Video 237: Q&A Session #63

by Wes Penre and Ariel Glad

Questions in this Q&A Session:

QUESTION 1: If we are doing the same life over and over, is it possible to make gigantic changes or are we stuck to pretty much the same script? For instance, am I always married to the same woman or could I marry someone else one time, which would completely change my life, including the children I have?

QUESTION 2: So basically, we, right now, can look BACK on our lives as memories. RIGHT NOW, RIGHT HERE, our future selves may be looking at us right now through their memory. Also, we can look back on memories and be regretful about a decision we made. When we get a gut feeling something isn’t right or is right, can it be our future selves reflecting back and telling us to either go for it or not? Can some of our intuition be our future selves? Couldn’t this also explain future prediction tools like tarot? 

QUESTION 3: Did the AIF or Enki invent the Ouija board? Does it go all the way back to when the AIF invaded Gaia, and what makes the Ouija board attract non physicals, has it been enchanted or has a spell been put on it by the [Alien Invader Force] AIF?

Some say it is a dangerous thing to mess or play with or use. Others say it’s perfectly safe, and that it depends on the state of mind or being of the individual.

Esther Hicks and Jane Roberts, for instance, both say it is safe and that is how they came in contact with the entities they channeled. What’s your opinion?

QUESTION 4: Assuming we are on the cusp of the Singularity, every life I had previous would be in this same spot, would it not? I.e., I have always lived on the cusp of the Singularity. So, we must not ever go into the Singularity since I am reliving this life over and over. If I die and get reincarnated again, I will be back as a child in the 1970s, where regular people did not have computers and we could not even fathom such a thing as the Singularity. Would I not always just go back and never be trapped in the Singularity? It seems like a paradox; how can we be at risk in this lifetime and never in all the other exact same lifetimes?


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  1. Re Question 1 – We can just end the wheel and exit through the grid and then a new experience will be had correct?

    1. It depends on how well this current experiment turns out. I have the feeling that this experiment will continue until it reaches its goal. After that, no one is completely sure what will happen. What I’ve learned is that we can start operating from a higher aspect of our minds, if we want to, and be “creator gods in Orion,” as I put it in the Wes Penre Papers. That’s also mentioned in the Gnostic texts. A second alternative, acc. to the Gnostic texts, is to “return home” to the Pleroma, the Spiritual Universe, whatever that means for each individual.

  2. Hi Wes , answer no 4, you said that from non physical perspective, it is possible to put all the souls from different vertical and horizontal times into the cloud ? Does it like the black hole (singularity cloud) pull all the “wheel of time” ?

    1. Vertical time, as I see it, is the non-physical realm, where time as we know it is irrelevant. But a “being” or whomever can insert ideas and thoughts into the horizontal timeline from the no-time perspective. Here’s an allegory: let’s say you have a ruler on the table, measuring from 0-30 inches. That’s linear time, let’s say. You sit in a chair, looking at the ruler, and then you get the idea to put something around the 15 inch mark. So, allegorically speaking, you are inserting this “thing” onto the ruler, where the ruler is horizontal time and you are operating from non-linear time. You can insert things wherever you want on the ruler. But let’s say there are tiny microbes running around on the ruler. They can decide whether they want to adopt this “new thing” or not. They have the freewill to ignore it. The microbes would be us humans. Hope this makes sense.

      1. Thanks Wes

        If the singularity ends the BLA, does it mean the reincarnation system will be ended too ? Meanwhile the people that disagree may go to Enki’s ascension program ?

        1. It’s very likely that the reincarnation system as we know it will end with the Singularity. The Singularity happens on many different levels of reality, but we who don’t want to experience the Singularity go wherever we want to go.

          What is the limit? The limit is our own minds and how much of it we can penetrate, how many non-beneficial beliefs we have, how fearful we are, and how many attachments we have to this level of the mind (Matrix/Kenoma). We are our own limits. The more we work on ourselves now, while still being in this incarnation, the better and easier it will be when we drop our bodies.

          1. Agree for breaking the mind boundaries. It has very good effects for me and my environment.. ,especially to manage mind and fear

            Since I was kid , I had felt that go to heaven has no clear job discription, and go to hell is too cruel,….now in singularity, i didnt agree with people doin E-fight, E-hate,E-impolite,E-ignorant in virtual world….so the choice to help Mother to create is much better choice. ..

            . .. Thanks very much Wes

  3. Re Q:4. You say “the Singularity is an insertion into the timelines” do you still believe that they are doing this to ride our avatars into Orion as stated in the WPP?

    1. Yes, thank you, I have this question as well. this has always been in the back of my mind and the singularity looks like something for this. How do you feel Wes is this a timeline in your opinion? If you can’t answer here maybe in an upcoming q&A? Thanks

  4. Hi Wes and Ariel. Thank you for the answers you have posted here.

    Regarding the Ouija question. The answer given being all the mind or the higher selves that the board reflects, makes sense.

