Gnostic Musings #13: Holes in the Grid and our Inner Journey

by Wes Penre, December 13, 2020

In the Wes Penre Papers (WPP), as well as in our videos and articles, we have discussed the holes in the Grid multiple times, but we still get questions about them. It is completely understandable because this is an important topic as it discusses a way to exit the Matrix/Kenoma. Like with everything else, this topic can also be expanded upon to obtain more clarity. For instance, what is the Grid, and how can we make sure we find a hole once our bodies die?

I’m going to try to narrow this down from my current perspective, taking everything we have written and talked about so far regarding the Divine Mind into consideration (see previous articles in the Gnostic Musings Series).

The Grid is, as we have discussed many times before, the compilation of the human mass consciousness and our mass agreements. This “cloud” of thoughts is surrounding the world we live in as a Grid. We could say that the Grid is shaped like a veil around the planet. So long as we are stuck in our mass beliefs and just follow everybody else instead of thinking for ourselves outside the box, we will remain part of the mass consciousness, and thus being tangled up in the Grid.

When we die, we perceive ourselves leaving the physical body behind and continue our journey into what we call the “astral.” Most souls in a death experience find themselves floating in a “void” at first, watching the physical world below them or around them, until they either encounter a dead loved one, perhaps a spirit guide, or see the tunnel of light toward which they start gravitating. Very few of them see, or pay attention to, the Grid, apparently. Why is this?

What I have conveyed above is death from an “outside” perspective, i.e., it’s the projection onto the outside world. However, the real experience is not happening in the outside world/universe—it’s happening in the inside universe, i.e., in our minds. The journey, as we have also discussed in detail elsewhere, is happening inside ourselves—the rest is the projection of our own minds. Thus, people who don’t know this and have never heard about “holes in the Grid” will not be able to perceive them because their minds are focused on something else—the “agreed upon” procedures that follow death. The Grid and the holes in the Grid are not part of these common procedures that we have been accustomed to lifetime after lifetime.

Not until we educate ourselves and get a better understanding of what the human mind—the Divine Mind—really is can we more profoundly conceive of the Grid as an inside experience that we project outward.

Like everything inside our minds, it’s our own creation. You can’t perceive of anything that is not already living as a potential in your own mind. You can’t create from someone else’s mind. Thus, everything you experience is ultimately your own creation—so also the holes in the Grid, which you are creating inside yourself as a tool to break the wheel of reincarnation, if that’s your intention.

Therefore, to escape this loop of repeating incarnations, we imagine a hole in the Grid, and we mentally leave this construct and continue our inner journey, shifting our focus to something else—it’s all happening inside our minds.  The holes in the Grid can’t exist in the outside world until they exist and are focused upon in the inside world. The holes in the Grid is a mind-tool to break the wheel.

It’s like when you write a book. The main character—the protagonist—might get stuck in the story, and the author doesn’t know in what direction to take the plot anymore. The author (the mind) then would need to create a solution so he can continue his journey. In his mind, he or she finds the solution, adds it to the plot, and the protagonist’s journey can continue. The hole in the Grid is ultimately just that, as I see it.

When we die, we will perceive ourselves experiencing the outside universe rather than what’s inside our minds—we focus on the projection that we share with many other people’s beliefs instead of what is happening inside of us.

From my perspective, it’s nothing different from an author creating a fantasy world, compared to Sophia creating a physical universe. Both create their characters, do world-building, create darkness and light, and good versus evil. Because Sophia (our own Higher Mind) created without her consort, she was shocked with the result and rejected it—thus, the subconscious mind was created which is the dark side of Sophia. In her mind, she created characters/star beings to populate the Universe—particularly in the 8th and the 9th Heavens. A fantasy author or a science fiction author do the same thing. Then, they put their thoughts into a book, projecting their creation outward, people read it, and the author’s universe is shared with all his or her readers.

The outer universe is what we project inside our personal mind and share with others, and then we receive the effects of what we put out—cause being the outward motion and effect being the receiving/inward motion, as a result of the cause. It’s a flow back and forth.

