clearly working for En.ki) I get the distinct impression that the master deceiver/manipulator, En.ki, is well aware that his original plan of successfully invading Orion is likely destined to fail at this point.

Because of this, I believe he is strategically covering his behind by seemingly aligning himself with the Queen and the interests of Orion, by helping some of us, or providing some of the answers/information towards healing and the way out. This information/aid is only available to a minority of people though, not the majority. I believe he is covering both bases, whether the Orion invasion is a success or a failure. If it’s a failure, I believe he will claim the plan got hijacked by Marduk and other overlords, and he wanted to abandon ship while saving as many humans as possible, knowing he’d be at the mercy of Orion. If the invasion seems a success, he would take lead of course.

Comment: Thank you for this question, which is more like a conclusion on your part than a question. But I wanted to include it here because I find your thought process interesting. While reading it, I thought you might be fairly correct regarding En.ki and his situation today. He is hard-pressed to come up with a solution, and what you are suggesting would, at least for the most part, be completely in line with how he would potentially be thinking in his situation. As usual, he believes he will get away with things regardless of the outcome, and that’s how he’s planning, the trickster god he is. That is also the calculations of a narcissist or a psychopath. So, your hypothesis is, IMO, well worth pondering, discussing, and potentially expanding upon.

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  1. I’m glad to see the trending going in a positive way as in question 3. I think they’re trying to prevent a 100th monkey syndrome scenario here – can we achieve it? But folks are paying attention worldwide now, THE WHOLE WORLD IS WATCHING, as the great band Chicago sang out in the seventies. As in the Maui tragedy We all Know what happened there. I think also the Polynesian people were remnants of the Lemurian civilization in the second construct, who live by the Goddess traditions (slowly invaded by the overlords over the centuries). And this attack almost seem like the Titan war again where these people are very very open and loving, to come like that! Lets all say a prayer to the Mother for them.

  2. I’d like to ponder question number five a little more as well. I think it’s very astute, and the scrambling we see going on with the overlords make sense. Could EL-on Musk be the offered “savior” from En.ki? Sure looks like it to me.

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