Gnostic Musings #2: The Singularity Deception

by Wes Penre, July 16, 2020

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A few years ago, I wrote a book called, “Synthetic Super Intelligence and the Transmutation of Mankind,” which can be found in the e-book section of our blog at[1]. There I laid the groundwork and explained in detail what Artificial Intelligence and the Singularity entails on a technological level. On a surface level, what I wrote in that book is what is being prepared for, and that’s what is presented to the world.

Two carrots the Elite are using to seduce us into accepting the Singularity are immortality and super-intelligence (“artificial knowledge”). They are using spokespersons, such as Dr. Ray Kurzweil and Dr. Michio Kaku, to promote the new technological era to the public, and the majority of people either enthusiastically look forward to a future like that, or at least, they don’t mind it.

Dr. Kurzweil has mentioned that he is very eager to get the Singularity in place as soon as possible, also referring to that he is not getting any younger, and he doesn’t want to die before he can get immortality through technology. He is an atheist and believes he otherwise only lives one lifetime, and that’s it. He connects consciousness as being a product of the brain—in other words; consciousness is a physical thing that disappears together with the death of the physical body.

Even people like him, working for the agenda, are being deceived because they are not given the full picture. Kurzweil’s vision of the Singularity is only a front story, and he probably has no idea that he’s being used.

If we put all the research that I and Ariel have done, a completely different scenario emerges.

There is no coincidence that the Elite calls it the Singularity. It is a scientific term, and this is a relevant part of the definition,

According to the “cosmic censorship” hypothesis, a black hole’s singularity remains hidden behind its event horizon, in that it is always surrounded by an area which does not allow light to escape, and therefore cannot be directly observed. The only exception the hypothesis allows (known as a “naked” singularity) is the initial Big Bang itself.

The Physics of the Universe

The above definition is good because it perfectly describes what is really going on. Many people have heard about black holes, the event horizon, and perhaps even that there is an area where light can’t escape. This is highly metaphorical for the technological Singularity we are heading toward that is almost already in place. “Light” in this metaphor is Spirit. They are collecting our consciousness/soul energy in an A.I. Cloud or a supercomputer, so they can have full control over our thoughts and beliefs. This is one part of it, but there is another part, which is even more important, and that’s the last sentence in the above quote.

We have all heard about the Big Bang theory. What was the Big Bang? Those who have read our Gnosis Series articles[2] know that it was Sophia (the Queen of the Stars in the Wes Penre Papers) who created the material universe in which we live. As conveyed in the Gnostic texts, Sophia first created the Universe inside herself—in her mind, you could say—but she created it without her consort, i.e. the masculine side of her androgynous self. Therefore, what came out of her creation was not at all what she had intended. She then “cast” her creation away, “outwardly,” which created the Universe we live in. This is the Big Bang. Scientists, who support the Big Bang theory, talk about an initial little “dot” of light from which the Big Bang emanated and threw out energy, like an explosion. The little dot of light was the Aeon Sophia, and the Big Bang was her “casting away” her creation.

I watched a short video the other day, which explains the Big Bang and the Singularity from a scientific perspective but watching it with the higher Spiritual perspective in mind can be very enlightening. We highly suggest that you watch it, too, in order to see the connection with what we’ve learned in the Gnostic texts. The video can be found on YouTube:  

Now, let’s review the last sentence of the quote I used above,

The only exception the hypothesis allows (known as a “naked” singularity) is the initial Big Bang itself.

The Physics of the Universe

Here it says that the initial Big Bang is called the “naked” singularity, and with Sophia in mind, this becomes quite interesting.

In the Wes Penre Papers (WPP), it’s written that the Overlords (the archons in the Gnostic texts) are preparing an invasion of Orion (the 8th Heaven), and that they will do so by riding our Avatars (souls) when we are returning to Orion. In other words, they are planning on taking Sophia’s “seat” in the Upper Heaven and become kings and rulers of the 8th Heaven. They will use us as shields and “foot soldiers” in this potential “battle.” But when and how will this happen, and what does it have to do with what we’ve discussed thus far in this article?

In the Gnostic text, “On the Origins of the World”[3], the last section is called, “The Consummation of the Age and the Apocalypse.” In that section, Christ, via Yeshua, is telling his disciples how the End Times will unfold, and how Spirit and souls will be retrieved and return to Sophia and Orion, respectively. After that, Yaldabaoth ( and his archons will be thrown down into the Abyss, where they will fight against each other and feed from each other until they are depleted. Then, Yaldabaoth will destroy his own archons, and last, he will utterly destroy himself.

This is not the outcome Yaldabaoth and the archons want, however, because that would result in their own demise.

With all the new information we have, and after having crosschecked it with the WPP and other sources we have collected over the years, the Singularity scenario now makes a lot more sense on a higher, metaphysical level. As you may have noticed, the covert agenda of the Elite, and above them, Yaldabaoth and his archons, is not so covert anymore, and things have escalated a lot during the last few months. As I wrote in the WPP, the archons are desperate, and they know they don’t have much time—they understand that the Consummation of the Age is near, and they need to quickly fulfill their agenda, or they are doomed. This is why we see so much confusions and the many contradictions when it comes to the current “virus,” vaccines, censorship, and everything else that goes with it. It’s like they don’t care anymore whether or not we see through their plans. More and more people are waking up, and our adversaries are racing against time. We also need to take the Apocalypse into consideration—people are waking up, and the light that is being spread in this construct reveals what’s been hidden in darkness/ignorance, and hidden agendas are being exposed because of this, as well.

