Orion Book 1 and 2 Q&A Session #4

By Wes Penre, Aug. 1, 2023

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Hello everyone! Questions are pouring in, which is great! Feel free to send more questions to wespenre2@gmail.com, and put Q&A in the subject line. If you have not read my two Orion books, which much of what is in these Q&As are about, you can find The ORION Book and The ORION Book, Volume 2 at Amazon.com if you put in Wes Penre in the Amazon search engine.

Question 1: First of all, I want to thank you for all the knowledge you’ve shared. If it wasn’t for your contribution, more people would have been fooled by the rulers of our world.

I am sending you this email just to know what you think about the Urantia Book. I think it is very odd the fact that you only mentioned it once in your levels of learning. Is everything that is written in the Urantia Book true or are there some lies? Was Jesus Christ really crucified? What about Pistis Sophia? The two books tell a completely different story about Jesus, which one to believe?

Comment: I must admit that I have not read the entire Urantia Book, but I have read certain sections; for example, the papers about Lucifer’s Rebellion, which I think is close to what I’d learned elsewhere. Regarding Jesus’ crucifixion, combining what I learned during the Wes Penre Papers (WPP) years, the Gnostic texts, and from general dot connection, my conclusion is that Jesus was not crucified. If the Biblical Jesus even existed, he was not who we usually think he was. He would correspond with Marduk, and his father would be En.ki. What I see is that the New Testament mimic older Knowledge and Wisdom that was Matriarchal in nature—some of it coming from the Second Construct, i.e., the Atlantis and Lemurian eras. Then it was twisted into pointing at a patriarchal God (En.ki) and a patriarchal Jesus (Marduk). It is very questionable if Jesus actually walked on Earth 2,000 years ago, or if the story is made up to start a world religion.

The Gnostic texts may very well be Freemasonic in nature—at least the Nag Hammadi texts. It is interesting to notice that the Knights Templar were also Freemasons in many cases, and if we look at the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, we have both Gnosticism and Knights Templar secrets represented in the teachings. There is a chance the Gnostic scribes were Freemasons.

The Urantia Book is about the Matrix and the masculine God, En.ki. I don’t think Sophia is mentioned in the Urantia book—Sophia is the name of the Orion Queen in the Gnostic texts, the true Creatrix of the Universe.

Question 2: How is it that souls incarnate through the wombs of pregnant women – is there something about the female womb which sends a signal of sorts to the non-physical realms that a new human vessel  is vacant? And if so, how would this phenomenon even work? I mean, are we to believe that every single female on Earth has somehow been probed with a pregnancy-status transmitter? Not to mention that this also begs the question of; with no womb in the equation, are lab-grown humans even souled?

Has your research made sense of any of this by chance?

Comment: Good questions. First of all, we humans tend to incarnate within our own bloodline. For instance, if you died today, after having had children of your own, you would likely incarnate into your grandchild’s or great grandchild’s body next time.

This is not as complicated as it might seem. When you die (unless you go through the Grid), you go to the Between Lives Area (the BLA). There they know who you are. The BLA is in the astral. The Overlords have technologies we humans can’t even imagine, and they have no problem shooting down a soul into the body it is designed for. Your current astral body would be destroyed, and the energy redistributed, and you will get a new astral body, which will be the blueprint for your next life as your own descendent. All memories will be wiped out, and you start all over again from scratch.

The astral body, within which your true self is attached, will be inserted on a metaphysical, astral level into the mother’s fetus during the first part of the pregnancy. Your astral body will connect with the fetus through a silver cord, which will keep your soul avatar attached to the physical body until the day you die again, wherewith it breaks, and the cycle starts all over again.

There is no difference with lab babies. At the time when lab babies will be all there is, people who die from their homo sapiens sapiens bodies will then be recycled into the lab babies—the cyborgs—in the same way they were previously recycled into the sapiens bodies. A soul will be shot down into one of these babies.

Question 3: If our souls have been splintered and spread out through time and location, my question is: When we die, do we recover these soul fragments, and how, if we can? Cause  frankly escaping without recovering my splintered soul doesn’t make sense to me. Maybe you might reply to this and enlighten me.

Comment: Here is how I understand it: If you die and get recycled, you do not retrieve other-selves you have invested energy in within the Matrix. But if you exit the Grid, you do. Because once you’ve exited, you withdraw all the energy you have invested in the Matrix and reunite with your Spirit Body. You become “whole” again. The only reason you will not withdraw all the energy is if you still have attachments to the Matrix, such as loved ones, friends, pets, material things, or even attachments to the Overlords by agreeing with them on some level. This is why it’s important to detach from everything in the Matrix before we die. It doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy life, if we are able to detach at the death moment.

If we still have attachments remaining when we exit, I have learned we will get help with that in Orion, but it is still important to disconnect as much as possible. The better shape we’ll be in when we get out of here. Also, attachments can, if we won’t let go of them, keep us in the Matrix, making us have second thoughts, and choose not to exit when push comes to shove.

Question 4: I was listening to a recent podcast about UAPs[/UFOs] and such!  The most knowledgeable person speaking was Kerry Cassidy whom I have written to you about in the past.  She was speaking about the large numbers of different alien races visiting the planet at this time.  She was supporting this statement with a follow-up “that the grid that kept aliens from getting in, had been taken down.”  She also stated that she “thought this happened in 2012.”  The other people on the program had no idea what she was talking about when it came to the Grid, but she made it quite clear for anyone who knew what was going on. Please advise.

Comment: Regarding the many different alien races, that is correct to some degree. If we do not count soul-minds that are not human, who have been captured and recycled here together with us in human bodies, there are many different Invader Races, whom I call the Overlords. Most of them are Sirians, but there were others who joined Lucifer (En.ki) in his Rebellion. So, in that sense, I agree with Kerry.

What I don’t agree with is that the Grid went down in 2012. I know it was still there in 2012, and after 2012, as well. Is it still there today? Yes, I would say so. People still see it, and if it was completely down, the world would be a different place now. Many people would go insane because of the overwhelming inflow of Light into this System. People wouldn’t be able to handle it. Others, who are much more spiritually awake, would most likely wake up even more—rapidly. It would be the end of the current Earth structure, and that has not happened. However, a few people who have done OBEs and remote viewing have reported that the Grid is severely damaged, which is a good thing. It can speed up the awakening process among those who are ready to take in the information from the Universe outside the Matrix.

Question 5: This question has been nagging me. If these overlords both in the astral and in the physical are getting away with all these crimes against humanity, what insurance do we have that we’re not going to be forced to submit in the afterlife, and that we may have to fight our way out. Because if they’re getting away with it here now, what prevents them from going all the way, and breaking all Free Will Laws. Especially if they start seeing a mass exodus.

Comment: Ultimately, the one who is going to prevent interference is you. We humans tend to underestimate ourselves and the power we possess, because in our physical bodies, we seem to have very little power. Not so, once we’re out of the body. We just need to be alert about any kind of manipulation we might potentially be subjected to if we allow it to happen. If you die, spot the Grid and a hole, and set an intention to leave through that hole, without paying any attention to the environment in the astral, no one can stop you from exiting. They can’t stop your intention unless you let them.

If you want to read more about exiting through the Grid, and some suggested commands you can use for your intentions, please check out a free handout, written by a friend of mine, Suzaku. You can find it on my blog under the section “Exiting the Grid,” and it’s called, Exit Handout (Steps to Leave the Matrix).

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  1. The Urantia book is channeled by the a species known as Preying Mantis written for human control. There are bits and pieces of truth mixed with indoctrination.

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