Gnosis Part 10: Where Souls and Spirits Go After Death

Revised: June 4, 2020 (Revision at the bottom of the article)

by Wes Penre, June 3, 2020

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[Considering all the insanity taking place around the world and beyond right now, we feel an urgency to complete this article series as soon as we can, so as many people as possible get a chance to wake up. Thus, we will post them as soon as we have them ready, even in cases where we just recently posted a previous one…]

Setup of the Soul Centers

Readers have asked us what happens when we die—particularly lately, taking the Gnostic texts into consideration. What options do we have? Where are we going, and is the Grid we have discussed so many times still a valid exit route out of the Matrix?

In Article #9, we discussed the model of the Kenoma—how it’s structured and how it relates to the Spirit Realm, aka the Pleroma. Hopefully, that gave the reader a better picture of how our universe looks like. With that model in mind, we are now going to explain what the Gnostic texts say about where different souls/Spirits go after they depart from their physical bodies.

The Christ, who descended into the lower realms (Sophia’s Creation), was a compilation of the characteristics of the twelve Aeons in the Pleroma, simply put. Before Christ descended, Sophia prepared to make room for the characteristics of particularly three Aeons, who had parts of them descending to contribute with their Light and Power in separate Heavens of the Kenoma. The “sacrifice” they had to make was that parts of them—the parts they sent to the Kenoma—entered the realms of forgetfulness. Thus, they could no longer remember their Fullness.

And they were made to drink water of forgetfulness by the Chief Ruler so that they would not know themselves (and would not know) where they had come from.

The Secret Book of John

One Aeon descended an aspect of itself to the Ninth Heaven, where those who take on soul bodies dwell.

The Holy Souls’ Realm is the Eighth Heaven that separates the waters of the Eighth and Ninth Heavens from the waters below, being everything from the Abyss up to the Seventh Heaven. The Eighth Heaven includes those who took on soul bodies, too. A second Aeon descended into this Heaven.[1] Those in the Ninth Heaven are those who reincarnate as teachers into the lower realms of the Kenoma, including Earth. These Spirits, via their souls, have received Gnosis, lived in Spirit on Earth (as enlightened humans), and are now ready to teach what they have learned. It does not mean that they must be a new Jesus or world-famous avatar or teacher; those who have reached this level know what they need to do and want to do when that time comes when they need to decide. Some come back here to altruistically give to humanity—they complete their mission and then return to the Pleroma. The souls/bodies (who were called Avatars in the Wes Penre Papers) dwell both in the Ninth, Eighth, and the Fifth Heaven (Mars)—that’s where our Original Souls (not the artificial soul/spirit) reside. We will talk more about this under the “What is Baptism” section below. As we know, our Original, Genuine Soul is not of the 3-D physical realm. In fact, it’s a loan from the Pleroma and dwells in any of these three Heavens that I just mentioned. Each of our souls, at the time of Christ entering the Kenoma, were placed in the Heaven where they belonged at that particular time, depending on their actions and development. Our souls can ascend and descend, respectively, between these Heavens, according to our behavior and grade of ignorance or awakening.  

Another Aeon contributed its characteristics to the lower Heavens (the First to Seven Heavens). In the Wes Penre Papers (WPP), the term Overseers were mentioned. These correspond well to these Aeon descensions, overseeing these three Heavens of the Kenoma: Sophia’s entire Creation.

What is Baptism?

In the Gnostic texts, the human “trinity” consists of Spirit (the Immortal), soul (psyche or fire), and body/flesh (represented by water, i.e. the part of Spirit that is ignorant). In the Bible, baptism by water is represented by John the Baptist, who allegedly baptized Jesus by water.

Just like there are three main parts of a human—Spirit, fire, and water, there are also three different baptisms, directly corresponding with these three parts,

Likewise three baptisms exist: the first is spiritual, the second is by fire, the third is by water.

On the Origin of the World

In order for us to go back to the Pleroma, we need to go through all three baptisms. However, before a human can get any baptism at all, they first need to wake up to the conviction that they are more than just a body of flesh with no afterlife. If they don’t, they go directly to the Archons’ recycling center and will be recycled immediately into a new earthly incarnation—they have no say in the matter.

I [the apostle John] said, “Lord, then where will the souls be who do not know to whom their souls belong?”