For the sake of simplicity, I like to think of the mind in the following way:

Many times, we’ve talked about “peeling the onion.” Our mind is layered, and we humans only have access to a small part of it, so long as we are incarnated in these solid physical bodies of limitation. However, we can still expand our minds while being incarnated if we are willing to do the work involved. I sometimes picture my mind as being inside my body—just for my own clarity—and perceive it as being layered. I only have access to as much of it as I am willing to confront because not all of it is pleasant. If it was, I would have access to the entire mind. Thus, I need to penetrate my own mind to the best of my ability. I can do this until I reach a “barrier” that is difficult to pass through. The reason for this can be manifold, of course, but it all boils down to fear. Who am I today? I am me to the degree I can penetrate my mind. Tomorrow, I might be a little more of my true self, or a little less, depending on my choices, based on fears or me overcoming fears.

How afraid are you to die? For this article, it’s an important question. The more we overcome the fear of death, and the more we are willing to explore the unknown parts of our minds, i.e., what is “outside the Grid,” the easier the transition between death and afterlife. If you are full of fear, the chances you are going to penetrate the part of your mind that is unexplored is severely diminished. It takes courage. Otherwise, you will more likely cycle back into already known territory, and the unknown parts inside you will remain unexplored. You will keep being stuck in the reincarnation wheel until one day, in another lifetime, you make a decision to be brave enough to penetrate the part of your mind that is unknown. You will need to think of the unknown as an exciting adventure—a new way of creation—in order to experiencing it.

But isn’t it enough just to loosely decide that you’re going through the Grid? Well, unless you are completely serious about it and have confronted your fear of death and the unknown and have firmly decided to let go of all attachments to this reality, the answer is most likely, no. This needs to be done first.

We all have the potential of breaking the wheel. It’s just a matter of how much of our phantom fears we are courageous enough to face and stay on top of. The “death implant” is strong in humans, but it’s still an illusion.

If you look at pets that are dying from old age, for example, they are not fearful—to them, it’s a natural process. I have witnessed this in quite a few of my own pets throughout my life, and it’s always been the same. The only ones who are upset are we humans. Yes, we miss them, which is a big part of it, but the death of a pet also subconsciously triggers our own fear of dying.

Lastly, are there other ways to exit the Matrix than through a hole in the Grid? Yes, there are, depending on our perspective. The holes in the Grid I believe is an excellent tool for us to imagine an exit point, but like everything else, it’s ultimately a mind tool. If what I have written in this article is correct, it’s enough to either think ourselves to which part of our minds we want to explore, experience, and create from after we die, and if we are mentally ready for it, that’s where our inner journey in the afterlife will take us. If we are not ready because we haven’t broken through certain barriers first, we might at least go as far as we can in our desired direction and continue from there.

I am an advocate for setting the intention, “I am going to the highest possible aspect of myself.” As I see it, with an intention like that, I can’t go wrong. I will then bring myself to a mind-space from which I am capable of creating and operating to the best of my current ability. The best way to accomplish what we want to accomplish after this life (for those who want to break the wheel) is to set the above intention and at the same time look for a hole to go through. By doing both, you would be covered, so to speak. You may or may not need the hole-in-the-Grid tool.

What about the “Guards” who ancient texts talk about—Archontic forces that supposedly are sitting like gatekeepers between the Heavens? Yes, they do exist inside your mind, which is the same as Sophia’s mind, i.e. the Universe. If you do encounter them, how are you supposed to handle that? Well, keep the perspective that they are existing inside your mind, and that you are in control of your own mind. Then, you decide how to deal with them. For instance, if you have a compulsive thought in your head about something, do you need to act upon it? No, it’s up to you! The same thing applies to the Guards. You have freewill over your own mind, and you don’t need to respond to those potential “barriers.” You just continue your journey without paying attention to them. The only one who can stop you from reaching your mind’s destination is YOU. No one else has control over your mind except you—unless you let them. This is the reason why others, in order to win you over and get what they want from you, need to manipulate you first. Your mind needs to abide to their will, or they are helpless. They need your consent—literally. Thus, nothing happens to us that we haven’t first agreed to in our own minds. If we hadn’t agreed to it, it could never have happened.

This is how I currently look at it.

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  1. Thank you Wes, for sharing! When we have reached the point of arriving at the highest possible aspect of ourselves, would you imagine we end up in another version of Earth? I am imagining myself to travel to Orion, but I dont know what that would look like.

