Video 196: The Invader Force (full movie)

This is the continuation of the previous full movie about our Origins and how the human soul group was created and established on Tiamaat from the Queen’s soul energy. This particular movie is about the time when and the Invaders took over Tiamaat in a devastating battle that didn’t end well…

[Not narrated–no transcript]


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  1. Wes and Ariel, your research is quite profound. Its a very good movie, as is the first. I wonder could I ask; is much of this knowledge from the decoding of the ancient Summerian scrolls?

    1. That’s part of it, as well as the Enuma Elish (the Babylonian Creation Story), the Vedic texts, and basically most ancient texts around the world.

      1. Ah. Well it’s refreshing, to know that. I’ve noticed amazing similarities from when I first started in to the UFO phenomenon. But nothing quite so wild and stupefying as this. And its so precise- the different kinds of beings, how some of it relates to the Bible, to ancient species, tales of sightings and abductions, etc. And then the star systems, races, our own ancestry…mind boggling. Some very interesting Military veterans have spoken out, lately, too. They speak with awe and reverence about some of the beings they met. ” Extraterestrials; American Indian Elders Speak” (I think it was called) was a really interesting line-up of people from all walks, including a former Surgeon General from Europe…(was it Finland or Sweden, maybe) Anyway, it had a really nice vibe, kind of a joy to watch, like some of yours. The Wingmakers sage has also held me entranced. and then 15, was/ is he really AR. Crikey, Wes, its all just incredible, and so much more palatible than politics 🙂 Yep. I’d sit down and have a cup of tea with you, sir. Best of luck with the new chanel and all future adventures.

        1. Thanks for sharing this, Jos! The more people who wake up in general, the more of our past will be revealed and recognized by more and more people. In a few years, this information will be much more recognized, I believe.

  2. Wow.. im sad about namlu’us coma for thousands of years… knowing that they locked up us here is very sad… so wes why enki also trapped hinself here?

    1. got trapped here as a consequence of his own actions. He is not welcome out into the Greater Universe (the KHAA) anymore. No one will allow him or his cohorts out there. So, he is trapped in the same trap we are in, but he’s made himself “God” here.

      1. Wes, so magic that we are all together in this EndGame scenario on Earth/Terra.
        The vax is their last resource, we know.
        So f..k em all.
        Higher vibration, Higher knowledge and Higher Actions on our part is all that is needed.
        The Galaxy polarity game will continue after we Leave.
        So lets have some fun with it, these luciferian/black sun suckers and their minions will continue with Us,
        Or without Us in the playing Galactic board.
        So be it.
        Climb the Mountain.
        No need to be dark/light.
        We need just to SPIRAL OUT OF THE GAME.
        So grateful to you and many other wise Spirits.
        We are so fortunate.
        No limits.

    2. So…Bela Molina…if we was in coma for some time..”the Queen” was too. I am interesting in find out some solutions. All “light workers” tell us to rise “our vibrations” and to overcome the “environment” (because those Superior Beings of Light cannot afford to come down and do the experiment/experience with us”…No quieren mojarse would Spaniards say (LOL).I really start appreciate Mister Penre connection. “He/She” was not afraid and took some risks coming “down here”.Heroic for someone fully aware! Are there any horizontal solutions to improve life here for the farm´s majority or not? Because … we cannot expect an awaken majority if basic things are missing… and therefore … we cannot expect any real change of the environment. Just some thoughts…nothing more. PS : it is not a nice feeling being trapped with psychopaths. May be we can send them on Mars – for a while? (LOL). Wish you all a beautiful day!