He [Jesus] said to me, “In those, the despicable spirit [artificial spirit, created by Yaldabaoth] has proliferated by leading them astray. He burdens the soul and draws it into works of wickedness, and he casts it down into forgetfulness. After it comes forth, they hand it over to the authorities who came into being through the Ruler. And they bind it in chains and cast it into prison [Earth]. And they consort with it until it awakens from forgetfulness and receives knowledge. And in this way, it is perfected and saved.”

The Secret Book of John (long version)

The first baptism is baptism by water. We will not literally have water poured over our heads—that’s just symbolically speaking. Baptism is simply the three phases the human soul (the intermediary between flesh and Spirit) goes through in her awakening process. Being baptized in water means that a person, during a certain lifetime gets an inkling that there might be something more to him or her than just being a body and that they may have a soul. However, it remains just an abstract thought, or they show no particular interest in expanding on the matter. These souls will be baptized in water. After death, such a soul goes to some location in the Seven Heavens, where one of the Aeons, Eleleth, is the Overseer. According to what I have learned over the years, this recycling center is probably located on Mars—not the Mars we see in the night-sky, which is just a reflection of Mars located in the Fifth Heaven. Mars is the Fifth Heaven, but not just as a planet—Mars is a realm (see the now familiar diagram below and our Gnosis 9 article to learn more about the Heavens).

Mars, I would suggest, is the afterlife realm the late Dr. Michael Newton wrote about in his books[2]; the realm where souls mingle and “rest” before they decide to reincarnate again. These souls are still fairly ignorant about that they are Spiritual in nature, so they, too, go back to a new incarnation on Earth until they wake up in Spirit, but they don’t need to go through the trauma in the Archon’s recycling Center.

When a person on Earth is convinced that they do have a soul, they go to the Eighth Heaven (Orion) to get baptized by fire (soul). Once there, they have a choice whether they want to stay in the Eighth Heaven or go back to Earth until they receive Gnosis.

I said, “Lord, then when the souls of those leave their flesh, where will they go?”

He laughed and said to me, “The soul in which the power will become stronger than the despicable spirit [artificial spirit/reactive mind]— for this one (the soul) is powerful and it flees from evil— it will be saved by the visitation of the Incorruptible [Christ] and it will be admitted into the repose of the aeons.

The Secret Book of John (long version)

When a person receives Gnosis and understands that they are a Spiritual being and opens to Spirit inside, from having been living many lifetimes in ignorance, they go to the Ninth Heaven, where they are baptized in Spirit. Here, the soul will be “judged,” which in this case does not have any negative negation to it. The meme, “the heart must weigh lighter than a feather” probably comes from this “procedure.” I believe this means that it needs to be determined whether the soul has gotten rid of all their earthly attachments and has broken the cycle of “good and evil.” In other words, if they have elevated themselves above ignorance, they can either stay in the Ninth Heaven or go back to Earth one more time to become a teacher and enlighten others to the best of their ability. When that has been completed and they die, the Spirit can go back to the Pleroma—mission accomplished (I called it Graduation in the WPP).

I [John] said to the Savior, “Lord, will all the souls be delivered into the pure light”?   

… [Jesus replied]: Those upon whom the Spirit of the Life [Christ] will descend and (with whom) it will be powerfully present, they will be saved and will become perfect. And they will become worthy of the great realms [Pleroma]. And they will be purified in that place from all evil and the concerns of wickedness.[2]

The Secret Book of John (long version)

We don’t choose where to go after death—it all depends on our spiritual development or lack thereof. We can’t “wish” ourselves to a certain Heaven—we go where we are ready to go at the moment of body death. It’s based on our actions in this realm and our level of compassion. For example, a person who commits crimes and treats other people badly still lives in ignorance and can’t enter the Eighth or Ninth Heavens until they change their ways and are ready to open up to Spirit. None of this has to do with judgment—it’s about vibration and awakening—metaphorically speaking, you can’t go through walls until you’ve shed your body or have an Out of Body experience.

The awakened human soul is searching and searching for Truth, and the more we find, the more we change inside. On a gradient, we stop being destructive toward ourselves and others because we know that being destructive comes from Ignorance. The more Spirit we wake up to, the more compassionate we become. We start operating more and more from Spirit and let it guide us in our daily lives. This is how we “advance,” until we eventually are ready to reenter the Pleroma. In the WPP, I discussed that we are already evolved and don’t need to evolve. What this means is that we are already perfect in Spirit—we just need to let our core Self wake up and start operating through us.