    1. Hi Anonymous! Like the Wes Penre Papers conveyed, the complete Universe is VAST — and if we think of it as the components of the mind, it is, isn’t it? :). Regarding Orion and how it looks like…what does Orion represent, according to the papers? It represent complete freedom to create as creator gods, with all the potentials to expand. How that looks like is maybe up to each of us to imagine? It’s what it is for YOU that’s important. We are all creators, so what and how much are you willing to create? 🙂

      1. Nice Insights , Wes ! I agree based on my own inner knowing. Once we exit the Matrix we’ll be able to create Amazing things with our thoughts. I believe we’ll be able to share our creations with one another if we choose? It Will Be Truly Incredible ! Looking forward to this with you all.

  2. It’s just like basketball there’s a defender in my way, I’ve got the ball. Then my mind says: I don’t care what this fool (Spirit guide) does. I’m gonna get to the hole-bball term- come hell or high water. Confidence matters!!!

    Cool article!!!

  3. I have had 5 major surgeries in my life so far, all through the surgeries I never had any Out of Body experience nor had any dreams, it was completely blank. I used to wonder what if death is similar to how I went through each of the surgeries nothing and completely blank.

    1. E M ~ Maybe…If this Universe is a thought-responsive creation, like I’ve been reading, then we only get something back if we put something into it. In other words, we project whatever it is that we think we will experience. That’s where beliefs come into the picture. If we believe in an afterlife process, whether that’s the Christian Heaven (or any other “heaven”) or an “Orion” or “Pleiadean” experience, that is what we will get. Not everyone has an NDE when they have surgery so they don’t experience anything or sometimes only what can be interpreted as dreams. It’s all the same, though. Was it truly, completely blank or is your memory of your time asleep blank? There is a difference. One is a memory of blankness. The other is no memory. I hardly every remember my dreams, but that doesn’t mean I’m not experiencing anything. On the other hand, I know someone who had an NDE and found themselves in a void space and that was all. They weren’t feeding any belief system into the creation so nothing was coming back. This person had no true afterlife beliefs, according to them.

      If you hold no true beliefs, then you may experience a blank until your own thoughts begin to form some type of reality for you to experience. Then, you will likely begin to experience whatever that is. If so, that may create something like a “blank” for a while. I really don’t know, so all of this is just my own speculation. It’s interesting for me to think about, though.

  4. How afraid are you to die? This is the million dollar question where most will answer: I AM! The GOAL IS ONE FOR ME when my time comes! Get the fuck out of here and go to meet Orion’s queen!

  5. Hello Ariel and Wes,

    If we only agreed to experience the light and the BLA and not the grid, how did the grid get there? And how the holes got in there?

    Same with the light. I didn’t know about the light when I first experienced it about seventeen years ago. It happened while I was sleeping, and when I woke up I was unsettled and despite the overwhelming loving feeling something was off. I didn’t know what to make of it so I gave it a rest. I learned about the light trap and the BLA ten years later. It clearly wasn’t in my consciousness so I could not have created it yet I still experienced it. How is that possible?

    I had other experiences that I didn’t know exists at the time they occurred and I learned about what they were some time later.

    If I didn’t create them, who creates them and why? And why were they shown to me?

    Thank you.

    1. @Margareta ~ Don’t forget that you have been through this cycle many, many times before. Everything you have experienced is recorded in your memory (AND a type of collective memory which you have unconscious access to), even if you don’t consciously remember it. 🙂

      If you’ve died before (which I believe we all have), then our experience with the Light will remain in memory as a point of reference as to what comes next. We can read about MANY people who have NDEs and encounter other beings or relatives that they “remember” or are familiar to them even though they have never met them in this lifetime. That means the memory of them was retained in some capacity and even if you didn’t know them *here* you certainly remember them from *there*. I think a memory of the Light and probably A LOT more is stored in this way.

      The grid, I feel, was a suggestion given to Wes in order to generate the concept that we can *choose* another alternative solution rather than to keep repeating these last, lower realms over and over. This current reincarnation process is a closed loop, and has us interacting ONLY with the lower-realms and not the entirety of the Universe, as it was supposed to be.

      I think the introduction of the grid information was intended to be a rather simple solution to the very complex problem of our extreme ignorance that is almost impossible to overcome, at this point. In a thought-responsive Universe, this suggestion (IF WE BELIEVE IT) will create the necessary leap in perspective needed because we will create it for ourselves.

