On Mental Health and Conformity

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    1. Thank you.And thank you Ariel.Yesterday night I was looking at this picture😊wondering myself about wisdom(I asked if Wisdom has a lower aspect and what this mean😊).

    2. Good resume from the perspective we look at the big picture with Wes and Ariel

      However, the fallen humans, are not ignorant as they describe us. Intuitively, the fallen human knows when they try to shine over them. Amesia doesn’t cut them from the capacity to perceive the lies. Down here on Earth, we can tap more easily the direct line with the Pleroma.

      We have the great privilege to observe them all fighting to win over us . Some of you came to help us rise above the abuses and dispraise . I’m grateful for it.

      Fallen Humans intuitively know when they sow chaos to serve themselves .

      Stop to present them as stupid creatures

      1. My first impression was, that it captures the same idea what has been discussed here; we are at the lowest layer of this Universe. Indeed, if we fall more, we fall off from the image.

  1. @Milad ~ Who can say? There are a LOT of interpretations of the Gnostic Cosmos. The picture you have linked here has my addition of Earth at the bottom, but the overall image is not mine. It is my interpretation that we are at the “bottom” or most dense aspect of this Cosmos, but as for what the rest of it “looks” like, I have no idea. I don’t have those kinds of “eyes” to see it. It isn’t exactly how I imagine it, but I would never say that one image is more correct than another. I just don’t know.

    1. Dear Ariel : Aeons are extensions from the Monad.We cannot say that they are created,right?They simply exist.They are.Therefore we who are Sophia have always existed.If my understanding is correct : the base of creation is merkaba.Inner creation and external creation.Can we say that what is found outside Pleroma is an external creation?The manifested one?From here my question to Mister Penre (Wes😊) creation outside the pleroma was allowed?

      1. @anamaria ~ The Source of ALL THAT IS is everything in creation. Everything. So that means that there is nothing that exists outside of it. The “external” is just an illusion. Nothing actually “came out of” Source, but rather exists within Source because Source is everything.

        Follow me, now…if nothing is really external then there is no “distance” which means there is no “time”. Time is simply the distance between two things. From this, we can conclude that time does not exist (except in here, where it was given to create the illusion of distance or disconnection). If time does not exist, then within the Source of All That Is, there was no “first”, “second”, “third”, and so on. It all happened in one event. I believe this is what scientists keep trying to call the “Big Bang Theory”. So, yes we have always existed within the Creation of Everything.

        Sacred Geometry is the fabric of the creation of THIS Universe. Outside of this Universe, I don’t know. I can’t imagine what might exist beyond this or how it exists. It’s out of my frame of reference.

        Nothing was created outside of the Pleroma. We are *in* the Pleroma, but in a “space” (not really space, but no appropriate human word for this) that has allowed for ignorance or “not knowing” to be explored by Source as It realized that this was also an aspect of Itself.

        Make sense?

        1. Ariel 💜💜💜”Nothing was created outside of the Pleroma”…
          “. We are *in* the Pleroma, but in a “space” (not really space, but no appropriate human word for this) that has allowed for ignorance or “not knowing” to be explored by Source as It realized that this was also an aspect of Itself. “.
          “She “ (a way of saying) is the Living Merkaba!
          Mister Penre is right!!!🥰
          Sacred Geometry is an artificial merkaba.🤩
          It make sense and thank you for answering me.😍

        2. It makes sense.I loose my “s” once in a while…
          Only love can transcend imperfection and after that…a last step : integration.
          So if you are afraid you cannot love.You should trust yourself no matter what…
          Worthy : if you do not feel yourself worthy you cannot receive😊
          Therefore you cannot “give”.
          They told us that we are not worthy…
          Did I tell how good I feel in your company?😊

          1. @anamaria ~ “Did I tell how good I feel in your company?”

            Thank you very much for saying so. Your kindness makes *me* feel good. You make me smile. 🙂

  2. Dear Ariel : I found very interesting that an “unfertilized egg” came out like “a male form energy”.
    A state of reverie is a dreaming state😊which is different to contemplation.

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