  3. Hi Wes hope you and Ariel are well.Thanks again for your commitment & dedication to getting the truth out to all of humanity.It is greatly appreciated.These videos brings a lot of pain out of me.My life has changed tremendously.Ever since i have been commited to helping humans heal.As I am a practising Shaman.I open up my heart consciousness to them & bring them back to their true selfs.Ever since i have been under attack.They always come for me at night when i sleep & pull me out of my body & i believe i am taken to the astral realm.That is where I have to fight them.I am never afraid as i can feel i am here to protect the humans.I give my life for them.I told a friend if i do not help the humans my life has no meaning.I can not take the suffering I see.I am a hyper sensitive empath & also a type 3 Indigo.I have known my whole life i have two beings inside me.I have always seen light beings & dark beings through out my life.Last week my life got even stranger.I was jerked awake in bed & felt something move inside me like it wanted to come out.It happened again the next night.I was jerked awake so hard i sat up in bed with my hands stretched forward infront of me.Again something moved inside me like it wanted to come out of me.Infront of me in my room it was like a wormhole/portal opened up.It was pulling me in but i resissted as i was not ready to go.I believe i saw the new world & it was calling me.All I want to ask Wes I love humans but i can not stand being around their energy.I feel the density of this reality is not in allignment with me.As I now operate from the 5th dimension.Why do we have to die first before we can leave?I wish to go to Orion to meet with the Queen & be of service to humanity from outside the matrix.Why cant we leave on one of the ships that is above us right now?Is the battle not over?The light has won

    1. Thanks for sharing, Dhanisha! We must die first because we are not taking these physical bodies with us into the Greater Universe. These bodies only work within the Matrix–you can’t take them with you. Also, any ship that might be “above us” are not there to take us out. They belong to the prison guards, keeping this Construct isolated. There are no Orion ships waiting here to take us away. WE are the ones who need to come to the conclusion that we need to exit and then do it after this lifetime is over. The Queen of the Stars has been calling us to come home for a long time, but few humans have heard/felt it. Most of us are too caught up with day to day problems and distractions.

  4. Very cool.

    …… Several hours later aboard the captured orion craft niburu the aif celebrate. After a long night of partying, sniffing mono-atomic gold and having relations with hot sirian bitchs(dog-race) enki takes his son to the observation platform.
    The two soul splinters gaze out upon the asteroid belt and its path of carnage. Son marduk points to a large section of burning mantle much bigger than the other remnants of rock.
    “Father, allowed me to torpedo that remaining section of rubble? ” he asks
    “No,” replies lord enki. leave that be. I have plans for it. ”
    ” why? What ever would you do with such a shitty pile of scrap? ”
    Enki looks to his son, placing a taloned-finger on marduk’s shoulder. “That shitty pile of scrap is the namlalus new home my son. I call it earth. “

  5. Thank you Wes and Ariel These are spectacular videos as well as being informative.
    As the song goes’ I would not like to be a flea under his (Enki/Marduk) collar’ on the day when IT is brought to account.
    For sure there is one soul here that will never comply with its manipulations. That is my petition

  6. I am getting real angry seeing this video, with a feeling that a part of me is involved in this battle… a spark beyond oblivion!

    1. Yes, many people get emotional in different ways…some get angry, some get sad–or both. We were all part of that battle, but we, the Namlu’u of the original human soul group, who are now waking up, were not in the battle per say (except a few) because we had no experience of war–we didn’t understand what it was. We were “just” nuked to pieces–all of us. Then, we were recycled into this system that most people call the Matrix.

  7. Thankyou both so much, Wes and Ariel. It was so nice in the beginning this story), hence my good vibe comment, but the end iwas truly horrifying, all that devastation. The poor Namlu’u’s And to think thats our origins….dear oh dear oh dear. No wonder we have so much trouble. You know, the SAS have a saying…” Our motto is not really ‘Who Dares Wins….it;s check, check and then check again.” I’m not a soldier, but I’ll be spending the rest of my days checking everything, I reckon. Absolutely phenomenal movies, you guys. I look forward to more and will definately be taking a look at your library (huge, it is, hmm) for other vid’s I haven’t seen yet. ( I must confess to only having viewed 8 or 9, so far) Great work!

    1. Not “Annonymous” (the comment hopefully next to this) its me (I just forgot to fill out the name slot.

    2. Thank you, Anonymous! The next series will be about how, the leader of the Invaders, built the Construct we call Earth and tricked us into taking these very inferior bodies, in which we got trapped.

      1. I could feel the trauma of everyone involved. That attack was so unfair, unjust and unnecessary. How could we heal from such a thing and now everyone on earth is suffering because of it.

  8. Wes and Ariel you have made a wise decision creating your own website, this platform is a deeply personal experience,leaving the division and shit at youtube.
    Well done,I am grateful for time ,attention,and creativity.