      The grid, from what I understand, is a thought boundary. We cannot go beyond it because we would need the thought that we *can* or even that it is there, in order to do this. We have to know that there is something else in order to perceive it. “Build it and they will come” (Ever see the movie Field of Dreams?). You create the solution that you are looking for. This requires BIG TRUST! Hard to trust from this perspective because this vibration is about doubt not trust. We have to fight against ourselves more often than not because we are naturally attuned to the lower, fear frequencies here.

      What is a thought boundary? It is an extremely self-limiting and self-imposed blockage or barrier. Those things exist within us, not outside of us.

      From what I understand, the *time* we perceive as moving in a straight line is perceived by an outside observer all at once. This has to do with the vertical time that Wes talked about previously. An outside observer can choose a point on that time “line” (which would actually be more similar to a circle, a cycle, or a wheel than a straight line) and insert information. You only encounter that information when you arrive at that point on the wheel. The insertion may be an anomaly or it may be something that is part of a cycle. I don’t know.

      Why these things were shown to you is only for you to figure out. It won’t be profound or as meaningful coming from someone else. Sometimes, these are signposts or gateways to a higher perspective or shifts in awareness. You may learn something new about yourself from the process of figuring it out. 🙂

      1. Thank you, Ariel.

        Regarding the light, recently, I pondered, too, if previous experiences and memories of mine and the collective brought it into my reality. Still, it was so unfamiliar and new when it happened. How could I ever forget? Lol.
        I didn’t get the welcoming committee; it was more about the experience itself, visuals and feelings in a spiritual framework, and something about choice and free will.

        I didn’t see the movie, but I understand what you mean. Trust is an issue because we learned (some of us did) that trust has to be earned, not to give away, which is wise in this realm.

        I remember reading about the linear timeline and understand how events for an outside observer happening at once; I was given a highway example that I view from above. I don’t fully get how it becomes a circle, but I understand how information can be inserted at specific points that we can experience.

        As for my experiences, I don’t know why those particular ones happened, and I may never know. But in the end, they helped me realize the complexity of our reality.

        1. @Margareta ~ “I remember reading about the linear timeline and understand how events for an outside observer happening at once; I was given a highway example that I view from above. I don’t fully get how it becomes a circle, but I understand how information can be inserted at specific points that we can experience.”

          That’s very interesting because the highway thing is very similar to something I was shown in a dream(?) with a top down view. Mine wasn’t about time, though. I actually don’t know what mine was about or what I was looking at, but I was above it and your post reminded me of it.

          “As for my experiences, I don’t know why those particular ones happened, and I may never know. But in the end, they helped me realize the complexity of our reality.”

          Yep. I have more questions than answers, lately.

      2. Finding all this information has been very helpful and pretty much justifies what I have felt all my life. I was always going to leave the planet and fly through the Universe the minute I died. Now I know why. I had one of my most vivid dreams when I was around 8 or 10. “Jesus” took me outside the grid and showed me the Universe. It was just like in the old picture used in some of these articles, but I was peaking out as if putting my upper body through a sunroof in a car. I only have an impression of what I saw as it couldn’t really be remembered in the waking world and it was decades ago. What I saw was paradoxical. The Universe was limitless, yet I could see the whole Universe. I knew that even at that age. Everything was so bright. There were so many stars and things, again limitless, yet I could see the entirety, which is a paradox. It was intensely bright, yet everything was still distinct. “Jesus” then told me we were all Jesus and could do the exact same things as he. I remember I never really discussed my dreams, but was so blown away that I told everyone, I grew up with a very large extended family in the same house, and of course the adults blew me off and basically laughed and said you’re no Jesus and that was it.

        I think of that dream always and it has motivated me my whole life to take off into the Universe the moment I die. I am quite excited about it and cannot wait, yet I have no desire to die yet and have always told everyone constantly that I will live to be 100 so I suspect I will, but I look forward to experiencing what I saw so many years ago.

  6. Wes &Ariel,

    Sometimes I wonder why it was such a big deal that we (Sophia) wanted to create without our male consort (Christ). Why are we being punished for wanting to create something of our own?

    1. @LC ~ “Sometimes I wonder why it was such a big deal that we (Sophia) wanted to create without our male consort (Christ). Why are we being punished for wanting to create something of our own?”