What happens to those who, to a lesser degree, do wake up to Spirit but do not start living by it or remain loyal to this Earth construct, which means loyalty to Yaldabaoth and his Archons? Here are two excerpts that answer the question:

And I said, “Lord, what about those who understood and yet turned away? Where will their souls go?”

Then he said to me, “They will be admitted into that place where the angels of poverty go [the Archons], the place where repentance [awakening] does not occur. And they will guard them until that day when those who have blasphemed against the Spirit will be tortured[4]. And they will be punished with an eternal punishment.”[5]

The Secret Book of John (long version)

This is, from my understanding, those who have chosen sides, regardless of them knowing better. They are too much under the influence of the artificial spirit of Yaldabaoth’s. They will descend to the lowest level of the Abyss (Hell) together with the Archons, respectively. This might pertain particularly to those who, in the End Times, choose to remains of Yaldabaoth’s side in a potential “Battle of Armageddon.”


I said to him, “Lord, will the souls of those upon whom the power of the Spirit of Life descended but who did not do these works be e[xcluded]?”

He repli[ed, s]aying to me, “If [the] Spirit descends [up]on them, they will be saved in any case, and they will migrate. For the power will descend upon every human being—for without it, no one is able to stand upright. After they are born, then if the Spirit of Life increases and the power comes to strengthen that soul, it is not possible to lead it astray into the works of wickedness. But those upon whom the counterfeit spirit [artificial soul] descends are drawn by it and they are led astray.”

The Secret Book of John (long version)

Once we leave the Kenoma and enter the Pleroma, we will also shed the Genuine Soul, and we will return as pure Spirit. There, we will become true Creator Gods, and we can create worlds, realms, or whatever we want to create with our intentions, imagination, and with our thoughts.

What About the Grid?

The information we have been giving you about the Grid and how to exit it is still valid (see Gnosis 9 in our series). The Grid is taking us out of the lower realms (the Underworld) and into the Seven Heavens of the Archons. So basically, all we really need to do is to go through the Grid, so we can leave the Matrix we are currently residing in, and Spirit/soul will go where they are ready to go. If, for some reason, you will not see a Grid, no need for concern. There is a chance that when we wake up to Spirit, we just “automatically” go where we are supposed to go. If anything is unclear at that point, a good idea might be to think to yourself, “I am going to the absolute highest aspect of me possible,” or something to that effect. That intention should certainly take you to the right place. I am only mentioning this to ease any anxiety over this—personally, I am convinced we go exactly where we are eligible to go.

Humans, who have received Gnosis, will be able to eventually go back to the Pleroma. The reason Sophia can’t retrieve all Spirit yet from the Kenoma is because Yaldabaoth needs to wake up first so that Sophia can retrieve Yaldabaoth’s Spirit because it belongs to her. Yaldabaoth does inhabit Spirit, albeit covered in layers of Ignorance. Humans, who have received Gnosis, are no longer in Ignorance and are therefore whole enough to be capable of returning to the Pleroma. All we humans can do is doing our best to complete our part of the mission to help dissolve Yaldabaoth’s creation. As mentioned, we do that by waking up to our Inner Spirit and shine that light through the darkness of this construct.

Revision: Many people have asked, so I will try to explain a little further. Not everybody who go to Orion after this lifetime will return to Earth to become teachers. Just like we humans in this construct have different characteristics (personalities), so do Spirit and the Genuine soul. If it’s your destiny to come back and teach, you will be more than happy to do so. If not, you will not come back to Earth. Once in Orion, you will know what to do or not to do. No one will judge you either way because you’re only following your personal Destiny.

Most souls/Spirits will stay in Orion, and a few will come back to teach. The only “benefit” with coming back to teach is that when this last lifetime of teaching is over, the Spirit will go to the Ninth Heaven, shed their Genuine Soul and return right away to Pleroma. Those who don’t go back to teach because it’s not their Destiny to do so, will stay in Orion until after Christ’s Return, when the entire Kenoma will be lit up by the Light of Christ, the last battle between Spirit and Matter will be fought, and Yaldabaoth will be redeemed. Then, the Archons will perish, Yaldabaoth in his material form will perish, and so will everything that was created from Ignorance/darkness, and all Spirit will be withdrawn and go to the Pleroma, of course including those who waited in Orion. When everything is lit up, darkness/ignorance has nowhere to hide, and everything will be revealed (Apocalypse). Ignorance has no other option than to perish, but Ignorance will fight until its last breath because Yaldabaoth was given the rulership over the Kenoma from the beginning, so that’s the program he’s running on (think artificial intelligence).