  9. I dont like the whole we are victims thing, this deflects blame onto others and not ourselves, cuz thats too hard to deal with. And i hate the whole need for healing crap too. This keeps us weak believing we are damaged.
    -so what? Maybe we did get worked over by the aif, who cares? Lets stop whining about it!!!
    But Ill keep anger and aggression as part of my personality pallet so this type of abuse doesnt happan to me again.

    Love and light
    Xoxoxo 😝

    1. Yes, Last Lion. I agree with you to a large degree. It’s not our fault that we are in these “bodies of death,” but to put blame elsewhere does not help the situation. That doesn’t mean I’m going to let the Overlords get away with it when I get to Orion, but for now, I’m only interested in saving myself and inform others, so they also can save themselves.

      The healing part…that’s not a first priority–I agree. It is beneficial to learn about what is the synthetic soul and what is the genuine “me” because then I can act more rationally, and I know when I’m reactive and when I’m authentic. That’s very helpful. Being in that state to be able to distinguish and then make a conscious choice how to act and react is all we need while here on Earth. Then, after we’ve exited, the synthetic soul is not an issue anymore.

      1. So Wes when you say that healing is not priority here what you mean by it? So a person coming from abuse and trauma on earth in their present life should not do anything to heal from the wounds inflicted upon the person? Will knowing the difference between the artificial and genuine soul is what will lessen the pain? Just want to know thanks.

        1. What I mean is that there is no way, so long as we are here, to completely heal, because we will continue carrying our synthetic/artificial soul no matter what, and we also have our ancestral trauma embedded within us via our DNA. That’s why there is no way to completely heal here.

          Instead–at least from what I have concluded–we educate on narcissism/codependency and work on the spiritual part and the genuine soul part of ourselves, until we reach point where we can more clearly distinguish between the synthetic/reactive soul and the genuine one, which is YOU in this energy-based universe (which includes the KHAA.

          I have noticed that now, when I can more easily distinguish, I become much less reactive because I notice when the synthetic soul wants to take over. When this happens, I refocus on myself (the genuine me) instead, and the reactive mind withdraws. Once we’re out of here, the reactive mind will disappear altogether.

          My strategy is not so much a healing process as it is to take charge over the reactive/synthetic soul. Like the saying goe regarding the Native Indian and the two wolves inside us–one being bad and one being good. Who will win? The one we feed…

          1. Ok thanks Wes I understand what you mean when you say we cannot heal completely here because of artifical body/soul. So I guess working on emotions (CPTSD) and understanding that we are spirits will eventually give us peace. So it is also healing one way or other. Because that was the original purpose of the experiment like you say to overcome emotions which was given to us by the queen. Hm so healing is not a new age mumbo jumbo afterall. We need to recover or fix ourselves in order to be able to function here atleast.

    2. Hello Last Lion.I am listening Sun Thomas Bergersen – the new Mozart – for more than 1 year.
      He has a lot of CDs(Thank you Mister Penre!!!😊).
      Why?Because I do not want to “end up in bed with Jack Nicholson”.
      PS : Have you had the chance to observe the shields of Spartacus 2000, known as “the Spaniard”?
      Feeling good and Laughing with you too😃!

  10. Hi, Wes and Ariel. Hope you’re doing great! I have a question that has been intriguing me for so long.
    Is it true that when children die they are never seen as children in the astral realm?

    1. Yes, we could say that, Luisa. There are no “child souls” and “adult souls.” Just souls. When we incarnate, we do that as children, of course, so in this 3D (un)reality, we grow from children to adults, but outside our bodies, there is no age. In the VOID, there isn’t even any time, unless you observe an object.

      1. Thanks, Wes. Now I realize how stupid I was when I believed in those stories I learned about children suffering in the spiritual colonies told by the Allan Kardec Spiritism Centers. 🙁

  11. I guess the emotion i feel is sadness……………
    Because of all the trauma involved with the namulu.
    Thank you wes for this great video series.
    I imagine enki and marduk were sniffing gold and having wild
    Parties involving promiscuous sex with various beings. Then enki points out to a burned out asteroid rock and says that will be
    Called earth.