Yaldabaoth and his cohorts are desperately planning for the Consummation. They know that just before it happens, Spirit and the entire human soul group will be withdrawn from the Construct and ascend to the Upper Heavens. Their plan is to be ready by then because as we mentioned in the Gnostic Series, we all have archontic attachments within our physical bodies. These archontic attachments are attached to our bodies via our ancestry/genetic line. Every time we die, the soul leaves the body, bringing all beliefs and archontic emotions and behavior with us. Then, we are recycled again into a new physical body, which through our parents’ bodies have the archontic body attachments transferred into the new body.

When we all leave the Kenoma during the Consummation of the Age, some of us will have an open connection with Spirit, while others won’t—they will remain ignorant. This is where the sorting of souls is crucial. Although we don’t have physical bodies at that time because our souls are being retrieved together with Spirit—not the bodies, we won’t have the physical archontic attachments anymore, but those who are ignorant will still have negative emotions, such as hate, anger, envy, jealousy, and all the rest of it as a part of their soul makeup. Those, who are awake, however, will of course have dropped the archontic body attachments, as well, but the difference is that those souls will have Knowledge and Gnosis, and they won’t accept bringing negative and reactive emotions into Orion. Souls awake to Spirit can distinguish between what is archontic and what is not. They will be more than ready to let go of all those attachments.

While living here on Earth in our physical bodies, it’s impossible to get rid of the archontic body attachments, obviously, but when we become awake to Spirit, we have a choice whether we act upon envy, anger, jealousy, or any other potentially harmful archontic emotions, or whether we transform them into something more creative and positive. Those who are ignorant are not able to do that, most of the time. Therefore, if the ignorant souls would be allowed into Orion, they would bring these archontic emotional attachments with them and destroy the entire Orion construct—they would bring the archons with them into the 8th Realm. Because the vibration is so much higher in Orion, one could presume that the effects of bringing all that negativity in there would be even more catastrophic than what we experience here on Earth. It would soon be a living hell.

Thus, ignorant souls need to be separated out from those who have Knowledge and Gnosis, and the ignorant souls get another chance to get rid of their attachments. If they refuse, for any reason, there is no other choice than to let them go with the archons into the abyss. It’s not a punishment—it’s up to the soul.

Consequently, the reader can probably see the importance in working on ourselves even after we have received Gnosis. One day, when we stand before the gates of Orion, we want to make sure that we are ready and don’t stubbornly bring archontic attachments we refuse to rid ourselves of with us into the realm. We need to let go of the reactive part of ourselves. So long as we have bodies, the archontic attachments will remain even in a Spiritually Awake soul, but the transformation must happen here, while we’re still incarnated. If we carry a lot of anger—even toward the archons—or other unwanted, reactive emotions, and we are unwilling to let go of them once it’s time to enter the 8th Heaven, we will be sorted accordingly, not being able to enter at that time, until we have worked on ourselves in a construct specifically designated to these souls who need more self-awareness.

So, when we leave the Kenoma just before the Consummation, the archons hope, because of their attachment to us through beliefs and archontic emotions and characters, they will get a free ride into Orion, while having us all gathered in one place—the Cloud. All the souls in the Cloud will then act as a “soul army” for the archons. The A.I. technologies we are constantly bombarded with are just tools to finish their work so they can “hitch-hike” with us—that’s what they’re hoping for. Then, when we enter Orion, they plan on getting in there and take over the entire realm, and thus, they think they will avoid their own destruction.

However, as we’ve discussed in the Gnosis Series, the archons are ignorant because they lack Spirit. As one of my sources pointed out while I was writing the WPP, the archons don’t understand that if they would succeed, they will destroy both themselves and everything else in the process. The 8th Heaven (Orion) is the “Holy Souls Realm,” and the archons don’t vibrate on a frequency required to enter Orion. I would assume, metaphorically speaking, that it would have a similar effect as when matter and anti-matter collide, if we follow the scientific model. Archons, human souls, and everything else would “explode.”

So, the question is, will they succeed? We highly doubt it. In an upcoming article, we will discuss how souls will potentially be sorted before the Consummation of the Age is starting, but to Ariel and me it is obvious that the archons can’t ride souls who have connected to Spirit, i.e. have received Gnosis, and who are willing to let go of all attachments. So, their hope is to be able to ride on those who still haven’t found Spirit within.

The Divine intention definitely seems to be to save as many souls from this Experiment as possible—hopefully all of them. However, at the end of the day, it’s the soul’s decision, based on freewill, that will determine whether they can be redeemed or not, so they can become creator gods in Orion. Souls who don’t repent are not allowed to go into Orion—they will not vibrate on that level, and even if they could enter Orion, those who have found Gnosis, and are in tune with Source/the Monad, don’t want criminals or souls in Orion, who are not there based on their own freewill. If these souls were allowed, we would probably eventually have the same problems in Orion as we have here on Earth—wars, conflicts, and destruction. But by the time of the Consummation of the Age, all souls who have not woken up will, from what it seems, get a second chance of repentance and redemption.