I am also quite sure that those who wait in Orion can also join Christ on his last mission and come down here once again—this time not in a physical body, but as Spirit/Genuine Soul if they wish to, in order to help Christ on his last mission. Still, they will not be forced to. No one will judge those who won’t go back. Sophia, Christ, and the entire Pleroma are aware of each Spirit’s Destiny, so it will just be a natural thing. But once in Orion, you will know what your Destiny is, and you will act accordingly without hesitation.

What does it entail to stay in Orion? Interesting enough, nothing has changed from what I wrote in the Wes Penre Papers. The mistake I made when I wrote them was that I combined Orion and the Pleroma into one, not realizing, at that time that there is a Pleroma. Going to Orion means you will become a Creator God in a peaceful and balanced environment, in which both Zoë Sophia and Jesus Christ (Khan En.lil) reside. Thus, in Orion, Spirit is balanced. Most Spirited humans will probably stay there until it’s time for everyone to go home to the Pleroma.

We hope this revision will make things a little clearer.

More to come…

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[1] From The Secret Book of John, verse 9.

[2] Dr. Newton’s books can be found at We personally recommend “Destiny of Souls,” also reviewed in The Wes Penre Papers, First Level of Learning, Paper 6.

[3] The soul will be shed before leaving the Ninth Heaven. Only Pure Spirit can enter the Pleroma.

[4] Blaspheming against the Holy Spirit is not only saying Spirit does not exist but also when trying to put back ignorance into those whose Spirit is awakening.

[5] This is for those who know better but still choose to side with Yaldabaoth and the Archons. They are basically punishing themselves.

References and Resources:

The Secret Book of John (long version)

On the Origin of Man

The Wes Penre Papers


    1. @anonymous.. it resonate with me..

      The way we think and act is what we become.. we can only enter to the spiritual realm if we become pure.. we need to work on our inner selves to awaken the spirit within.. that is the crucial point.. how we work to become pure despite the virus or the corrupt mind we have.. .. i am curious to what things dont resonate with you.. do you mind to share it?

      1. You are curious, that’s the best trait to have. You also spoke of purity. I’ve found it goes hand and hand with innocence. I’ve sought innocence and purity, thinking on them long and hard, took me a while ….but man did I strike gold. My life keeps getting more and more pleasant now that I know what I want.

  1. It almost seems to me that the exit is really dependent on capacity of one’s mind to be able to correctly receive/interpret the gnosis.

  2. I suddenly think what if all humans has spirit or what if all souls has no sipirit? To acquire spirit you need to work on yourself and find out what should be done in order to acquire spirit? Or in order to awaken the spirit we need to the things what the law of one teach us.. if we follow those things we will surely not inetrested in accumulating material things,fame,power and all earthly things that distract us… the test is clear …now how we will respond to the challenge? Can we aquire or awaken the spirit the way we live and behave here on earth? I honestly fail if that is the case.. i am sure there are things i need to improved in myself. Can i do it? It depend on how i think and how i respond to my thinking..

    This is a very interesting topic.. thank u.. wes and ariel.. i have a lot of things need to be done and learn..

  3. I suddenly think what if all humans has spirited or what if all souls has no sipirit? To acquire spirit you need to work on yourself and find out what should be done in order to acquire spirit? Or in order to awaken the spirit we need to the things what the law of one teach us.. if we follow those things we will surely not inetrested in accumulating material things,fame,power and all earthly things that distract us… the test is clear now how will respond to the challenge? Can we aquire or awaken the spirit the way we live and behave here on earth? I honestly fail if that is the case.. i am sure there are things i need to improved in my self. Can i do it? It depend how i think and how i respond to my thinking..

    This is a very interesting topic.. thank u.. wes and ariel.. i have a lot of things need to be done and learn..

  4. We don’t have to be “the best”,”the purest”,the most… best thing of all.we are the proof.we make mistakes,wrong choices,but eventually…we come to “know”!I hope,in this lifetime!

