No Q&A This Week!

By Wes Penre, October 27, 2023

Just a short note… I am so engulfed right now by the new Isis book that I have little time for anything else. So, there will be no Q&A this week. Maybe next week. At this venture, I must play things by ear. There is a lot of research involved in this current book project.

However, please continue sending question at I’ll save them and will comment on them ASAP.

The book is coming out great! Can’t wait to eventually publish it. It’s way above my own expectation because I find a lot of new information that is really mind-blowing…



  1. Well, I just ordered the Orion books and the trilogy of Ismaril’s Sword. Also the Insider books 1&2. Looks like I’ll be playing catch up for a while but don’t slow down for me. Keep it flowing while you’re in the “Zone”.

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