As you probably can imagine from these musings, it is important not only to wake up to Spirit, but also to start living “in Spirit.” Once we’ve received Gnosis, i.e. taken the Knowledge, funneled by Christ though Yeshua, and transformed it into our Heart, it’s a transformation unlike any other transformation we might have experienced in our life. Once we’ve received Gnosis, we know it! There is no longer any doubt whether we have or not—we know that we have, and that can never be reversed. Whatever happens in our lives, we still don’t doubt the Spirit inside. We will feel what is the right thing to do, we learn more and more how to handle life, how to continue living in this construct, and how to live a more spiritual life, based on spiritual Knowledge, which now will be our Inner Guide. We will never be perfect while still in the Kenoma, but our Inner Guide/Spirit will greatly help the soul to make better decisions.

Orion knows about the archons’ plans to invade Orion, and from what I’ve understood, they are not very concerned about that they will succeed, but there is a small chance that they might create some havoc in their attempt. Although souls will still get a second chance to wake up somewhere separate from the Earth environment, we who are waking up are very much needed to spread light within this construct, in order to wake up as many as we can because not only does that make it easier for Sophia/Christ during the Consummation, but it might also save souls from experiencing more suffering.

Because this series of articles is a musings series, we are very curious to know your opinions, conclusions, and questions. Please feel free to express yourselves in the comment sections below these videos. What we write in these articles are our current interpretations and thoughts, but we all learn from each other. Thus, we highly appreciate any feedback you might have…

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[3] Codex II, Barnstone & Meyer  translation:, “The Consummation of the Age and the Apocalypse.”


  1. From my perspective I don’t want anyone to suffer. I have been setting the intention to shine my light through a visualization while performing quantum breathing. The second thing I do is plant seeds by staying in tune with my inner self which let’s me know of those who might be receptive to my messages.

    It’s easy to verify by asking simple questions. My favorites are, “what do you think of… ?”, or “Have you ever wondered… ?” People almost always want to share their opinion. Then you will have something to measure their receptivity.

    That act of asking the question is usually enough to get them thinking. I don’t try to persuade anyone about anything. If they are ready, they will be open and curious. I trust my light to ignite that spark in them. Simply “be” what you want to share (light). The light does what it does when it’s perceived by those ready for it.

  2. I try to be open to new information, give information if asked, and hope many open up to moving on. My only burp are animals. So many animals have shown more kindness, above and beyond even some humans, my hope is some advance to Orion and I see them again. Humans have every opportunity, not forever, to spiritually rise. I have joy at the thought of the next great adventure after here. I literally have had nostalgia this entire life, like I always have known this will be the last! Thank you Wes and Ariel!

  3. I protect your website , that’s why not many are coming. I dont’ want to share your link because when I did it in the past , you had been forced to close few of them. Even if people around are becoming awake, I’m cautious. I do the same for people trapped in emotional turmoil but sometimes really hard to discern who can step to the next stage of development. Probably why you said, download my work if I have bug with their ”venue” We are all walking on eggs….

  4. Hi, Wes! Man, I don’t want to glorify you and praise you, because I know you think you’re a simple man even though you’re a big person, but I want to tell you that for 5 years now, I’ve been constantly looking to find out the true origin of Adam and Eve. and I found several texts that clash, and contradict each other. What I can tell you is that Your works were an oasis of Water and Light for Me. I don’t know how much Truth is in them, and how much your Wonderful Imagination has contributed to them, but I can say that your value is there next to Christ, Thoth, Hermes and Jimi Hendrix. I am very happy that a friend of mine on Facebook recommended me to read your works. We both know that hard times are coming for all mankind. Let us remain united and in solidarity with each other. I had a vision with Christ! 🙂 a few weeks after 23.09.2017

    1. Jimi Hendrix??? Thank you, thank you, thank you 🙂 LOL. Just kidding…and I like Jimi. But seriously, thanks for your kind thoughts.

  5. Outstanding article Wes. I read it with much interest. Your thoughts, your “musings” resonant with me and my understanding of what is to come. I too feel bad for the people that I know and try to share this and similar knowledge with, who are not yet ready to embrace the information. They are not ready to be awaken, and they must do so in their time, which I hope is before the Consummation of the Age. Many of them are good people, who are still blind to many of the truths we embrace. People like us who are awake, are beings who are continuously growing as we learn more and more about what it takes to gain the state of Gnosis, as our spiritual knowledge grows. We, as imperfect physical beings, must forever be cognizant that we possess some of those archontic virtues that you mentioned, and must do our best to not let them dictate how we live and interact with other human beings and with other living things while we are still here.

    Thank you for the knowledge you and Ariel continue to share with us. I am so happy that we are on the same spiritual path..

    1. Thanks a lot for your input, Sarge256. Sometimes, I hope that when the fear that is projected upon us comes to some sort of climax so that people feel “forced” to look at alternative sources and eventually “get it.” Not sure at all that this will happen–just hoping.

      1. Who ever are ready and have the hungry from the Spirit will resonate with the true….. still the true is so infinite that we go one day at the time😍🙏thank you! Ariel and West

  6. Please, Watch This! I Love This Girl >>>


    “Heaven, Hell, The Charred Council, They wish to see them annihilated. You know this, but perhaps you don’t know the reason. Even before the Apocalypse, why were your lives so hard? Because you were created for a great purpose, and left unprotected. So those who fear you have set out to destroy you with false promises and wars and ‘sin’ that they blame on you! They all fear you. That fear can be used against them. Humanity can win this war.”