    Nevertheless, what about when some people seem to get possessed by negative entities while using the board or when at the beginning someone asks if there is any spirits where they are and planchet starts moving on its own? That doesn’t seem just somebody’s mind or higher self but separate individual entities.

    Thank you.

    1. What if both negative and positive thoughts are directing the Ouija board and that all of it is in your mind? For example, when you have a dream and you’re chased by a monster, where does the monster come from? What if it comes from your own subconscious mind, i.e. your inner fears?

      If you read our Gnosis Musings Series articles about the Divine Mind in the “Gnosticism section” (the most recent articles), you will see how the mind can span from the most unconscious to the most Divine–it’s still your mind, but you experience what you’re focus upon. If you project your mind onto an Ouija board, you project what’s in your mind.

      It’s interesting because if you have listened to the Cassiopaeans, where the “channeling” comes through an Ouija board, the “entity” later shows that it’s a part of the person who projects–it’s a part of that person’s mind.

      1. Thank you for that. It makes sense but what about the possessions by negative enities that some people get from apparently while using the Ouija? Also, if you don’t say good bye at the end, the entity lingers and in many cases it can wreck havoc like poltergeist activities.

        1. @Ricky ~ “Thank you for that. It makes sense but what about the possessions by negative enities that some people get from apparently while using the Ouija? Also, if you don’t say good bye at the end, the entity lingers and in many cases it can wreck havoc like poltergeist activities.”

          Where does this information come from?^^^

          Here’s the thing…Do you believe these things you wrote? If you do, then they will have the influence over you and in your life that you give them.

          The way I understand things, YOU make them true and YOU give them power. I’ve never heard of people becoming possessed by playing with an Ouija board game. I’ve also never heard that part about saying goodbye. There is no “entity” except for your own thoughtforms that you are projecting into your reality. I can’t say they aren’t real because if you believe in them and project them, then they will be real *for you*. How you deal with that is your choice. Hope this helps.

          1. @Ariel~,”Where does this information come from?…

            Thank you for that Ariel.

            There are many sites on the internet that have rules on what not to do when using the board e.g. never use board while under drug or alcohol influence, never use board in cemeteries or alone, never finish without closing the session like saying bye, make sure to be in the right mind or avoid fear otherwise negative entities are drawn and possession is likely to happen etc..

            Plus movies show that how dark entities are drawn most of the time who end up possessing some of the users. Also, I’ve seen home videos on YouTube done by users who are using the board when suddenly one of them gets taking over by an entity.

            What you say is right but maybe also independent entities that have nothing to do with yourself or the mind, get attracted or attached to this board.

            Just like haunted dolls or items that are maybe either a thought form or a non physical independent entity in them too. I’m just speculating here. What do you think Ariel or Wes?

            Thank you.

            1. @Ricky ~ Thanks for your comment. I can’t tell you what to believe or not to believe. I would just caution you that whatever thoughts you put into your mind are what you are creating and/or feeding. If you create an “entity” in your mind by watching scary movies or imagery about possession and such, you are creating that thoughtform in your mind which you can then begin to feed – especially if you are afraid of it. It can become real for you, in that way.

              Don’t believe everything you see in movies, internet videos, or read on websites. People can make up anything they want and tell you it’s truth. The easiest thing to fake is a video and put it on the internet. There is sooo much of that, that I do not take anything at face value anymore (on the internet).

              In the end, the only thing that makes it true is your belief in it, then it becomes your reality. People who don’t believe in ghosts never encounter ghosts. I can’t really speak on this with any expert knowledge other than my own personal experiences, which is that I’ve never encountered anything even remotely close to what I could call an “entity”.

              I have a feeling that if I dedicated a lot of my focus/energy to the topic, I might begin to experience them everywhere. I know there are some people who do. I’m just not interested in creating that kind of reality for myself. I’m not interested in creating fear for myself if I can help it at all. Normal life is difficult enough to navigate, in my opinion, I don’t need to add any additional supernatural phenomenon to complicate my perception of reality. For me, that’s adding a layer of information that I’m not capable of discerning. I’m better to leave it alone until I know how it works.

              I guess I’ve just seen so much that is fake and I’m super skeptical about stuff like that. I’ve never seen anything of that kind which I would consider genuine. Maybe you have. If you have, I am out of my league with this topic and I’ll let someone else chime in who shares your experiences.

              In a world where we will soon have access to more information and knowledge at our fingertips than was ever thought possible (we already do, but it’s going to become more), we need to remember that not all of that information is helpful or useful. Some of it is garbage.

              1. @Ariel ~ Re:Thought Forms & Mind Reply

                Thank you for your reply Ariel. Much appreciated.

                To tell you the truth, I have hardly had big paranormal experience except for some scary dreams and some unusual noises here at home when we are not even thinking about scary stuff.

                Once I thought I saw a spectre image in the mirror walking forwards in my bedroom while I was in bed at night when I was a teenager and I wasn’t thinking anything. I got up and went to my mum’s bedroom, lol.

