Orion Book 1 and 2 Q&A Session #5

By Wes Penre, Aug. 8, 2023

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Welcome to a new Q&A. Thank you for your questions, and please send more to wespenre2@gmail.com and put Q&A in the subject line. For those who haven’t read the Orion books yet, and are interested, you can find The ORION Book and The ORION Book volume 2 at amazon.com by typing in Wes Penre in Amazon’s search engine.

Question 1: I don’t know if you have ever heard of Billy Carson, he wrote extensively on the Emerald tablets of Thoth. In his book he says that Thoth is a being that achieved immortality. And the only way to achieve that is by reincarnating constantly to get rid of karma. What do you think of this?

Comment: I know of Billy Carson, and I respect his research, which also, in many ways, coincides with mine. Regarding Thoth, however, I completely disagree. He is one of the Overlords—the builder of civilizations and the teacher of humankind (which means he is teaching us what we need to know to serve the gods). Thoth, being an Overlord, is not immortal because he lacks Spirit. And to say that we humans, who are already immortal, must reincarnate over and over to become immortal is ludicrous and extremely misleading. Thoth tells us to stay with the recycling program. And karma is something the Overlords forced upon us to suit their own agenda, as I wrote about in the Orion book. You only need karma if you yourself think you need it. If not, disregard it.

Question 2: In volume 2 chapter 24, you wrote “the energy goes to the Homo sapiens sapiens body, where the spirit fires attach to the blood cells in the physical body”. From what I understand, when I was born, I was a “blue baby”, I’m not sure what all that meant, but I got a full blood transfusion as a baby. Would this give me somebody else’s soul, or whatever soul/spirit, or lack of spirit that blood contained at the time it was put in my body. I look like my parents, but I definitely don’t have the characteristics of the bloodline I was born in to. I’m a musician and there is no music that I can see within my lineage in fact it’s almost the opposite, with questions like “we don’t know who he gets this from”. Would this explain something like that? Thanks.

I forgot to add, this was in 1960 when we didn’t have to worry about nano-botted blood.

Comment: Your spirit fire will still be connected to the blood cells in your body, even though you had a full blood transfusion, but just like you suspect, you will also have other people’s fire in your body, which very well could explain why you have this talent when no one else in your seed line seems to have it. In your case, it seems to be a good thing if that’s where your talent came from.

Question 3: After reading volume 1 and almost finished with volume 2, I think I understand the procreation process in this construct: Say a 2-UC procreates with a 3-UC, the offspring could be an NPC. And/or an NPC procreates with a 3-UC, the offspring could be a 3-UC. Am I on the right track, cause that would mean it doesn’t matter, it’s whatever they send down to put into that baby for that particular bloodline and/or time. Then the question is do they have a method to this madness? Thanks.

Comment: Right, it doesn’t matter. What matters is whether you bring a child to the world, and that child also brings a child into the world, etc., because we get recycled into the same direct bloodline, so long as that bloodline exists. That means that if you have a child, that child could very well be your own grandmother or grandfather.

Question 4: Is there no possibility of the electro frequency from the galactic centre raising the consciousness of humans and making a fundamental shift for the future of Earth and all those Beings trapped inside the Grid?  Was the nanosecond for nought? Comment: The nanosecond (1987-2012) did have some good effects on the human soul group, and many people woke up during that time. But the problem was that the Overlords, in their usual manner, stole much of that energy and used it to power up the System/the Matrix, and to feed themselves. So much of our potential to gain more information and insight got lost.

Question 5: Alex Collier’s advice on exiting the grid is to turn one’s back to the tunnel of light and to ask to return to one’s original dimension.  Thoughts?

Comment: I agree with Collier that we should not go through the tunnel, but to be able to exit through the Grid, we must know there is a Grid. Collier’s suggestion to return to one’s original dimension is too vague, and that thought can be manipulated. What is the original dimension? It could mean the dimension where the Namlu’u was born on Tiamat, or it could mean being recycled into this same 3rd Dimension, which En.ki would probably consider our original dimension because he thinks of us as his property because he created our homo sapiens sapiens bodies.

Question 6: I can see how the Akashic record can be stored into Crystal cities here on Earth. I can also see how they use this to coerce souls in the BLA. What is not clear to me is what all this record stores, does that include all emotions and thoughts from every individual throughout history in this construct and beyond? Thanks.

Comment: The records supposedly store everything that’s ever happened on Earth since its beginning. And because Earth is also a chunk of Tiamat, some of the Tiamat records might be stored there, too, who knows? Do emotions get stored, as well? I really don’t know. I have not investigated that, if there even is any information on it. So I couldn’t tell you at this point, I’m afraid.  

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  1. Wes, because I am such an emocional person, I’d like to know about the difference of being emotionally affected in this construct and outside the grid.
    Plus, does the soul feel pain in orion somehow?

    1. @Luisa I don’t know all the details about how we will feel in Orion, but because we have a wide range of emotions embedded in our makeup, we will keep them. But contrary to here in the Matrix, we will be able to use them more constructively. Here, everything is trauma and amnesia, which means our memories get buried in the subconscious mind, and that makes us reactive in our involvement with the environment. In Orion, I can see how we would be in control of our emotions, and they will serve us in our creative abilities, rather than work against us.

      Because we won’t have physical bodies (unless we want to), we will feel no pain, although I can imagine we can feel emotional pain because we bring the emotions with us.

  2. I see. And I have a feeling that I will not care about many issues, especially those related to ego;
    you know, a lot of what affect us come from it.

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