  7. This is more random and may have been answered or written about before, but do the Gnostic texts associate in any way to the Book of Enoch? Or for other lost Bible texts for that matter? And if so, then how do they correlate? I’ve been curious to know this. Thank you!

    1. The Book of Enoch comes from the imposters. It’s part of the manipulation. It’s hermetic (Thoth’s) teachings.

      I’m sure there are gnostic writings that were hidden and are still not found. It’s not that the bible is “wrong” either–it’s just written from the archons’ perspective, but there is a lot of truth in it, if it’s read correctly. The canon gospels have truth in them–it’s just been distorted and leads us in the wrong direction–into Yaldabaoth’s ascension system. The Jesus Christians worship is Thoth–the imposter.

  8. Ayoye! My circle don’t share anything just links about the covid drama , follow their personal picture and the necessity to do jogging , with the pictures of the masks they have to sale. I’m cautious …. I know that few of them have a heart but in the circumstances, I’m suspicious. Maybe some of us came to disempower the false one. Just a question not answered yet. So much manipulation around. Few came to awake the sleepers and others to neutralze the manipulator. At least, you are lucky to have contact, myself not clear because all together, they are hiding behind masks. The rabbit hole and also a large topo on our universal bias. Icke already talked about the place , the machine world behind false human mask even if all are not that bad. To survive in this dystopia, you must first transcend your emotional being through your heart and spirit. Love, respect is alive in few places but their agendas stay unclear for many. The utopia or the dystopia? The real ones understood already

  9. I was trying to build up the confidence to ask to more on way to counteract the elite agenda in a more physical way, so it won’t hinder those who are trying to wake up everyone, I ask this because this to me feels like a method to achieve the goal we desire.

    1. Because things are pretty bad here on the planet right now, many many people react to the unfairness and the lies, which is completely understandable. It’s easy to feel the urge to go out and do something in the “physical.” But that’s exactly what they want. Conflicts are their modus operandi, and they feed from it. Plus, it creates more chaos. IMO, there is a much better way to beat them, and that is for people to work on themselves. That will eventually make a positive change. Gandhi was absolutely right when he told us to be the change want to create in the world. If the Elite don’t get the effect they expect from a reactive population, their agenda, to a large degree, falls flat.

      1. Thank you, I wanted to ask this question because when I usually talk to others about this they empathize with my idea on the matter, so it good that I can ponder this more with another to hear their perspective on the matter.

      2. I thought Joan of Ark said it first, Just a detail . Man or woman first ? Joking a bit. Considerig that Sophia made a mistake in the beginning, man can shines….. hihi! haha! Smell lie, not for you? ARk or Archons? Confusing!

      3. I wonder if it’s not the way to wake up people . The lie is so big and unbelievable that kids at the kindergarden already understood. Conflicts and confusion must be solve first in the energy to realize we have been lead astray. It’s important to share info and stimulate people because many suffocate under their masks. We live in a dual world, which challenges and disconnect us from others. Most if not all are afraid. Ghandi and many others were peacefull warriors and also tortured. In doing nothing, we are already tortured. We must share things that people are ready to listen, Most are convnce that science is the way of the future like the last world thought God would come to save them. In demonstrating them, that we live in a dual world, it’s easier to grasp the big picture.

      4. I want to allow those who want to teach others without the fear of being hunted and those who want to learn without the fear of being hunted for seeking such knowledge. I fully support your perspective and this is just my opinion on this, but I want to help make use of the way of the world in a manner that works to help those still have yet to wake up be in an environment that helps one grow himself both the good and the bad in a positive and less destructive route, which was why I thought on taking a more physical approach which didn’t mean to cause war although I am quite aware on the price of such an idea would bring and thank you.

        1. Yes, I understood you don’t want to create wars. But in general, I think you (and everybody else) should do what they think is best for them and what resonates inside. Any of us can only have his/her own perspective, and as long as we listen to our hearts…

  10. Thank you. I anxiously await each of your musings. The frequencies that are available to us in the physical these days are so filled with chaos that I sometimes just have to turn away. Your musings speak your Truth and are soothing to my soul. I don’t need to believe everything you say but I can say I Love everything you and Ariel say because my heart and soul are filled with substance. My task is made so so much easier because of your transmissions. Please keep going.
    Ps: I read your book when you first published it and mentioned my concerns about AI to my nephew. He said he wanted to one of the first to sign on so he could be seen as smarter than the rest. Alas! Ultimately I can only see to my own perspective and hope the example I set has a positive affect on others.

    1. Thank you, dragnfly! And you’re right about your nephew and how to handle situations like that. I completely agree with you within yourself.

  11. Truly fascinating article.. ive always think of this.. it is our frequency and vibration is the key to enter in 8th or 9th.. frequency and vibration cannot be faked.. thank you for this brilliant article..

    Lol.. jimi hendrix comment is so funny 😊😊😊 .. but i cant deny jimi’s talent is rare to find..