      I admit that this can be VERY hard and I struggle to be okay with this ALL THE TIME, but the way I have come to see it is that in order to search for ourselves we needed to feel like part of ourselves is missing. We needed to experience a “void” in order to embark on the journey to fill that void. What we find on that journey and how we fill that void is part of the growth of awareness and we each will do it differently. Eventually, we all arrive at the same destination, some sooner than others, and some taking a different path to get there. In order to gain wisdom, we need to start with ignorance. Why do we need to gain this wisdom and do this thing to start with? You’ll have to find the answer inside yourself, I think.

      If I had to do all this only to end up at a place that I started from, then I don’t know the reason for it and I have to find a way to be at peace with it. I can accept the possibility that a much greater purpose is at stake. In fact, I’m counting on it.

      1. P.S. ~ The idea that I originally signed up for this is not something I really believe in. I have considered the possibility that I did not exist until the need to do this thing existed, and then I was created to do my part of it. Rather than it being a choice to come here, perhaps we are only created at the moment our individual participation becomes necessary. Just something I’ve thought about. It may or may not be the way it works.

        1. Interesting point of view!!!!Thank you for sharing it.I myself did not feel that I made a choice…to come…Thank you Ariel 💜

        2. I too have rejected the idea I chose this! It must have been in a weak moment. I just found Wes’s site and find this all intriguing. I have always known our minds are POWERFUL. It also has always resonated with me when I learned Jesus lives inside each one of us. Created in their image. I am eager to read and learn more.

    1. Like an ancient philosopher said, “If a person gave away your body to some passerby, you’d be furious. Yet, you hand over your mind to anyone who comes along, so they may abuse you, leaving it disturbed and troubled — have you no shame in that?” –Epictetus

  7. I know I should not ask another what if – but one just popped into my mind. What if you fall into a coma right before you die? We may not know where we are and could be confused. What do you think?

    1. @Anonymous ~ “I know I should not ask another what if – but one just popped into my mind. What if you fall into a coma right before you die? We may not know where we are and could be confused. What do you think?”

      There’s no reason you should not ask another question. I’m going to turn this one back to you, though. 🙂

      Where are you if you are in a coma? Are you dead? Where do we “go” when we dream? Is that dead? If you are not dead but asleep or unconscious, where are you? Where is your mind? How far can you go while still attached to your physical body? If you are in a coma, are you still attached to your physical body? I think your answers will be somewhere in those questions that you can answer for yourself. And you may even be able to answer some new questions that come up while you are thinking about it. 🙂

      1. Thank you Ariel for the thoughtful reply. I actually just finished L3 and feel so good about myself. There is a section at the end where Wes says, well do you feel more confident? And the answer is yes!

        Wes states this at the end of L3 “The dream state is indeed the awake state and the other way around. Just like so many other things, the Overlords took the truth and turned it around; the lies became true and the truth became the lies. In an upcoming book, I will, among other things, work with the reader on how to reconnect the unconscious with the conscious mind and thus make a much more multidimensional being.”

        Did he ever end up writing this book about the unconscious and conscious mind?

  8. I think this is one of your best efforts in explaining the Grid Wes. It really resonated with me and I thank you for your clarity and dedication in contributing to our mind’s expansion.

  9. ”No one else has control over your mind except you—unless you let them. … They need your consent” (programmed consent and they work hard to trap you in )

    One thought of doubt and they serve you a plate of new experiences

    This is true in many areas of life.

    1. One thing that bugs me is that they go above and beyond to eliminate (kill) people that can potentially influence our minds in a direction the Elite doesn’t want us to think. I feel like they don’t have a right to kill. I would like to know Ariel’s or Wes’ opinion on that.

      1. @LC ~ “One thing that bugs me is that they go above and beyond to eliminate (kill) people that can potentially influence our minds in a direction the Elite doesn’t want us to think. I feel like they don’t have a right to kill. I would like to know Ariel’s or Wes’ opinion on that.”

        I don’t think they go above and beyond to eliminate (kill) people. I think most murders within the upper echelons are motivated by money/control more than misdirection away from spiritually enlightening thoughts. NO one I have gained spiritual insights from has been eliminated. Of course, people who all vibe on that level will see death and destruction all around them. To paraphrase William Buhlman – The Universe is thought-responsive. We project every thought and every emotion and that gets manifested for our experience. It can be fear-based or love-based. The Universe does not edit whatever it is that we create/project. That’s our job.

