Q&A Session #3, October 2023

by Wes Penre, October 19, 2023, 2023

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Time for a new Q&A. Thank you for your questions! Please send more to wespenre2@gmail.com, and put Q&A in the subject line, so I won’t miss your email.

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Now to this week’s questions:

Question #1: With whom did Isis create her own bloodline?

Comment: So, at one point, Isis ran away from En.ki and Marduk and eventually ended up at Lake Baikal in southern Russia. She apparently regretted all the bad things she’d done, so she wanted to honor her father, Ninurta, by creating her own bloodline, which was androgynous (and still exists). They were the red-haired. They have only her and Ninurta’s blood/DNA in their bodies. Because Isis has Ninurta’s DNA, mixed with her own from being Ninurta’s daughter, it would probably be most correct to call that bloodline the Isis-Ninurta bloodline. Although Isis probably was not androgynous in the body she had when she created her new species, her “offspring” was androgynous. There is no father; she created this species the way the Mother Goddess created us. She is a genetic scientist, just like En.ki, and trained by the Queen. But I would assume she used technology to a certain degree, in order to create this race.

Question #2: You assigned Marduk and Enki specific areas on earth. If I remember well, Marduk is the main “actor” here today. Is it the same as the much quoted and mysterious “global predictor,” the planner and mastermind behind the scenes, and behind the elite/financial elite who orders them?

Comment: Yes, I would say Marduk has the upper hand right now, in competition with his father, En.ki. I will talk a lot about this in the new book I’m writing now, which will most likely be titled, “History of Isis and the War on Bloodlines.”

Question #3: A question from The Orion Book, Volume 1: You mention that in one of the Orion and Sirian wars, the Queen sent Amazonian women warriors to battle.  My interpretation is that these women warriors already existed as part of the Orion group.  Or were they called upon from another developing planet or star race?  

Comment: The Amazon warriors—all female—were/are part of the Orion forces. They were called upon, or volunteered, in the Sirian-Orion wars. They originated in the star system Bellatrix. I even found a reference to this in Wikipedia if you look up “Bellatrix” there. I quote:

“Bellatrix was also called the Amazon Star, which Richard Hinckley Allen proposed came from a loose translation of the Arabic name Al Najīd, the Conqueror.”[1]

Question #4: Regarding Mars, In the Orion book 1, pg.61., you mention that a “similar experiment, also with the human soul group as a key component, was created simultaneously on Mars.”

Does this mean that the Queen set up Mars with the same 3-UCs, flora, fauna, etc. as Tiamat?   I found the below info from WPP4; do you think anyone may have survived underground? 

“When Tiamat exploded, it created some devastating effects on the rest of the solar system. Planets were slightly thrown out of orbit, and Mars was hit by the debris, and as a consequence, its atmosphere was sucked out in space, and all life on the surface died, almost in an instant. Mars became the Red Planet—a desert world. Even today, we can see the scar on Mars’ surface, where it was hit by the debris from Tiamat.”

Comment: Mars was a sub-experiment, while Tiamat was the major Experiment, but both planets were inhabited by Namlú’u. I don’t know what kind of fauna and flora they had, but according to NASA, if true, they have found ancient Egyptian artifacts on Mars recently, which is interesting because Egypt was once Orion territory.

I do believe a few people survived the destruction because they were already underground. Today, on an astral level, functions as the control center for the BLA, the Between Lives Area, where they recycle us. I would argue that the Tunnel of Light is the Moon, which is also an astral portal between the Earth Matrix and Mars.

Question #5: You mentioned in “The Orion Book, Volume 2” that there was a topic that had not been discussed before until you revealed it in the book.  It was about those so-called gurus wanting to take our energies and use them in a nefarious way.  Wouldn’t these same gurus be what is known as “controlled opposition”?  They have to follow a certain themed knowledge (from TPTB no less) and cannot waiver or change from it.  What are your thoughts Wes on those spiritual-themed controlled opposition websites and YouTube channels?

Comment: Yes, these gurus and spiritual leaders are controlled opposition, for sure. They work for the Overlords, ultimately, and while incarnated, they take orders from the Global Elite. They are here to get us stuck in dogma and to gather a lot of “spiritual” people into their fold, so the Overlords can harvest them after death because the followers produce a lot of loosh (soul energy), which the Overlords can feast upon.

Question #6: I have a question from the ORION Book 1, pg.66,

“Surviving Vulcans were captured and eventually thrown down in volcanoes on Earth, when Earth was later created, and they are still imprisoned there?”

Is it a coincidence that the ‘Vulcans’ were put in ‘volcanoes’? 

Do you know or think if all volcanoes have other lifeforms?  I know for sure Mt. Adams does because I witnessed objects flying in and out of it.  

Here is all I could find between the connection of these two words/names:


The word volcano is derived from the name of Vulcano, a volcanic island in the Aeolian Islands of Italy whose name in turn comes from Vulcan, the god of fire in Roman mythology. The study of volcanoes is called volcanology, sometimes spelled vulcanology.

Comment: This is an interesting and great question. Yes, there is certainly a common denominator between volcanoes and Vulcans. I am quite sure that in the Wes Penre Papers (WPP) I mentioned Vesuvius in Italy as one volcano the Vulcans were captured within—the Ladies of Fires, the Vegans/Vulcans. These are the Gods and Goddesses of Fire in Roman mythology. I don’t know how many and which volcanoes have lifeforms within them, but there are quite a few. Most of them are connected to the realms of the Underworld—Ereshkigal’s queendom.

These Ladies of Fire are still imprisoned there, and one of my sources during my WPP years mentioned that they need to be freed, just as much as we do. And there are also many other species living underground.

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[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bellatrix#Etymology_and_cultural_significance


  1. As a comment to question number five, and the guru section in Orion book volume 2 as a whole. Those of us with this Spiritual information and Knowledge about the grid and how to exit, I would say are the most important to get out of here because if we do go through the BLA and all the crap within there, don’t you think they would know that we’re the most ripe for their sick harvest? So there’s no turning back folks!

    1. Yes, Wes has done a very good job of convincing us how we are the most important humans because we follow his teachings. It feels so good to have this special information that we could have only gotten through Wes. It’s like we are part of an elite group and that makes what we are doing a priority over other humans and it makes sense that we would be targeted and focused on more than just ordinary folks. I know Wes says he isn’t a guru, but isn’t a guru just someone who guides others and gives them direction in their spiritual journey? If so, I see nothing wrong with labeling Wes a guru. He teaches, he guides, he offers direction and instruction, and he has dedicated followers who abide by his teachings. Good job, Master Wes!

      1. he never said this is the absolute truth,it’s what he’s research led him to…and he shared it..don’t trow with stones!

        1. Yes I like this post. You are right, I don’t think one can ever know absolute truth in this construct. Remember, because of polarity we have absolute truth on one end and absolute lies on the other and somewhere along that range is what we can approximate (degrees of half lies and half truths). It’s like when you digitally sample analog music, you can’t get to the exact analog original but you can get very very close. But that’s why we have to have belief and Faith at some point in terms of philosophical data. I think Wes has done the best job he can from all his research and it jives with my intuition and research as well. I guess that’s all we have here. Maybe when we get out of here we can find out absolute truth, who knows?

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