  12. Hi Wes & Ariel,

    One of the gnostic texts is Corpus Heremeticum – Poemandres which I believe was written by Toth. If that’s the case, is it worth reading? I mean for the sake of gnosis. I feel that the text must be just too distorted and not true. What do you think about that?

    1. Hi, LC – No, Hermetic teachings do not inspire gnosis.

      It isn’t that Hermetic teachings are *lies*, per say. It’s just that they only consist of worldly knowledge and only of things related to *this* Universe (including all realms/inner and outer). It isn’t that alchemy, numerology, astrology, and transmutation do not work – they do. However, these things won’t give you knowledge of where you come from and what you are doing here. For Thoth (and other archons), his Father *is* God. He knows nothing else. So, this is why these things aren’t lies. He’s telling and giving knowledge according to what he knows and he knows no other. Archons aren’t knowledgeable about things of a spiritual nature, and so this material Universe is all there is for them. If you want to read what that kind of perspective looks like, then read it. Just keep in mind that it contains NO spiritual knowledge so that you don’t get confused. Also, keep in mind that a lot of things created here are copies of other things that may *seem* like they are Divine, but they are not. Thoth will try to lead human souls through a pathway of afterlife and ascension, but it won’t get anyone out of here. If you want to know how *their* realms are constructed, it’s interesting to read, but my suggestion is to not get hung up or fascinated with it. There is no Gnosis contained within them.

      1. Hi, ARIEL! Correct! But Thoth Himself said in the Emerald Tablets that man is living under the Law and can be freed from this realm only if he obeys the Law. In his astral travels when he disembodied, he said that he was pursued by the gatekeepers who wanted to seize his soul and take him prisoner. He said not to cross the barrier that gives beyond light, if we are not prepared properly, and to accumulate as much light as possible, because few were able to cross the barrier that gives beyond light and time, without being captured by these entities. Who are these Entities? Are they beneficial to Man or are they his enemies? I Think that Thoth/Hermes is a Double-Agent…He works undercover.

        1. @Green Acid Burn – “Hi, ARIEL! Correct! But Thoth Himself said in the Emerald Tablets that man is living under the Law and can be freed from this realm only if he obeys the Law. In his astral travels when he disembodied, he said that he was pursued by the gatekeepers who wanted to seize his soul and take him prisoner. He said not to cross the barrier that gives beyond light, if we are not prepared properly, and to accumulate as much light as possible, because few were able to cross the barrier that gives beyond light and time, without being captured by these entities. Who are these Entities? Are they beneficial to Man or are they his enemies? I Think that Thoth/Hermes is a Double-Agent…He works undercover.”

          What Thoth is describing is the “ascension” process of the inner realms of the afterlife. After you die, if you’ve done your work, you will move through these levels or “gates” and be stopped at each one to see if you “pass the test”. A person on our forum describes these levels as “spheres”, which I think is a better way to look at it. This corresponds to Thoth’s description as he also says to move according to the spheres (paraphrased).

          To be properly prepared means that as you have progressed in your spiritual development, you have “overcome” each of these archontic attachments within yourself and so you are moved “up” to the next realm or sphere. These Entities that he describes are the gatekeepers for each realm and they *ARE* the qualities that we must overcome and pass through. Let’s say that one of the archontic attachments that we must overcome is Envy. If you have not resolved your envious nature, then you will get stuck at this level/sphere by the gatekeeper who *IS* Envy. You will get “caught” by it, so to speak. Remember that almost ALL of these writings are allegorical and not literal. We are moving above and beyond the physical reality at this point in the process. When you get to that realm, you will be confronted with your own Envy. You will be “tested”. You may encounter experiences within that sphere that will seek to locate Envy within you. You can’t fake it in these realms. If you are still a very envious person, then you will get “stuck” at that point in your process because you will feel Envious when you are tested at this stage in the process. Sometimes, that is accomplished by showing you experiences in your life when you felt envy to see if you still feel envy when experiencing it, again. If you do, back to the Earth you go to work on it more – with amnesia. It’s supposed to be a genuine evolution of the soul, so amnesia is neccesary or else everyone can just lie about their moral virtue. It would be a disaster if a corrupted soul were to be allowed in to the Upper Heaven(s).

          Until recently, we had no choice but to pass through the tunnel of light and enter into these realms for pass or fail tests. At the time that Thoth gave this knowledge, this was the only way to move through these spheres. He warned humans (very strongly) to not even attempt to go beyond this process. Thoth has never been beyond this creation to the PREEXISTING creation from which WE come and *should* return. He has no knowledge of it, as he was created HERE, and so he discourages humanity from moving beyond the barriers of the ascension spheres.


          “And then, how Hermes, if He is the creation of Yaldabaoth, came to Earth to enlighten the world and teach them hidden secrets, if it was much better for Yaldabaoth, for the world to know nothing, and to live in total ignorance?”