  5. “The Grid is taking us out of the lower realms (the Underworld) and into the Seven Heavens of the Archons.”

    So going through the Grid is not enough to completely leave the Matrix? Because we may end up in one of the Seven Archontic Heavens and get reincarnated again, especially if we end up in the Fifth Heaven? How to make sure we get to at least Eighth Heaven?

    1. That will depend on the work you do in life to connect with your spirit and once you are out of the grid by vibration and frequency, your being will go where it resonates, eighth or ninth heaven depends on you and the work you did in life. And if your inner work only managed to make you aware of your soul, you would go to the fifth heaven, that’s what I understood.

        1. I must say I don’t like it. Previously it was stated that we only need to go through the Grid and then we can go wherever we want, i.e to Orion, and now it seems we don’t have any say in the matter. How can I be sure I’m “worthy” of the Eighth Heaven? But please, don’t tell “you just know”. I need something measurable. I don’t want to miss probably my only chance to exit.

          1. @ Anonymous I really “get” your frustration. I feel the same way. “I” want to know exactly, but I realize the “I” that wants to know is not my spirit. The “I” is my insecurity and fear and need to be in control. It is not the part of “me” that survives physical death. I was told once that spirit is like water, it searches to join it’s own level (of enlightenment) So really, the work for me seems to be to go inward and clean up my consciousness as much as possible.

          2. @Anonymous – “I must say I don’t like it. Previously it was stated that we only need to go through the Grid and then we can go wherever we want, i.e to Orion, and now it seems we don’t have any say in the matter. How can I be sure I’m “worthy” of the Eighth Heaven? But please, don’t tell “you just know”. I need something measurable. I don’t want to miss probably my only chance to exit.”

            Just go out through the Grid. That hasn’t changed. What you experience after that will be up to you. There is no “worthy” test. You will experience whatever is appropriate for you to experience based on who you are. If you are waiting for someone else to tell you what that is, you are missing the point. Only YOU know who/what you are. That is measurable by how well you know yourself. The more you understand who you are, the question you are asking, “How will I know?”, will eventually become “I know.” When your state of being shifts to one of knowing, that is your measure. The question of “who am I” will be answered, not by us or anyone else, but by YOU. Whatever *you* are will be matched by what you experience.

  6. Why there is no videos for these recent article? I love the video lessons, please make videos on these new articles.

    1. We decided to make articles instead of videos because this information should not be listened to through a video. They words should be read from a text in order to create the effect they are intended to create–they require full focus. We will definitely make more videos in the near future, but not on the Gnosis Series.

      1. But some people are not good readers, myself I learned so much from your videos, and I couldn’t get through reading the articles. I want to learn more and I will read what has to be in writing, but please consider those who prefer and understand more from videos. The videos is like you are sitting and explaining your views, which I can receive with full receptivity.

        1. I wish Bruce Burns (one of our commenters) was here now…He has some kind of app that can narrate a PDF file, apparently. Maybe you can search for that on the Internet. It seems to come in handy in situations like this. Making a video takes a lot of time, and to write both an article and make a video on it will be too tedious. Right now, we need to choose because both Ariel and I feel the urgency to get this information out. But there is always a chance we might make videos on the articles later on, although we can’t promise anything. There is so much information we need to get out to the public. However, I completely understand your dilemma. So for now, maybe google “PDF to voice” “text to voice” or something like that?

            1. Google Chrome, Yanex, Brave, and perhaps other browsers, use the open source Chromium browser structure. Many believe that Google wrote Chrome from scratch which is not true. Because Google is evil, I have been trying to disconnect from it as much as possible though I find dumping my gmail account of 20 years overwhelming at the moment. I would suggest commenters try Brave as a browser. I clicked on it in the app store while in Brave, and it added it as an extension, and it should work properly. (though I prefer to read rather than listen to the articles.)

      2. Wes, I get what you are saying about the importance of the material. It is because this info is so dire, you may want to consider that there are four learning styles. Auditory, visual types comprehend more fully when listening and watching lessons. My son is like this, he struggles with reading comprehension. You make a wonderful teacher, all you would have to do is add a quick video of you reading the article. Thanks.