                It’s strange though that when I was much younger, a kid, I used to be very scared at nights but to my recollection, I did not experience anything except some scary dreams but that was it. In general, I have not experienced any big paranormal activities like some other people even when I am thinking of it.

                As for the home videos on YouTube, it looks very real. You can see the change in behaviour and personality as well as face demeanor but who knows.

                You’ve also got that movie called the Exorcism of Emily Rose which is based on true story. It’s about a girl that while in college and sleeping there, got possessed so suddenly and she wasn’t thinking about it and was not into any occult practices. In fact she was very religious but for no reason, it seems, gets possessed after she heard and saw a door outside her room opening and closing on its own repeatedly. She went to close it then run back into her room scared and she gets attacked by an unseen entity and gets inside her. It never went out of her and she died from all the injuries and stuff ingested that the entity apparently made her do. She got exorcism done and when asked who the entity was the answer was: Hitler, Nero and the devil himself. Based on true story apparently.

                A boy I knew in my teenage years saw the window curtain lift up in his bedroom while he was in bed at night when the window was not open and there was no even wind outside. He wasn’t thinking of anything of the sort.

                I was told too that a kid while praying in the school church while being on his own, suddenly saw the Jesus on the cross statue getting animated. Apparently, it moved its head and made facial movements. He fell ill after that with high temperatures.

                Nevertheless, yes, I agree with you Ariel. It is best to have always positive thoughts and avoid the negative ones. That would definitely help anybody.

                Thank you Ariel.

  5. First time visitor and already things do not make sense. If we are in a false reality and we are trapped here against our will, which means we arent supposed to be here and were NEVER supposed to be here…WHY would we have “lessons to learn”? Who says we are supposed to “learn lessons” while we are here? Our captors certainly wouldnt care whether or not we learn anything! All they want is for us to keep coming back here!

    1. It doesn’t make sense because you’re a first time visitor. If you want to know more about how we came to that conclusion, you would need to continue reading and listening. There is a lot of information to take in… I would suggest starting with the Wes Penre Papers ( This is nothing I can just explain in a single post–it needs to sink in. If it still doesn’t make sense or resonate after you’ve studied more of our material, I would say just disregard it.

    2. @aidanmcferris ~ “First time visitor and already things do not make sense. If we are in a false reality and we are trapped here against our will, which means we arent supposed to be here and were NEVER supposed to be here…WHY would we have “lessons to learn”? Who says we are supposed to “learn lessons” while we are here? Our captors certainly wouldnt care whether or not we learn anything! All they want is for us to keep coming back here!”

      You’re right. There will be many times when things don’t make sense. Here’s my personal take on it…

      It doesn’t make sense because the answers can’t be found here (not just talking about this blog, but about this “life”). We have to do this thing blindfolded. We are all (including Wes and me) just scraping along in the dark trying to feel our way through this to the best of our ability to understand and cope. That’s it. NO ONE has the market cornered on “Spiritual Truth” here and if they claim to, be very cautious. Whoever that is, isn’t open to opinion or beliefs and *that* is EXACTLY what Spiritual truth is – a belief. And just like opinions, everyone has one. Yours is no better or worse than mine or anyone else’s. Humans are socially attuned so we tend to gather together into groups of like-minded spiritual beliefs and we get religions, internet forums, or spiritual retreats and practices, etc. Pick your poison, as they say. When the day is done and your life has been lived, no one will go with you to hold your hand as you move toward wherever your beliefs take you, whether that’s a heaven, another “star system”, or back for another spin on the Great Wheel (life). You come into this life alone and you go out of it alone, and I suspect that whatever else we can choose to experience must be a journey taken alone, too. So make sure you can live with yourself and don’t follow anyone. Make your own choices, try to be at peace with those decisions, and find whatever strength you were able to grow while you were here.

      If you believe that there is nothing to learn here and that you are a captive to some alien overlord who wants nothing from you but your suffering, then that is the experience you are creating for yourself and you are welcome to do that, as well. The Universe doesn’t care what you choose to do with your “life”. Make of it (life) what you will. For me, one choice gave my life meaning and the other didn’t. I choose to give my life meaning. 🙂

      1. I agree with what Ariel says here. Your life becomes what you make of it regardless of anything. Simple as that.

        It is understandable that a lot of the times it can be hard to achieve that successfully especially with the way we’ve been brought up and conditioned but it can be done by what like Ariel says, to the best of our ability and keep it going that way. It applies to everything in life. Like when someone has had a bad upbringing, they tend to go the wrong ways, to crime and being resentful when apparently we are meant to bypass or let that go and choose a better and more positive life.

        At the end of the day it is true what Ariel also says and what the saying goes, we will be judged or leave our bodies alone and based on what Ariel and Wes have been sharing with us, we can choose what we’ll do and where we’ll go even there and then without letting any of the archons or a supposedly guide or dead relation tell us what we should do or that we always have to go into the light as that has not had to be the case at all.

        Thank you Ariel for sharing that with us. It makes sense.

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