          Because to know nothing is to *do* nothing, maybe? We, as spirited humans, will seek out knowledge. We can’t help it. It’s part of our make-up. Without the desire to know anything, we don’t “move”. We don’t participate in the creation of our collective or even individual reality. This was illustrated in the Gnostic texts by the creation of a human who “did not move” and was totally dependent on being told what to do. Humans needed to have a (Free)will in order to interact and create reality, so Spirit was put into them which enabled them (us) to know “good from evil” and it served two purposes – two sides of the coin – 1) It enabled the Divine to come into this creation through an avatar in order to overcome/resolve ignorance and retract this realm of creation (Demiurge) and deconstruct it (?) <- [no good word for this, but you get my meaning]. 2) Spirit was allowed to remain because through the process of suffering, the Archon who rules this Universe is able to feed (?) <– [again, no good word for this, but you understand] on those humans whose sorrow emanate loosh of a superior quality due to this inner conflict of good and evil. Ignorance produces nothing for the archons to consumme for their own nourishment and strength. Another way to think of it as if Archons are thoughtforms – very, very powerful and strong thoughtforms which we give our energy to (feed).

      2. I believe that Thoth and Hermes have nothing to do with Enoch … Hermes Trismegistus is called “Thrice-Greatest Hermes” because he understood the nature and how the laws are manifested in all 3 hypostases: Body, Soul and Spirit. Isn’t it about the devil’s greatest deception, believing He doesn’t exist? And then, how Hermes, if He is the creation of Yaldabaoth, came to Earth to enlighten the world and teach them hidden secrets, if it was much better for Yaldabaoth, for the world to know nothing, and to live in total ignorance?

      3. Enoch, Thoth and Hermes are 3 different Entities/Individuals … all with their Knowledge, Magic and Wisdom. Christ also was wise, he knew many secrets from the Kingdom of Heaven, and he performed miracles, whether they were Magic or from the Power of his Mind.

    2. The hermetic texts can be very helpful, in a sense, because we can learn about the Divine’s “counterpart,” how the archons think and plan, and how the Kenoma (the trap system) is set up.

  13. 1.I thought archontic attachaments are possible only in the kenoma,and not in the 8-9th heaven?why fear? it fair that I had a chance,-GRACE-,to aquire knowledge? but I was supported-provided with everything I needed( a home,food,internet,etc)- by my not so aware parents?and they ,in their ignorance can not acces 8-9th heave? is it that Sabaoth received gnosis and became prince,but we part of Sophia could be thrown and left in the darkness? no,no,no!

    1. @skrs –

      “1.I thought archontic attachaments are possible only in the kenoma,and not in the 8-9th heaven?why fear?”

      Correct. Archontic attachments are only possible in the Kenoma. What do you mean by “why fear?” ? I don’t understand that part of your question.

      “ it fair that I had a chance,-GRACE-,to aquire knowledge? but I was supported-provided with everything I needed( a home,food,internet,etc)- by my not so aware parents?and they ,in their ignorance can not acces 8-9th heave?”

      Yes, it’s fair, in my opinion. Each person is on their own path. Your path is not your parents’ path. The things that you were required to overcome may not be the same as another’s.

      “ is it that Sabaoth received gnosis and became prince,but we part of Sophia could be thrown and left in the darkness? no,no,no!”

      Many people feel the way you express it in your question. Many people want a reward for having to endure this creation. I used to feel that way, too. I continued to grow, however, and I eventually moved away from wanting anything in return for my experience(s) here. Whether I gain something out of it or not is irrelevant to me at this point. Now, I’m just doing it because it feels right and good for me to do it. What I have learned is enough, for me. I don’t feel the need to have it acknowledged, rewarded, or compensated in any way, and it was a process that I went through to reach this point. I understand that not everyone will feel the way I do about it, and so this seems to just be one of those questions that people are better to think about and come to their own conclusions.

      1. Ariel,thank you for your kind reply!
        1.I have some problem with understanding how archons could get in the 8-9th heavens,by attaching themselves to us?it is a mix?mellange?with our spirit?but as a fish can’t live outside the waters,the same with the archons who can’t take the frequency of the higher,is it a threat to Orion,or more of a concern for the true spirits?
        2.I know that I was taken care of by the Empress,through my parents.but still…anyhow… I observed an opening or at least a willingness to hear some of these teachings ,from my mother…it is good ,in small dosses…little by little…I hope that other members of my familly will be open to this….
        3.I do not desire anything!!!please ,believe me!it is ok with me,if this moment I leave my body…and it is ok tooo,if I am not!even in spirit! but… I also know what do you mean!I am in this world,so,I am is a god exercise…untill I become untemptable…mistakes I make,but I am more aware of them.
        I can’t thank you enough for what you and Wes have done for me!
        with sincere gratitude ,

  14. did not the parable say? The Shepard left his 99 sheep to look for the 1 that was lost?
    This is the case with,but not for other part of the emanation?
    I am just showing my concern… these are rethorical questions…i put to my self…but if you could help…plese,do!thank you


    We dont need to get angry, if we do we lose.. if we do not comply they will make our life harder but we can still maintain to live in spirit.. if we take the bait and get angry we lose. Many will surely get angry and declare war against the tyrrants and they will fall..

    Id rather lose my life than live in hate and anger.. id say no to vaccine without anger..

  16. I love your work and have read almost all your WPP. As I understand reading the Natural Laws from Hermes (Kybalion) , they apply in this fisical world all the time, and that is why they kept it in secret (hermetic), the deep state use this wisdom to control us and for personal gain, but aplying this laws in your life with wisdom (Sophia) and consciousness (Christ) you can create beautiful things. In other words create with Spirit and I think this is part of what we came here to learn as 3 D human being (fragments of Sophia) who in the mayority of the cases create with no responsability or consciousness as Sophia did creating Yaldabaoth (ego).
    As humans we need to overcome our ego and start creating with SPIRIT.