  7. According to this new understanding, do both recycling systems, the original according to the three baptisms and the AIF, operate at the same time until now or not? And what decides where we are directed is our vibrational level and work in life with respect to the awareness and connection we manage to make? I imagine that those who only have Artificial Soul only enter direct recycling from the AIF.
    Another doubt;
    What if Christ is Khan En.lil, what about the Arcturian who supposedly married the Queen and who until then we knew as Khan enlil?

    1. These different recycling/reincarnation centers have been operational since the human soul group descended into the Kenoma–except the recycling center within the Earth Matrix, which has only been operational for about 13,000 years–since the most recent Flood.

      Your behavior in your incarnation here plays a certain role in where you’re going. A person who murders and steal will definitely go to the recycling center run by the Archons–unless he is spiritless, and therefore, don’t have a Genuine Soul and a Spirit. In these cases, the “person” only have one lifetime. Then, the artificial soul splits up in the afterlife (more about that two articles from now.

      If you are are fairly sure you might have a soul, you go to the Mars reincarnation center in the 5th Heaven, which is overseen by a Spiritual Aeon, Eleleth, from the Pleroma. If you have woken up to that you have a soul and that your current life is not all there is, you go to the 8th Heaven (lower Orion), and if you have received Gnosis, you go to the 9th Heaven (upper Orion). Eventually, you will go back to the Pleroma (your Spiritual home). In your case, because you’re here and ask questions, you know you have a soul, and you’re waking up to Spirit. So, it sounds like you’re going to the 8th Heaven, at least. If you receive Gnosis this lifetime, you go to the 9th.

      1. while we are here in the underworld figuring out the situation, would it be a good conclusion to say that the main war going on right now is taking place between the 5th 6th and 7th heaven?

        1. We haven’t come to this yet in our articles, but Yaldabaoth has been cast down from his heavens, and he now resides in the ABZU, slightly beneath our realm. It doesn’t mean he doesn’t have any access to the upper realms above our firmament, but his main resort is in the Underworld and below. There are still archons roaming in the upper heavens, and so long as they are there, there will be conflicts and wars–if nothing else, between themselves.

      2. Dear Ariel and Wes, you do not know how grateful I am for all the insight that I have had thanks to the information that you have provided all this years and this last analysis of Gnosticism I think is superb. Since I was very little I have been aware of feeling like a spiritual being and being aware of the Goddess, always looking with a feeling of longing at the sky when I saw at the three Marys, which is what we call to the Orion belt here in my country, Chile. For this reason I always felt very lonely because I rebelled against patriarchy and above all the Catholic God, a very dominant faith here in Latin America, which made people feel that I was strange, because also when I expressed myself in my terms, they simply did not managed to understand me. I studied History at the University in my desire to be able to reinterpret the written history that seemed to me a complete lie. But collide with indoctrination and modern inquisition. In my own search for my own story I reached a dead end when I realized that Enki was not who he said he was and I felt it dark and disturbing, but there was very little information and studies to draw on that would allow me to continue on my way to understand who this being really was. It was at that time that my internal voice told me to read the WWP, that I had downloaded but that I still did not read because I had a lot of material and I still did not have the time to read them, so I listened and devoured the 5 papers in a short time plus the introduction and there was the answer that I was looking for and the continuation of my search, since that time I am grateful from the depths of my being to you Wes and your beloved Ariel who later came to accompany you on your way. Since that moment, they had passed more than 9 years in which I listen , read and internalize most of your research , and they have only brought growth to my being, that’s why I repeat, I will always be eternally grateful to both of you and your incredible work. Thanks to you and the community that follows you I no longer feel strange or alone, they are in my heart, and I allow myself to express it now and for the record, in these moments so intense and decisive. Hugs Mar.

        1. This was very encouraging to read, Marcela, and I really appreciate you sharing. It seems to me that you were quite awake already as a child–more so than most. That’s very cool! Also, in a Latin American country, where Catholicism is so widespread, you still swam against the current. That is brave and you must have great integrity to withstand that. So glad to see you here, and again, thank you for posting this! Hugs back, Wes

        2. Marcela, your story resonates with me and your search for truth is very similar to mine…I like you!!! And I echo your gratitude to Wes and Ariel for all their insights!!!