        That does NOT mean everything is all “love and light”. That means that in this Universe where light and shadow exist, we learn to balance it within ourselves so that whatever we create is in harmony.

        There’s a lot more to it than just “us vs them”. Division is a subjective experience. If you choose (or are influenced) to see things as conflict or one side vs the other, then that is what you are participating in. That’s your vibe. If you can see both sides of the story, then you are closer to being in balance between those two “sides”. The hardest thing we have to do here, I think, is to not let that pendulum swing too far in either direction, but to settle calmly in the center. Both too much fear AND too much love are not healthy, overall. If we really want to break it down, the fear created will be directly proportional to the love we make. If you love fiercely, the fear of losing that love will be just as strong in the opposite “direction”. Same goes with power/control, same goes with lust/greed, same goes with anger/wrath, and on and on…

        Most people think they are “in love” when they can’t be further from it. What they are is “in fear” of being alone, being abandoned, being *without* whatever it is that they think “love” will give them. Because these frequencies increase in intensity the further we get to each end of the vibrational spectrum, when we close that loop and bring those two ends together, they will actually feel exactly the same. Funny, how that works. That’s just my perspective.

        All of these things are “archons” that we must redeem or balance within ourselves. We can be ruled by them (which is the default nature of this particular experience/realm) or we can work on that to the best of our ability. So long as YOU do not kill people for your own gain, then what others do is *their* journey and to attach yourself to their decisions will attach yourself to their vibe. That’s how I see it.

    1. This is the singularity coming into fruition. The book explains it well: J: Yes, but usually DARPA is given like the worst of the worst of the worst scraps of the SSP stuff (since the others keep it for themselves). So I am assuming that they probably got this from some other group in the SSP?
      •U: Affirmative. The Nazi faction within factions (of the) Think-tank Department.
      •J: So, the people who were behind, initially, making this virus had positive intentions, is that what you are saying?
      •U: The Virii are only an instrument for the implementing of Planetary Control, to advance society into a Global Metric for the Directive (of the) AI to be implemented: all the citizens of your time will experience the Neurolink Technology. Your brain function will serve as a Quantum Biological Computer to create „UniMetrix System 0‟ of your Time-space experience.
      •J: Is the original synthetic AI component from another Planet? Or from the future? Or some place else?
      •U: (The) future AI is the direct descendent of your Neurolink Project and Quantum Internet Project of Google, NASA, Facebook, and private entities from DARPA, and International entities, to create the Brain Network (on a) Planetary level.
      •J: Yeah, but I‘m asking about the AI part component within the coronavirus: is that from the future?
      •U: (The) Source-code of the Coronavirus is the same Source-code as UniMetrix System.
      •J: Understood.
      Robert, do you have a question?
      •R: Do you know the current number of infected people today, and the number of deaths, and how many recovered?

  10. When we intend to go through a hole in the grid (which is just a suggestion within our own Mind) do we need to speficy that we intend to leave all dimensions, densities and realms of this construct, or is that insinuated when we go to the highest aspect of ourselves?

    1. IMO, the best thing to do is to not overdo it. Just set the intention that you want to go to the highest possible aspect of yourself–that’ all you need. That intention incapsulates everything (all details), as I see it.

      1. I read almost every thing that I find about our creation I also finish the online book;Revelatorium excellent book was 700 pgs.I still need to read Star of David book on line:I have to dounload in my e-book,but one time I was reading on line and I was about to give my comment I was told in my head very strong orderNO!! now I am so careful to give my comment related to the article I was trying to comment bebofore.I mostly read the article Wes Penre wrote the Anunnaki story,and more.

  11. Sorry / translator
    It is so strong that it bothers me. But it goes through my mind hard.
    That you have to do yourself.
    You said how many times you stay with me and want what happens, because a dream is always real and we rarely realize it. Only in the morning I start that it was stupid, I did not needlessly, etc. But I have no control over it.
    The fear will surely be in your fluid or application now only, get an idea of ​​what is going to be next and wait alone.
    Strange, it’s hard for me to be extreme.

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