  17. Thank you Wes and Ariel for these musings. I’ve heard from other spiritual teachers that the best a human can do is to evolve their own consciousness; and here you are saying the same. You may not see yourselves a spiritual teachers but to me you fit the bill. When I first heard this years ago, I thought oh no, there must be other things that are just as important. Like spreading the news, helping others to “see.” uncovering the lies, etc, etc. But I understand more and more that nothing matters as much as working on myself and maybe assisting others if they’re interested but allowing them their path. I don’t understand much about the levels and gods and all the nonsense they’ve perpretrated, but clearing away my own reactive cobwebs makes total sense to me. Thank you so much. I’m homesick.

    1. Exactly, Going Clear! By working on ourselves, we also affect others, who are not yet awake. There’s certainly nothing wrong with educating others, but it’s not mandatory. And only educate those willing to listen. Don’t ever force our conclusions on others–that won’t do anything for them, except creating more resistance.

  18. Wes how did you come to the conclusion that the 8th & 9th dimension the orion empire is? the only information about orion i know about ( besides your material ) are the terra papers which i take with a grain of salt since morning sky admitted that his hopi prophecy book is pure fiction after he was exposed by real Hopi people for lying about and exploiting Hopi traditions for profit and on top of that pretending to be a Hopi himself. . in my opion not really trustworthy! why should we believe a man who lies about his ethnicity? can it be that his other books are also just fabricated? would be interesting to hear your thoughts on this! 🙂 and i think Barbara Marciniak pleiadians once talked about orion ,,being the cradle of humanity‘‘ marciniak actually admitted to a woman at a seminar that she found out that the beings she channels are not pleiadians but reptilians. . what are your other sources beside the anymous one? i want to research this more. i have the information that the divine soul realm is located in the lion constellation to be exactly the heart of the lion Regulus (urka) , it is the biggest room in creation and is where all creation started and the first human was born. im searching for a connection between orion and regulus but havent found yet..

    1. @Delia The gnostic texts describe the 8th/9th Heaven almost identically to what I wrote in the Wes Penre Papers. It’s the abode of the Queen/Zoe Sophia, and that’s where the souls go–particularly after the Consummation of the Age. I have no doubts whatsoever that it’s the same thing.

      Regarding the Terra Papers. What he said was that they are wrong because he did not go back far enough in time, which is absolutely correct. But instead of doing just that, he chose a completely new path, which he then abandoned when he met the “ladies of fire,” who taught him the “real” history of mankind. He has been compromised. Robert was probably the first person who actually was on the right track (Terra Papers), and perhaps it was because of that he got distracted by those who did not want him to continue that path… Robert is a typical example of that one should never through out the baby with the bathwater. There is truth in the Terra Papers.

      Regarding sources, I list tons of sources in the Wes Penre Papers (lots of footnotes). But, by all means, it’s good that you do your own research and just don’t depend on someone else (me in this case) to give you the truth. Ultimately, truth must come from within. So, I think it’s a good idea that you explore different paths, until it “clicks” for you.

      The Pleiadians, as far as I’ve concluded, are “advanced humans” (us in the “future”), who have advanced within’s/Yaldabaoth’s ascension program, and now they are teaching humans through Marciniak. It’s not that their teachings are incorrect, but they are viewed from an archontic perspective.

  19. Good article Wes. What is your opinion on shadow work? If we are to drop archontic attachments here or in some other realm then how can you just “drop” it without facing it squarely? I’d be interested in anyone’s views on this since a lot of spiritual people appear confused about this. A lot of people, particularly new agents say you just focus on what is light and good and ignore the rest or else “low vibrations” will get you. But that seems naive and pompous, arrogant even. The thing about the archons is they hide very well, like parasites in the body. They count on you saying “hatred? Hell no i don’t feel hatred!” Or anger, lust etc. I think a lot of spirited people have been in constant catharsis since about the 1980/90s and now it’s reached the nastiest stage.

    1. These are good questions and comments, Leo. My current view is this, after having done research and from my own experiences:

      So many well-meaning people have tried hard to erase of diminish the reactive mind/artificial spirit/archontic attachments by doing some kind of shadow work–usually regression therapy, where you go back to childhood and release the hidden trauma. I think this works to a certain degree, so we can get some release from emotional suffering, but I do not believe it will take of it. The Gnostic texts, for one, negates that this is possible because we can’t just take away our archontic attachments so long as we have a physical body.

      Neither does it work to only try to be positive, without learning about ourselves and how we are constructed. It might work for a while, but the archontic forces inside will sooner or later surface again if we are ignorant about them and don’t know what they are.

      My conclusion and experience is that Gnosis takes care of this to a large degree. As I wrote, you CAN”T get rid of the body-archons while you still have a body, but knowing what they are and how they operate, and if you’re guided by Spirit, you can distinguish what is them and what is your true nature. The negative, reaction emotions will still try to surface when triggered, but you will be so much better at stopping them before you react on them. You can then use these reactive thoughts by transforming them to something positive instead.