  8. Well now I am really confused about part 10. The part I find both confusing and somewhat demoralizing is under the heading “What About the Grid,” where I quote:
    “The Grid is taking us out of the lower realms (the Underworld) and into the Seven Heavens of the Archons.” Going from the Underworld to the Seven Heavens of the Archons doesn’t thrill me. You speculate that the Michael Newton’s rest stops was in their fifth heaven, and this is where must of us would be headed anyway between incarnations. I assume this sentence is not what it appears to be, as once we go through the grid we can go to Orion which is the eighth and ninth heavens and essentially and hopefully beyond the demiurges grasp. Though I do understand that not all spirited human souls might not be permitted to enter Orion due to past crimes and being concurrently maliciously disruptive. Please clarify this point. Thank you.

    1. No problem…Even when we go to the 8th or 9th Heaven, we pass through the 7 Heavens on our way to getting there–although just very briefly and without stopping. The only ones who go to the 5th Heaven are those who are still uncertain whether they are a soul or not and have not woken up to that they are a Spirit. If they have woken up to that the are Spirit, they go to 8th. If they have even received Gnosis, they go to 9th.

      Hope this makes sense…

      1. Will the aif invade the 8th or 9th heaven when their army of vaccinated cyborgs come to-get-Her

        1. Yaldabaoth, in his current “condition,” wants to get into Orion, and so do his Archons. They know that their Heavens (1-7 and the Underworld) are eventually doomed, and their demise might be soon, so they are desperate to get into Orion, which will survive the cataclysm of the Kenoma. They think they are safe there if they can invade. But they can’t get into Orion without us.

          1. Woe unto Lucifer for his time is short.
            Wonder why though. It appears the matrix game was for a limited time only. I’m glad I played, but I won’t be taking another turn/life.

  9. @Wes @Ariel, could an AI/android or AI-like being exist purely on ether/aether and not milk others for its survival?
    If you use only ether/etheric energy to support your autonomous existence, can this be considered as parasitism?

    1. @Robin Obinray – “@Wes @Ariel, could an AI/android or AI-like being exist purely on ether/aether and not milk others for its survival?”

      ^I don’t know.

      No, I don’t think would be considered parasitism.

  10. Are the ones assimilated by the AIF/Lucifer/archons/BORG/Replicator types (obvious comparison) forever lost to AI?

    1. A.I./Singularity is very real, but it’s not exactly what people think it is. What does it mean to be a cyborg, for example? Most people would say it’s being trapped in an AI body, but what about if the main thing with AI/Singularity is actually the other way around? We will write a separate article on this subject soon, as a part of our Gnostic series. That article, I believe, will answer the question you have.

    2. @MoonStars –

      If they assimilate us, then they make us like them. This is a concept that Wes and I have discussed often. If AI can be compared to or similar to a non-Spirited being, such as an empty vessel or organic portal, then the Singularity takes on a whole different meaning, doesn’t it? It’s not that they will turn us into robots of a physical kind, but robots of a non-Spiritual kind by causing the Spirit to be perpetually asleep and thus running on an automatic stimulus-response, super-heightened survival mechanisms very, very much like we have described narcissism (being only of an artificial soul construct with no or dormant Spirit).

      To me (this is only my opinion), this makes much more sense in the context of the Singularity and they are doing a bang-up job, too. I would even say that they have nearly reached their goal of having us all be like them. Are the ones who get assimilated forever lost? I don’t know.

  11. So those who have become enlightened and have received Gnosis and choose to return one last time will presumably be reincarnated once more. Question will they will reincarnated with the Gnosis or will they have their memory wiped as is normally the case? If they have a memory wipe then presumably they will first have to become enlightened before they can become teachers. This presents a problem if for example they only received Gnosis towards the end of their previous life and did not have time to teach; if the same happens they would again not have time to teach.

    1. This is a question I assume many people have now. Well, if we open up and let Spirit flow through in a certain lifetime (this one, hopefully) we are already connected. If we choose to reincarnate again from Orion and directly down here, our Genuine Soul (the intermediary) does no longer need to look for Spirit–it’s already flowing free through the soul. So, when you incarnate, you WILL know who you are.

  12. You guys are taking me back to where I left and abandoned You used to say that Jesus is En.Ki and that all the religions are distractions and have been designed to keep us in this matrix. You said we should not allow any to keep us in this matrix and all we needed to do is to use our Will to leave after death so as not to be recycled again and start all over with amnesia. What changed? Why did you decide to change all this and start a new teaching?