  12. I think last lions post about the conversation between enki
    And marduk……was pretty close to the truth…
    I look. Forward to the next video

  13. Amaria. I cannot stop listening those 3 songs on you tube.After Sun I am in love with this Amaria.From what I understood, this album is not for sale… What a pitty. I have very special feelings about /towards Amazones. Horses – very noble creatures ! I keep reviewing this video. Have a peaceful week Wes and Ariel!

  14. Yes : Sun Amaria and Orion ( I look foward to have the last 2). Extraordinary. Beautiful. Just sharing my thoughts- feelings.

  15. Quetzalcoatlus. Quetzalcoatlus (Kwet-sal-co-AT-lus) was a pterodactyloid pterosaur from the Late Cretaceous of North America, and the largest known flying animal to have ever lived. It was a member of the Azhdarchidae, a family of advanced toothless pterosaurs with unusually long, stiffened necks.

    An ibis looking reptile.
    Notice the name and how its spelled??
    It was even reported to have “emerald” green feathers in mayan folklore.

    Ill bet my balls. This was Thoth’ s monster mount during the war of the titans if he was stationed on the ground and not in space with brotha marduk.

    Did enki have a favorite battle weapon? Trident? Thors hammar pethaps???

  16. It is estimated that the mass of the whole asteroid belt is app same as mass of our Moon. And that is 1/80 that of Earth. The question is where is 79/80 of the mass of Tiamat (in option that Tiamat was as big as the Earth)

    1. First, what are the Overlords known to be? Stone builders. That term implies, from what we’ve concluded, that they travel around in hollowed out asteroids. So, an exploded planet would come in handy. Second, did all the remnant of Tiamaat stay in the “asteroid orbit?” Third: could the Overlords have used the massive amount of asteroids for something that benefited them? Fourth, who says that the asteroid belt is approx. the same mass as our moon? NASA? Fifth, how much of the asteroid belt can NASA see if Tiamaat was an Experiment in another density?

  17. WES! This is One of the Most beautiful Things I ever Seen in my entire Life. YOU are more than an Artist.

  18. Why do the creator gods need ships ? Aren’t they supposed to nano-travel ? Why would the queen descend on Tiamaat to help the Nam’lu ? In other papers it is stated that she doesn’t interfere at all. Quite a few contradictions here unless something escaped me.

    1. @Romano Ships are only needed in the Matrix/Kenoma by beings who are cast down here, i.e. the Archons/AIF. They are the ones needing portals and hollowed out craft etc. to interact in our 3-D frequency of the Multiverse. Also, some of the so-called “Sirians” use them, too, as they were cast down from the Upper Heavens into the Matrix. For others to interact in these denser parts of the universe, they sometimes use crafts, too.

      Even the archons/AIF can nano travel to a certain extent, but are not allowed into Orion. They only have access to a small portion of the KHAA (called the 7 Heavens in the ancient texts and the Gnostic texts). But if they want to interact on a 3-D level, where we are, they will use craft–usually hollowed-out asteroids, etc. They are “miners.” So, the Queen and her forces met the AIF on their playground and our playground. For that, they used ships, too.

      In the WPP, I clearly state that the Queen and her forces were directly involved in the Tiamaat War (War of the Titans in Greek mythology). I described this in detail in Level 2 and Level 4, in particular. So, there are no contradictions.

      1. Thanks a lot for clarifying. I’m not at all opposed to your writings, in fact I’m looking for a way out of here. I want to believe but I also don’t want to fall for yet another trap. It’s great that you don’t feel offended or switch to defensive mode. And much of what I read in your papers make sense to me as I took interest in Gnostic teachings at a very young age.

        1. The way you’re approaching this is very sound, in my opinion, Romano. It shows that you are thinking for yourself and not blindly follow someone. Kudos to you for that!

  19. I see now why you think it’s the replay of the end of Atlantis. We are witnessing the revenge of scientists 2.0 which brings us back to the last destruction . However in this distorted game, they are the elite of Earth 2.0 and still avoid to face the consequences engendered by their lack of modesty. They refuse or are unable to face it. Revenge never solved anything.

  20. I have another take on the dilemma involving Enlil and Enki. Not the right time to talk about it yet

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