      When we allow Spirit to flow through us, we tend to be much better at distinguishing between what’s beneficial for self and others and what is not. Then, we choose to do the former. It’s still a learning process and a transformation, but with practice, it does work! The archons inside become more and more powerless…

      1. Yes I agree that there is a limit to what shadow work can do, while still here in this construct at any rate. I was taught by a samurai teacher in Australia that by doing these regression type therapies you end up mostly empowering the habits you are trying to eradicate. But he also said something fascinating, that they are in a sense, binary. They are either on or off. Each “program” may be extremely elaborate but essentially they can be turned on and off if you know how. I was set off on my journey to know how and found some things are more simple than we think. My stumbling block, what I’ve learned from the past few years drudgery, is that I am part of a collective which is working out it’s destiny as much as I am an individual. Therefore, all my previous ideas of being a lone eagle above it all choosing only my own Destiny were thrown into question. That was where it became complicated.

        1. Each one of us who connected the core of their being no longer lives in opposition whether it be the community or the individualistic way of thinking and living, Spirit-matter, love-hate, rich-poor , communism-capitalism, soft – hard medecine, Orion-Pleiadians, Enki-Enlil, Sophia-Eve, … all lies…. They connect another realm of counsciousness indescribable. It could be the Pleroma ,who can say for sure. Wes and Ariel describe it well even if I think that we cannot avoid the fact we are swimming in a material body forced to survive in a dual reality

    2. Really good question. Focussing on the light side of things neutralize the negative for awhile but it’s not enough. (New Agers) Many positive things in life blind us from the real game we came to play here . A lot of people are asleep for this simple reason. Those more conscious of what’s going on won’t fall for the lie. Add to this the constant threats suffered by the ones who dared to understand this senseless chaos,. Most have chosen the easy way. What is paradoxical and overwhelming come from the fact that we must embrace the material being that we are as well as the spirited being. Great thinkers tried in the past through religions, spiritualty politic, philosophy, and science to alleviate the human’s pain.Not all are dark and great inspirations helped this world to survive. However , many are still crying and suffering with a smile on the edge once in awhile. The Namlus lost the game in the first construct for the birth of a dictarial technological world. Be sure that they are also lost in a mecanical universe. They must repent this time. Another vicious circle.

  20. Hi, WES! I think I somehow understood the mentality and mission of the Archons. Archons are spirits who always want to reach perfection and reach the Source or the place where they fell from if they are part of those fallen angels. They will not let you pass through them because of their pride so that you do not reach higher than them and they will be obstacles in your way. They are those gatekeepers (GateKeepers) and you will not pass them by if you fail to overcome them in knowledge and wisdom. You probably need to know some passwords and keywords, and while you are on Earth to know yourself very well who you are and to know how to control your negative emotions, thoughts and feelings. I believe that the gates of heaven are like those steps of Jacob’s Ladder and only the most perfect spirits reach the last level of the ladder … in the Kingdom of God … where the holy angels live.

    1. Don’t fall for their riddles, Green Acid Burn, when you die. There are two options, 1) you can stop and listen to them and answer their “riddles,”. Then you’ll either pass and can stay in a higher density of THEIR “creation.” Or, 2) You can choose not to stop and answer anything and instead ignore them and continue without paying any attention to them.

      If you choose #1, you’ll probably reincarnate here again, but if you choose option #2, you can bypass all the gatekeepers.

  21. Hey anyone know how covid 19 will affect future of world .I just feel this pandemic it’s not killing enough people if they are not doing it for mass reduction of population,apart from downfall of economy what are the other reasons they are doing it for .

  22. I just wanted to leave a comment here since I had printer and computer issues and needed to restart things and I am wasting time while things start up again. Which brings me to my observation. I have read your ebook and pretty much everything here and this information seems the most correct of all the stuff I have exposed myself to. So I am not doubting you, just thinking. I do believe your assertion that we are being readied for the Singularity. I agree that the AIF has technology that we cannot comprehend and I agree that the technology civilians are shown is decades behind what is actually available. With that being said, however, the technology we are allowed to have does not impress me at all and I would never trust that there would be the technology to house my soul, personality, whatever, and it would actually work and be safe. With the technology we have now, I would never believe such a thing is possible if I were just thinking in 3D and not privy to other information, basically just a sheeple, I don’t know how the AIF is going to get people to go along frankly.

    Let me explain. I have 2 iMacs and 2 Dell laptops sitting dead in my garage. The Macs lasted about 5 years each and then died. The laptops lasted less than that. I had downloaded a bunch of stuff on CDs years ago and when I went to reload the stuff on a new computer it was all corrupted and gone. I am on my 3rd computer in 7 years at my office. The previous two were fried in lightning storms and surges. I have a several year old iPhone and I have to restart it at least a few times a week or it just freezes up. One of my sons had to go buy a new phone because his screen just stopped working. My wife is terrible with computers and usually can’t get our printer to work with it even though I seem to have no trouble. My printer here at work just went weird and I had to just restart everything to get it to work. Given my experience with computer technology, which for me is just a tool that is far from being perfected at this stage, there is no way, at all, that I would think this computer technology could host our souls and do so successfully and there is no way I would willingly do such a thing. I don’t know how they are going to get people to do this when their computers and phones fail all the time. It seems to me a person would have to have more faith in this technology than a religious person has in God and I see nothing that demonstrates to anyone why they would have such faith in such flawed technology.

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