    1. @obi ~ Thank you for these questions! First, we aren’t teachers. All we are doing is publishing our own research and conclusions. Everyone needs to make their own conclusions. Nothing has changed. We certainly do not feel that adding the Gnostic information to people’s (and our own) awareness takes away from anything we have learned so far. On the contrary, it adds another layer of depth to the WPP that wasn’t there before; a spiritual layer. The story that was told in the WPP as the Orion saga *is* the story of the Pleroma, the creation of this material Universe, and the inhabitants of it (including us). All of these things have to be told using allegory because humankind is very limited in being able to understand concepts beyond their own reality. Unfortunately, it seems we were created with some of these barriers from the get-go.

      The Gnostic texts do NOT promote any religious affiliations, and neither do we. Those who have been seeking “Gnosis” have been around for much longer than any of the religions. This information is what religions (through the will of the ARchons or the “AIF” [same thing, different words]) co-opted, distorted, and made their own. The distortions were used to form their foundations for worship, organizations, and sects.

      Nothing has changed in regards to leaving. Those who want to exit this matrix (material Universe/Kenoma) should leave. The method to leave is the same as it was given from Wes – go out of the grid.

      Next, there *is* a version of “Jesus” that was entirely conceived from and directed by (who is Yaldabaoth in the Gnostic information). This other Jesus was played by an archon we commonly call Thoth. The understanding or conclusion that there are two versions of the life of this message-giver; one Divine and one “worldly” (Thoth/Hermes), did not come until very recently.

      Lastly, this information about the Gnostic texts, we felt, needed to be published so that others can see the comparison of that narrative to the one that is given in the WPP. They are the same story, but they use different words/names so that people of that time-period could relate to it. It’s the same way the information in the WPP was given so that Wes could write the information in a way that people could understand it. We know that everyone will not be able to make this comparison and see this connection. We thought it would be very useful for those who could because it was certainly very helpful to us.

      So, to reiterate, nothing has changed except our own perceptions and perspective of this information (both the GT and the WPP).

  13. I’ve not read about where you talked about Christ return and Jesus in this manner you are doing now. Is the Gnosis teachings connected to Christianity? Kindly explain the difference

    1. @obi – The Gnostic texts are related to Christianity in that the original life and Divine messages of Jesus were co-opted, distorted into Hermetic practices of worship, transmutation, prayers, and rituals/rites by an imposter Jesus known as Thoth/Hermes.

      The original information contains no directives, mandates, or commandments. No instructions for the transmutable eucharist/communion are included in the GT, no worship of the blood sacrifice or the sacrificial Lamb, no prayers, rote or otherwise, and no ecclesiastical baptisms, ceremonies, feasts, holy days or festivals are given for humanity to follow and observe.

      So, basically EVERYTHING that the churches and organized faiths practice come from the Hermetic (or worldly) distraction that was inserted to mislead and redirect humanity. For a really good break-down on the distortions, the Gospel of Philip lays most of them out in the open. It’s a pretty good one that tells what is the corruption and what is not. Sometimes, it can help to read these things for yourself so you can make an informed opinion and draw your conclusions.

      Hope this helps 🙂

  14. Yes, please. It does. Thank you. I really looked forward to these explanations. I’ve been away for sometime. This really helps – Thanks _ @Ariel

  15. You mention that going to Orion means we will become a Creator God in a peaceful and balanced environment, in which both Zoë Sophia and Jesus Christ (Khan En.lil) reside. You mention in the WPP that En.lil is the stepbrother of Enki. Both are Archons. So, is Khan En.lil (Jesus Christ) the stepbrother of Enki? Also, why is Khan En.lil called Jesus Christ?

    1. En.lil is just a title–it’s not a name. Khan En.lil is Jesus Christ, to be distinguished from Christ and Jesus in flesh. Christ is the Aeon, residing in the Pleroma. Jesus Christ (Khan En.lil) is an aspect of Christ within Sophia’s creation (the 8th and 9th Heaven). Jesus in flesh (Yeshua) is Prince En.lil/Ninurta, or as he is called in the Gnostic texts, Sabaoth. So, 2000 years ago or so, Christ was sending the spiritual message from the Pleroma, through Jesus Christ (Khan En.lil) and then through Yeshua. A physical man in a physical body was needed in order to be able to efficiently communicate with the humans 2000 years ago.

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