Video 134: Q&A Session #24

QUESTION 6: There seem to be special individuals who pop up in areas which supposedly are rich in spiritual energy, such as rural China and places like Tibet. Children who have supernatural abilities such as psychokinesis etc. Is it random circumstance that they are born with these unnatural abilities? Are they even human to begin with?

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    1. “Can anyone in the forum recommend any good books on spirituality and children?”

      Are you asking for spiritual books written *FOR* children? If so…


      *This is a series by Jerry and Esther Hicks ~

      *Becky Cummings ~

      *Wayne Dyer ~

      *Steve Herman’s Dragon series is like shadow work for children ~

      These are just a few. There are MANY more that I didn’t link in this post. Just do some searching and find what fits your child’s needs. 🙂

  1. Thank you!! I just worked up the nerve to come clean with my older brother about my awareness with what is happening in todays world (I have been awake for a long time). He voted for Biden, has kids and works in finance and thinks I am crazy. I told him to read Wes’ papers and directed him to some other researchers that I think are doing excellent work. He wrote me back and told me he is seriously worried about me and that I may need serious clinical help.

    With that said, I am clairvoyant and I can see him watching the videos I sent him mesmerized. He would never ever admit it to me, but I can see him. 🙂

    I am hoping that with due time, I can encourage him to bring spirituality into his children’s lives.

    Thank you again for the links!

  2. I voted for khan enlil
    The court of orion has confirmed his nomination for the upcoming consumation of the age era.

  3. Also enki disputes the appointment of ninurta as successor to the throne of orion and is currently running the living library without divine authority.

    As above, so below eh?

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